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Der offizielle Community Server von YGOInsider. Tausche dich zu unserem Kanal und dem Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG allgemein aus, nimm an unserer Online Liga teil, stelle deine Regelfragen und Sammle Punkte um schon bald zu Obelisk Blue zu gehören.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Server. We play EDOPro, Duelinks Nexus, Duel Links, tournaments every weekend
Server dove si organizzano gratuitamente tornei online di Yu-Gi-Oh!. Puoi trovare anche accese discussioni riguardanti il meta o il futuro del gioco oltre che Youtuber e Pro Player di fama internazionale. Inoltre, sezioni dedicate alle modalità alternative del gioco come DUEL LINKS, Speed Duel e tanto altro ancora. Fate un salto se vi va!
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Entropy is a roleplay server dedicated to the use of spirits, featuring a deep plot and friendly faces. This setting takes place in the world of Phantasis, a planet home to 5 large factions. These factions are named Ragnia, Helean, Viridi, Sharokh, and Wintrest. Pick a faction and make your character, we'd love to have you, join today!
World Eon Academy, home of many talented duelists from around the world! Students come here to learn from the best, and to become the best, to become the greatest duelists of our time! The school is famous worldwide for some of its success stories, with many of their students leaving and going on to become professionals, will you all be the next? That's for *YOU* to decide!
The School is located on a large island in the Atlantic ocean. Some people claim it is above the resting place of the lost city: Atlantis, but those *are* just rumours, Right!?
Ciudad Mágica es un servidor de Yu-Gi-Oh! centrado principalmente en el juego Dueling Nexus, dentro contamos con un sistema de gremios y rangos, para hacer del servidor algo más dinámico.

Esperamos que se unan, que disfruten su estancia en el servidor y que pasen un rato agradable con los miembros. Para hacer esto posible, no olviden leer y seguir las reglas del servidor.
If you wanna do a yugioh rp where you can rise up to be the Master of Faster or King of Games then this is the server to do it in. It is freshly made and ready for roleplayers to come in and have fun.
The server takes place in the future after the events of "yugioh vrains", if you don't know about vrains I suggest you watch it or read up on it, although it isn't too important, but you need to know the original series at least. Fan characters are also allowed here but do have some limits that aren't too serious.

Yugi and Kaiba own a gaming company together and now own the rights to Duel Monsters. They are creating new cards and equipment to further the game into the future.

Kaiba and Yugi created prototypes for 3 very powerful cards that were going to be distributed to the public, but a strange phenomenon occurred during said creation and an odd shadowy figure appeared and stole the cards, now giving them to anonymous figures only for them to soon circulate around the world and are now owned by another set of anonymous individuals.

What are these cards? What do they do? What will happen due to their Creation?
The shadow games are returning...
"Tayosei City was an ordinary city. Duel Monsters was a hit game and everyone had fun. But one day, something changed. As each duelist touched a certain card of theirs, the changed. They became all sorts of different animals, though some stayed human. To study these lifeforms and changes, the Tayosei Academy Island was formed. The people could still go on with their daily lives while scientists did research on the cause of the change. Will they be able to find out what is really going on?"
This is an mr3 academy server with supernatural lifeforms. The banlist is flexible and we have a friendly community. I hope you will join and have fun!
In this yugioh server, you are on A.I.Land were you can duel and have fun. We are always making new events to let you enjoy your trip here. Join us to make it a better place.

we feature automated matchmaking, tournaments and many more... But above all, we are a community!
In a world where dueling, is the way to solve most of the problems, emerges an Island in the middle of the Atlantic.
To uncover that phenomenon society built a city and started with investigations, but due to political issues, it is now famous for its scientifical innovations and ruled by Dueling monsters corrupted companies.
Many aspiring duelists around the world, moved to this place to experience an exiting life! Where every day is different and nothing can stop you to become the greatest duelist!
Are you up to the task?
Then welcome to the Dueling City Atlantis!
Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Alternative Link Vrains!
This is a server made by the union of various servers. It's about Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime/Manga Characters, you pick a character and play their deck following our various rules, to show your skills in our tournaments and to present what your favourite character can do!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Neo Solidarity takes place in the world of Conmissura. This world is rather similar to Earth, however contains different structures overall. The biggest difference being the presence of four large Factions that are ruled by four leaders. Each faction has a different philosophy when it comes to combat, both in dueling and out, and people usually decide for themselves which philosophy they love the most and live in that designated area. Travel between factions is possible using Movement Stations scattered about each faction. These stations are free to use and have no harm on the body, while the transportation is near instantaneous. These four factions have gotten along for plenty of years, some factions being newer than others. The duelists in this world are usually given a chance of what faction they want to live in at a young age, meaning they decide what their life will be like.
In the year of 1998, a school was opened, throughoutly based around a simple premise- Professional dueling. Originally a simple school for slackers, would eventually grow in the twenty years of being opened. Now, with the most advanced technologies, Duel Academy is the most prestigious duel school in the world. Three dorms sit on the island, Slifer, Ra, and Obelisk blue. Each dorm represents a God card, former cards that were considered the world's best. In order, Slifer is the worst, Ra following in second, and the best is the high class Obelisk Blue. A placement test determines which you end up in.
We're a great community of drink enthusiasts and gamers alike! Plenty of bots to use, fun commands, giveaways monthly and a generally fun time. Come hang with us and have a pint!
Discord OTK-Expert

