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Are you a Life is Strange fan? Or are you simply looking for a nice place to hang out? Join the Life is Strange Club! We're LGBT friendly and we have a lot of games with fun bots! We talk about telltale and other choice based games as well. See you around!
We are a new LiS discord looking to welcome new and old fans of Life is Strange. I know there are already a few good servers established already, and we appreciate any new users that decide to make this server their LiS home. We are open for suggestions to make this as comfortable, and stress/drama free server as possible.
Hi there ! We are looking for active Roleayers. Arcadia Bay is a strange place, Tho i am sure you have played the game! This takes place with the Save both option in Life is Strange. Chloe and Max still live in Acadia bay! and Chloe attends Blackwell she is no longer expelled. People do go missing here and even die, its a never ending mystery. All of the life is strange games come together in a swift world. Meaning all the characters from life is strange 2 go to Blackwell if they are of age yes you can play as max!
A roleplay server set within the amazing Life Is Strange universe! OC's are welcome, and encouraged! AU, but still keeps most of the canon elements of the awesome Life Is Strange story.
Hi! Welcome to the Life Is Strange 1 RP server! I'm the owner Chloe Price, the Co-Owner is partner in time and crime Max Caulfield! Hope you join.
Come back to Arcadia Bay and relive the moments that made us laugh, cry and angry in this RP!

OCs allowed.
What if Rachel Amber never disappeared? Here in this roleplay, Max will still have her rewind powers and still will meet with Chloe. Lores will Change at times! :) Have fun!
Hello there, fans of Life is Strange! I'm proud to announce the GrahamScott server, a server meant to show our love for the ship between Nathan & Warren!

Currently looking for Admins!


Arcadia Bay: Before the Storm is set a month after the ending of Before The Storm.

We know it was six months after the ending of Before the Storm that Rachel Amber was abducted and killed.

There was a big gap of lore that occurred between the ending of Before the Storm and the start of Life is Strange.

The point of this server was to provide the chance for people to be the characters they'd like to be, enjoy the enviroments and have a blast being an edgy teenager in an unforgiving world.

If you don't know lore about Life is Strange, I'd HIGHLY recommend watching

Or playing the games.

There IS spoilers here.

We strive to provide a safe space for recreation.

Welcome to alternate universe Arcadia Bay where suddenly life has changed for good, now the next part of the story is for you and your decisions to decide, Good Luck.

Welcome to TMPD! We are a multi-purpose discord server.
We have;

*Multiple channels and channel types. a few examples are;
Gaming: Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto 5
Roleplay: Life Is Strange, Detroit: Become Human, Fallout/ Apocalyptic.
TV Shows and Movies: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and The Flash.

*Role-Specific Channels.

*And much more!

Join today and become a part of this thriving community!
Welcome to Starryshores! A picturesque seaside town. Here you can read books at the local library, swim in the sea water, go for walks on the beach, go to school at Arcadia Academy, visit land marks, eat at the local Rosebud diner, and camp in Starryshores' beautiful woods! Starryshores; where the sky meets the sea!
On the surface, Starryshores is an ideal town, with ideal weather. But look just below the surface... The town as a growing drug and crime problem. Dealers are walking the streets selling to the students of Arcadia. Even crime is up in this "tranquil" little town, and word is something strange is going on around town. How will you impact Starryshores? Will you be a clean, straight A student? A student who fell in with the wrong crowd? A citizen trying to get through life undisturbed? A dealer trying to pass their "product" onto anyone and everyone they can? Or something else entirely? The choice is yours.

(Also if you haven't noticed this is heavily based off of Life is Strange)
A small, friendly server for LGBTQIA+ fans of the telltale game by DontNod, Life Is Strange.
Welcome to the Life is Strange: Better Then project Discord server! Join to talk with LiS fans and follow our short-film fan project :)
Welcome! This is a roleplay server for Life is strange 2. Make sure to get a Character while they are still open.