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Welcome all! This is a friendly little server for people interested in conlanging, writing, art as well as the humanities in general. Jolly cooperation, fun and relaxed atmosphere!
We have:
- Contests!
- An active userbase!
- Daily inspiration posts!
And much more! Come on right in: you're not going to regret it!
Conlang Castle is a fun place to show off your constructed language (conlang) and see other people's conlangs. We are open to beginners and experts. Enter the gate!
I've created a Discord server called "Speaking Artificial Tongues" dedicated to speaking practice for conlangs. It's meant to be no drama and focused on speaking rather than creating conlangs. There is something of a "no natural languages outside of pedagogical purposes" rule, or at least intention for the main conlang chat, though there is a natlang chat channel. We often try to speak Esperanto even in the natural language channel and greet newcomers in Esperanto, Lojban, and toki pona. The r/conlangs Discord server already covers a lot of the text chatting in natural languages there is to be done. It's probably also meaningful to engage in in-conscript and in-conlang text chat as practice and possibly tests for conscript development, but mostly I'm trying to get fluent in Esperanto and toki pona and hopefully eventually others where the servers dedicated to particular conlangs mostly do voice in English and the servers devoted to conlangs in general mostly deal with construction of artlangs for fiction with little or no voice activity. A relatively frequent activity is also to read texts in conlangs together.
Conlangs Refuge is a chill group of friendos who enjoy conlanging :) We always welcome new members, no matter how experienced with conlanging or linguistics.

Conlanging is the process of devising fictional languages, whether it be for the purpose of writing, worldbuilding, personal use, public use, or just for fun.

We discuss all things conlanging, including our own projects, existing conlangs, and the many aspects that go into making and learning conlangs.
Hello! We are a small server about people interested in a conlang called Talanne. Talanne is a Paleo-European language spoken around southern Slovenia.

We're essentially a small community of conlangers who talk to each other about conlangs in general and occasionally work on Talanne.
The Ark is a collaborative worldbuilding project which is centered around the premise of humanity fleeing to another planet and being given a chance to restart after a calamity.
Hello! This conlanging server has been around for a long time and we're looking for new people to join us! We've got plenty of members for you to talk with and to help you conlang!
Hello there, the person behind the monitor! This is the Cult of Linguists, a server mainly focused on linguistics - and its branches. Come join with us, we welcome everyone here!

This is not a server solely for learning languages. Yes, we have a channel for that, but here is not a language learning server.
Society of Linguists is a server where we talk and discuss about real languages, as well as conlangs. Everyone's welcome!
〘🌍〙Do you think the world needs a common language that is both fair and easy to learn? Globasa is a language with:

- A small number of grammar rules.
- Words from various languages like Chinese, Hindi, Swahili, etc.
- Easy spelling and pronunciation.

Globasa is ready to be learned, but new words are being added all the time, and you can suggest new ones! Join us on the movement for a new language for international communication!
The server for all kinds of topics pertaining to the hobby of creating languages, worlds, and cultures. We are very new and in need of an active staff team, as we have very few right now.
All are welcome here to the server, except non-conlangers of course ;)
The only non-conlangers that are allowed to be in the server are staff members.
Anyone that constitutes a conlanger is allowed into the server (have to be interested in the hobby or actively committing to it, or have created/dabbled in conlanging sometime in the past).
We hope you enjoy the server :)
A fresh brand new Conlang Server, with plenty activities and a Featuring System ! Get Featured right now, join the Conlang Land community and make new Friends, we are waiting you.
A small conlang server looking to grow. Plenty of channels to discuss conlangs and natlangs, as well as help and resources for making your own conlang. Everyone from beginners to expert conlangers are welcome here.
Join this wonderful, magnificent server where you can learn other conlangers' conlangs. Dive into the world of linguistics and communicate with other conlangers. :)