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Welcome to Rainbow Nova Academy, a wonderful school with a top-notch education system for upcoming duelists! In this Yu-Gi-Oh Roleplay server, you can have fun and interact with other players, duel your way to the top, and try to combat the incoming threats of the dueling world...
This server features the following;
-An overarching story
-Dark themes (not too dark)
-An active and participating staff team
-Custom Cards (with a good screening system)
-Use of Duelingbook
-Many places and stories to explore and participate in!
-A currency system
-Your favorite card game
-SM135 (he’s great)
-Lots of love

So come join Rainbow Nova Academy today!
This is a great server to participate in tournaments with custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or just to stay and chill and talk to people. You dont need to download anything, we use the desktop site DuelingBook. Most people here are nice and willing to chat, help and/or have a cassual duel. We not only have a banlist and official and unnofficial tournaments but also allow every user on the server to vote on how to improve the server, what cards should get hit and so much more. We like our users to feel heard. so definitely give it a try. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!
Ever had an interest in Yugioh? And while you're at it, maybe you've tried to make your own yugioh cards, drawing on papers or just want to make one of your favorite decks better? Maybe you made something super broken or you got confused by PSCT and what that is? We're here to help with that, ROCC is a custom discord for improving your abilities at making custom cards, and definitely helps newbies understand the game better. We review your cards in 24-48 hours and we dedicate ourselves to being faster than any other servers at reviewing, as you could be waiting upwards of a month elsewhere! (this is no joke, it usually is that slow)
Want to try something new? Interesting in seeing whats its like to duel without Konami cards? Have a knack for creating custom cards? Well your in luck! Ultimate Pure Custom Cards is live and activate and would love to see your wonderful face. Check us out on Discord and we hope to see you soon!
The city of Zephyra, a land established on the principle of dueling to solve any and all conflict. In the heart of this city is its pride and joy - Zephyra Academy, where duelists from around the world come together to hone and sharpen their skills on the battlefield.

We are a brand new server, looking for both regular users and staff members!
So needless to say, we all know how this started. Shadow games, pharaoh with incredible power, kid solves a puzzle, saves the world. Time changes, we have not.

In this city is something we call The Grid. It's a sort of gate to the spirit world. We don't know why it's there, only that it's responsible for the powers people have, and a very odd kind of energy no one can use. No one even has a power that lets em. As far as we know.

Other than that this is a perfectly normal dueling city. Nothing strange here... Nothing... Nothing at all...

This is a duelingbook based yugioh rp, obviously, with our own rules and our own lore, take a look at your leisure!
Resting on the seafloor, deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, lies the city of Atlantis. Built in the mid-2300’s, the city’s buildings are all interconnected by subterranean passages, along with tubelike glass tunnels providing views of the ocean outside. All is not necessarily well within Atlantis, however. In 2289, the first sapient Artificial Intelligence was born. While it was not the “Skynet” scenario everyone feared, it did bring up many moral questions as more and more AI achieved sapience. While the majority of the population see AI, or “Synths” as they prefer to be known, as lesser beings, giving them derogatory names like “scrapheap”, “rustbucket”, and “comp”, a few kind souls argue the equality of the digital species. Some organics, predominantly those who have lost parts of themselves to injury or disease, have chosen to augment their bodies with mechanical parts, blurring the line between man and machine. These organics are typically treated with disdain by both organics and synths alike. The majority of augmentation procedures, as well as robot production, comes from Matthews Cybernetic, run by Thomas Matthews, a ruthless businessman and a staunch opponent of the synth rights movement. Humans are not the only organic species living in Atlantis, however. The SkyLift Spaceport, a massive floating structure anchored above the city, acts as a gateway to the stars.
-This server uses, if you do not have an acount on that platform, it's free to do so ^-^ i hope to see you in the server
Yu-Gi-Oh! GNEXUS is a server that is designed to bring the Competitive, Custom Card, and Roleplay Yu-Gi-Oh! communities together. Our focus is allowing all these communities to unite, so we can all Duel together, laugh together, and love together.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to Unity! Uncover the mysteries of ancient times under the city built for duelists of all kinds! Our server tries to emulate casual, anime-styled dueling as much as possible. We use Duelingbook exclusively to help us achieve that. Create your own character and duel powerful opponents! Players will be split in each of the city's 6 districts, each representing their summoning techniques, and over time, their decks will evolve to face harder and harder challenges. All skill levels, from beginners to experts are welcome!

- Full Custom Card support
- Anime-style dueling roleplay.
- Beginner advice and deckbuilding tips.
- Rich Worldbuilding
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! Hopefully we'll see you out there on the battlefield, recruits!
At EXU we have formed a customs card community that contributes to our own, and very unique, EXU customs card format. In this format, you will find that all TCG cards are limited and OCG cards are illegal. In addition, our format has a custom ban list in addition to the TCG F & L List.