OTK-Expert est le site numéro du Yu-Gi-Oh! FR.
Les diverses fonctionnalité du sites, le module d'échanges, le module de création de deck, son forum, font la popularité d'OTK-Expert !

Sur le Discord OTK, vous avez une extension du site pour discuter de divers sujets Yu-Gi-Oh!

- Questions / Débats sur la Métagame
- Question sur un Rulings ? Nos experts Rulings sont les meilleurs et une réponse de qualité vous sera toujours apporté !
-Channel Echange & Ventes très actif !
-Tournois sur EDOpro hebdomadaire.
-Communauté 100% FR

It's time to embrace the fire within you and join the fun and competitive clan Phoenix Gaming. We keep regular tourneys and also got other ways to fill your burning passion for fun. We got a nice friendly, non-toxic environment too so I guarantee you it's endless fun in here.
The might of the Dragons is known throughout the land 🐉.

The Dragon Empire 🐲 offers:
- A1 Dragon Pokémon Trainers
- Dragon Empire Pokémon League 🐉
- Pokémon Battle area
- Pokémon Tournaments 🐉🏆
- Clash Royale recruiting area
- Yu-Gi-Oh! area
- Pokécord
- Level 1 Boosted Server
- Interactive surveys
- Respectful community

JOIN the Dragon Empire 🐲!
A server for casual and competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links players alike! Where you can chat, duel, and compete in our weekly tournaments!

Also includes team roles based on the game's worlds: Duel Monsters, GX, 5Ds, and DSoD!
Welcome to Rupius Academy! A brand new yugioh roleplay server! Here's what we have to offer!

<> We are a Master rule 5 format server!

<> We have a growing lore, ready to be expanded!

<>We have a buying system! Which means you'll have a starter deck to come start with!

<> and much more to come!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and hope you're ready to be active here!
A Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server set in a fictional planetary system with a duality of magic and technology.

Members can view automatic news updates regarding the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG/OCG through server webhooks.

Get deck building advice from other players; unlike many other Yu-Gi-Oh! servers, we encourage people to have fun while they continue to improve. Players of all skill levels are welcome.

Duels are done through EDOPro, the successor to YGOPro Percy.
A new and improved RP featuring 6 main dimensions for you to travel around in. The members are active and friendly: We welcome anyone who wants to be part of the community.
Included is:
* Your own custom archetypes an be used IRP,
* Few limits on what decks you can play,
* Freedom to RP however you want,
* Duel in a fun setting however you want to,

Come and join the growing community and help this server become something truly great!
Cross City is a roleplay server based in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. People can play as characters living in a modern day city, either living out slice of life moments in real life or virtually dueling within the new full immersion game of the era! Our deck building system only requires a Duelist to follow our banlist. We also have a special pet mechanic known as the partner card, which will follow their owner around and further evolve as they level up. Come join Cross City today!
Hello there!
I am sure you might be looking for something new or more refreshing... That's our goal as well!
In this server, we aim to have fun using our Custom Cards (Yu-Gi-Oh! related) in a safe space without having others complaining about what we use or why we use them. That's the fun part of using Custom Cards! Creating without limits.
Also, have a good and safe environment where we can learn how to really create good stuff with people who can not just teach but share different types of ideas.
... What do you think it would look like if we were capable of actually dueling others with the possibility of them playing at your level? The whole point of this having this place is to learn, be better, have tournaments, official matches, intense duels with equal possibilities of winning and losing. Without OP Extreme duels OR Troll cards to deal with in every duel involving Custom Cards.
This is why we must be aware of what we create. Not to have wins every single game, but to have FUN!
Besides, having a community where we can share ideas, test together, play as freely as we can and have people that shares the same views as well. That's what matter the most.
I believe we can achieve this. Together.
Join us!