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Intra pe server-ul oficial de Discord a mega-comunitatii de Facebook UT CRUSH pentru a cunoaste persoane noi si a socializa cu acestea. Serverul nostru Discord, reprezinta pagina oficiala a comunitatii UT Crush. Accesati **Radio aici**:
**Facebook aici**:
Intra, si nu vei regreta.


💲We also run competitions where you can win cash!💲

We are a community server ran by LGBT community members from Scotland.
We want you to have as much freedom here as possible which is why when you first join our server you will be put in the welcome area where you can select what areas of the server you want to join.

Areas that are available:
❤️ The main lounge (Where you can #win-win-win some cash)
🧡 A Dating Area
💛 A Gaming Area
💚 And a verified area with NSFW (for more information on this please join the server)
💜 Our server is focused on community and we want everyone in it to remain happy at all times. If you ever have any problems while on the discord please DM one of our friendly staff members and we will sort it.

💞💝❣️This server is safe for all ages!💞💗💕

💞💝❣️Tell your friends to spread the word!!💞💗💕

˜”°•.˜”°• **We Are The Community**! •°”˜.•°”˜
˜”°•.˜”°• **We Are All Included**! •°”˜.•°”˜
My first Anime server!
In this server you can find many cool stuff.
-> levels
-> giveaways
-> self advertising
-> bots
-> no rules chat
-> voice chats
-> radios
You can always apply for a Moderator or Community Helper!
Please join! or be eaten by a army of Lolis...
A Great Server for Community and fun!!! This is a server for a YouTuber, but we don't care if you subscribe or not. We are here for you in anyway you need us, for company, for fun memories, and even for emotional support!!!
[NEW] Je viens d'ouvrir un tout nouveau serveur où tu trouveras plusieurs talents, effectivement vous pourrez partager vos arts Mais aussi vous divertir, venez vous amusez avec nous! :hihi~1:

Sur Le serveur nous proposons :

💭Salons de discussion💭

🎗️Staff à l'écoute🎗️


✉️Salon Pub✉️

🎮Salons Gaming🎮


🎧Musiques, radio🎧

🥁Et autres !🥁

Vous voulez visiter ? Venez nous rejoindre dans nos délires !😉

[Administration] J'ai fais ce serveur toute seule donc j'ai besoin de modérateurs, venez faire une candidature Si vous voulez m'aider ! ^^

🔥 | Livida Network

Welcome to Livida Network, a healthy and active community which provides all your entertainment and gaming needs. We have eSports teams, a custom Discord Bot, and even our own Radio Station.
🛡 Active Staff
🎱 Fun Server
🎉 Giveaways
🤖 Custom Bot
🎮 eSports
📻 Radio Station
🚔 Hiring Staff
& much more

So what are you waiting for? Join today!
Hi. Let me give you a give introduction to RRR (Raven's Rave Radio). My name is Raven (owner of the server) and this is my attempt to make a radio which broadcasts live lofi music, with me popping in occasionally and talking about news, sports etc. I aim to make this accessible to as many people as possible, so that you guys can treat this as an actual radio, put this in the background of whatever you are doing, and just chill. Dreams aside, something like this is very rare (at least within Disboard), and I hope this server gets big to provide entertainment to people across the globe.
Lost It All • Feel RIght is a music/radio discord server that is all about music from any genre! Be it rap, rock, country, or EDM this is the server to hang out and chillax. Share your love of music with others and just listen to some music and relax for awhile.

Just let go and lose all of your stress, feel right!
Bonsoir ! Je vous invite à rejoindre Radio Gaming, un serveur faisant office de radio 24H/24 7J/7 !!

Une radio gratuite que l'on peut emporter partout 24H/24 avec musique geek en continu

Des émissions, débats, événements en continu sur la radio

Des channels vocaux et textuels pour discuter entre membres et s'amuser

De nombreux bots choisis pour répondre à tous les besoins possibles et imaginables

Un staff compétent, actif et pouvant aussi bien gérer les problèmes qu'aider et s'amuser avec les membres

Des salons pour le gaming

Et bien plus, nous vous attendons ^^
We have Radio bots which do Pop Music, K-Pop, J-Pop and channels where you can play your own music. Of course, in these music channels, the microphone is disabled to stop anything being said while using our server for music on your Bluetooth speaker. We do not like ear-rape so don't worry about that happening. And if it does our moderators will deal with it.

