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Hello and welcome to our lovely establishment! Right now it may not look like much but we promise you that there will be much more to come! We're a pretty chill RP server with plenty of fun and jokes to go around-- if you're one of those people then I assure you that you'll feel right at home with us! Here are some of the things that we can offer you!

A Fair and Balanced Training System

Various Training Locations

Fair Race Caps for Each Race

Still Accepting Antags

Still Fresh and Open Staff Application!

That's only SOME of the things we have to offer! So what are you waiting for-- come on down to the Dragon Ball Maxim server! Where everything's gonna go juuuussst RIGHT!
Welcome to our Dragon Ball Legends server with 1000+ members! Here you can talk and share your experiences about various games and Anime!! Our Old server got nuked but this is a revamped version!! we got:

💎Monthly Giveaways

💎Conquer new heights of a saiyan through the level up system

💎100+buyable roles just for you

💎DBL minigame,One Piece adventure game,pokemon games and much more!

💎Daily info on every Game and Anime!

Join now to meet with the greatest Anime fans around the globe!!
Shīru dokkan 《FR》est un serveur communautaire de dokkan battle. Nous proposons des évènements, giveaway, on vous aide et le plus important... ON S'AMUSE ENSEMBLE ! Un système de quête est proposé afin de s'amuser vous pourrez relever les défis et prouver votre valeur !
Le bot mudae est prêt pour vous ! Vous pourrez collectionner vos persos préféré de jeux vidéo et manga !

Il ne vous reste plus qu'une chose a faire ... Nous rejoindre ! 😉
A large secure server with tight and loyal members who chat about all things Dragonball, life, games, and more! We've got almost everything here, come join and hang out!
🎉 Welcome to DBZ Vexillum! 🎉

⊱ ── ── ── {.⋅ ⋅.} ── ── ── ⊰

This is a server that focuses on balance and tries to be special in its own ways!

🔵 Make custom techniques.

🔵 Make Custom Races

🔵 Make Machines for your Factions or Character

🔵 Create Custom Magic Spells.

🔵 Chosen GoD and Supreme Kai who serve as a goal for the Server to reach.

🔵 Balanced out Races no more of that Saiyan Supremacy.

🔵 Nice, Welcoming Staff Members

🔵 Fresh New Server, And No OP Peeps.

🔵 Interact with other people, and have fun.

🔵 A solid staff team that will take up suggestions to improve the server.

🔵 We support competition in the server which allows groups and factions to be made
⊱ ── ── ── {.⋅ ⋅.} ── ── ── ⊰
Welcome to Dragon Ball: Infinite!

Where you could say... everyone's limit is infinite! Where the only thing stopping you is your imagination! (And a few set rules to make things somewhat fair)

But to delve away from that, let's make this short and sweet

1. The lore is few sentences long to make it simple and not so restrictive, with any other questions being able to be answered by staff!
2. A fleshed out training system that can (and will) be expanded in the future if needed!
3. Many, many channels to rp in, and it ever expanding no matter what is needed!
4. Suggestions taken with the utmost sincerity, where anything suggested has a chance to be made into reality!
5. And many, many more things to be added or expanded upon! All it needs is YOUR input!

Now come on down to the server, we hope to see you there!
The epic broken arcade which keeps adding arcade machines in hope to revive the old hype

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the server!
A literate sandbox Dragon Ball RP focused on plot and character development.

We replace Power Levels with a Tier System that rewards in-game character building and personal progress through interaction and advancement over endless training extract grinding.
+ We are a fully literate server that enforces a minimum post-length requirement to ensure everyone is playing up to a standard for the betterment of all of our players.
+ We offer the chance to play 30 different races each with a progression list catered solely to them. (With other DBZ races being allowed too) with a mix of both combat and non-combat related characters fully supported and encouraged.
+ We offer lore that breaks away from the norm to offer open-ended stories not bound by the usual constraints. Allowing you to input the character YOU want to be into our world seamlessly. As well as events catered to individuals, putting you in the center of your own personal stories.
+ The opportunity to play anything, we can work the systems around your play-style and allow you to play the character how you want to, this includes custom techniques and forms!


A rogue figure has broken into the chamber of the Kai of Time, stealing the records to use for their own gain. Combining that power with their magic, they have broken out of their timeline, fashioning their own universe out of reach of authority.

Using the power of their rifts, they have begun to steal worlds from different timelines to add to their collection. Random planets from numerous different eras along with people from various timelines and alternate universes.

You are amongst them, ripped from your life, pulling through a rift into this new world.

With only traces of your power and the faintest of memories, what will you do?

