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Welcome to Tales Of Powers II,
Why II? Because we originally had a mutant/fantasy/Hero/Villain server a long time ago, it however was only private and for a select few people such as friends, but we decided to open it up for other people to enjoy.
So what is Tales? A roleplay server where you create your own Oc, give them powers, make them special, based within Los Angelas, think X-men/Marvel/Dc vibes.
We have mutants, demons, super humans, peak humans, angels, mythical creatures.
If it exists you can probably make it, within reason.
We like to retain a system or fair play for all roleplayers, fun and fair play before all.
We are currently still new. Requiring staff and players.
Hope to see you soon.


Ladies and gentlemen, edgelords and tentacle abominations, come on and come all to the Multiversal Association of Loathsome Individuals and Corporate Evil!

Where extracurriculars like murder, bribes, threatening, and kicking puppies are both permitted and encouraged, and nobody is left behind.

We have four distinct categories of members, consisting of...!

Minds, the puppeteers with brains the size of their egos.

Mercs, everyone’s favorite bullies-for-hire.

Mages, the sparkly little friends that are everywhere, like glitter, ugh.

And Monsters, adorable world-eaters that take skills to wrangle and have a large branch of the largest part of the compound so they don’t eat everyone.

Race before my eyes to rise to the top of your class, fend off hordes of righteous protagonists, and find out what matters to you, the piles of gold you’ve acquired or the friends you made along the way.

P.S. It’s the gold.

MS, your boss.


Malice is intended to be a lighthearted and fun server about being having a bunch of ragtag villains of wildly different abilities get stuck in the same building and have to get along.

Events and plot decisions (if they happen at all,) will be decided by poll. Although we’re just starting out, we’d be happy to have you along for the ride.
Greetings of peace! I would like to welcome you to Unordinaries! This server welcomes those who wants to see fine potential within, weather you have super natural abilities or not, it is our pleasure to find it within you! No matter your intentions, we welcome you here!

Within this server, we have:
-hero system
-villain system
-school system
-middle school to senior
-erp (cannon and non-cannon is fine)

Come over for a nice chat over a cup of tea, or just have a small visit down here in UNORDINARIES!
In this Rp the people and their characters will experience an amazing time roleplaying as Heroes and villains! we offer events and the story isn't set so we build the story as we go!
Welcome to Nialliv Academy!

What is Nialliv Academy? Well it's the opposite of most bnha aus! It's an academy from handpicked villains worldwide. Although it is in Japan, they scout people from all over the world. Nialliv is an academy from former villain leaders to train people to take over the world with them. No one has taken the academy down yet because what goes on beyond the walls is sealed. On the outside, it's presented like a normal school.


After 80% of the world have gained powers known as "quirks", criminal rates have shot up. These people are called villains most of the time. In recent years, villain rates have gone down however. People try to link it to a new academy that has been built but no one is sure. They do wonder where some yakuza, gang, and criminal organizations leaders have gone...

Heroes have been made to combat these villains. Some schools such as U.A, Shiketsu, and Ketsubetsu are academies to train new heroes. But even heroes don't get paid if there are no villains. So heroism has been declining as well. But nevertheless, they still fight on.

What will you be? hero or a villain? or maybe neither? Choose your fate!
Metro City is one of the many towns featured in this rp world full of people with unique powers!

This is a Hero Villain rp server that is in the works. it has many active members and your suggestions to improve the server are always considered!

Metro city has active Admins and Moderators if you want to sign up to be one DM owner.
There has been so much chit chat about hero academy’s. Schools who train the young to be a disgusting hero. This really seemed to tic Opox (The head minister) off. So he decided to make an academy that teaches the young to be a for filled villain. For 50 years, villain academy has been standing, creating the best of the best villains of all time. It is now 2080, the world is corrupted with heroes. This school is designed to produce villains so that the heroes can eventually die out. All hail villains. It is now your first semester. Do you have what it takes to become an ultimate villain? Or will you reside to sitting on your ass watching the world revolve around pitiful heroes? Can’t wait to see you there.

(This is a growing server. It was just made. Please help us build our server. We are hiring mods since we need them.)
Hi! Welcome to Nonhuman academy a roleplay server that take inspiration from one punch man and my hero academia, We hope that you can join us and have fun with us!

❖Classic Roleplay System
Team up with your friends and go lone by yourself in a classic roleplay that consist of traveling, experiencing the beautiful world that set in this roleplay!

❖Friendly Community and Staff
Most of us here are friendly and have humours just like anyone else, swearing is allow but please do respect the rules!

Create your own pokemon like pet that can assist you in combat or just to pat them, they are called familiar and they are very helpful when it come to combat or patting!

❖Original Character/Media Character
Createamazing heroes with unique super power!
❖Innovative Hero Training
After roleplay for a while, Heroes will be awaken with strengthened skills and powerful equipment. Even the monster and minions get into stronger awaken stage. Beat your opponents with the awakened skill and become a legend!

❖Academy Style Roleplay
Beautiful academy style system with great unique location. Beat monsters in a city called necropolis. Get additional buffs or even a mount by beating specified monsters.
Join us and have fun!
Stories are what you create, to give something a background as to why somethings happening, or what's going to happen; in this server, you make your own story, have it as long you want and see where it takes you. Create your own plot, setting and characters and roleplay in them, you can be the main character or even a secondary one if you'd like. Over time you can roleplay in The City, where you can choose weather you want to join universes with another role-player in the server, or multiple people if you all agree on it. You can also rate other peoples stories or group stories once they are finished with them and give advice to help them improve on creating their own story. You can do stories with your friends or by yourself, it's your choice.
Welcome to The Comos Bar

Hello there reader, the main idea for the bar is that it is a space for Villains and Heroes drink in the same place.

