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Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
Welcome to NebulaStar! ✨ We are a loving star family ❤️ , ready to met you and your quirks! I mean what is life without mistakes, we still love you 🌸 . Don't worry we don't bite so come join the fam! We like anime,video games, comedy, art, etc. Please come join the fam! ~ The owner 😊
I hope you enjoy your stay ♥️ !
A new, fun, server to play UNO (using the 'UNO Bot') with friends!
Welcome to the Voided Lounge join in and chill, find people to talk to, find playmates to play games with, get and send memes. Enter the VOID.
Uno/Bot based server, currently work in progress, but you can help by joining us
With our growing list of bots, The Game Room has something for us all:
-an economy
-lots of fun bots
-retro game chats
-modern game chats
-and more!

We are a small community, so we would love it if you could help us out by joining! The fun awaits!
Got Nitro? Want UNO Cards? Then join.
This server contains all of the UNO action cards such as Reverse, Skip, and Draw 2.
**Me Server**
Ever wanted to join a server just to hang out and relax, to relate, play games with close friends. Well worry not for the mafia discord is here, we have so much to offer here, as well as new stuff coming everyday...!
We have...
🔊 Vc’s 🔊
⚠️ NSFW chat ⚠️
🎰 BlackJack Bot 🎰
🥇Custom roles 🥇
🗣 Spam Chat 🗣
🎵 Music Bots 🎵
🦇 Pokecord 🦇
🐉 Discord DND 🐉
📽 Game Night Every, Fri, San 📽
📋 Free Advertisering 📋
Adding more as well so tune in everyday 💸
Wiccan Children is a discord server based off of our GTA V online crew
play Uno competitively with the best!
Everyone is welcome here at the Degenerate Club. This server is just for fun, can join and meet some really nice fun and chill people.
Server Channels:

New Member (Un-Verified)
#verify (Use the link in here to get Verified)

Guest (Verified) User Access:

Member (lvl 1):
#under-the-skirt (nsfw)
#for-the-gays (nsfw)

Secret (nsfw) Bot Access:
#nsfw-bot-access (nsfw)

Secret (nsfw) Video Access:
#nsfw-video-access (nsfw)

NSFW Channels
Upload Memes in #meme-chat
Akinator Bot
Uno Bot
Voice Chats
Text Chats
11 Bots and more to come
Multiple Roles
Server je napravljen za chatanje među članovima istog. Imamo rank sistem, kao i mnoge igre kao što su: AKINATOR, UNO, POKEMONI i KVIZ. To nije sve, ovdje možete puštati i muziku. Server je trenutno u Beta fazi pa očekujte da će sve raditi kako treba kada završimo sa pravljenjem servera.