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This is a hangout server for Floridians only. If you know a friend that is from Florida, invite them!
I'm 14 and in Florida and need money for stuff so I made this group for those also needing money and people who would send money
Come join the Florida server! 🏖️ We are chill and accept anyone, even if you're not from Florida

We talk about video games, movies, our state, etc.

* Self - Assigned Roles 🧑👩
* Opportunity to be Staff 👮
* Voice Channels 🗣️
* Music Channels 🎶
* Leveling System 🎮
* Various Topic Chats 🗩

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

🌞 🌞
Welcome to Florida! We are hosting a Fallout RP server taking place in the year 2282, consisting of the postwar state of Florida. Explore the wastes with your fellow players, fighting off pirates and raiders and visiting some of the Existing factions and locations; and even get involved with the developing, and overarching story of the RP itself!

We hope you have fun down here in Florida, and if you feel like your experience is not great, please, talk to us, we hope to take in as many suggestions as possible.
Florida State Roleplay | FSRP
80+ Members
Who are we? Our new server is full of dedicated members to bring the best roleplay experience. We are still in development stages of the discord but the server is live and active. Come join to check out what we have to offer! We currently looking and are open to talking with other communities for future expansion of our server.

Features of playing on our server :

Custom Civilian Vehicles
Custom Skinned LEO Vehicles
Private Law Enforcement Vehicles
Menu Based Server
Custom EUP Uniforms
Server Events
And much more!


Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)
Orlando Police Department (OPD)
Orange County Sheriffs Office (OCSO)
Orange County Fire Department (OCFD)
Pasco County Dispatch : (PCD)

・ Meetups ・ Events ・ Florida ・ Hookups

18+ Florida meet up server! We welcome everyone, no matter where you live in the world. However, our server meet ups are only hosted in FLORIDA! Want to meet your friends, and fellow confidants in the flesh? We regularly plan, and oversee fun vacations just for our members, twice a year, hosted by Airbnb & the Dawn server.

Dawn is a new server, many things are still being added to the server. We appreciate your assistance is helping the server grow, and hope to see you there.
☆Hey Need a Roleplay Server?☆
Come join Florida, where you can..

☆Raise a Family
☆Meet new people
☆Have a job
☆Express yourself
And so much more!!
Join today :D
Hola, y welcome to Miami! This is a server for all of Miami (and anywhere else), to get together and chat. We have roles, bots, and channels for everything. Come join us, DALE!
This is a roleplay based around the state of Florida and specifically the Miami area. Hopefully, this server takes off and ends up going well, we hope that you will give it a chance and join. We offer several things here.

>The ability to try out for an admin position
>Several real-life locations to rp at
>Memes, color roles, and more
>Helpful admin
>The ability to have humor not get in trouble because snowflakes get upset

Hopefully, you enjoy your stay in this server and decide to help me make it grow.
a server Floridaman made, we hate gacha even tho #adventures-of-floridaman exists, its just for fun

anyway theres memes and shit here, join or floridaman will beat me with a plastic plate
New 21+ server based in the Florida/ Alabama Gulf coast. Server culture is friendly, respectful, kind, and KINKY.
Great place to connect with local thoughtful kinksters but anyone is welcome. There are regional channels to connect locally, weekly topical discussions on the deep thoughts channel, and fetish-specific channels. Vetted members can gain access to picture sharing and personals channel.

A Florida-run volleyball server! More states will be added soon, just not as in detail. Come here to get your form critiqued, learn what the best shoes are, learn how to play volleyball, and keep track of the season!

Florida State Roleplay

╚══════ ≪°❈°≫══════╝


Florida State Roleplay is a server that
has just been set up. We encourage
others to come along and join us
inside of the server to have a great
time, whether it be inside or outside
of the game. For more information,
here is what our server includes:

    ➤ Safe Environment 
    ➤ Friendly Community 
    ➤ Friendly Staff
    ➤ Lounging Areas
    ➤ Voice Channels for in game convos
    ➤ Bots to interact with
    ➤ Civilian chats
    ➤ Much more to come!! 

Each and every member will be greeted with respect. Inside of the server, we make sure every member is comfortable. We hope to see you soon!!

Have you ever had fantasy about going to school twice a day? Me neither but you can make your second school fun! As long as you Join Bayshore Academy, This is Academy is the biggest academy in the state of florida and the city of Miami! Florida the home of the Marlins and This Amazing Academy! If i haven’t given you more reasons to join i don’t know what will, so go ahead and Do yourself a favor and Join!
Our server is for people who live in Florida and are into ABDL things. We have a lot of general discussion chat, and also discuss buying cases together to save money and having small meetups.If you want to connect with other ABDL minded people in the Sunshine State, come on in.
Welcome to Miami, Florida! This is a literate roleplay server where almost every day we will be hosting new, fun, and creative events. It will be an on-going roleplay with the same characters, and same relationships just with little twists added in. Basically, this is just an average server, no fictional things or anything like that. Just normal life. We're always looking for new event ideas so please feel free to DM either of the owners and we will gladly take your suggestions into consideration! Down below, we have listed a few of the events we will be having in the future. Happy roleplaying!

Future Events

-School Play
-School Dances
-Road Trips
-Slumber Parties/Pool Parties/Normal Parties
-Karaoke Night
-City Blackout
-Big City Storm
-Carnivals/Amusement Parks/Fairs/Water Parks
just two sisters looking for people to play overwatch and minecraft with but also have memorable online experiences!
Enter the world of Osceola County.

Osceola County, Florida, was founded on 12 May, 1887. The county seat is Saint Cloud. In 2012, the population was 287,416. It's now present-day 2019, and the population has grown to 1,550,500, with Saint Cloud and Kissimmee holding 987,000, and 200,000, respectively.

In the present-day, Osceola County is a busy place. It's taken over Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the world, with Amazon's headquarters being based in Kissimmee. It's hard to get through it, at first, but you'll get used to it.

What are you waiting for? Join Osceola County, put yourself in the shoes of a resident in Osceola County, and roleplay!

This roleplay is following an alternate reality. The current county seat of Osceola County is Kissimmee, and the county & city population is significantly larger in roleplay, than what it is in real life. Other things are significantly different as well.
**Florida's Finest Roleplay**

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━
◆》Empowerment Through Technology
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━

__**Community Message**__
*Florida's Finest Roleplay, Was found is 2017 by a collection of advanced developers and designer dedicating to proudly offer you an advanced roleplaying experience.
Here at FFRP we are committed and devoted to offer you the next gen roleplaying experience.
Florida's Finest Roleplay is a top tier community and organization that pursues your satisfaction in our roleplay servers.*

💎 **Events and special occasions**

__** 👤Advanced WorkForce👤**__
:👥: **Highly Trained Staff Team with respectfull qualities!**

__**Interactive Server**__
🔖 **Enjoy Cool Mini Games and Hangouts around the Discord Server**

Florida State Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplay community that is very active and very professional with almost all staff and developer positions open