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Yu-Gi-Oh! GNEXUS is a server that is designed to bring the Competitive, Custom Card, and Roleplay Yu-Gi-Oh! communities together. Our focus is allowing all these communities to unite, so we can all Duel together, laugh together, and love together.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!
Der offizielle Community Server von YGOInsider. Tausche dich zu unserem Kanal und dem Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG allgemein aus, nimm an unserer Online Liga teil, stelle deine Regelfragen und Sammle Punkte um schon bald zu Obelisk Blue zu gehören.
The might of the Dragons is known throughout the land 🐉 .

The Dragon Empire 🐲 offers:
- A1 Dragon Pokémon Trainers
- Dragon Empire 🐲 Pokémon League
- Pokémon Battle area
- Clash Royale recruiting area
- Interactive surveys
- Respectful community

JOIN the Dragon Empire 🐲 !
Welcome to Gem Academy

Gem Academy is a Yugioh Roleplay Server that is dedicated to creating stories and scenarios that fulfill that Yugioh Feeling felt from the Anime and Manga.

Taking place after the events of Yugioh 5Ds, Gem Academy, a school founded on the principles of dueling and the intricacies within the sport, now is open to receive many new students whose goals range from becoming the next best duelists, to improving their dueling skills, or simply having fun. With the advent of Xyz, Pendulum, and Link Cards, the future is ripe with the chance for students far and wide to achieve their dreams and seek what is beyond the veil we call the uncertain future.

Joining Gem Academy Provides these benefits:

-A friendly Roleplaying Community for which people can quietly relax and chat with or involve in some quality roleplaying experiences that could happen with the server.

-Participate in a Progression Based System where you build the Starter Deck that you use based on the beginner limits set. Using DP (Duel Points) won from battling or participating in server events, buy cards to slowly expand and grow your deck to reach new heights and power.

-Enjoy the GX styled Dorm System, start as a New and Shiny Sapphire and work your way up to Crystal Rank through an duel exam system set up by the staff as your deck clashes against the Teachers and Faculty who run the school.

-Be embroiled in large plot events where dangers seek to interrupt your peaceful school life, believe in the heart of the cards and ready yourself for when Card Games grow to be more then just games.
is a league for Yu-Gi-Oh players. Here you can grab glory by earning titles and winning tournaments earning a little cash along the way. Other than the dueling we have a cool user base with fun people to talk and hang out with. New players are welcome, we have a lot of good players who is more than willing to help out.
Spirit City -So named for it's (now considered mythological) connection to the spirit world. This city is home to all sorts of wonders and technology but most people know it for it's bi-annual duel monsters tournament. As the tournament kicks off, though, certain groups may have ulterior motives to seeing the new duel tech in action.

When you join, you get to pick an archetype your character plays. Provided it isn't already taken, the mods will build a starter deck of that archetype for you and you can then buy packs to improve your deck using funds you get from winning (or losing) duels. Just explaining this ahead of time for those who aren't a fan of this system.
A semi-competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server that has been ongoing for over a year.

Enter a setting similar to the VRAINS animated series: a virtual dueling world where players from all over the world can play their favorite card game.

Create your own original character, wielding a deck you've made from the 10,000+ cards in the TCG/OCG.

Join teams based on specific values and compete against others through turf war style duels.

Unlike many other Yu-Gi-Oh! servers, we encourage people to have fun while they continue to improve as a player.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Neo Solidarity takes place in the world of Conmissura. This world is rather similar to Earth, however contains different structures overall. The biggest difference being the presence of four large Factions that are ruled by four leaders. Each faction has a different philosophy when it comes to combat, both in dueling and out, and people usually decide for themselves which philosophy they love the most and live in that designated area. Travel between factions is possible using Movement Stations scattered about each faction. These stations are free to use and have no harm on the body, while the transportation is near instantaneous. These four factions have gotten along for plenty of years, some factions being newer than others. The duelists in this world are usually given a chance of what faction they want to live in at a young age, meaning they decide what their life will be like.
In case you are new to this kind of servers or if you want to have a quick tour trough the basics of the server then check these out!
First the server is divided into 2 Main categories "OUT OF RP" and "IN RP".

Basic Server Information
This is where you should first start to explore the server; have a quick look trough the channels:

•Come say hello to our #new-arrivals . Friendships start from a simple greeting
•#rules-Provides a better understanding of what this server differs from others due to our introduction of getting to know the behavioral rules since we aim to improve fun duels and a sheltering ourselves in a kind and cozy community.
•#server-ban-list & #server-custom-ban-list -We would like decks to be more anime like, to give changes of great comeback, and remove annoying cards so you can play non-meta decks and still have a great chance to win.
•#lore-Have a better context for when you start to RP and also to create a background for your original character.
•#announcements Always keep notified of the server's news.
•#server-partnerships- All our partners are available for you to try something new.

