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Friendly occult server, to learn and share experiences together. We are open-minded people who would love to have you with us.
We have an extended occult library and a video channel to learn from. Aside from, that we have channels for mysticism, the left-hand path, middle and right-hand path, occult, starseeds, shamanism, astrology, wicca, paganism, magic, etc. In the astrology channel, there are natal chart bots and you can also request help with your chart. Aside from that we have a readings channel where you can request a reading.
There are roles for every channel too in the role channel which are all self assignable.
We have health and nutritions channel and media sections to chill out in with music, art, and selfies.
It is for all ages and we hope to see you there!
The Moon Cottage is a LHP oriented server. We strive to foster a calm and polite atmosphere, inclusive of people of all genders, sexual orientations and religions.Witches of all experience levels are more than welcome.

-Features the server has:
-Many channels to accommodate different practices
-Suggestion and complaints channels for server improvements
-DM preference roles
-Pluralkit for pluralities and those with spirits
-Resources and libraries channel
The Scarlet Lodge is a discord server devoted to the practice, study, and communion of the Left Hand Path, of darkness, chaos, and whatever else.

We practice and discuss witchcraft, paganism, satanism, energywork, and many other practices.

We accept all members and paths, but warn that those of Right Hand, or Light Paths, and of Atheistic paths will not fare so well here.
CULTUM AETERNA is a server for serious occult practitioners and is dedicated to promoting LHP practices and ideals.
Daedric Pagans is a server for those of us who worship any Daedric Princes or other daedra. We are LGBT-friendly, otherkin and fictionkin friendly, and friendly to those who are still trying to figure out their path! Ages 16+ only.
a new theistic satanist server for those new and old looking for a small and comfortable place to chat. If you are not a theistic and on a different path you may join as well!
A server for practicing occultist, people in the left hand path, etc. We are open-minded and are a friendly community who just wish to learn more.