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Welcome to the Magick server dedicated entirely to Necromancy! Although Necromancy is a very advanced and sometimes dangerous path, we welcome you on your journey through magick, the occult and the left-hand-path.
We have:
-A safe and judgement free place to practice (so long as no life is harmed)
-Cool bots
-A place to learn about Magick & Necromancy easily
-Advice on how to better your skills
-Fun staff :3
-Friendly to all system types!
-A wide variety of reaction roles
Welcome anyone that is LHP in occultism! We welcome anyone from Paganism, Satanism, Chaos, and any practice that can be seen under the Left hand path. We have both a professional and casual sides to our server. Teaching anyone about LHP that is curious or just beginning their journey in spirituality. there is a daily optional regiment to teachings. To being able to kickback and have fun. anything from gaming, art, shitposting, and optional events for the server. It is laxed on rules so people can feel more comfortable in being themselves. whether sensitive or hardened from life. all wakes of existence through the left hand path is welcomed.
The Moon Cottage is a LHP oriented server. We strive to foster a calm and polite atmosphere, inclusive of people of all genders, sexual orientations and religions.Witches of all experience levels are more than welcome.

-Features the server has:
-Many channels to accommodate different practices
-Suggestion and complaints channels for server improvements
-DM preference roles
-Pluralkit for pluralities and those with spirits
-Resources and libraries channel
Friendly occult server, to learn and share experiences together. We are open-minded people who would love to have you with us.
We have an extended occult library and a video channel to learn from. Aside from, that we have channels for mysticism, the left-hand path, middle and right-hand path, occult, starseeds, shamanism, astrology, wicca, paganism, magic, etc. In the astrology channel, there are natal chart bots and you can also request help with your chart. Aside from that we have a readings channel where you can request a reading.
There are roles for every channel too in the role channel which are all self assignable.
We have health and nutritions channel and media sections to chill out in with music, art, and selfies.
It is for all ages and we hope to see you there!
Welcome to Vicious Wishes! We're an 18+ divination, witchcraft and shadow work server, catering to the unusual, malevolent and eccentric. We feature a toxic environment, appropriate for genuine practitioners of the left hand path, selfish staff and free speech. Everyone is permitted but few are welcome.


🔴 Self assignable roles

🔴 Voice chat

🔴 Social channels


🔴 Reading request channel

🔴 Reading advertisement channel

🔴 Public reading channel

🔴 Practice channels

🔴 Ticket based private readings

🔴 Shadow work journals

Check your trigger list at the door!
The Witches Forest Coven is a server for people who practice witchcraft, paganism and/or related lifestyles. We are a new server with already 30+ members and looking to grow to our first 100! What sets us different is we don't have 100+ roles like other witch servers to cover every subpath of witchcraft where you will get pinged at 2am about someone asking if a leaf blowing in the wind was a omen. Instead we have specific ping roles members opt in for if they want to be pinged for that kind of stuff or not! No matter if you are looking for a casual server to meet new witches or look to grow and learn we have a spot for you!

We have
General and meme chats to get to know people!
Beginner or just curious about the Craft friendly!
All religions friendly, even atheists.
Places to self-promo your witchcraft related small businesses
Bots to interact with and play games like Helios, Dank Memer and UnbelievaBot
Weekly events and challenges
Normal and animated custom emojis to play with
Boost Rewards!
We're a new social spiritual community just looking to make friends and memories, while also sharing our experiences, views, political opinions, and seeking to be a stepping stone community for those who've practice(d) and those who are new.

Give us a fair chance to be apart of what's to come.
Are you a witch who follows a darker path?
Do you walk the left hand path?
Have you ever been shamed for your craft in another pagan server, and youre looking for a place to call home?
Let me welcome you to The Crooked Side!
This is a freshly made server for practitioners who walk the crooked path!
Anyone, from satanists to worshippers of The Old Ones are welcome!
(Not to tack on a but, but please no Wiccans or Christians. You're all wonderful, but this server isnt for you. Sorry!)
Run by myself and my partner, we're excited for you to join!
Come join us! 🖤
The Scarlet Lodge is a discord server devoted to the practice, study, and communion of the Left Hand Path, of darkness, chaos, and whatever else.

We practice and discuss witchcraft, paganism, satanism, energywork, and many other practices.

We accept all members and paths, but warn that those of Right Hand, or Light Paths, and of Atheistic paths will not fare so well here.