Character Creation Information
As simple as it sounds, if you want to start your Role-play adventure you need a original character first, so please follow this simple #bio-template and sent it to #bio-application. Please look at the #oc-rules before you make your OC's bio
It usually takes no time to approve a character if the staff team is online, so be considerate and wait patiently. You will know when your OC is good if you get pinged at #accepted-bios , then, you will be given a role so you can RP!
Also if you are unsure what decks are available you can take a look at the #deck-megalist


It´s the most simple category and also the most Important. As the heart of the server just bring your character and your deck, immerge in this Duel World while living the adventures, make friends, enemies, duel, the interactions are limitless and it all comes to your choices and creativity.
There will be also events to keep the RP more exiting. Try to make sure not to miss a single one of them
Kurilenium - Ƴυ-Ɠι-Oн! est un discord sur le célèbre jeu de cartes "Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Sur le discord, vous pourrez retrouver des duellistes sur vos différentes plateformes (IRL,YGOPRO, Duel Links, LotD:Link Evolution, etc...)
Nous avons une communauté agréable et à l'écoute, de même pour nos Modérateurs.
■▬▬▬▬▬「Les Salons」▬▬▬▬▬■
Nous avons mis à votre disposition de nombreuses catégories regroupant un grand nombre de salons textuels et vocaux:

- Un salon où vous pourrez parler en toute liberté de se que vous voulez
- Un salon pour exécuter les commandes des différents bots présent sur le discord
- Des salons pour affronter des duellistes de vos plateformes
- Un salon où vous pourrez demander des conseils, pour votre deck, etc...
- Des salons où vous pourrez mettre vos decklists de vos plateformes
- Un salon où vous pourrez montrer vos créations, ou les créations de d'autre personne (à condition de le mentionner !)
- Un salon pour rechercher des gens avec qui échanger et vendre vos cartes
- Le règlement (à lire)
- Un salon avec des sondages
- Un salon avec des nouveauté, grâce a un webhook lié au compte twitter @YuGiOhNewsTCG
- Un salon où vous pourrez suggérer des ajouts au discord
- Un salon où sera annoncé les events du discord (Tournoi, concours, etc...)
- Un salon où vous pourrez vous attribué des rôles (IRL, Duel Links, LotD:LE, RP Duel Academy, RP Vrains, etc..) et accédé à certains salons exclusifs à ces rôles
- Des salons pour discuter librement
- Un salon musical
■▬▬▬▬▬「Nos Souhaits」▬▬▬▬▬■
Nous souhaiterons avoir une communauté plus grande et plus actif, pour pouvoir mieux développer le discord et mettre plus d'activité à disposition pour le discord (le RP, Une radio, etc..)
This is just a friendly Yu-Gi-Oh! RP server. Feel free to join and post a character. We use Dueling Book, Dueling Nexus, and YGOPRO Percy.
Our server takes place in an island in the Pacific Ocean named Pacifis, after the Phantasm Spiral field spell. Anyone interested is welcome!

I recently created a plot for the RP, which involves chaotic effects of Duel Monsters cards being used to damage the physical world, in the month of December. Rifts in reality form, bringing forth Duel Ghosts that either seek to maintain order or cause chaos. This is part of how Pacifis gets its nickname "Pacifis, the Phantasm City". It was linked to these strange events.

Also if you don't speak English we can't really help you.
We are at Den City, in the year 4XXX, following the events of Yu-Gi-Oh zexal and Vrains, the world of the duel has evolved and with it the various schools. The best of all is the King: Barian, a school that houses the best duelists around the world. Here students come to improve their knowledge and skill as a duel, but also to socialize and improve their ego. The classes here are held in the virtual world known as Link Vrains were the world makes it easier to learn and understand the material then in real life. This system is only allowed to be used in classrooms as outside of it the system can malfunction. The students are encouraged to make friends and extend their dueling horizons through our many school facilities. The school holds many tournaments through the use of the headmaster Musanari. The headmaster herself came into this school 20 years ago and decided to run it. She picked the best of the best duelists to be her prodigies even a 16 year old to be her assistant. The headmaster does her best to keep the school in order and make everybody happy. When first entering the school, you will be greeted by the headmaster, her assistant, or any of the teachers. They will give you your entrance exam and based on your performance, you will be put into 3 dorms: Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. The Hades students did the worse in their exams. The Poseidon students did a decent job in their exams, and The Zeus
students did the best in those duels. The rules of it will be explained when you get there.

