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Bonjour et bienvenue sur Dragon Ball Mystical Adventure!
Revivez l'aventure propre à Dragon Ball, des origines aux combats dantesques de Dragon Ball Z, le tout dans une chronologie alternative au manga et à l'animé!
Différentes races sont disponibles ainsi que les transformations qui leur sont liées! Vous pouvez également naviguer dans de nombreuses planètes et affronter des ennemis historiques dans un nouveau scénario!
Alors n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre dès maintenant!
•We are a nice community
•We have a built in Arc system
•We have a roleplay system
•Full on training system & more!
•Hakaishin System
•Great Server to play on!

DBNG(Dragon Ball Next Generation ) Is a fun community for people of the Dragon ball fandom.. Follow the rules and you’ll have. a great time! Please don't join the server to just trade Dokkan or Legends accounts. It gets annoying. If you have any problem report it to Staff! And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
Hi there! This is my server, Dragon Ball Astral! We have some things that you can enjoy, including a single roleplay channel so you don't need to keep jumping channels! We also have OC, and canon RPs, that way you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Come on in! Have some fun!
Bien le bonjour/bonsoir,
Je vous présente (peut-être) le tout premier serveur discord RP Dragon ball avec de VRAIS transformation officiel et custom,
Venez jeté un oeil et pourquoi pas venir Rp avec d'autre membre! :D
[Contacter **Coeur De Miel
#9020** si le lien à expiré]
This sever is for people who enjoy playing Dragon Ball Legends with an array of different chats
Welcome to our server! You have access to nothing but fun! this server is basically made for having fun, making friends or just to be more socially interactive! You will have infinite fun guaranteed I promise! Come in on the fun and join now!
(Respectable administrators)
(Great members)
Want to be a kick ass Human? Laid back Saiyan? Green Namekain? You can be it all here! Good or Evil, Fighter or Pacifist, Father or Mother, Adult or Child. You can be whatever you want, make your Dragon Ball Fantasies come true!
The year is 750 Age, and the North Galaxy is at an odd peace. It has been about 20 years since the destruction of Planet Sadala, and 14 years since the destruction of the last Saiyan survivor colonies. North Galaxy had been ruled by the Great Arcosian Emperor Glashur, but with his passing, the Empire has been divided between his children- Galatica, the only female and the weakest and youngest of the three, but most intelligent and cunning. There is Arctos, the middle son- both in strength and in age, and Frosticon- the strongest, but prone to fits of rage that justifies his empire's small size. The peace will not last however- the tension between Arctos and Frosticon has been growing rapidly..

Meanwhile, the planet of Earth has also been at peace. United under a single monarch long ago, the annual Martial Arts Tournament- Tenkaichi Budokai looks ready to start. But the Dragon Balls- having laid dormant for thousands of years, have finally awoken and burst off the planet and into the stars. Finally, Sydron Systems have created the first off world base- on the Earths moon of Luna.

But things are changing. Times are changing, and these two separate worlds look ready to collide...
"The world is in a state of chaos with the seal on the Demon Realm shattered by the Queen of Demons, Anzu. While the demon army move to conquer Planet Earth, the Earth inhabitants are panicking as people are becoming possessed by demons! Earth’s warriors are given one last chance to give up peacefully.

Naturally, their resistance has lead to an all out war between the Demon Realm and mortal realm! Will peace be attained through bloodshed?"

CAULIFLA'S DRAGONBALL RPG takes place in an alternate timeline in which none of the canon characters exist, except for a select few. We are heavily stat based but our main goal is character development through roleplay.
Welcome to dbz ultimate power were you can create your owns character and start your own legacy, strive to become the strongest fighter while makings friends and teammates battle each other and explore the server fighting bad guys while triggering events you too could also become an event character yourself but first let’s grow as a community and get this started!
Hey everyone, wanna have a cool Dragon Ball RP? Well this is the server for you! Introducing, Dragon Ball Supreme Adventures! Please note that this server was just made, so it may have a few problems!
DBM takes place 1000 years after Dragonball. We are new and currently under construction. Plenty of races and transformations are fair and will expand as the rpg progresses. Check us out!
****** ✵『 DBU | Legacies 』✵
The Universes have all been reset to their original state and the timelines have been altered. All the previous heroes of the universes have been replaced, especially within Universe 7. A brand new batch of individuals are now rising into the spotlight to take the places of their predecessors. All the legends say is only 1 shall become the greatest in all of the Universes. Will you be the champion the legends speak of?

