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The place for dokkanbattle & legends game(s) alike!
Proud partners of:
We have tournaments, giveaways, free MMs, secure trading/selling, group summons, game channels, leaks & much more! Come join us today to enjoy yourself in a chill community.
You may also post any other related gacha games here.
E.g. tokyoghoul, duel links, ninja blazing, brave souls.
Welcome to Dragon Ball Legends Discord Server!

This server was made for the mobile game called Dragon Ball Legends. We are not affiliated with Bandai Namco Entertainment or the official development team of Dragon Ball Legends.

We are fans that support the game and wish to enhance your experience for the game. This Discord server was created to connect the game community together, spread the game knowledge and news, and improve the overall experience of playing the game.
A fully custom dragon ball RP server me and a few other people worked really hard on for months to make. A lot of RP servers tend to die off and shut down, this one hasn't and will not. I will make sure of that. We spent a lot of time on the systems and lore of this server to make it very in depth and fully custom.
Welcome to dragon ball pinaria a new dragon ball server where you rp/ erp come join us and have fun we welcome anyone!
Greetings! Welcome to Worlds Collide! We provide..

- Balanced Forms (DBZ)
- Friendly Staff
- Less Harsh Training
- More Forms for other races! (DBZ)
The Saiyan Elite twitch community are open to new members we have a variety of twitch, YouTube and mixer streamers that like to come together hangout and support each other.

We hold community nights on GTA 5, Fortnite and Jackbox games every so often.

We also have alot of self promotion channels to help you grow.

Come join us today and become an Elite Saiyan
Hi there, this server is for all fans of the dragonball series, this could be the anime, tcg game, manga, games anything dragonball really!
And whever you are a super dragonball fan who knows a lot about it or someone new to the series it doesn't matter I'm sure you can still enjoy the server.
This is a friendly place and is non judgemental so come and join the community!
A Dragonball server with a...semi ok...PL system. The system has been nerfed somewhat to allow for better character development and narrative structure. The server is also extremely new so I apologise for anything that's broken.
Join for a dedicated server and some great(ish) events...12/18 universes agree.
A friendly roleplay server in which you can play as an OC or you can negotiate with the owner and play as a canon character that is still available! This is a friendly community that has multiple text channels to roleplay in that simulate the areas in the Manga and Anime! It features custom arcs and a custom backstory. See you there!
We are a decently new server looking for members and we need some people who know how to fully mod bots, and know how to moderate well. We are a dragon ball server though, so please enter only if you enjoy the show or any games based on it. Thanks!
This server holds not only an excellent roleplay with amazing character design and unique sagas from Dragon Ball alone, while also having a My Hero Academia roleplay which is brand new so those juicy strong quirks are up for grabs! Not only that but the Dragon Ball rp is also brand new so it won’t be so hard to surpass everyone and achieve a power level that is beyond that of a Super Saiyan God!

but also has a great staff system and active staff team! It has a staff test anyone can take to test their chances! We also have Pokecord for Pokemon fans, and unique roles such as: Master Jedi, Great Hokage, Super Saiyan God, and Ultra Instinct! Please consider joining. We want you to be apart of this wonderful server.
S.H.A.F.T of course stands for:
Heaps of
Fodder and

And Dokkan: Agents of S.H.A.F.T is a decently large server, sitting just under 150 members, sometimes hosting giveaways for things like steam keys, Dragonball Heroes cards and more depending on how much money I have to blow.

We have things such as:
An NSFW Channel, a memes channel, Pokecord Bot, some other cool bots, Anti-Raid protection And some custom commands to play with

I'm dragging this on for way too long, so just join, join the server. It's good probably.
Dragon Ball: Forever

Welcome to a world where 500 Hundred years after our beloved story takes place, our very own story begins. It’s been a time of peace, for the most part. But perhaps that’s all about to change. Several strong people have been popping up left and right! Where have they been coming from?!

