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Yo, welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper! This is a fun DBZ RP server with a very chill community! The story is set in Universe 0, a unique world populated by many strong warriors. We've got a lot different races, transformations and moves and even a special fighting system! Will you become the strongest in the universe? Join today and start on your journey through the world of Dragon Ball!
We are a fun, non toxic roleplaying server. We have active members, cool events, and giveaways. We are currently looking for staff members. We promise:
- A nice staff members.
- Events with cool rewards.
- Giveaways.
- Active members with whom you can rp.
Welcome to Dragon Ball Legends Discord Server!

This server was made for the mobile game called Dragon Ball Legends. We are not affiliated with Bandai Namco Entertainment or the official development team of Dragon Ball Legends.

We are fans that support the game and wish to enhance your experience for the game. This Discord server was created to connect the game community together, spread the game knowledge and news, and improve the overall experience of playing the game.
Dragon Ball RP: Universal Collision, a new RP server for Dragon Ball fans.

An unknown force has trespassed in the realm of the Kai of Time, allowing them access to different eras and timelines.

They begin to create rifts in time and space, fashioning their own universe, pulling at random parts of worlds, each piece from a different era.


We don't rely on power levels, or grinding trivial training passages. We focus on organic free form RP bolstered by server-wide events, & a mod team that is dedicated to building up your own stories.

We have a Tier system, which rewards good RP and character development over passages of the same training.


We allow custom transformations and roles of divinity.

Come and have a look and have fun!
—(••÷[ The Lookout ]÷••)—

We are a Dragon Ball, Anime and Gaming based discord with a focus on games like Dokkan Battle, Dragonball Legends, and a lot of other games. We currently provide the following:

- An active and fun staff team.
- Several discord gaming and XP bots. (Mudae, Discord Ball Z, Pokecord)
- A trading / selling / buying market for Dokkan Battle and Legends.
- Lots of channels to talk in and promote yourself with.
- Giveaways and community events.
- A chill atmosphere that we intend on keeping.
- A ton of emotes.
- A level up reward system with cool roles.

and a lot more!

Feel free to check us out!
Dokkan Akatsuki focuses on the gacha gaming community, but we’re so much more than that. We have an anime central for anime fans, a NSFW section for the dirty, and a meme section for the dankest. We have the best staff with little to no moderation.
A Dokkan Battle Community to Buy/Sell/Trade Dokkan Accounts or to just talk about the game or Anime.
This is a Dragon Ball Role-Play server that was created because of my love for the series, that I'd like to show towards everyone else through role-playing and having fun. This is my first time ever making a Dragon Ball Role-Play server but I have enough experience, to make one. I've applied what I know and researched some about Dragon Ball that most wouldn't know in order to adapt a story or rather a lore of my own that is diverged from the main Dragon Ball. I hope you can bare with me, and have fun in my server and give me some tips if you find something off, I'm open minded and will gladly take some pointers on what to do.
The Saiyan Elite community are open to new members we have a variety of dragonball fans, twitch, YouTube and mixer streamers that like to come together hangout. We have a Roleplay channel and have alot of self promotion channels to help you grow.

Come join us today and become an Elite Saiyan


**Instagram** -

**Twitter** - [TSE] #thesaiyanelite

**Facebook Page** -

**Youtube** -

**Steam community**

**Playstation community** The Saiyan Elite

**Xbox community** The Saiyan Elite 9000

**GTA 5 Crew**

**Website** -

**TSE Merchandise**

"The world is in a state of chaos with the seal on the Demon Realm shattered by the Queen of Demons, Anzu. While the demon army move to conquer Planet Earth, the Earth inhabitants are panicking as people are becoming possessed by demons! Earth’s warriors are given one last chance to give up peacefully.

Naturally, their resistance has lead to an all out war between the Demon Realm and mortal realm! Will peace be attained through bloodshed?"

