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The Secret Wind is an energy-work oriented metaphysical community. We are small and looking for members and staff of all backgrounds and experience levels to help build a community where everyone can feel safe, learn, and have a great time! Become a member and see what we are all about! Below is a list of things we offer!

> Community focused on discovering what is hidden behind the veil of energy.

> Weekly discussions on various topics for the community to engage in.

> Members who are on all sides of energy work backgrounds.

> Group of individuals who want to learn about how to use energy in their daily life and practices.

> Wind Speech - a system where members can share their journey and anything that they feel would be beneficial to the membership.

> Safe channels to discuss and debate controversial opinions.

> Channels of various energy-related topics

> More to come in the future!

If you think you might be interested, join and find out!
Welcome to The Isle of Twilight!

What we are: We are a server dedicated to the astral plane and all of it’s mysteries and all the fun planes and realities that exist within its vast expansive space.

What makes us special: This servers plan is to have a dedicated space in the Astral that is a metaphysical manifestation of the server itself, that members can travel to, and run experiments, work on projects, and just hang out in for fun!
A loving place for angels, lightworkers, otherkin, starseeds, and all seeking spiritual advancement. It is a place of learning and friendship as we help each other on or ascension journeys and work to awaken humanity.
This server is for those looking to add more love and inspiration in your life. Many of us are healers, starseeds, tarot card readers and intuitives. Anyone seeking a life of LOVE is welcome here!
Welcome to the Sentinel Outpost! We welcome all paradigms, belief systems, and religions!

Our primary focus here is to share our experiences with one another. We are not exclusive to one paradigm but we mainly focus on "energy work" and the topics that fall under that term. We accept all other names for this practice and welcome other belief systems.
Monster Energy Fan Club

We love Monster energy. Do you? Then join!

We're a bunch of gamers and coders gushing about our favorite drink, join us in our fight against Red Bull! We're open and welcoming... as long as you're a Monster fan you're one of us. We got a nice and active community and we'd love to chat with you.