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Welcome to Diselfie! Here you can share selfies get them rated etc... freshly made! Come by and say what's up
(it's mainly for selfies but u can date aswell)
══╡Chill Hangout <3╞══
The most chill hangout community you'll ever experience!

Community is friendly with a tight welcoming & accepting community. Thousands upon thousands of messages per week!

Join for weekly giveaways conducted by many staff members and community members

Come and try out our server economy with lots of fun and competition against other members!

We're also looking for staff members, so if you are interested then join and read the announcements channel

Our currently goal is to reach a total member count of 1.5k members, this can only be achieved with YOU!

Come on then... We await your arrival!

Invite link -
A great DD/LG and other kink community, friendly people, with easy to follow rules. Mainly active towards the evening of Europe's timezone due to a lot of users being from the states. No annoying 14 year old's, just fun kind teenagers, relatively new but as you can see we are growing fast so come join the fun and say hi !!
The Emo Corner Server is for those who dont feel accepted as emo, scene, goth, or maybe someone who enjoys the community, which we call a normie.
We have plenty of dark jokes and many things to relate to. Not to mention the edge lords running around being edgy. It's a fun community and we are pretty active in chats and VC!
Haus of Nudes..
Not the first of its kind, but definitely the greatest. one of the fastest growing Nude Servers out there. there is no segregation of members.
Share your desires and kinks in channels designed to make you feel yourself and see others hourly passing through.Express yourself in anyway you want and have fun doing it. Men and Woman
- Safe for Work chats
- Nude Channels (own selfies and real selfies)
- NSFW Bots and Games
- Active Voice Chats
- Sign up for Video group chat 10 members at a time (you might see something you like)
- Kink Channels
- Music Channels
- Tarot Card Channel
- Custom Emoji's
- Automated Roles
- Judgement free
- No racism, Discrimination or Drama
- LGBT Friendly
- Catfish free (All members are verified)
- No Under 18
- Secure and all Members are verified

All you have to do is Join and do the Quick verification process, See for yourself or you will miss out. All Picture Channels (NSFW and SFW) are restricted to verified members only. **We are mostly recruiting females at this point ** we have a great group of admins both male and female 💋
We are a mostly teen server (13+) that allows people to chill with each other, barely any rules.
Just Another Friendly Server
We Talk Both Language In Chat Arabic And English
Join If You Interested
And We Can Teach You Arabic If You Really Want To Learn Arabic
Welcome All
Foxxy's den if a fun and friendly environment. All our welcome to join. Pls follow all rules and augments.
This server is a general hang spot for people who want to talk about games, music, art, post selfies, and just chill and make new friends.
It is LGBTQ friendly.
It is an +18 year old server.
It is a free speech server with loose rules, just be nice to people.
Welcome to the Friendly Server! Make sure to read Welcome when you joined the server! You will also find many friends here!
The Kingdom is a friendly community
And we have a lot of cool stuff, so we hope to see you there :)
-active owner
-NA-East server.
-helpfull staff
- safe venting channel
- fun bots
- meme channel
- looking for staff(Mods PM managers|Mods|and other.)
- bot commands
- gucci community
- very being hm

18+ ONLY!

Welcome to Divum!! where people compete to become the highest ranked! The top ranked people will win prizes! Contest prizes include: Custom profile pictures, custom roles, free nitro, and much more.


We are committed to being a fair and, above all, a fun server. Come and meet friends or have fun posting. There will always be something to do in Heaven and we would love to have you as an addition!

Our server has a unique ranking system in which people are assigned a Class from C to SSS based on their Standing. Rise to SSS with the help of your friends! Help your friends rise to the highest ranks! Join today! Heaven awaits!
Friendly food-eating, music-listening, artist-exhibiting, anime-watching, game-playing cafe drinkers welcoming you with 0.0011m+, 1:1 loco to wise ratio

We have text and voice channels for Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese conversations.

3d Modeling, Angels, Animation, Anime, Artists, Audio Engineering, Chatting, Colors, Colours, Cosplay, Crafts, Dancers, Dancing, Demons, Drawings, Emoji, Filmography, Food, Gaming, Graphic Design, Hangout, Instagram, Jpop, Karaoke, Kpop, Legendary, Literature, Manga, Memes, Mixer Streamers, Models, Musicians, Mythical, Neko, Paintings, Performing, Photography, Picarto Streamers, Pictures, Questions, Roleplay, School, Sculptures, Selfies, Sharing, Singing, Smashcast Streamers, Snapchat, Socializing, Sound Production, SoundCloud, Stories, Teatime, TikTok, Twitch Streamers, Twitter, Videography, Voice Acting, Vote, Work, YouTubers
The Horse Cock Breeding Stables! Home to the most amazing ERP community! Come enjoy plenty of lewd pictures and lewd people alike. Please be 18+!
Gpimps inc.
New Up and coming NSFW server with lots to offer including

:Must be 18+ plus to joinkiss
:Just trying grow this server just started it
:Anyone is welcome

We have
:NSFW Channels of all types
:live Chaterbate streams with loveness
:snapchat twitter twitch youtube dropbox: discord facebook instagram advetisements in dedicated channels2
: very active and attractive staff
:119 self assignable roles and growing
:Games and Movie nights
:competitions (prizes may be NSFW wink)

Join and you won’t be disappointed with what we’ve got to share
Bien le bonjour à toi jeune poulet(te) avide d'amour!
Si tu nous rejoint sache que nous pouvons te proposer ce que tu cherches! De nouvelles rencontres, qu'elles soient amoureuses ou amicales, des discussions, et bien d'autres moments précieux te sont offerts par
Le staff se fera un plaisir de t'aider dans ta quête, dans la joie et la bonne humeur.
Nous pouvons te proposer :
- une communauté attractive
- de bons moments
- partager ton corps d'Apollon par des selfies
- des roles play
- un nsfw et des nudes si ton côté pervers prend le dessus (mais nous on en envoie pas ... enfin pas tout le monde)
et bien d'autres encore...

Vous aidez dans votre quête est notre objectif !
Comfy Cove is a server for people who love games, memes, anime, art, and food!
❥~ Anime
❥~ games
❥~ music
❥~ roles
❥~self promo
And much more!
Why not join? Join now!

Don’t join if you’re sensitive to strong language, but if you can put that’s aside, this is the perfect server if you want to speak to anyone 24/7 about anything. There’s people to date, memes to see and shit to talk about. There’s egirls boys too!!

This is a server that deals with more than anime/manga, we talk about gaming, anime/manga, and we just discuss random things.