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The place where Darkness meets Light and creates perfect harmony.

The main idea of the server is to spread peace and keep fights aside.
we want to learn one from another and create community where everyone is respected and loved, as every being and deserves respect and tolerance.
We help people on their journey to practising and learn magick from different pantheons, and different styles of teaching.
We also believe everyone can teach others something they are good with, but we are all trying to be there one for another.

If you also want to learn about it then this is the place for you, even if you dont practice it.

In The server of the shining star, we have many features such as:

● Self Assignable Roles
● Suggestion System
● A Venting channel where you can vent about everyday issues
● Even more features designed to help guide new users around
● Teaching system for different topic

Join us and check it on your own!
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory,
theology, mysticism, occultism, poetry,
psychology, philosophy,
education, psychotherapy,
computer science, video games, game dev, AI,
arts & media, music, anime,
other hard and soft sciences,
news-media, politics,
and.. everything.
welcome to..

🍵tea time and spells! 🍵

we are a chill, all inclusive witchcraft server. we are very laidback, but still have good discussions!

🔮self assignable roles
🔮a tea channel
🔮relaxing community
🔮active admins and staff
🔮witchy and anime emotes
🔮exclusive, verified nsfw chats

we hope to see you!!
♡Welcome to the coven of love!♡
This is a safe space for witches our mission is to empower each-other and grow together. Although this is technically a coven, Those who are simply curious about witchcraft are welcome here:two_hearts:
We have worked hard to create a loving and inclusive environment that caters to everyone especially baby-witches
A server for practicing occultist, people in the left hand path, etc. We are open-minded and are a friendly community who just wish to learn more.
A server dedicated to my alt-history scenario and artistry, but politics, discussions and debates are also welcome.

Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. The Shamanism server is a place for any wandering soul in search of information about Shamanism, Animism, altered states of consciousness, entheogenic use of shamanic societies, trance rituals experienced by shamanistic tribes and a likeminded growing community to exchange with.
The Respublica Discord Server is a political discussion server and spiritual community for Conservative, Libertarian, and Classical Liberal Pagans and Polytheists, including practitioners of Polytheistic Reconstructionism, Eclectic Paganism, Witchcraft, and Western Occultism. This server is tailored for discussions of moderate political positons in a polytheistic context, but is not a strictly debate oriented forum.

People from other political or religious perspectives are asked to be respectful of the core ethos of this server.