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Hello! Come and join us! We will make you a discord server for free! Please come and look at what we offer. We will make any kinds of discord servers! Come and read the rules and order away! We do giveaways and lots more! We are hiring in staff, Devs, and sales, Human Resources.

WE ARE INNEED OF DEVELOPERS! Please join and fill out an application!

Here is our email you may email us any questions you have:[email protected]
My name is Animoji Fox, and I am new to the fandom. But more importantly I want to create a safe environment for all furies to share their creative side. I'm not an artist, but my specialty is code. However I want to focus on all the creative aspects of all, not just art. Furies can do anything and create whatever they want! And they deserve a place to get help on projects they would be embarrassed to share with non-furies. Here there is no shame. Weather it's art, music composition, video creations or even code (like what I do) you can always share it here or ask for support/feedback with no criticism of who you are! And you don't have to be a furry to join! (You just can't harass them for being who they are or what they do.) Now doesn't it seem like I have created a safe environment? I hope so, and I hope you will come and share something, get support or ask other furies about the fandom! Can't wait to see what you have to offer!
Basically you can do anything you want
Make Channels, Add Bots, Make Roles, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Though there are exceptions.
You cannot change the server name, be admin, or anything revolving around the look of the server.
SO, just join to create your own stuff if you want
Пðㅁสम Cryptic Primordial मสㅁðП

Ø About Ø

This server was created in hopes to inspire people to create their own language. What is this called? Conlanging. Conlanging was something the owner was very interested in for a long time. So, he decided to make this server. Cryptic Primordial.

»« What can you do here? »«

You can start your own language and enjoy the journey through creating it, you can learn about other languages and conlangs, and much more.

Owner: King LingLing#4004
This server is all about helping creators share and create new content, whether you're an up and coming artist, a seasoned game maker or a superstar musician!
Looking to create a server with a group of people! if anyone’s interested please join and dm me! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Hi Guys!

I noticed alot of servers weren’t Organized, like We want it to be, Here at DD

We Design and Create Servers for you, and for the community.

For Free!

What we do

-Create the server
-Organize channels
-Make verification systems
-Add bots
-And more!

Once Finished we will transfer owner ship!

Make sure to give credit to the designer.

Come join and Get your server today!
The purpose of this server was to create a positive environment where people help each other and learn to create something new, and to evolve physically and mentally.
Welcome to System, a multi-platform movement which strives to construct working political and economic structures. We hope you come and join us on the exploit to conduct a new order!
This is a new discord server for artists! :D people who like to draw, paint,sculpt, photograph etc. we have advice and feedback chats and for all ages 13 years and older :) feel free to pop by! :)
Modular Discord is a company that makes, maintains, and updates servers for the discord community

Hey there!
Imagine is an Art and Writing based server.
Here you can post your art and writing, get tips on how to improve, listen to music and more!

Join and give us a chance!
It’s a fairly new server so any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading.

Are you ready to come into the chaos? Make a server? Try to bring it back from destruction? Then this is the right place for you. Join, and reveal the mystery.
Welcome to The World of Tongues, a discord server aimed around conlanging! If you're an expert, or a beginner, you should find yourself right at home, because we plan to have everyone speaking their own language as fluently as their native tongue! Enjoy!
Phasility is a Discord server revolving around artists who would like to publicize their work and art lovers seeking artists to support!

SFW (clean content) creators and NSFW (adult content) creators alike are fully supported here!
Roblox R Us is a place to chat with other roblox players and share games or creations made with the Roblox engine.
Join the brand new server come by the lab and become our subject.
Upon entering you will have perms to:
- create text and voice channels
- delete text and voice channels
- add and edit emojis
- add, edit and delete roles
- and more stuff
Just about anything goes my friends!
Build or destroy, it's up to you
Default is a server fully devoted into your hands. Add new features, bots, channels, custom roles and more. It's your job to design and create the future :D