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It has been 12 years since Team TRY3 triumphed over Gyze and now a new story begins in the city of Velisium founded after Gyze's assualt on earth. On Cray a new group seeking the mysterious power of Azoth comes to light, while the first Dragons of Cray appear once again. Many more mysteries await.

Now is the time for your journey to start in Velisium. Will you win will you lose it all starts now in Cardfight AZ: Lost Legends!

- Vanguard RP with custom clans and cards
- Premium Format
Just a fun place to talk about all things mtg. Come and stay a while, it's a pretty chill server. Enjoy :)
A yugioh RP with an immense storyline where you can create characters. Immerse yourself in 2 epic stories with other worlds. Be anything that inspires you - a hero, an antagonist, anything within the limits of the stories.

You can choose to chill out and hang out with your friends, or get help writing ideas for yugioh custom archetypes that you want (or even support for legacy archetypes). If you're stuck on stuff, we're here to help and develop others in any way we can. In the future, we might add more Rps for more fun and excitement for all to share! Come and join us!
This is for the person who plays mtg, who likes/does altered art for the cards, and who loves being creative with how they make mtg there own.
(DISCLAIMER: SERVER OPENED JUL 8, WE'RE NEW) Welcome to the Fighter's Haven, or as everyone calls it, camp! It's another summer and whether you're showing up for the first time or a veteran, you're welcome through our doors (as long as you're allowed to be there, of course!). In camp, you'll find there's lots of do, people to meet and bond with, and fun to be had.

We have:
-Plenty of good staff!
-Simple rules that ensure everyone has an even chance!
-Lots of events, perks, and plotlines planned!
-Balanced customs (not too many) to give non-Ace decks more support!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in, we'd love to have you!
This is a great server to participate in tournaments with custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or just to stay and chill and talk to people. You dont need to download anything, we use the desktop site DuelingBook. Most people here are nice and willing to chat, help and/or have a cassual duel. We not only have a banlist and official and unnofficial tournaments but also allow every user on the server to vote on how to improve the server, what cards should get hit and so much more. We like our users to feel heard. so definitely give it a try. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!
Hello there!
I am sure you might be looking for something new or more refreshing... That's our goal as well!
In this server, we aim to have fun using our Custom Cards (Yu-Gi-Oh! related) in a safe space without having others complaining about what we use or why we use them. That's the fun part of using Custom Cards! Creating without limits.
Also, have a good and safe environment where we can learn how to really create good stuff with people who can not just teach but share different types of ideas.
... What do you think it would look like if we were capable of actually dueling others with the possibility of them playing at your level? The whole point of this having this place is to learn, be better, have tournaments, official matches, intense duels with equal possibilities of winning and losing. Without OP Extreme duels OR Troll cards to deal with in every duel involving Custom Cards.
This is why we must be aware of what we create. Not to have wins every single game, but to have FUN!
Besides, having a community where we can share ideas, test together, play as freely as we can and have people that shares the same views as well. That's what matter the most.
I believe we can achieve this. Together.
Join us!
In this world a man named Aeon had taken over Kaiba Corp. and turned it into Timespace inc., with his new money and power he laid back and let duel gangs run wild in Neo Den City with nobody to stop them until a man with odd eyes came along and started his own gang that had the dream of taking down Aeon and putting Kaiba back to power, they eventually succeeded and the gang was disbanded, and all other gangs had disappeared, 20 years have passed and duel gangs are starting to come back with somebody pulling the strings behind all of them, this is the start of a new problem.
In case you are new to this kind of servers or if you want to have a quick tour trough the basics of the server then check these out!
First the server is divided into 2 Main categories "OUT OF RP" and "IN RP".

Basic Server Information
This is where you should first start to explore the server; have a quick look trough the channels:

•Come say hello to our #new-arrivals . Friendships start from a simple greeting
•#rules-Provides a better understanding of what this server differs from others due to our introduction of getting to know the behavioral rules since we aim to improve fun duels and a sheltering ourselves in a kind and cozy community.
•#server-ban-list & #server-custom-ban-list -We would like decks to be more anime like, to give changes of great comeback, and remove annoying cards so you can play non-meta decks and still have a great chance to win.
•#lore-Have a better context for when you start to RP and also to create a background for your original character.
•#announcements Always keep notified of the server's news.
•#server-partnerships- All our partners are available for you to try something new.

Character Creation Information
As simple as it sounds, if you want to start your Role-play adventure you need a original character first, so please follow this simple #bio-template and sent it to #bio-application. Please look at the #oc-rules before you make your OC's bio
It usually takes no time to approve a character if the staff team is online, so be considerate and wait patiently. You will know when your OC is good if you get pinged at #accepted-bios , then, you will be given a role so you can RP!
Also if you are unsure what decks are available you can take a look at the #deck-megalist


It´s the most simple category and also the most Important. As the heart of the server just bring your character and your deck, immerge in this Duel World while living the adventures, make friends, enemies, duel, the interactions are limitless and it all comes to your choices and creativity.
There will be also events to keep the RP more exiting. Try to make sure not to miss a single one of them
A Yu-Gi-Oh Custom Cards server that also expands to more games like Minecraft and Pokémon. Small Community, but will welcome anyone with open arms.
We are a Yugioh server that enjoys playing and making Custom cards for Yugioh. We hope you come join us and meet some new people or if you are just interested in Custom Cards

