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Hello, this is a new Server I'm developing. If you'd like to help it grow, let us know.
Hi! This is my server where we are bringing people together! This server is still WiP, but other than that, enjoy your stay here!
Join us in a tale where adventures is unlimited, unleash your power to the world, fighting God and pirates. A world where Magic, mutation and curses exist! making friends and more!
Have you ever wanted to enter a magic college?
With diffrent Rankings depending of your actual power?
While making friends with other Magic or Non Magic Users?

Well, then we got the Server for you!
Arcane Falls is big Town with many Magical or Normal Beings, just walking down the Modern Streets. The Town has many Things a Magic User or Normal Person could wish for, ranging from diffrent markets, magical or not, to beutifull scenery around the town, like the two forests, the mountains or even the Beach!
Here you can be Everything From a Normal Human to the most magical Beings, like Dragons!
But dont Forget, there are others in this Town as well, so Interact, have Fun, or even enter the most famous Magic College on Earth, Arcane Falls College!
In this College you fight for certain Ranks, recieving many benefits, big or small.
Theres also Many Clubs you can visit or even join! The Clubs themselves also habe Ranks, but instead of just having Physical or Magical fights, a Board Games is also complety Fine, well, as long as someone wins!

But dont worry, here Something like Sexuality doesnt matter. No one will Judge You, and if they do well, i dont think they will be able to stay.

Well? What are you waiting For?
Come, Join us!
New server! Our servers have the best staff always being online making sure to keep your lovely server safe, Our roleplay community will make sure to make you feel safe at all costs, we support whatever you do or what you are unless it is threatening to others.
A community dedicated to the intersection of Games and the Occult. Whether it is finding esoteric secrets in games, or using games as a magickal tool, we are interested in thinking, discussing, and creating things to share and bring these subtle things to light. Even the game itself can be considered an occult construct!

There is also a subReddit, Steam Group, YouTube, and Twitch channel.

Join up and let us know what games you like and what arcane practices interest you!
Welcome to Arcane Academy you’ve have been accepted into the top Magic school around. Here you will learn chat with other students, meet the staff and enjoy your time with us!

We have also got Runes and they are:
sho- wind
Kai- fire
Yol- earth
Arc- storm
Oct- water
Nocto- darkness
Deca- destruction
Drull- slavery
Arcane Word é um grupo de roleplay baseado em vários animes e jogos diferentes, focado em rp e rpg esse grupo foi feito para fazer novos amigos, se divertir e simplesmente tentar ser o mais forte.Caso goste de rp/rpg escolar e com magia...Entre >:3