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Find us at The Golden Card~
A Classy Themed Community server for everyone, respect the rules, chat with others and most of all enjoy your stay.
Random giveaways are hosted weekly by anyone in The Golden Card.
The server isnt new but its revamped and its a work in progress, we love to get tips and ideas from the members in the server to make it grow towards everyones expectations. If youre interested in a well set-up Classy Themed server where you can meet all sorts of new people from across the world then The Golden Card is made for you!
Greetings! We you welcome to our garden of roses. Here you will find people from all around the world and perhaps befriend a few of them. There’s lots of bots and lots of rose tea. Everyone is welcome as long as they respect the prince.
Close knit community, just chilling and keeping that vibe going. Leave the negativity at the door.
Recipe: Wine and Dine

This dish is witty, classy, and encourages the use of complete sentences.

You should be 25+ yo to consume, but 18-24 may as well if they demonstrate maturity.

Serves: 2


- Political and religious topics avoided
- 4 whole potatoes
- LGBT-friendly
- Safe/Non-toxic, violators and trolls insta-banned
- No annoying game bots
- 1 c olive oil or butter
- Counting channel to appease OCD
- Designated area for venting
- 3 liters spicy memes
- Light debate welcome
- [Coming soon] DJ events
- A pinch of salt, only if snowflakes are present

Instructions (server rule excerpts)

1) Preheat oven to 350°.
2) Common sense may not be all that comnon, but it prevails.
3) No religious, political, or NSFW conversations/posts/media of any kind are allowed on this server. There are plenty of other servers where these may be discussed.
4) Knead dough until velvety.
5) Allow to rise one hour.
6) Respect everyone regardless of race, gender, beliefs, orientation, nationality, etc. No derogatory language or slurs; no excuses.
7) Number seven is a paradoxical axiom, not an instruction.
8) Bake until all trolls have perished.
9) Allow to rest 30 mins before serving.

Click join to Dine
We are a new server that would like to welcome you to a community where you can chat make friends and have fun; and even find someone special.
This server was created because many servers have uneccecary drama and bad mods. You don't have to worry about that here though. Here you will find friendly active staff who care about the server. You can relax in the lounge and meet new interesting people.
Join us on Classy Chat, the place where you can have an actual discussion, debate, or just chill in this wasteland of servers.