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Come join the Florida server! 🏖️ We are chill and accept anyone, even if you're not from Florida

We talk about video games, movies, our state, etc.

* Self - Assigned Roles 🧑👩
* Opportunity to be Staff 👮
* Voice Channels 🗣️
* Music Channels 🎶
* Leveling System 🎮
* Various Topic Chats 🗩

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

🌞 🌞
Hello and Welcome to Florida State RP here we Help our community. We have the nicest Admins and Staff. This Server is about RolePlay And Legit RolePlay. So We hope You help our community grow!!🤗
A friendly hangout spot with strictly cool peeps and events both IRL and virtual. Texas and Florida based, but all are welcome! Channels for hobbies, memes, gaming, all the likes.
hello there, im arlo, or murray, the creator of florida man. im here to invite you to our server. yes, our. [its communism stfu] it been getting kinda bland without new members, and it'd be really nice if someone joined, even one person could change the entire server. we (i think) have good admins, and a supportive community. whether youre here to play minecraft, roblox, or some other game, we could have people who want to play with you. we're all inclusive, and would love for more people to join us. its a very active server, and we have a close knit friend group, however, we'd like some more people. we've gotten past the hurtles in this journey and are lookin for new people, so feel free to join, or not, i mean like, its up to you honestly. anyways ye thats our server. im hoping to do some discord videos later on, but we kinda need people in order to do that, so we'll see how it goes. anyways, have a great day. - arlo (ps, please be okay-ish with getting pingged. i try and stop it as much as i can, but theres always a few people that just go out and ping people.)
**The Scarlett Seaside**
Hello and welcome to The Scarlett Seaside! This beachy server is a place for everyone to chillax and have some fun!
**What do we offer here at The Scarlett Seaside?**
🌊 ┄ An aesthetically pleasing layout that resembles a visit to the tiki bar!
⛱️ ┄ A couple of self-roles to help everyone get to know you better!
🌊 ┄ A fun, friendly, and active Staff Team that is eqsily approachable if there is a problem!
⛱️ ┄ Specific channels for art, memes, and even some laid-back karaoke!
🌊 ┄ Channels to keep up with some of the staff members projects, and even get in on some of them!
⛱️ ┄ Lots of channels to make new friends and strengthen old relationships too!
🌊 ┄ Fun events that have artistic prizes made straight from the Staff Team themselves!
⛱️ ┄ We also have a server mascot, and artists can be rewarded for drawing her!
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
❀ Here at The Scarlett Seaside, we strive to keep the server non-toxic and friendly for everyone! ❀ This place is a fun place to make friends and strengthen old relationships! ❀ If there are any issues, the Staff Team is easily approachable and very flexible! ❀ If you’d like to make new friends, make sure to join **The Scarlett Seaside** now! ❀
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
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Florida State Roleplay | FSRP
100+ Members
Who are we? Our new server is full of dedicated members to bring the best roleplay experience. We are currently live and packed full of new features in discord and server. Come join to check out what we have to offer! All are welcome!

Features of playing on our server :

Custom Civilian Vehicles
Custom Skinned LEO Vehicles
Private Law Enforcement Vehicles
Menu Based Server
Custom EUP Uniforms
Server Events
And much more!


Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)
Orlando Police Department (OPD)
Orange County Sheriffs Office (OCSO)
Orange County Fire Department (OCFD)
Orange County County Dispatch : (PCD)

💖Welcome to the Big Florida Family roleplay server! 💖 In this server you can be adopted, adopt, and even roleplay as a pet! The possibilities are endless in the roleplay server! We welcome all different kinds of people into this server. This server takes place in florida, United States. Hope you enjoy and welcome to the family 💖 💖 💖!
Ever wanted to go to the beaches n Florida? Head to Sarasota for the culture? Go to mote marine and learn more about marine agriculture and marine animal life? Maybe go to Siesta Key and enjoy the sunset?
We have it all here.

Organize protests in Tallahassee or various counties near it, such as Gadsden County. Or just have a nice time with our lovely community.

Based on the works of a true people's government, where all who come will be respected and treated equally as those of the upper government. No one man will ever be segregated because of ones belief . You will love being in florida for the things we have!

Hai! So my roleplay is based in Florida and you can make your own character and make new friends! Feel free to join but if u don’t wanna I don’t have to ♡︎
I'm 14 and in Florida and need money for stuff so I made this group for those also needing money and people who would send money
We are an average sized lifestyle roleplay community with many different choices of roles and jobs within our Community. Our Staff Team is available 24/7 and we are always available for questions.

Florida State Roleplay is a Community focused around GTA V for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and FiveM (FiveM in development). We are an active Community with a CAD system built in for Roleplay purposes. We also offer roles in the local emergency services as well as government offices. If you would like to join please feel free to join. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me (Christopher#4180) and I would be more than happy to answer them.

Thank you for looking into becoming a member of FSRP.

The Purpose of The Florida Networking Server is to Organize a Network of Floridamen to properly further the goals of NS/Fascism
・ Meetups ・ Events ・ Florida ・ Hookups

18+ Florida meet up server! We welcome everyone, no matter where you live in the world. However, our server meet ups are only hosted in FLORIDA! Want to meet your friends, and fellow confidants in the flesh? We regularly plan, and oversee fun vacations just for our members, twice a year, hosted by Airbnb & the Dawn server.

Dawn is a new server, many things are still being added to the server. We appreciate your assistance is helping the server grow, and hope to see you there.
Hola, y welcome to Miami! This is a server for all of Miami (and anywhere else), to get together and chat. We have roles, bots, and channels for everything. Come join us, DALE!
This is a roleplay based around the state of Florida and specifically the Miami area. Hopefully, this server takes off and ends up going well, we hope that you will give it a chance and join. We offer several things here.

>The ability to try out for an admin position
>Several real-life locations to rp at
>Memes, color roles, and more
>Helpful admin
>The ability to have humor not get in trouble because snowflakes get upset

Hopefully, you enjoy your stay in this server and decide to help me make it grow.
a server Floridaman made, we hate gacha even tho #adventures-of-floridaman exists, its just for fun

anyway theres memes and shit here, join or floridaman will beat me with a plastic plate
New 21+ server based in the Florida/ Alabama Gulf coast. Server culture is friendly, respectful, kind, and KINKY.
Great place to connect with local thoughtful kinksters but anyone is welcome. There are regional channels to connect locally, weekly topical discussions on the deep thoughts channel, and fetish-specific channels. Vetted members can gain access to picture sharing and personals channel.