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Are you looking for a growing meme server? Then welcome to "TheHive"

"We're a new growing Discord meme server with active moderators. You can share memes, play with the bots and talk to new people!"

What we offer:

A channel where you can self promote!

4 ranks: Hive 1, Hive 2, Hive 3 & Hive Leaders!

Meme chats!

A good new meme server!

Open-minded moderators willing to listen to suggestions!

Active moderators!

Multiple awesome bots!

The occasional event
Walcome To The Gaming Convention, Its Like Vidcon But Better. Friendly Staff And Awesome Perks,
hello and welcome to my hotel
this is a place with hentai and a freindly community
i just started out so give me a chance at a good server

we have hentai channels
Welcome to the Brit Gang

A British run empire with a few migrant workers from elsewhere.

🇬🇧 Open to all ages that comply with the discord ToS (13+)

🇬🇧 We’re Brits, so expect us to be extremely friendly and apologetic

🇬🇧 A good selection of bots that cover all your satisfactory needs

🇬🇧 Be yourself, not an arse

🇬🇧 Always open to partnerships, just don’t complain when a load of Brits storm your server, it’s what we do.
Welcome To The squid kingdom We have great staff
a really co-owner and we are
all about Freindlyness if you are looking for
RP,Music,And or a Great Time Then this is your server!
•••Welcome to Neo Horizon•••
Neo Horizon is A Small but growing community anyone is free too Join and the server is Split off into 3 Affiliations
- Heaven

What the server includes:
Role-playing of any Kind. 🎭
A NSFW designated section. 🔞
A Freindly Community 🤗
Professional and Welcoming Staff 🙋
Selfies,Venting, Debating,And many more

So why not join us today and dawn in a new age on Discord!

Server Owners: Flare, Stepy, Avii
A fun server for those who like memes. We also have a Bible bot for scripture. You will enjoy this community if you like memes.
As the name suggests, this is an environment for people to just.. hang out! But that’s not all we have. Memes, Salty bots, and more! Join for a good time with some friendly people.
We are a social server. We are lgbt freindly, we love to here about fandoms. We also love to just be social we have plenty of memes and a bunch of hard working admins, we love to have fun and talk.
In this server you can hanout with are freinds and people and maek new freinds as well there is also 12+ dating and mabey you can find your loved one as well! <3 join to help us grow
Join the depths below for the ultimate gaming server and if you require help then this is the place to go (not really its still new and fresh for now go onto youtube and search) BUT IT WILL BE GOOD SOON!!
Empire Discord HQ+ is a friendly community server with the aim to build a friendly, sociable and safe community. This server contains events, giveaways, YouTube promoting and plenty of bots!

We're a new server trying to build very friendly and safe community where you can speak up about things and socialise. We strive to create a community that is accepting of all beliefs and cultures no matter how different people are. We would like to grow as a large server that keeps its motto and improves.

-YouTube promoting
-Support system
-Music bots

so lets make this server into a huge community
Louae can satisfy your needs, all you have to do is join the server. You wont regret it. We do minecraft live streams, and for the most part just hang out. Memes and more.
Welcome to buddy chat

Welcome to buddy chat we are number1 fastest grown sever run by buddy chat group™️ our servers are a safe zone for all members a friendly place to chat. Hopefully, you enjoy.



Our channel is called “PokeTown” as we have the finest and upmost brilliant bots who are super fun and are well maintained by our highly trained and professional staff. We endorse ourselves in making this server one of the most fun, enjoyable server which do not accept any type of bullying. Once again this server is among the thousands of starter Pokecord servers. We stand out from the crowd as we are great people who actually care about the server. We are trying to make this the best server and we need you to help us do that. :pray:
A real chill den of fools and other people who don't really belong on this earth. Have fun, do stuff with people. We also have a girl in the server.
trying to expand the server as much as possible, we are always freindly and will make it feel welcome
Achmed's Children is a fun place for all weirdos alike, we have a very retarded owner with many different channels for different things. We offer games such as economy, pokecord, and a casino, we also have suggestions so if you want something added go ahead and suggest it. Come join Achmed's Children to help grow our community one person at a time
This is a server I thought might be helpful to people. You ever need that little bit of motivation in the morning, or just want to achieve a goal. That's the point of this server. Every day me or you if you want to host a speech will do a speech to help you get motivated for whatever your goal may be, or you can just sit back and talk to other people about their goal.
Hi to the small amount of people reading this! Our server is about cars and if you love cars, you might want to consider joining our server and help it expand as we are still very small (Level 1. Crook). If you aren't into cars that's okay as we accept all types of people, we enjoy the Dankest of Memes, we would also want gamers here as well! You can self-promote on allocated channels and can ask people to 1v1 you! PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU, PLEASE JOIN THIS SERVER as it wil put a smile on my face and soon we will have alot of people to talk to! By the way you might think this server is small (it is) BUT you can help via/by joining our server and growing our small community! Note: IF YOU JOIN DO NOT LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY AS IT MAKES ME A LITTLE MORE DEPRESSED AND MEE6 WILL HATE YOU FOREVER. I am kidding about the last one but he will hate you for 5 minutes.
SHAMELESS PLUG: Sub to xD Gayboi