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@everyone It is a Pokemon Go server here you will get all information like
100iv cords,Rare spawn,boosted raids,Nest search etc..
We are the best server which has all these:-
•Monthly giveaways
•Weekly giveaways
•market place
•100iv coords
•raid master
•active community
•24/7 help
•pvp coords
•cheap pokecoins
Add people, Do raids together, listen to music, choose your team and many other fun thing in this server! We are a growing, Pokémon GO-loving server. Level up in Pokémon go! Meet new people! Don't forget to sign in upon joining!
Are you looking for friends that can help you in Pokemon Go?
Do you need more man Power on Raids?
Here at PokeGo Library, trainer needs are given here:
Trainer Codes 🙌
Raids 👾
Tournaments in Silph Road 🏆 & More! 😸
✨Best pokémon go server✨

Free server

🌟Free Pgsharp keys
🥇GL rank 1
🥇UL rank 1
⭐Free giveaways
🌠Trading pvp
👑Friends codes
⭐Remote raid discuss
🌟Free Pgsharp tools
🛠️Rooted phone help
⚙️Android phone help
💯Free 100iv spawns
✨💯Free shundo hunt
💯Free 100iv + lvl35 spawns
🔥Free raid notification

Enjoy if you need any type of help tell here or tell in the #💬general-question channel or tell in our partner server..... 🤝Pls join this server we are giving guarantee for free Pgsharp keys....

Staff applications are open for now...


Super server fun and gaming....
Gaming like pokemeow and mewbot......
Welcome to PoGo Connection! We are an ever growing community of Pokemon Go players that enjoy sharing our finds and making new friends. Please come on in and take a look around. We can't wait to meet you and share with you all that we have to offer to enrich your Pokémon Go experience!

Please follow the rules and don't hesitate to message any of the Mods or Admins if you have any questions.

I understand that it is frowned upon to post coords from other server, they work hard to get the info that they have... but I see this game as a collaboration of information. Post what you want. If we don't have a room for it... Ask! There is a good chance that we will agree that its needed and make it. If you do take our info and post it elsewhere, please be respectful of the other servers and abide by their rules. That's all we ask.

If you have information that we haven't posted or haven't seen... Let us know! We are happy to post any and all info.

The User Finds rooms are built for just that... Things you find! Do be mindful of what room your posting your info in though. Keep the chat to the main chat room so that these rooms stay purely for coords.

Respect each other in the community. If you want others to respect you, then do the same to them. Disrespectful behavior like using middle finger and poop emoji on posted coords is not nice to the people that take the time out of their day to post here. Be nice! If the mon is not there... It probably DSP before you got to it... THATS NOT THE POSTERS FAULT!

Our moderators and staff are here to help but not to be insulted.


Commands for our bots can be found in the pinned messages. Check there for all bot commands as well as what symbol it uses.

Please don't scam or be a troll here... We don't do it in your house... Please don't do it in ours!

Link to the server to share with your friends!
♥️Waiting for you to join and have some fun 😉
Join this group for lot of fun and explore the pokemon go from here we are searching for active member in disccord we are here to enjoy with u guys. Join us fast and have some fun come on guys waiting for you
If u like our server and service please boost our server
Give away will be going on always
Also invite rewards Avilable
"Meltan box available for free"
100 IV coords
Shiny coords
Unown coords
Boosted raids coords
Latest Pokemon go news
Nest coords and many more
Poketwo also available
Dank meme is present
Battels are going on so join fast and win exciting rewards
Anyone interested to give away can dm me with their legit ness 😁
✨ShinyQuest✨- We are a dedicated server to helping out the community and keeping everyone up to date on all news related events. We provide random giveaways, shiny hunts, lure party’s, shiny challenges along with other great stuff. We are also back by our server partners to make this a great experience for everyone! Spoofers and legits are all welcomed!! Enjoy🎉
Having trouble finding a full group to join or to invite as a host of Raids? Need more friends and want fun Pokemon Go community activities?

Check out my discord server fam!

We Offer:
•Fully active moderation team, for guidance and security.

•Relaxed Rules, go with the flow attitudes.

•Sign In regulation for all members to have easy access to username, friend code and team organization.