Come and show the universe what you're made of!
★ ≛ ⍣__Dragon Ball: New Beginnings__ ⍣ ≛ ★

★ Dragon Ball: New Beginnings is a Dragon Ball roleplay server made by me, Kaizo. Me and my staff have put lots of effort into this server, and we hope you enjoy it. ★

What we have to offer:
✧ Many races to choose from

✧ Helpful Staff, which will answer any questions you have or will even help you make an OC

✧ Various roleplay locations to fit your current mood

✧ Rewards for generous people who decide to boost our server

✧ A fair and balanced Race System where all paths are evened out with their own advantages.

✧ NSFW Channels and NSFW Bots.

✧ Custom Transformations, Items, and races.

(っ◔◡◔)っ We are hiring mods, admins, and approvers currently!


What’re you waiting for? Come join us at Dragon Ball: New Beginnings!
Dbl news and info and loads of other stuff to do. We have very friendly staff and loads of roles up for grabs! Loads of games to do like taco shop and more should hopefully be coming soon!
We have:

♦️Monthly tournaments of 16-64 people with prizes and roles! You will be seen as a top pvp player if you win these tourneys

♦️Leagues! We have 3 leagues at the minute of 8 people in each, but we want to have more as the server grows! Play everyone in your league twice to get points to get promoted up the leagues and win the champion league ⚜️ (2 people will be demoted, and 2 promoted)

♦️You can request to be a league or tourney helper to be guaranteed a spot in the upcoming events!

♦️So much more to hopefully be coming! We hope you join us
Dragonball Origin is a new Literate RP with RPG elements solely focused on the original Dragonball setting with a big emphasis on adventure, exploration, martial arts and good times!
Don't want to fight? We have stats pertaining to other skills so you can get things done without needing to throw a punch!
We also have a working economy, a stats and training system, a friendly staff, upcoming events, and tons of items!
We are a new tiny server so come join!

An Anime/chill server opened for all anime lovers
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
We're a community that is based around Dragon Ball, Xenoverse 2 and all other things Dragon Ball!
Jump in, have some fun with our active members and make some friends.

We offer:
- Helpful and active staff.

- Leveling system and earnable roles.

- Useful and fun bots.

- Giveaways.

- Hundreds of emojis!

- Looking for games channel for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

- General and gaming voice channels.

- Dragon Ball channel and more to talk about the anime and manga.

- Gaming channels for Xenoverse 2, Fighter Z, Dokkan, mobile and more!

- NSFW and memes channels.

- Plat-form self roles and more!

We hope you enjoy the server!
A server created for the purpose of having fun and role-playing as your favorite characters!

Our server was built on the foundations that role-play is meant to be fun for everyone, and that is exactly what we do here at DB:IM! Members can role-play, use discord bots, hang out in general, or even talk in the voice chat. We accept all kinds of people, so don't worry if you don't think you'll fit it.

In regards to role-play, you can basically do whatever you want as long as it is not overpowered (Power levels are optional). We focus our RP mainly on the Dragon Ball franchise, but we also have plenty of crossovers to participate in, including many video games and other animes.

Speaking of anime, a fair portion of our bots are themed on anime, including one called Mudae, which allows you to claim waifus or husbandos! We also have multiple Pokémon bots as well.

Our staff team is here to make sure everyone is having a good time, so don't be afraid to ask one for help when needed. So whatcha waitin' for? C'mon down and check DB:IM out!
This is a server where you can write your own story, create relationships, affairs and all sorts. Our community is gentle but can go from 0-100 in 3.2 seconds. If your up for a good time and a few laughs then come join us to soak up the joy!

Lore: In the Beginning…. There was Light, and Dark. In the Middle of the Light and the Darkness Stood two Beings. The God of Light and The God of Dark. One wanted to rival the other for there to be only One Pure being. But in a place where time doesn’t exist, there fight went on and on… Never stopping…. Never getting tired…. Never Ending. They realized that there would never be a winner, so they combined their powers. The Power of Light and Dark… This Power was special, because it was the Power to Create. The Two Beings Created Universes, Galaxies in the Universes. Planets in those Galaxies. They knew that they couldn’t have created all of this only to have it be blank… So, they then Created something Special... something never made before… Something called…. Life The Beings Created Other gods to run their Universes that they had made. They then made People all over the Planets… Some smarter than others, some weaker and some stronger. The Beings then put it into the hands of there Creation to see who the winner of the Fight between Light and Dark would truly be. It didn’t matter how long it took… it could take…Eons… It could never win… But the beings knew that their Fight between one another would never end. Its now up to the People of their Creation to see… Who the True winner of the fight is…
10 Billion Eons Later
The Saiyans have settled down on a Planet they have named Sadala. The Strongest Saiyan on the planet was the King, King Sadala, He had Been protecting the Planet and his People for Decades from threats, keeping The Saiyan race safe and up to date while they conquered Planets To spread the Saiyan Race. But the King…finally getting old… To old to protect his legacy anymore. He had been so focused on his right as King and protecting his People that he never settled and had kids… That means he couldn’t pass down the Throne to his Blood and that enraged him.
For the Saiyans…His offspring was his Final gift to his race… The Strongest King to continue his Legacy, Though on a different path.
100-150Years or so later after Planet Vegeta was founded….. RP COMMENCES
The place for dokkanbattle & all game(s) alike!
Request all the help you need here with over 2k+ members.
Welcome to Dokkan Akatsuki! The best server to find discussions for popular/ongoing anime, powerscaling, reaction roles, custom colors, top quality memes & hentai, game & music bots, and gacha games with a relaxed approach to moderation and a focus on community. Offensive humor encouraged!
Hi and welcome to Dragon Ball New Generation,