Our fine community contains:

✵ Commands (Transformations, Moves, etc.)!
✵ Competetive Tournaments!
✵ Canon/Non-canon Giveaways!
✵ Dedicated warriors!

Test yourself and break your limits!


Banner/GIFs! :
The Dragon Ball Zetto Server, is a server where you and your friends can discuss anything DB Related!
☆After Decades of Cosmic Discrimination, the freedom fighters finally managed to take over Universe X, where they established the Cosmic Patroll, a key-force to maintain the hard-earned peace they fought so hard for. Until one day a God decended from the upper realm and declared the death of what was thought to be Billions of Humans. The God was defeated but only after erasing half of Universe X, as a Token Of Apology the God Of All together with the Grand Minister created 4 more universes where the Remaining Mortals could Spread out and live in peace once again. Well...they were still unknowing of the danger that would soon emerge upon them.☆
One hundred years (100) years have passed after the complete and total destruction of the Demon God, the Time Breakers, and majority of the strongest fighters gathered from the Multiverse. Arlic, Moru, Okara, Charles, Kora, Mike, Wynterr, and so many others have died from natural causes or death at the hands of a severe illness. Peace has returned to the Multiverse but at such a high cost, however, even with the total peace now flowing through all of the Universes, there will always be Evil to counter the Good.

Notice: This is an alternate dimension in the Dragon Ball Universe. Characters such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Master Roshi, etc have not lived throughout the years in this dimension. The Gods are still very much the same in this dimension, however.

Note: No Legendary Saiyans, No Kai / Saiyan Hybrids, none of that bullshit here.
Hi! This is a DBZ server, that has been here for a while now...
We love seeing new faces and our friendly staff are more than happy to help out those that need it!
If you are planning on joining, please make sure that you’re active daily! We don’t need lurkers.

A hundred years ago, at the summons of the King of All, the realms' most powerful warriors were called to do battle at his whim. But, as they fought, dark energies army of powerful sorcerers, all with their own dark desires. Raising their magic as one, they formed a barrier over the World of Void...trapping our heroes there forevermore. Some say to this day, they still fight for the amusement of the Great King; and the sounds of their battle can be heard among the stars. Today the human race has progressed as normal, never seeing anything amiss with their single planetary world. However the same could not be said for the galactic empires that riddle the 7th Universe. Most of them have been controlled and directed by the underhand of these evil sourceres now that the Supreme Kais are trapped in the World of Void as Well. The Earth being an easily glossed over speck among this has been left to its devices and has remained the same seeing no difference with the absence of it's World's stronger fighters gone, and so our story starts there....
Come roleplay as your own Dragonball character.
60 Years after the Tournament Of Power where Mastered Ultra Instinct was born. Everything was messed with. Zeno tried to repair things, but fused EVERY single multiverse. After that, the world was starting to live in peace again, Zeno was relieved so he let everything be.

But not everything, pure evil rose as they started to try and wipe everything out for their own doings.

But heroes rose also. The world being a war zone as well as space.

As everything started to go bad. Zeno stepped in and said about a tournament. Everyone started to train and prepare themselves. They wanted to get strong and surpass everyone.

After the tournament. No one seemed to amuse Zeno. Their power level's were too low and boring. So, he erased them all. Every single person in the tournament.

Now he waits for warriors to step up, one's like Goku and Jiren.

As bored as he was, he waited patiently.
Ever wonder what it would be like if majority of the people in the DB universe survived such as Bardock and Gine, Grandpa Gohan and more? Well Join Dragon Ball: The Untold Story where you can not only claim main characters, but characters that are not seen anymore, here we will make our own arc’s and have fun, we hope to have you!

Admin Spots - Open
Hello and Welcome to Dragon Ball Lost Galaxy. Here we gain pl to raise our class rank. We also use this server to talk to one another and discuss topic wether it is about the server or not. We have fun and train and you can pick from all kinds of races including your own personal races. I wish to see you all at Dragon Ball Lost Galaxy!!!!
DBU takes place 10 years after the T.O.P and Broly movie..

•We have a Training System
•Full Dragon Ball hunting system
•Trying to have amazing role-plays with no one-liners
•Read the rules and have fun!

DBU(Dragon Ball Universe) Is a server for all people of the dragon ball fandom.. Even if you don’t want to rp we have “Dokkan” and “Legends” roles for people who play them and want to chat. We’ll also have a discussions channel for the same people who want to have discussions for DB.

Have a great day and strive to be the best!
Welcome weebs to a roleplay based on screaming and lasers. We have balanced races and a stat system, as well as freedom of speech. Don't wanna say what every other server says, so. Yeah.