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Auf diesen Discord Server kriegt jeder seinen eigenen Channel zum Pokemon Farmen ^^
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Hey everyone! Check out our new server for Pokemon Go related products available for purchase! Things being sold include but are not limited to:

·Candy Farming
·Shiny Hunting
·Power Leveling
·Meltan Boxes
·Guarenteed Raid Catches
·Special Research
·Stardust Grinding
·Reginal Hunting
·100iv pokemon
and MORE!!!
this discord server is for Pokémon go players in the red team who want to chat and have fun together we have almost 300 members help us hit that number
A Pokemon Go Community that help people with the ins and outs of spoofing! We have also added some Sword/Shield channels for raids, trading and making friends! Come join!

We have:
- Lure Parties
- Shiny Giveaways
- Shiny Hunts
- Shundo Hunts
- Candy Hunts
- Sw/Sh giveaways
- Sw/Sh raids
and much more!
the best software and hardware for spoof your location also the best pogo community ever sadly for Android users this hardware works only with IOS devices
Rocket HQ is a Pokemon Go server for Trainers of all playing styles. We offer free bots, raid chains, ✨hunts, Meltan Box services & more!
Hey there!
We are an active community of Pokemon battlers and traders, with potential for everyone to benefit and network with other pokemon fans within our server!

Our server has its own built-in economy and level system with perks for active and helpful members! The server supports Custom Pokemon services via the UnbelivaBoat Bot (There is a premium member service paid with real USD, but is 100% optional)

If you are interested, join and take a look around. We are also in the process of building and hosting our own Sword & Shield League, with CUSTOM GYM BADGES!!!

We are currently at 17 nitro boosts, and our staff rewards those who would like to support the server with a nitro boost! Each booster gets a mew, straight from the pokeball plus!

Come and have fun, and enjoy trading and battling with others just like you!
Welcome to PoGo Connection! We are an ever growing community of Pokemon Go players that enjoy sharing our finds and making new friends. Please come on in and take a look around. We can't wait to meet you and share with you all that we have to offer to enrich your Pokémon Go experience!

Please follow the rules and don't hesitate to message any of the Mods or Admins if you have any questions.

I understand that it is frowned upon to post coords from other server, they work hard to get the info that they have... but I see this game as a collaboration of information. Post what you want. If we don't have a room for it... Ask! There is a good chance that we will agree that its needed and make it. If you do take our info and post it elsewhere, please be respectful of the other servers and abide by their rules. That's all we ask.

If you have information that we haven't posted or haven't seen... Let us know! We are happy to post any and all info.

The User Finds rooms are built for just that... Things you find! Do be mindful of what room your posting your info in though. Keep the chat to the main chat room so that these rooms stay purely for coords.

Respect each other in the community. If you want others to respect you, then do the same to them. Disrespectful behavior like using middle finger and poop emoji on posted coords is not nice to the people that take the time out of their day to post here. Be nice! If the mon is not there... It probably DSP before you got to it... THATS NOT THE POSTERS FAULT!

Our moderators and staff are here to help but not to be insulted.


Commands for our bots can be found in the pinned messages. Check there for all bot commands as well as what symbol it uses.

Please don't scam or be a troll here... We don't do it in your house... Please don't do it in ours!

Link to the server to share with your friends!
This server is a pokecord server, its for those pokemons fans even none fans can join, u can trade for mewtwos and pikachus, we are a nsfw plus family friendly server, we have active and helpfull staffs and are hoping to become a big community one day, in this server you can battle, train, farm, grind, trade and even win giveaways for awesome and cools pokemons, everyone is free to join so why wait, join now and have an awesome experience, for more information dm me at Shakym T he Clown
Сервер для людей, которые хотят поговорить, и поиграть в покемон го
Coordenadas de Pokémon, información sobre el juego, ayuda y una familia de amigos para intercambiar y atrapar los mejores Pokémon
Pokemon Go Community is a server striving to help out any player get better at the game!

We have a great moderation team dedicated to keep the server save and friendly for any age!

We have fun pokemon bot's you can play with too including pokecord and more!
Join the adventure of the furret team!
Let's go and catch pokemons in pokecord, trade, battle, and defeat gym leaders! We have giveaways too!
Welcome to PrimeAtes!
We're a new server and would love if you joined!
~ MEE6, YAGPDB, Rythm, Color-Chan and Pokecord
~ Trading and Battle channels
~ Meme and NSFW channels
~ Auto-moderation to ensure a safe community
We hope to grow and thrive so please join us! <3
Pokemon cafe is the pokemon sever you wanna join
it have :
200+ real members and is still growing
pokecord and manny other pokemon bots
We are a small server, we have more and more spamming channels where pokemon will spawn, we have an ad channel, where you can send invites or advertise something.
We are a PoGo server that just wants to provide a place for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves. We do Shiny hunts, lure parties and raids along with also offering coordinates posted by Articuno bot as well as weekly and other various giveaways. We also offer our own Nest website which gives you all the coordinates to the nests we have on record and is updated every few days or so (The MasterNest). The server boasts a warm & welcoming atmosphere that anyone will fit right into. We offer a space for Pokemon Switch players as well, all are welcome. We hope you’ll come and join us and become part of the PoGo CDC family.
One of best place for perfect 100 IV Pokémon coordinates, organized raids, useful information and great community!

fb messenger:
Check Out The Gspot
This server is a gathering of the fiercest pokemon players out there.
It is a collection of helpful game information/news as well as a place to coordinate raids and battles with your friends. Tuns of 100iv coords, raid channels , lure parties , give a way challenges and much much more. Come join the party today.