this is a non-canon roleplay server and has nothing to do with the Story of DB, DBZ, DBZ Kai, DBGT and DBS. We're trying to focus on all the aspects that are given in each manga, movie or the anime itself and come up with good and creative ideas to improve the server and also serve you guys alot of fun!
We hope to get alot of members to get some real fun for each arc and event that'll happen in the future of this server! We also feature many things like:

-Nice and fair staff as well an active Owner
-Cool bots
-A good BPL {Base Power Level} system
-Nice community (We hope it will be nice if we have some more members)
-Personal Arcs as well as Creative Arcs
-A balance in each race (things like abilities, Transformation; Requirments and Multipliers, etc)
-An good training system (believe me, it's easy to get strong fast, you just need to RP ;D)

We're always happy to have some new members so feel free to join Dragon Ball New Generation! :D
Bonjours à tous

La guilde KeepersOfTime est une communauté Française composée d'anciens et de nouveaux joueurs de DragonBall Online.

Le seul et unique but est l'entraide, la cohésion du groupe, le travail d'équipe et le challenge de haut niveau dans n'importe quel jeux.

Nous recherchons des gens qui jouent sur PC à :
-DragonBall Online
-DragonBall FigtherZ
-Dokkan Battle
-FIFA 20
-League Of Legends
-Destiny 2

Vous n’êtes pas obligé de jouer à un de nos jeux pour nous rejoindre tout le monde est le bienvenue.

A part ça c'est un serveur de partage et de discussion d'actualité du jeux vidéo,de concours ou de manga ou de musique ou de sport et de moment en jeux.

Nous acceptons tout les gens ayant plus de 18 ans mature.

Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue dans la famille des KOT d'avance

KOT un jour KOT toujours.

On vous attend !
Dragon Ball: The Second Path
This roleplay universe branches off from canon, where the saiyans all manage to work together, and through luck, take down Frieza. This causes a severe change in events, which ultimately leads to the saiyans dying to the Kold Clan instead, and much more efficiently. With many canon characters gone, it is up to us to forge our own, second path!
my server is about to dragonball legends we cant talk and we can plan while you playing dragonball legends join to my server if you are dragonball legends gamer and lets talk about you your dragonball legends and if you have any problem just ask my members or me its good for you if you join in my server considering join
Hello, and welcome to DragonBall: Fighting's End. This is a fun rp for dragon ball fans! We promise many things, and all will be for filled! Create your own character ranging from Demon-Saiyan. Choose your destiny, become evil and try to rule the universes? Fight for good, and help save the universes. Or do whatever you desire most? Become a super powerful warrior or even a god of destruction! But watch out, one wrong move can lead to your death. This server is very serious about dragon ball, so we don't like it when people make characters insanely op. So in proposition we made rules that reinforce our ideas.

This Server Offers:
Mod and Admin Openings
A friendly community
A online staff mostly
A new server, to have fun and adventure with the owner
A amazing role play experience
Help for those who need it
A friendly staff
Welcome to Orange Star Academy- Sometimes known as Dragonball Academy! If you’re looking for a place to learn how to sharpen your skills, hone your craft, and raise your battle power, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Orange Star Academy, we take everyone from those Born Elite, to people with no natural talent at all. Because we believe that it doesn’t matter what race you are or where you come from, *anyone* can be a hero! Do you have what it takes to break your limits? Dare to test yourself. The sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning!
A server set in an alternate universe to the Dragon Ball franchise, this AU focuses on the development of the characters created within it. There are a few system one might need to get to grips with but things aren't to complex here. Additionally, due to the AU setting, fan made forms can be found here to fill in the gaps for non-Saiyan races and custom forms can be made for people who wish to see their characters grow even further.

There are a few rules and guidelines for how the server runs but most of these rules are not unlike what one can find elsewhere. A bit of lore exists to try and detail the universe and events have been pre-planned in an attempt to create arcs for people to follow should they wish to participate in that.

There's no real perks in coming here, if I'm honest, but there are, currently, 14 races to choose from with multiple sub-races beyond that. So if abundant choice be something you wish then jump into the server and let's get going.