Start off with special abilities base on what race your character is! Form friendships and make allies with lots of people, or go and make a rivalry against someone. The sky’s the limit!
Hello! My name is Gabe and I am officially making this server public! This is a DBZ server that is trying to head into another direction. You see.. many DBZ servers have so many people hungry for power, and we wish to make this a place where more INTERACTIONS are made instead of fighting a big bad villain every day. If you’re interested in helping us make a difference, then join now!
A brand new roleplay about Dragon Ball. Join us and help this community grow, as we continue to add, improve, and work hard to make this server not only hospitable but great as well! Choose from the various different races that are available/known to the dragon-ball universe, or create a unique one that stands out from the rest. We will also work hard to make sure that everyone is at least equal or at least acceptable in their characters. Everyone deserves a fair chance.

Notice: This server at the moment is marked for erp, but is still being expanded on. For the meantime, if you want to erp, you can do it in this server but they're not marked as nsfw rooms yet. Anything can go in the erp as well, but try to be considerate towards others as well. But other than that, you have free reign to do what you want.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy yourselves here and have some fun. Ask us if you have any questions or if you'd like to make a suggestion.
In a world before the hero Goku. Before the reign of Freeza. Before planet Namek was destroyed or Planet Tuffle was united under king Vegeta. The universe looked very different. Tribes on Namek raging war on each other fighting over scarce water, barbaric Saiyans sought to work up the ranks and claim there spot as king. Freeza's race is running rampant causing mayhem needing discipline from a Emperor. Now come, choose your side and fight for your pride!
Chill server where we discuss and debate Anime and also talk about a whole bunch of other shizz.

Weebs come on down!
The age is 774.

"We wish to merge universes 22 and 23 into one!" Cried out the demons who'd managed to find all of the Super Dragon Balls scattered throughout the universes. The dragon had granted said wish, much to the evil beings delight. The sudden merging of these universes caused chaos throughout the now one single universes. Planets were destroyed, entire galaxies blinked out of existence, suns faded out with much larger ones taking their places, destroying even more planets. Some of the survivors were suddenly transported to random places, scattered throughout the galaxy, most notably Earth, with multiple strong warriors appearing on the planet at once. With the planet itself being thrown into chaos, rifts opening and destroying entire cities, or releasing villains from the past, present, and future, those who survived must now protect the earth and deal with these rifts in order to restore some semblance of order in the newly formed Universe X.
Hello welcome to universe 0 this server was abandoned by 2 past owners im the 3rd owner to be on this server I want to help this server in becoming a good decent server some things may be lacking but this is the alternative universe or is dbz was put into manga this would be a fan fictional server anyways hope you enjoy and welcome to universe 0
Yes this a rp server, okay this is basically still in progress.
This is part of the lore, it is the year 2,000 the legendary saiyan is coming in two months. Son Goku, Vegeta and all the people have suddenly disappeared, the 7 erased universes have returned somehow by the wish of the Super Dragon Balls.
Hope you enjoy..?
Broku's Gang is a Dragonball server owned by the YouTuber Broku72, it's a great Dragonball community containing Dragonball related debates and discussions along with art and animations. The discord also provides an MHA community along with a Dragonball and MHA roleplay. Join our server for all of this and much more.
Dragonball roleplaying server that focuses on good story telling and combat. Gain Training Points to unlock features. Social roleplay with an in-development RPG mode.
Dragonball Ascension is a Dragonball rp that takes place outside of the normal Dragonball Canon. We allow original characters, custom races and techniques, and are heavily story driven!

If this server interests you, feel free to join in! All are welcome!
Welcome To Dragon Ball Z Abridged Rp! Where you can rp as all your favorite Dbza characters. Along with the possibility of making your own!
A few things this server has...just to name a few.:
-Active staff
-Nice and understanding staff
-Many locations
-......Popo’s Training......
-Easy to Undestand Rules
-A news channel for rp events
And a a lot a lot more