Dit is een Nederlands radiostation genaamd: Fmusic!
Wat zoeken we?
Spoedig DJ’s!!!!!
DJ Host:

DJ Co-Host:

Fmusic Eigenaar:
Un serveur fait pour les artistes ou les amateurs! Si vous aimez juste écouter vous êtes le bienvenue dans notre serveur.
Des concerts sont organisés ainsi que des évents divers, et ce grâce à l'investissement de la communauté ;)
Radio Bocal est une Webradio créée par deux jeunes de la MJC de Aouste-sur-sye, dans la Drôme.
SwiftRadio is a global online radio station providing you with nonstop bops 24/7!
:droplet: __**Water 水**__ :droplet:

:droplet: __**Water 水**__ :droplet: is a chill community filled with people with common interest. In the server, you'll find:
• 24/7 LoFi radio
• Unique bots to play around.
• An amazing staff team.

**特徴 ∘₊✧** :dolls: __**What are our features:**__ :dolls:

**パー** :white_small_square: | Partnerships and Partner roles :handshake: ∘₊✧

**ボッ** :white_small_square: | Fun | Economy | Music | Entertaining bots :robot: ∘₊✧

**楽し** :white_small_square: | Event & Giveaways - Custom Roles | Games etc :tada: ∘₊✧

**フ役** :white_small_square: | Art | Dank Memes | Music and more! :confetti_ball: ✧₊∘

**割ボ** :white_small_square: | Movie Nights & Game Nights! :video_camera: ✧₊∘

**役割** :white_small_square: | Leveling system and rank rewarding :bulb: ✧₊∘

**節度** :white_small_square: | Experienced & Mature staff team :older_woman: ✧₊∘

**セフ** :white_small_square: | 30+ Self assignable roles & colours :art: ∘₊✧

**セッ** :white_small_square: | NSFW Content - NSFW bots & channels Hentai | Real | Others :underage: ∘₊✧

**ゲー** :white_small_square: | Interests section | Gaming | Art | Food | pets and more! :video_game: ∘₊✧

:white_small_square: | **Tags:** @everyone
:white_small_square: | **LaunchDate:** 04/14/2019 :chains:
:white_small_square: | :droplet: __**Water 水**__ :droplet:
Backgardenradio is a radio station hoping to grow big across the globe
Rock Radio a fun and chill server where everyone is welcome! You can talk about and listen to any rock genre you want!
StarFM is an online radio station that plays only the latest hits from the charts!
The music we play can be enjoyed whilst gaming and is suited to all genres of gaming you may prefer!
Join our Discord community and listen live via the 24/7 Bot and also meet new people!
Wir sind ein Lustiges Team, und haben seit Jahren das Webradio zu unserem Hobby gemacht, ihr dürft uns gerne auf unseren Discord - Server besuchen. Für neue Anregungen sind wir gerne offen!

Wir Freuen uns auf euren Besuch
Euer HLR-Team
Become a Breadling. Join The Toaster.
A chill server to hang around with friends.

Here we have:
-Friendly Staff
-Chats to show off your art/music

As well, we have a special Toaster Radio! Where you can go in and listen to music, as well as suggest your favorite songs.
Welcome to The Greedy Gang. This server is dedicated to by friend and streamer Greedy Slayer. Him and Me have owned this server for a couple of years and have enjoyed the ups and downs of owning a server. We host Kahoot games within the server (one of 7 other servers!). we are also hosting a music bot and security to make you feel warm and safe. Have Fun!

Why Join?
- Over 10 Bots to play with
- Pokemon Intergrated server
- Kahoot Intagrated Server
- Listen To music in HQ
- Atleast 20 People online all day
- Latest Updates on every game that you like!

Join now and be Chill!