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❤Welcome all you sinners! Welcome to this hazbin hotel fan made server! Make sure to join and invite your friends that love hazbin hotel! We hope you have a good time here, and enjoy your stay! On our way to 100 members!!! make sure to boost our server too!!❤
~Hazbin’s Hell~
"We all float down here. You'll float too."

~OC friendly!~
Note: this is a roleplay server!

✬Here, we offer:

♡ Friendly Staff!

♡ Self assignable roles!

♡ 40+ roleplay only channels!

♡ 50+ Emotes!

♡ Events and giveaways!

♡ Strong moderation!

We are open to any suggestions to the server! If you join, have a nice stay! We look forward to having you!
・* ⛥Welcome to Hell!⛥ *・
We're your average friendly server dedicated to Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss as well as the rest of Vivzie's content! We're doing our best to keep the server as chill as possible without being strict or creating too many rules!
All to make your experience in Hell as pleasant as possible!
Hello there, Sinners! Looking for a roleplaying server that caters to the Hazbin Hotel universe? Well, look no further as we are here to have fun and would love it if you come by for a visit! Only 15+ and will need to provide proof of age for any NSFW!!!

The server consists of two ways to roleplay, one can participate within the Main storyline Hotel Rp as Oc's or a few canon characters that haven't been claimed or one can have fun inside skits. Being any character they wish! All we ask is we keep this a fun, safe and stress-free place for all.
Hey there! Welcome to the Helluva Hotel! Take a seat, why don’t you? ❤️

You may be a bit confused by the name, well we are a server merged and focused on Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss! Both pilots equally appreciated with plenty of fans to share interests about the two. Here you can simply be yourself, and interact with others. It’s a safe place.

Here at Helluva Hotel, we inspire to have each and every person feel more than welcomed to be here. Another one of our goals is to make sure everyone is having fun making friends, and role playing! That’s what we’re all about here. (We also have a great sense of humor. 😉)

Now to the fun part and what we have to offer you:

🔥Did you know that you can be a cannon character? That’s right! You have the opportunity to audition from anyone from the 2 series and RP as them. (But I recommend you hurry, before they get taken.)

🔥We keep the opinions of others included for our server. We take suggestions and tips, and apply it to the server. See that in the suggestion channel!

🔥We have multiple fun channels for both social interaction, and RP! So ya won’t stay bored here. Plenty to do.

🔥Our stickers are customizable for everybody! Just send a picture of your very own sticker, and we’ll add it! (With moderation of course.)

🔥We have many interesting roles that you can choose from. You actually can also get a role based off of what you’re known for. Maybe you have the best humor here, so you’ll get that crown!

🔥We do host many art competitions and other competitions of any sort. Our fellow members of the server get a chance to be a judge, we’ll hand pick them of course. This is just for fun of course, but it’s a good thing to add in if you’re interested.

🔥We have channels for additional support, ever need someone to lean on? We’re here for you, more than glad to listen and give advice. We give daily inspirational quotes everyday because we all need some support sometime. Your feelings are important!

🔥And finally, we are a generally welcoming server. We are a family, and you can be included; apart of our family. Nobody is left behind!

So come the Helluva Hotel, where everyone is welcome. We’ll cya there. ✨

I haven’t seen a lot of Hazbin Hotel servers, sooo, I decided to throw this server here! We aren’t super big yet, but we’re trying our best to figure everything out. Feel free to join if you are a Hazbin Hotel fan; we’d love to have you ^^
Come join the Hazbin Hotel RadioDust Server!

We Ship the Spooder and Deer boi! :D

You can share art, fanfics, talk about the show! Even Roleplay if you'd like :D
Welcome to Hazbin's Hell where you can find a new community full of fans! We are pretty active even with the small amount of people we have already, but we would love to expand and meet new people. Making a great community is our goal for this server. Creating connections is an amazing experience and we hope for you to join us here. Thanks!
Welcome to The Happy Hotel, the first of it’s kind! A hotel dedicated to rehabilitating demons and finding a way to peacefully stop the over population here in Hell.


The Happy Hotel is a role play and community server for Hazbin Hotel with countless things to offer.

We have various channels for chatting, venting, posting memes and art etc. We also allow OC’s and we have available spots for canon characters! We have plenty of other things to offer, so come and check us out! We can’t wait to see you there!


backup link:
Welcome to Hell's Hazbin Hotel!

Some features include -

A LGBTQ+ safe and active community! We accept all those who are fans of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss!

We offer an 18+ section for the adult fans of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. It's secured to prevent minors from having access and it's there to provide a safe and fun experience for the adults.

Bots! Chill to some jams and participate in competitive shenanigans with other members!

Advertising-Friendly! Feel free to promote yourself!

Private and Group sections for Roleplay! We have roles designed so you can easily find a partner around your style/level and not be disappointed with your roleplay experience. That being said, we also have in-character chatrooms!

Voice Chatrooms! You can easily talk to others through the voice chatrooms and jam along with each other using music bots!

Reaction Roles! Personalize yourself with a simple click!

We're a community open to suggestions! Help us be the best we can be!

Accepting partnerships!

A small but active community. We're all quite chill and we'd be thrilled to have you. So, come on in!
Welcome to Pentagram, a place for sinners to rest after death. This is a Hell-based Hazbin Hotel and Heluva Boss community with :
- room for art and theorising
- general channels as well
- quality music
- cool staff
- nsfw content for the worst sinners
We're open to suggestions as this is a new project!
Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Server

We're a friendly community about both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss.

- Memes
- Role Play
- LGBT+ Channels
- Events
- Bots
And more.
Demons, kins , soulbonds , and whatnot are free to come! Server for discussing the show, Roleplay, and just chilling and chatting!
Welcome! This is a Hazbin Hotel RP Server we’ve started! We’re pretty chill, so come on in!
Hello and welcome to the Hazbin Hotel- This is a humble community server for people to share their thoughts on the show, ships, OCs, role-play, head canons or just to hang out with other like minded folks. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Hello! Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel Roleplay Server!

We are a new 15+ roleplaying server for Hazbin Hotel, we accept OCs and encourage the creation of them! We have our own fancy template provided for making OCs too.
We also use canon characters of course, be sure to check which are available. There are custom made emojis from the members themselves!

Hope you have a fun time here!
Welcome to hell! We hope you enjoy your afterlife and BLOW SOME SHIT UP!
Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel!
This server is rather new, so we're looking for new members to help make it active! We allow OCs and would love to see yours! Anyways, have a great time here!
Hello! Welcome to Hazbin Fam Central! We are a currently small community in pursuit of new members. Our goal is the be inclusive and support our members, no matter their condition, quirks, or problems.

We have:
- Fan sections for Hazbin and other fandoms
- Fun emojis
- Server events
- Private and public mental health channels
- And SystemTime, a bot for DID/OSDD-1 systems
Welcome to ✦Angel Dust's Lair✦, fellow traveler! Our server is dedicated specifically to Hazbin Hotel connaisseurs but I am certain everybody will find a place for themselves. In the meatime, please acquaint yourself with the rules and structure of the server. It is paramount that you act cordially towards fellow members of the server. Posting NSFW content of any kind is unequivocablly forbidden and shall result in an irreversible and unappealable ban.
**The Cult of the Gay Spider Demon**

> Features

• Cool Bots
• NSFW Channels
• Hangout
• Gaming
• Free Giveaways
We have a friendly staff and are ready to make sure have a wonderful time here in the cult. *Once you join you can't leave, you're family now.*