The cosmos bar is a bar that is a Superhero and a Super Villain neutral space, that means that it allows both Superheroes and Villains to be able to work there without worry and also drink there without any amount of stress. Founded in Cosmos City which had been created after a giant meteorite hit the earth causing a giant hole and giving off limitless power. The Cosmos Bar would be at least a symbol that Villains and Heroes could at the very least be able to drink in the company of each other even after they had fought each other. It was a space that all can come and drink their wryness away, where Villains are free to relax without the threat of being arrested and where Heroes can drink without worry. whether you're on the side of evil or whether you're on the side of good, you're very welcome to come to the Cosmos Bar, I invite you to come to the bar have a drink and relax, even find some good company to drink with along the way.

[ Warning: This is an adult server, so you have to be over eighteen to join, anyone underage will be kicked as this server includes violence, erp ect. ]
This server isn't your usual roleplay server-- this one has *intense* plot. A school for villains of all species, powers, and places! This is the perfect spot for anyone looking for tons of ways to be part of the plot, fun bots, memes, or a friendly commmunity!
All that being said-- we are all bad guys here. There's gangs, ranks, and plenty of opportunities to fight, poison, or backstab each other. Do you dare to join?
Vault City is a server wich lets you make your dream hero, villain, vigilante or if your a casual you can also make a civilian!

Join The Marvel Server and have a great time roleplaying with or as your favorite Marvel Characters!
We include characters from;
New Avengers
Guardians of the galaxy
And whatever marvel canon character you want!
You can also make an original character and Rp with that too!

We are always willing to listen to feedback and expand!

Join The Marvel Server! You can make fun if you want to!
We're a roleplay group that incorporates super powers! We're kinda serious in our roleplays, but we do have fun!
This is a roleplay server based on the Marvel and DC comic universes, but none of the canon characters exist. However, things such as places and species from the Marvel/DC universes do exist.
The year is 2025. Mutants, metahumans, aliens and other creatures have walked the Earth for years now. While some, those who call themselves villains, seek to use their power to wreak havoc and cause destruction, others, those who call themselves heroes, fight in the name of justice to stop them. But is it that simple? Not really. Many cross the lines of hero and villain and chose to walk the gray area, while others don't want any of that "superhero/supervillain business" and chose to remain neutral.
Many governments work with the heroes, but there are many that see them as menaces. As for the general public, well, their opinion is yours to shape...
So, what are you waiting for? Read the rules, submit a character and have fun!
Welcome to the Ethawen Academy, or how the students like to call it, Hero school.You You have been accepted here due to your recent display of power. You'll learn how to use them and become the best version of yourself. In aduwiaajah Hello? Can ya hear us? We're the SesKan Gang, we heard about your little super power club, don't listen to these dorks and come join us, together we can rule the streets. By tha way my name [email protected]#$/×*

The choice is yours, will you become a hero? Or will you plummet into a world of crime?

- Fun staff
- quality memes
- Rpers of all skill levels
- meet new people!!
- monthly events
- and ???

Can't wait to see you there!!
Nialliv Corp is a corporation that you have to be very respected by the company to get in. When you get in, you get informed that it is a criminal organisation where bigger groups of evil-doers will help the more little ones if they have control over them. The reason why these 'villains' exist is that random people have been getting random powers for seemingly no reason. There are also heroes popping up to prevent these people from terrorising innocent people, but they are less organised. This roleplay is set in a town called Viris that resides in America in the modern day, and you can choose to be a civilian, hero, villain and much more! Remember that things aren't always as black and white as being either a hero or villain, and there are always things in the middle!
:|: Welcome to the City of Goldenstar! :|:
:|: --------------------------- :|:
A highly advanced civilization in a world mirroring our own, known as the City of Goldenstar is experiencing tough times after the uprising of Superhuman Abilities. Economically the City is failing and The City of Goldenstar's leader, "Simon Star" is attempting to build the City back up and bring it to it's former power. However with the many Uprisings that have began throughout the city, Thieves and Supervillains have arisen. These Thieves will kill and steal just in an attempt to get by. Will you side with the Rebellion or assist in making the City prosper once more?

:|: What we Offer :|:

📌 An Enjoyable Roleplay Experience!
📌 Great Staff!
📌 A Small, Growing Community
📌 A Massively and Continously expanding World!
📌 World Events !
📌 Plenty of Creative Freedom
📌 We also offer OOC channels!
📌 And Much Much More!

📌 We are a small growing community and we would greatly appreciate it if you would give us a shot at checking us out !
'Come on down to the League of Villains, where we might not be friendly, but you might make some friends!!'
We have lots of open characters, and you're able to incorporate your own villain into the roleplay. Make sure to follow the rules, and most importantly, have a great time!
Welcome friends, to The Villainry.
Welcome, my friends, to The Villainary. We are a group of darkness, and the ones who rule this world. Founded by the great Mistress Murder, those who seek darkness find it here. Join us, or you are against us. We seek no harm against the people, but the ones who think they can stop us surely will be eliminated. We are, The Villianary.
If you like typing A LOT when responding during rp, this aint the place for you. I and others are pretty simple with roleplays. I just like to have fun.

We Provide
A Server
A few bots to mess around with
A positive community
Accepting Community
& More i forgot to name