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Hey! Are you a Pokémon GO Player? Are you looking for a server that provides latest pokémon go news? Then you came to the right place! This server includes:
- Latest Pokémon GO News [Events]
- Latest List of Raid Bosses
- Latest Egg poll
- Latest Field Research
- Many more
We also have Voice channels such as:
- Public Voice chat
- Music Room
- even a AFK room
- and More!
We also have Bots such as:
- Tatsumaki!
- Rythm
- Dyno
- And even Hypixel Bot!
and they do very cool stuff
Tired of your Homework? Want to play Rock Paper Scissors but no one to play with? We got you! You can do more cool stuff such as:
- Rock Paper Scissors [with another player or a Bot]
- Some very Funny Jokes
- know facts about Cats and Dogs!
- see cute pictures of Birds, Pugs, Cats and Dogs!
- Even a Dictionary!
- and Even a Coin Flip system! What else would you want from a discord server?
These are not even the full features of our Discord server! We have more features, so if you want a group of Pokémon GO Players, or a Pokémon GO news server! Please join PokéNews and help us make this server Bigger and better!
welcome to ☆☆Pokemon Go United☆☆
This is a server, based around, you guessed it, pokemon GO! Or POGO for short.

What our server involves
-new, friendly community
-other people to be friends with
-locations of Dittos!

Not a fan of POGO? We also talk about other pokemon and non-pokemon game!
See you soon UwU!
😁 😁 😁
A server where Pokémon GO players from England can talk , trade and meet up to do raids together.
this discord server is for Pokémon go players in the red team who want to chat and have fun together we have almost 300 members help us hit that number
Po Kay Mon Squad

Join! What do we have?

• Pokemon and Off-topic chat!
• Friendly staff and members!
• A growing community!
• Events!
• Self-roles!
• Partners!
• Currently looking for staff!
• Free cookies!
Come on and check it out!
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Join this server if you play pokemom go in the uk to have a lovely chat with others who like pokemon. Other stuff like trades, raids and much more!
Tempe PoGo is a Silph League official discord for the Tempe area Pokemon Go.

We offer tournaments, collaboration with other trainers, trades, friends and Adventures.

We have bots including pokecord.

We are a family friendly server so all are welcome.

Come join us today!
Jeder Pokémon GO Spieler aus dem Landkreis Bad Tölz - Wolfratshausen ist herzlich willkommen! Nachdem du deine Gemeinde und Teamfarbe ausgewählt hast kannst du auch gleich loslegen! Chatten, Spieler finden, Tauschen, und das alles in deiner Region! Überzeuge dich selbst! :)
L'agora Pokémon Go du 15e arrondissement de Paris.
Espace d'échanges dédié aux joueurs Pokémon Go sur la zone Paris 15e. Partagez vos expériences, trouvez de l'aide pour complétez vos quêtes, participez aux raids avec les autres joueurs. Et montrez à tous, vos plus beaux catchs du jour sur notre serveur Pogora Paris 15 !

Hi trainers ! We are a server dedicated to players of Pokemon go in the 15th area of Paris. We do have a section for foreigners who are spending time in Paris and want to meet trainers to share their experience with and participate to raids ! Join us on our discord ! Let's play together !
Pokémon go legends es una comunidad de jugadores de todo Latinoamérica. únete e invita a tus amigos
Pokemon go server for people who live in Pennsylvania for raids, trading, friends, and general fun!
Je bent nu toegevoegd aan de PokemonGO Deventer discord! Laat in #chit-chat even weten dat je er bent, en stel daar ook eventueel je vragen!
Discord o fotografii, grach typu pokemon go, Wizard Unite i wszystkim co pozawala wyjść na dwór. Nasze wycieczki, krótkie wyprawy ujęte na zdjęciach, ciekawe miejsca.
Hello there! This is a pretty nice Pokemon Team server here on Disboard. Although it says “Mystic” all teams are welcome. So feel free to hop right in and help me get the server active!

There’s multiple roles specialized to fit members of all Pokemon Teams such as Instinct and Valor, just DM me (Fazbear The Awesome#6081) what team you’re on and i’ll rank you for it.
We are a newly founded server looking to help new and experienced players. Our features include: Pokemon Giveaways (3K+!) Rare Coordinates (Lake trio, tyranitar), Trading, Account Buying/Selling, and Pokemon Buying/Selling! We are doing giveaways pretty much daily, join now for a chance to get some free pokemon, chill and get coordinates to rare spawns, and buy and sell the pokemon/account you don't need anymore!
Hope to see you in PoGo Market!
🎉🎉 Pokemon TCG Giveaway! 🎉🎉

✨Free and Premium giveaways! All you have to do is join!
✨Donations to the giveaway are not required but they’re appreciated!
✨Friendly and fun server competitions! ✨Win something just by inviting people!

✨Small, pleasant and friendly with involved staff!
Pokemon cafe is the pokemon sever you wanna join
it have :
200+ real members and is still growing
pokecord and manny other pokemon bots