-Weekly Custom Card or TCG Tournaments

-Card reviewers to review and give feedback on your decks

-Helpful staff and community for your custom card needs

-Custom Card decks that you are able to use

Hope you enjoy our server!
The server has the usual stuff.
- Yugioh
- Pokecord/Mewbot/Pokequest
- NSFW (if you're into that)
- Lots of different bots to play with
stuff like that but if you want to add new bots or channels, we can make that happen. But honestly, the server is only as active as you make it out to be so please join to help us make the server fun for everyone. Thanks
A fairly new YGO RP built on using the custom aspect of EDOPro. Boasting 280+ custom archetypes and custom support built-in for official archetypes like Galaxy-Eyes or Noble Knights, I doubt you'll be bored with it let alone be able to pick one, or that's me speaking too much like an ad, eh, whatever.
Want to try something new? Interesting in seeing whats its like to duel without Konami cards? Have a knack for creating custom cards? Well your in luck! Ultimate Pure Custom Cards is live and activate and would love to see your wonderful face. Check us out on Discord and we hope to see you soon!
Nation of Customs is a Pure Custom Card Server for Yugioh. No TCG cards are allowed. We are a new branch of the RCC family, so for those who want Singles, Generics, Customs mixing, etc., this might be the place for you! If you don't like Pure servers, we have other servers you might be interested. Come help us build a format!
Would you be interested in delving into an unexplored part of Yu-Gi-Oh? Might I introduce, the Bootleg YGO Encyclopedia. A server where you can come delve into discussions about Bootleg (fake) YGO cards or just have a laugh at them. We have an index of all the discovered Bootleg cards. With more cards being discovered everyday, every visit brings something new to discover. If you would like to see an example of what these cards look like:
Join today!
Hi hi! Here in Yu-Gi-Oh! Unleashed! we do a roleplay based off of a custom summon methods and other cool stuff, like relics and skills based on those relics! Custom cards are allowed! We are waiting for you!
I have been working on a YGOPRO build with over 5,000 new cards. And I thought it would be fun if I could have a community (us) make create everything ban list, tournaments, and we also are willing to take new cards as well so please join us.

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh - Shattered Reality! We welcome every type of person, male or female, gay or straight, doesn’t matter! We are a small but growing Yu-Gi-Oh TCG server with a great battle system that allows you to incorporate even your own custom cards and decks! We have a very friendly community and plenty of bots to play with! If you watch the anime, played the card game before or even neither, it doesn’t matter, as we can teach you! Now join us in Yu-Gi-Oh - Shattered Reality and rise to the top!
Customs usually get the representation of being bad, but what if they were balanced? That's what JACCS (Just a Custom Card Server) is for.
We have tourneys every week with approved cards using our approval system. Our tournaments always have a 6 day dono prize for DB, and we also have other fun tournaments such as the random decks tournament where we have 50 random decks that we'll assign for you to play.
If you like making custom cards, getting help from them, or just shitposting, JACCS is the Place for you
Buddyfight RP Server set in Ace, we allow customs and have lots of events. Join, or don't, either is fine.
Welcome to Yugioh: Cross Fate!

Insignia City, it is the city in which duelists have come to strive for. It is also the bane of any duelist who can not earn DP. In Insignia City being a duelist isn't just a hobby it's a way of life. Duelists gain and lose DP everyday. Any other job stopped paying normal currency, so that duelists wouldn't have to take up a job. Of course there are Pro Duelists, these duelists gain double DP and only lose half DP.

However, in this city there are those wanting to gain DP illegally and use it to make illegal cards and duel disks; these individuals are known as the Black Diamonds. The Black Diamonds are a group of thieves, hitmen, and just overall criminals, they will do whatever it takes to earn DP. Duelists are warned to not challenge any of these individuals and if they are challenged, call Security immediately.

Security for the most part does their job, but at the end of the day, majority of Security has 3rd rate duelists, who only want the special technology which keeps their DP from getting stolen. Why doesn't Insignia know about this technology? Simple, the Head of Security wants to keep it to himself rather than spend DP to mass produce the technology for other duelists.

In the background of the city there are those who wish to stop the Black Diamonds, these Vigilantes work outside the law, while still abiding by the law for the most part. Most Vigilantes however, do not take up a name such as normal heroes, they simply just stay hidden and attack the Black Diamonds directly where none can witness their deeds
On the lighter side of Insignia aspiring duelists work all the way up to Ascension Academy, this Academy is for students who have finished Duel School, and wish to be a Pro Duelist. Ascension Academy is not an easy academy to get into, most applicants can't pass the entrance exam. However those who do enter Ascension have an easy life, they have their own dorm, which is filled with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a bath shower, a livingroom and a full size kitchen. On top of the high-class dorms, they serve top-quality food in the cafeteria to match almost any taste. There are no classes, duelists simply challenge each other to "Grading Duels" these duels award duelists GP instead of DP; GP is used to graduate from Ascension, however, once students reach 0 GP they are expelled, it takes 100000 GP to graduate from Ascension Academy. Most students give up, but those who persevere become amazing Pro Duelists.
Akazaki City is a bustling hub of activity, a city gripped in the excitement of dueling, the modern day gladiatorial sport entertains those from the lowest sects of the city to the highest echelons of society. In this city you forge your own destiny, become a pro-duelist and rule the city as champion, or run as a low-level card shark, or a student in the prestigious academy seeking to be the next big thing in the world of dueling.

We are a welcoming room which allows custom cards and puts an emphasis on fun character interactions and interesting storylines created by both the admins and our members, we hope you will join us