•Announcements of Research and Events, information to get you through your Pokémon Go adventure!

•Suggestion Box so you can give advice or suggestions on how to better improve the community experience.

•General Chat for discussing Any Pokemon Go related material.

•Gift and Friend Code section so you can get all the gifts you ever wanted.

•Bots you can command to give needed information like Raid Counters, Pokedex Entries, Boost Server.

•Organized Raid sections for 1☆ 3☆ 5☆ and all Mega Raids.

•Raid Roles so you can be notified of any desired raid that is happening and needs team members.

•PvP including all Battle League stages, in server matching, and soon to be Server Tournaments, fight to become a champion!

•Server Levels for activity in discussion and Ranks to go with it!

•Section for Meme's + AR Pictures, get your comedy on!

•Three sections for Showing Off! Including Shinies + 100% IV + Random Accomplishments.

•Pokémon Go Level showoff.

•Rant Section for the bad times.

•Pokemon Champion Tournaments weekly, awards the winner with a special Role "Cutest Pokémon Champion" "Scariest Pokemon Champion" "Funniest Pokemon Champion"

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!
A global server dedicated entirely to coordinating remote raid invites! Plenty of raid buddies available, and a good stream of raids!

Raid hosting is made convenient and easy through Pokenav (a bot that makes temporary private chat channels for your raid groups). Alternatively, you can post in the traditional public raid text channels that are organized by raid tier. :)

We also have regular server events, giveaways, pvp and showcasing sections, and a couple boredom bots to play with while you wait for the next raid.
Calling all trainers!
Welcome to Zeraora's Emporium. We are a social Pokemon gaming community with nearly 10K members. We host shiny raids in SWSH, 0spd mons, giveaways,battle tournaments, and much, much more! You can also find several free to use sysbots for Pokemon creation, cloning, and seed checking. We pride ourselves in our friendly, knowledgeable staff, and made it our goal to create a very fun, active, and helpful atmosphere. Come join us and let us show you how we play!

Our server offers the following:
- 3 Free to use sysbots for cloning, genning and seed checking
- 24/7 Shiny raids
- Pokémon Go channels
- Giveaways
- Competitive tournaments
- PK8 help and requests
- Mudae, poketwo, who is that pokemon bots.
- Social channels

Join the BEST discord for remote raiding 24/7 with players all around the world! We have a translator bot for those who don't speak English and lots of helpful members and staff to assist you in remote raiding. See you there!
Server for Pokemon Go Stuff, PvP tournaments and much more, all for free! We're a PvP server but also have everything else that a normal pokemon go server does. Come check us out, stay a while and let us be part of your trainer journey. See you soon!
Welcome to the best Pokemon go server!
-We have an awesome and super helpful staff for all your needs!
-we have lots to do, but specialize in Pokemon Go game global coordinates and raids
- great place to find coords for 100% Pokemon!
-bots to find cool down distance and level up!
-mudae and dragonball legends!
- self assign your own roles !
- music bot to take requests!
- hangout talk to voice chat with fellow members!
-have fun and participate as much as you want!
We are the best and fast growing Pokemon Go server which has all these:-
•Pgsharp keys
•100iv coords
•Remote Raids
•Active community
•24/7 help
•PvP coords
•Cheap pokecoins
•Meltan Boxes

Serveur dédié à Pokémon Go (fly) et les jeux Pokémon :
- coordonnées de 100iv
- raids
- quêtes / Quests
- PvP
- Team Rocket
- Météo / Weather
- Aide iOS et Android / Help
- Charts
- Trucs et Astuces / Tips & Tricks
- News et événements / News & Events
- Nintendo Switch
- Chat : FR / EN / JP...
We're a fairly new server launched up in August of 2020. Pokémon GO International Raiders is meant to bring the Pokémon community together and bring the joy of playing the game to the next level.

We have a top-notch staff who is willing to help every step of the way!

Come join us and see what we are about!
We are Pokemon Go Remote Raid Central!

Hello! We are a family friendly server that uses both text-channels and Pokenav for hosting and joining remote raids.

We also have fun channels for PVP, flexing, Pokemeow, giveaways, and much more!

Our admin and mod team is here to help, we hope you stick around!