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Have you ever been looking for those profiles badges, or bot badge, or the server owner icon but can never find a good image? Well this is the place to see them all! Discord Emotes/Icons is a server, owned by Joseph, which is focused on collecting high quality images of discord's assets, designs, and icons for public use as an emoji. We are looking to get as many of them as possible so we can make this the best place to get many things of this nature. We also have many feeds in case you want to keep up with the latest discord news.

Main Emotes Server
Second Emotes Server
ServerStats+ is a statistics bot for your Discord server and totally in Spanish. Still, we provide excellent support and service for English speakers.

Cheer up! We will wait for you...
MemeMan Support - the home of MemeMan, the stonkest meme and economy bot on discord. MemeMan comes with loads of features - namely memes, econ omy (with a built in stonk market) and much more.
Join my discord now!!
We have weekly nitro giveaways and so many Anamated pins.
Bro we even have bread sticks and the best mods ever.
A support server for a multi-purpose bot of a shrine maiden at Yae Village. A bot for Music, GIFs, Weather, Management, Info, osu!, and Google searches, any many more features. A friendly (Mostly SFW) server. This server is a support server for Jonin, which has a growing community. We accept all and don't judge. Get updates for when Jonin is down or when new commands are released.
This is the support server for Frysta, If you require assistance or just want to chat we will be here :)
❤A completely free server, which allows you to download proxies in rotation, with a private bot, which every 10 minutes sends an updated .txt

🌐 | Proxy Drop from private BOT every 10 min
💬┃ Active chat
🥳 | Many Events
➕ | Growing Server
🎉 | Mass giveaways
🎉 | Daily giveaways
💕 | Friendly and helpful staff
🤐 | Non-toxic, supportive community
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 | Partnerships
🌸 | And more...
Node Bot


⭐ Node is an all purpose utility discord bot.

Featuring an all-embed interface, Node has an extremely sleek design that is simple to use.

Packed with a suite of functionality, Node is not only simple, but also extremely useful.

In addition to functionality, Node also features plenty of misc. fun commands and will have gambling commands added in the next release.

Add The Bot:

Join The Support Server:

Finally Node is one of the easiest bots to add. It requires no setup! Simply add it too the server, and it will do the rest!

We are also a very active development community and take direct suggestions from users! Together we can help improve Node and create a strong community!
Le bot Spiritus est un bot multi-tâches qui est spécialisé dans le management d'un serveur. En effet nombreuses sont ses fonctions qui visent à faire gagner du temps et faciliter les tâches de maintenance d'un serveur. Créé, supprimer, mettre à jour émois, salons, rôles, réaction-rôles est extrêmement simple !

Les fonctions principales de Spiritus :
Spiritus procèdent de nombreuses fonctions comme :

• Création, mise à jour et suppression d'émojis, channels, rôles
Système de commandes personalisées illimité
• Système de leveling gratuit et illimité
• Modération accessible en 1 clic
• Des fonctions anti-raids

Grâce à Spiritus, configurer, maintenir et faire vivre votre serveur ne sera qu'une partie de plaisir !

Modération :

Avec Spiritus a vos coté gardez un serveur agréable, les commandes de ban, kick, warn mute sont vos amis. Et pour ce qui est des raids des fonctions pour vérouiller des catégories, salons ou pour interdire les liens sont à votre disposition.

Des modules complets et fiables :

Un système de leveling entièrement personnalisable ! Des fonctions pour s'ajouter de l'exp en faisant des mini-jeux ou en faisant des paris. Choisissez votre rank-card et personnalisez-la !

Un module de commandes personalisées complet et illimité. Choisissez le message, le nom de la commande et Spiritus s'occupe du reste !
Get 100's of members in MINUTES guaranteed! This Discord bot allows you to grow your server like CRAZY.
AcaciaBOT is an easy to use, customise Discord Bot and this is the server to help you set it up, get notified of the changes of this bot.

+servertime displays the server's clock set-up by the staff of a server. Everyone can see this clock but they cannot edit it without Manage Server Permission.
+mytime displays the personal clock of a user in a server. Every user can set up their own personal clocks and only they can use them. They only apply in the server they were set-up
+privatetime displays the private clock of a user set-up to be displayed on all servers. You set it up once and it carries on to all servers Acacia is in.
+modules to see the avaiable features
Editing The Clocks
+enable/disable usertime/servertime/moderation/privatetime will enable or disable a module.
+mytutorial This command will teach you how to set up the personal clock for the server you are in. This will not carry to other servers.
+servertutorial This command will teach you how to set up the server clock for the server you are in. This will not carry to other servers. Only staff can change a server's
+privatetutorial This command will teach you how to set up your clock that will carry over to any server Acacia is in, this clock will function.
+blackrose will give you the invitelink of my owner's server
+botinvite will give you my invite link
+updatelogs will give you the update logs
This bot was made by Black Rose#9111

▫️User/Server Info
▫️ Moderation
▫️ Memes

Support server:
Invite link:
EHY TU! Che ne dici di diventare un Drago🐲 e di entrar a far parte del mio server? Se non vuoi unirti non fa niente, ma almeno passa a trovarci☺️ Il server è diviso in molte categorie per permetterti di farne un uso spropositato, ma ATTENZIONE ciò non significa che sia disordinato! Infatti La navigazione sarà facile ed Intuitiva.

Inoltre più sarai attivo nel server, più punti exp riceverai, ed ogni TOT livelli passerai al grado successivo.


- Drago Supremo🐉🔥
This a server of my bot Pantera you can join on this server and play with pantera bot or to invite to your server, pantera does music system , utility and moderations , join on server and type !help or !info
The support server for the Profanity Blocker bot. Have a cool server but dealing with lots of profanity? Our automated intelligent bot removes profanity, URLs, emails, phone numbers and even scans images.
Join the DisCom BOT development server! Add the bot to have a "global" channel connected to all other servers. And talk to them without needing to join their servers!
Here at Server Utility, we answer your questions about Discord and help you create your server! Lots of things are free, but some things you might need to pay for. (Actual money not required, only bot currency/items!)
Raid Response is a Discord Bot made for protecting your server against staff and member raids. This is the mission control server where when an alarm is sounded the alert is sent to our response team where they will fix up the server.
A server dedicated to storing all sorts of links, files and other useful things, all for the sake of ease of access. It's better than bookmarks!