• We host week-long tournaments on Fridays/Saturdays that contribute towards a winnable nitro code

• We have a meta-analysis/staples list, and a card database bot to help new players get acquainted with the format.

In this world a man named Aeon had taken over Kaiba Corp. and turned it into Timespace inc., with his new money and power he laid back and let duel gangs run wild in Neo Den City with nobody to stop them until a man with odd eyes came along and started his own gang that had the dream of taking down Aeon and putting Kaiba back to power, they eventually succeeded and the gang was disbanded, and all other gangs had disappeared, 20 years have passed and duel gangs are starting to come back with somebody pulling the strings behind all of them, this is the start of a new problem.
Customs usually get the representation of being bad, but what if they were balanced? That's what JACCS (Just a Custom Card Server) is for.
We have tourneys every week with approved cards using our approval system. Our tournaments always have a 6 day dono prize for DB, and we also have other fun tournaments such as the random decks tournament where we have 50 random decks that we'll assign for you to play.
If you like making custom cards, getting help from them, or just shitposting, JACCS is the Place for you
Hey come check us out! We are running a custom Yugioh Bot that plays like the old video games and or duel links. Pick a starter deck out of our 10 options. And earn duel points by dueling and talking with other members in the discord. Use the duel points to buy Booster Packs and expand your deck and power it up.
We are a Yugioh server that enjoys playing and making Custom cards for Yugioh. We hope you come join us and meet some new people or if you are just interested in Custom Cards

-Weekly Custom Card or TCG Tournaments

-Card reviewers to review and give feedback on your decks

-Helpful staff and community for your custom card needs

-Custom Card decks that you are able to use

Hope you enjoy our server!
(This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay server.)
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This message is intended for Rich Academy applicant.
────────── o ──────────
Dear applicant,

Hello, and thank you for applying for Rich Academy! We are a school dedicated to growing the minds of young duelists both through dueling and expanding their knowledge of the world around them!

You may notice, as you walk around the premises, that there may be quite a few students who are interacting and talking with duel spirits! This is one of the many schools that encourages the students to interact with their card spirits, as they are great companions and they know things that we, as humans, couldn't possibly comprehend.

You may be wondering, and yes, you're correct, we do have tournaments with various prizes, including premium-released cards, given by Seto Kaiba himself, or simply the prize of knowing after all of your success, you managed to defeat every duelist who stood in your way, and made it to the top!

I hope you enjoy your time here at Rich Academy. When you arrive, please come to my office to retrieve your dorm uniform, and you may ask any questions you have.

With safe regards,
Jack Feurstein
Headmaster of Rich Academy

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If you received this letter by mistake, please send it back to the shipping address on the back of the envelope.
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Cyber Soul Academy is a yugioh based forum that is fun place for anyone interested in both competitive and casual dueling. We regular host events for both types of players. Casual members can enjoy our various tag team tournaments, Role Plays, and dueling challenges. While competitive players can take part in our Clan Wars and Competitive Tournaments we host regularly. Its also just a fun place for people to chat and to have fun with other yugioh players.
Angel Heart Academy, built within the heart of Angel City, was built upon a dream. One man's dream - Jefferson Corduroy, and a dream to inspire and aid the duelists of tomorrow. Now, under the tutelage and leadership of his youngest daughter, Elizabeth, Angel Heart Academy's re-opening is now open to the public!

Here at Angel Heart Academy, we have:
- A budding, brand new, friendly community!
- A compelling plot!
- A suggestions channel, where you can shape how the server grows!
- A Music Bot!

