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The Moon Cottage is a LHP oriented server. We strive to foster a calm and polite atmosphere, inclusive of people of all genders, sexual orientations and religions.Witches of all experience levels are more than welcome.

-Features the server has:
-Many channels to accommodate different practices
-Suggestion and complaints channels for server improvements
-DM preference roles
-Pluralkit for pluralities and those with spirits
-Resources and libraries channel
Daedric Pagans is a server for those of us who worship any Daedric Princes or other daedra. We are LGBT-friendly, otherkin and fictionkin friendly, and friendly to those who are still trying to figure out their path! Ages 16+ only.
a new theistic satanist server for those new and old looking for a small and comfortable place to chat. If you are not a theistic and on a different path you may join as well!
A server for practicing occultist, people in the left hand path, etc. We are open-minded and are a friendly community who just wish to learn more.