With that said, welcome and enjoy your stay at King: Barian!
"Rich Academy, a school widely known to one thing; letting your duel spirits being themselves.
As well for holding the rank of being the best school known in Seto Kaiba's book without a doubt. Suddenly the school stopped for 7 years due to problems between the two siblings: Jack and Ashly Feurstein. With the school also in Ashly's hand now, she hopes to do so much better as for Jack he'd be alone now, working with his husband and followers known as the Lair Duelists, introducing a big power to his name as Seto Kaiba keeps his life occupation unavailable to the private or public. Even in a second thought, there is a lot to explore in Rich Academy and Arcell City. The state offers a lot too. But what does it offer? Well, Jack is a easy fella, but he's ruthless too. Ashly is like the mother, kind and caring to the school and students, as well to her pet who was once Jack's son pet, Alex, a coyote with wonderful training! Be sure to say hi!
Now, since you are kinda caught up in the reality show of life, what you say pal, join the Lair Duelist or be a student in Ashly's favor?" *the mysterious man slides a blank paper towards you, expecting you to sign the paper with whatever you decide.* "Take your time too. I can wait." *he laughs as he gives a pen too*

--This server is sadly dead atm, but with your help, we'd love the newcomers from you!--

YGOPro: Percy
Welcome to Unity! Uncover the mysteries of ancient times under the city built for duelists of all kinds! Our server tries to emulate casual, anime-styled dueling as much as possible. We use Duelingbook exclusively to help us achieve that. Create your own character and duel powerful opponents! Players will be split in each of the city's 6 districts, each representing their summoning techniques, and over time, their decks will evolve to face harder and harder challenges. All skill levels, from beginners to experts are welcome!

- Full Custom Card support
- Anime-style dueling roleplay.
- Beginner advice and deckbuilding tips.
- Rich Worldbuilding
Scattered across the 12 dimensions of the yugioh multiverse are 4 heavenly dragons with untold cosmic power sealed within. Can you handle the battle to uncover their secret?
A very new, and very chill Custom Card Server. Honestly don't care who you are just have a good time.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Academy is a largely slice of life orientated server with a card system similar to that of the video games! We run our duels in MR3 and aim to give the server a unique slower format to that of the current TCG.

Here we:

- Allow players to choose starter decks that can be branched off into their own thing by purchasing packs in the..

- Card Shop! By dueling other users and participating in roleplay events you can gain Duel Points to purchase new cards for your characters decks!

- Use a familiar setting of a duel academy to combine slice of life elements with things from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series!

- Allow users to create both Students and Academy Staff! Don’t feel pressured into making a staff member though because we have no problem purely using them like npcs!

- Create clubs or even new classes for users to attend and gain rewards from!

- And last but not least, we use YgoPro Percy Links for all of our duels!

Join today!
Welcome everyone to Sekai City! A city filled to the brim with friendly faces and smiles! But Sekai City isn't all sunshine and rainbows, as Danger! lurks within it! As a result of an unknown cause Duel Monsters started appearing as physical organic beings. while this may cause monsters like Performapals or Rescue to become real and help society, other ferocious monsters like the Subterrors and Thunder Dragons became real too, wrecking havoc upon the city over their territorial battles! Will you be one of the saviors of the city, reigning peace over both sides? or more of a vigilante, defeating both sides with aggression. Or might you even want to join one of the sides to help fight the other? the choice is all yours!
In a world where dueling, is the way to solve most of the problems, emerges an Island in the middle of the Atlantic.
To uncover that phenomenon society built a city and started with investigations, but due to political issues, it is now famous for its scientifical innovations and ruled by Dueling monsters corrupted companies.
Many aspiring duelists around the world, moved to this place to experience an exiting life! Where every day is different and nothing can stop you to become the greatest duelist!
Are you up to the task?
Then welcome to the Dueling City Atlantis!
A Yu-Gi-Oh! RP with 3 factions about the downfall of neutron city and 3 factions. This RP is still a work in process.
We are new server that has just started to open our doors before we were just a group of friends in a private server but we wanted more so we are now public for everyone to enjoy!

A island that is full with spirit for dueling even have a academy just for it, many people don't even know of this place existents due to Kyushu company keeping it under wraps and only inviting people over who they deem worthy to live here or for schooling. Many of people who live here either go to the Academy or work for the Kyushu company even the teachers work for kyushu. Kyushu started as a small yugioh company that has now gone global with its research into card development, creating the DSD and many other things you will discover!

Feel free to join, at the moment you can have any deck you want if it follow our custom list.
We also have perks if you stay active, ways to get cards that wouldn't normally be used by your archetypes!