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This server is all about helping creators share and create new content, whether you're an up and coming artist, a seasoned game maker or a superstar musician!
Ever wanted to create a roleplay? Don’t think you could come up with a complete roleplay on your own? Want to roleplay a unique roleplay? Whatever your here for, you are welcome! Just please follow the rules
The purpose of this server was to create a positive environment where people help each other and learn to create something new, and to evolve physically and mentally.
Are you ready to come into the chaos? Make a server? Try to bring it back from destruction? Then this is the right place for you. Join, and reveal the mystery.
A community for Soundtrap artists to chat and share their music.
A community for Reason artists to chat and share their music.
A community for Reason Compact artists to chat and share their music.
Welcome to The World of Tongues, a discord server aimed around conlanging! If you're an expert, or a beginner, you should find yourself right at home, because we plan to have everyone speaking their own language as fluently as their native tongue! Enjoy!
Phasility is a Discord server revolving around artists who would like to publicize their work and art lovers seeking artists to support!

SFW (clean content) creators and NSFW (adult content) creators alike are fully supported here!
Roblox R Us is a place to chat with other roblox players and share games or creations made with the Roblox engine.
Join the brand new server come by the lab and become our subject.
Upon entering you will have perms to:
- create text and voice channels
- delete text and voice channels
- add and edit emojis
- add, edit and delete roles
- and more stuff
Just about anything goes my friends!
Build or destroy, it's up to you
Default is a server fully devoted into your hands. Add new features, bots, channels, custom roles and more. It's your job to design and create the future :D
You are welcome to join a server where you can Roleplay and have lots of fun! On this server you can meet new people make your own ocs explore our many chat room places! We hope to see you Roleplaying soon!
Join this server because this is where JoJo fans and manga creators meet to spread word of their manga