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Hi. Are you looking to work with spirits but aren't sure how? Or maybe you know how and want to practice with other people.

Come Join this training server and you'll be able to meet fellow learners and hone your skills. Make an introduction in #introduction, then check out #roles to find out what level you are.

With friendly people and a generous owner, you'll have fun here in training. Join today.
A server that talks about Astral projection , energy work , meditation , spirituality , witchcraft , tarots , healing , magick , energetic scanning , and daily lessons.
Hey, we are a server focused on the astral and spirituality. If you want access to some great guides written by our staff and some talented individuals, join us!
This is a server list for many different paths, philosophies, and systems of belief. All servers affiliated are intended to be maintained and run by their respective administrations and are not the concerns of the owners of the Chaos Portal.

The Chaos Portal is secularly run which means that discord concerns are handled via discord and magickal concerns are handled with magick. The reason for this guideline is that we're simply too interested in the forces of the universe to fear challenge in the form of spiritual and social adversity.
Welcome to Coalition! We are a server focusing on bringing everyone together, from the strictest cermonial magickian, to the free-going chaos magickian, or the science focused psion, everyone is welcome!

Right now, we do not have much of a member base, but that'll change very quickly. Because of this, I am accepting staff members, so feel free to DM me if you would like to apply. We are also looking for anyone who wishes to host lessons in their own classroom on the discord.

Are you one of those that hear specific terms in spiritual communities and wonder what did the ancients think of it?

If yes then Allegoris is the place for you. Here we discuss the spiritual/esoteric aspect of mythology and symbolism. Of course you are most welcome if you want to discuss beyond those too

The server is new and is an extension of the website. If you're curious but serious come and join us.
Server as a safe haven for any mix of spiritual practices, plus otherkin. Stricter rules and regulations than most places, not for those who do not have a spiritual or paranormal belief. Also lessons, veterans, and guides available for those who'd like to start out in energy working.
Welcome to the Tree Sanctuary!
We are both a community and services server.

As services we offer Healing, the list of paid healing services is provided on the server, if you are in need of healing please feel free to reach out.

As a community we are interested in topics like
Energy Work
Health and Fitness

The server has recently been revamped and more will be added as the community grows. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

An otherkin community for those in the communities who are accepting of energy work and magick practices. If you're questioning, we will be happy to help you find answers. If you're looking for a place to come and socialize, we are friendly and happy to talk. You do not need to be otherkin, an energy worker, or magick practitioner in order to join. Look forward to seeing you there blush

Do not join if you are easily offended, you will probably get upset. Do not join for fluff and giggles, you'll probably get removed. If you have a reputation, as long as you don't break the rules you'll be fine.
Welcome to Bamboo Teagardens, come sit and tell us a story.

We're a new all inclusive witchcraft server, currently quite small but hoping to soon have a thriving community! We have:

🌺 A Calming Aesthetic 🌺
🌺 Self Assignable Roles 🌺
🌺 A venting Channel 🌺
🌺 Private Channels For Spoonie and LGBTQ+ Witches 🌺
🌺Advanced Witches 🌺
🌺 And a growing staff team! 🌺

Come on inside!
A discord community server hub which will include many different paths, philosophies, and systems of belief. It is secularly run which means that discord concerns are handled via discord and magical concerns are handled with magic.
Welcome to The Isle of Twilight!

What we are: We are a server dedicated to the astral plane and all of it’s mysteries and all the fun planes and realities that exist within its vast expansive space.

What makes us special: This servers plan is to have a dedicated space in the Astral that is a metaphysical manifestation of the server itself, that members can travel to, and run experiments, work on projects, and just hang out in for fun!
A server oriented towards learning and teaching on a number of Psionics, magick, and supernatural subjects. Friendly environment with the possibility of the students becoming teachers, with multiple teachers for a topic too!