We are a fresh, brand new server, looking for dedicated RP'ers and Staff Members! With all of this waiting behind closed doors, what're you waiting for? Come on and join the fun!
Yugioh: Forge Your Path is a slice of life rp where you may be headmaster, a teacher you name it. Remember to have fun and please when you make your character add a deck picture. Though this server takes place at Meteor City and a Duel Academy. Here we use Dueling Nexus and Duelingbook sometimes.
It is the year 2050 and we have had many technological advancements however sadly the world ended up breaking into apocalypse as people found the need to fight for resources. Now a baran wasteland the world was left in chaos but one place emerged from the ashes. Hextopia. Hextopia promised to be a massive utopia which would allow everyone to escape from the violence and death of the outside world but due to the corruption of the place it ended up being an inescapable hell hole. Now the corrupt government oppreses those who came here for safety and a chance at a second life. There is a lot of conflict between individuals and it is mainly solved through dueling. Who will survive and who will be king of the rubble when all is said and done? Get your deck and duel disk ready to find out.
V.I.S.I.O.N an acronym for Video Imagery Support Intelligence Operations Network. Is a city only very new? Nobody seems to know about its origins or where it came from, one day it just suddenly seemed to exist! Despite its origins being mostly secret, many people were taken to this city (most against their will) where they would spend the rest of their lives never able to get into contact with anywhere outside of this strange city. After a few weeks, a society formed around the city with brand new social structures as the people quickly realized there was no escape and that the entire city was surrounded by ocean. Not much is known about the individuals who run the city or their motivations for doing this but they run the city and control the citizens through highly sophisticated robots which will duel and eliminate anybody who steps out of line. Cards in this city are readily available and Duel Monsters seems to be the number one hobby everyone seems to turn to after entering the city. New people who enter the city are referred to as EYEs by the general public and are deemed that until a full year of living in the city. New individuals who arrive at the city due to malicious kidnapping are drugged and find themselves waking up in strange pods where they are given a mobile phone like device called transmitters and a Duel Disk.
This server is a sever for RP. If you don't like to rp you are still welcome here.
This server takes place in the town of Halo. A town where dueling is a way of life. People have a chance to join one of the most prestigious dueling schools in the world and become dueling pros.
We hope to see you here at Nebula Academy.
Welcome to Yugioh: Cross Fate!

Insignia City, it is the city in which duelists have come to strive for. It is also the bane of any duelist who can not earn DP. In Insignia City being a duelist isn't just a hobby it's a way of life. Duelists gain and lose DP everyday. Any other job stopped paying normal currency, so that duelists wouldn't have to take up a job. Of course there are Pro Duelists, these duelists gain double DP and only lose half DP.

However, in this city there are those wanting to gain DP illegally and use it to make illegal cards and duel disks; these individuals are known as the Black Diamonds. The Black Diamonds are a group of thieves, hitmen, and just overall criminals, they will do whatever it takes to earn DP. Duelists are warned to not challenge any of these individuals and if they are challenged, call Security immediately.

Security for the most part does their job, but at the end of the day, majority of Security has 3rd rate duelists, who only want the special technology which keeps their DP from getting stolen. Why doesn't Insignia know about this technology? Simple, the Head of Security wants to keep it to himself rather than spend DP to mass produce the technology for other duelists.

In the background of the city there are those who wish to stop the Black Diamonds, these Vigilantes work outside the law, while still abiding by the law for the most part. Most Vigilantes however, do not take up a name such as normal heroes, they simply just stay hidden and attack the Black Diamonds directly where none can witness their deeds
On the lighter side of Insignia aspiring duelists work all the way up to Ascension Academy, this Academy is for students who have finished Duel School, and wish to be a Pro Duelist. Ascension Academy is not an easy academy to get into, most applicants can't pass the entrance exam. However those who do enter Ascension have an easy life, they have their own dorm, which is filled with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a bath shower, a livingroom and a full size kitchen. On top of the high-class dorms, they serve top-quality food in the cafeteria to match almost any taste. There are no classes, duelists simply challenge each other to "Grading Duels" these duels award duelists GP instead of DP; GP is used to graduate from Ascension, however, once students reach 0 GP they are expelled, it takes 100000 GP to graduate from Ascension Academy. Most students give up, but those who persevere become amazing Pro Duelists.
Strife, pain, and war have always permeated the world as a whole. There is no escaping them, or stopping them. These vices tore the world into four, in which we see it today.

The 'Standard' Dimension; Maiami City, an idyllic metropolis spanning what seems like the entire world. Nearly everyone is happy, working, well paid and educated, with the largest tournament ever recorded looming on the horizon. All seems to be going well here... for now.

The Fusion Dimension; A land torn in two by conflicting, warring factions: Academia and its Rebels. Academia knows of the split dimensions, and has developed technology to travel between them, and are performing reconnaissance missions in each. The Rebels are a small sect acting out against this Academia, that abhor Academia's ruthlessness and belligerent goals.

The Synchro Dimension; Another place split by different classes, but of different kinds. The 'Tops', also known as Neo Domino City, is filled with wealthy, educated, happy and comfortable people, contrasted by the impoverished 'Bottoms' or Slums, filled with paupers and criminals just trying to survive. As tensions mount between these two social classes, a tournament is being organized to bring them together... will they come together or will they fall apart?

The Xyz Dimension; Filled with happy, content people, the Xyz Dimension is dominated by the futuristic and whimsical Heartland City, but blissfully unaware of the machinations of the Fusion Academia, who are plotting to destroy them.

Welcome to Worlds Collide! This is a semi-literate roleplay server in the universe of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V! We are looking for active roleplayers, as well as more administrators.