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Looking for a occult community filled with active practioners and frequent practice? Look no further, Sanctuary is a open minded occult community dedicated to the mutual sharing of esoteric knowledge, progress and generally being spiritually productive.

On this server we discuss multiple topics such as Magick, Psychic abilities, the concepts behind otherkin and many more.
An occult focused community and center of the Ludus Deorum.
Subliminals // Magick // Tulpamancy // Psionics // Dimensional Jumping
The official Vicarius Collective Discord Server, a community dedicated to the Ludus Deorum, as well as studying the occult, magick, psionics and other aspects of the paranormal. Sol Onset.
Welcome to Etheric Skies... This discord is primarily based around the Etheric, as well as Energy Work, but other paths are allowed too. We have a glossary as well as other channels for information, etc. But you are free to disagree with them if you really wish to. We do have a daily question to keep activity up as well.
Noein covers various STEAM content and media as well as psychic, magical, and paranormal phenomena. The approach of this server is one of formally and systematically using psychic and magical forces for relevant purposes in ways that explicitly change external reality. Models of magical and psychic and arts are approached from a general and not a mystical perspective.