CAULIFLA'S DRAGONBALL RPG takes place in an alternate timeline in which none of the canon characters exist, except for a select few. We are heavily stat based but our main goal is character development through roleplay.
We're a community that is mainly focused on Dragon Ball and Dragon ball xenoverse 2 in general!
We offer:
-Mobile Gaming
-Useful and fun bots
-50 emojis and 50 animated emojis
-Voice channels
-Level system and earnable roles
-Non-strict rules
-Self roles and active staff
-Gaming channels for each plat-form
This server is home to the youtube channel DBZ Clasher. Join this new awesome server which is related to dbz n AOT. True fans will join!
It is Age 814. Vegeta and Goku are nowhere to be found. Frieza tried to take over Earth with no one being able to stop him, but Gohan stood up and attempted to. He sadly failed but this caused the other Z Fighters to rise up and send Frieza off the planet. Pan, Krillin, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Trunks, Goten, and Tien are the last fighters left alive. Surprisingly, Gohan's bravery led to the rise of a new generation of fighters. A generation that may rise above the previous.

-Stats System
-Giveaways (Titles, Power Level Boosts, Early Transformations)
-Unique Races
-Meet Characters from the Dragon Ball Series
If you like anything dragonball from dragonball z dragon ball super and GT and you also like vore feet and giantess and more then come and join where your two favorite thing come together
Welcome to Dragon Ball: Next Step, a Dragon Ball Roleplaying server.
100 Years after the tournament of power Android 17 wished for all erased universes to be reformed and joined into one universe called Universe 0. Goku and his friends had many more adventures, over time discovered many new powers including the mysterious and primal Super Saiyan 4, and even beyond…
We offer:

- A great variety of races to play as! All with their unique play styles, perks, bonuses and great selection of transformations for each one, making each race unique and fun to play as!
-An economy system, which allows players to buy several things from the shop, which can be used in Roleplaying!
-An all OC based roleplay, which means that all of you affect the story and world directly!
-A very helpful staff that is more than glad to help you through anything you need!
-A large amount of custom stuff you can make to make your character even more unique, including Custom Transformations, items, weapons, locations and much more!
-An overall fun community to play with and have fun!

Now what are you waiting for? Come in and become the most powerful warrior of your race or even the universe! Or just become a humble farmer of senzus the choice is all yours!
Welcome to interdemensional sex service academy where anime characters from every universe are summoned to fufill your deepest desires!.
Hello all, a couple of friends and I have created a roleplay server based on the anime Dragon Ball. It contains roleplayers of all kinds and a timeline that will be making its debut this weekend! Just to show you what is in the server to summarize, here is a list:

• A fleshed out timeline which will be followed all the way to Dragonball Super and even beyond

• A power scale built to be fair for all roleplayers that join so everyone can have a fair chance at being the strongest in the universe!

• Professional Moderation to make sure godmodding and auto actions are stomped out if it occurs in any of the channels

• Multiple channels that allow your creativity in roleplay be wherever you like in the Dragonball Universe (Reasonable requests can be made for more)

•Roles for all races that exist in Dragonball, including custom races, i.e. Angels, Demons, Kaioshin.

Feel free to join the server and choose your destiny! Whether you may be a Saiyan, a Human, or even a Namekian! We can't wait to get started!
Welcome To DBZ-S DRAGON SOUL. In this RP server we have,
-Great kind staff
-Balanced RPs, Fights, and templates
-finished rules
-A GOD an Angel and TOP all ready with rules
-A balanced training system
-Anyone can beat anyone
-Most saiyans can't go beyond ssj2
-Server isn't active so help me make it active!
we roleplay mainly a lot of dbz and always accepts new members. if you have any questions contact me (rin) or any other admin! We try to make it an enjoyable place where you feel at home!
This is a fighting based Dragonball based roleplay which takes place directly after DBS. PLS join
Hey everyone, wanna have a cool Dragon Ball RP? Well this is the server for you! Introducing, Dragon Ball Supreme Adventures! Please note that this server was just made, so it may have a few problems!
Welcome to Dragon Ball: Burning Fury! This is a universe far removed from canon, with OC's only populating the world of Dragon Ball. We have a friendly staff, memes and more.
OC's only!
Friendly Staff!
and much much more!
Join today and see if you can become the strongest!