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Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
A roleplay server based solely on BNHA, though you can use your own OCs. Welcome for people of all ages! We hope you will enjoy your time whether you'd like to roleplay or spectate!~
Small community server consisting of chill people and fun activities.
Activities include:
-active meme channel
-NSFW channels
-lots of bots to mess with
-cards against humanity (when people ask for it)
-and much more
Kill Joy is a chill server full of chill people looking to make new friends and have a good time hanging out together. We have a few things available for new players to do.
Things to do:
-talk with people in general and make new friends
-play cards against humanity (ask owner to setup)
(keep in mind this server is brand new so we're still growing)
Chill members to games with such as cah, Overwatch, Smash Bros. and and also play music and chat with others!
We are a general gaming clan that is focused on fun we don't care if you're skilled or not come have fun.
🎲Gaмe ιѕ ĸnown тo вe agaιnѕт нυмanιтy ѕo ιт ιѕ a rυde gaмe.
ѕυppoѕed тo вe a joĸe ѕo pleaѕe don'т тaĸe anyтнιng ѕerιoυѕly dυrιng a gaмe.

🎲Find new friends
🎲new people
🎲connect with people
🎲talk about different games

🎲there are more than one game of cards against humanity because only 20 players at a time.
✨Hello! Welcome to Kitten’s Hideout!✨

Kitten’s Hideout is a growing community filled with talent and friendly people!

◾️ Owned by a YouTuber, KittenSneeze (1m+ views!)

◾️ Outgoing and encouraging community, for mostly sharing art and having fun!

◾️ Very active chat!

◾️ Regular events: CAH (Cards Against Humanity), movies/watch parties, karaoke, contests, giveaways, and games like Brawhalla!

◾️ Self assignable roles for @everyone! (Lots!)

◾️ Exclusive role that unlocks a secret channel. 👀

◾️ Kitten of the Month (one active and kind member chosen every month) and leaderboard prizes! (currency)

◾️ Leveling, profile, and currency systems!

◾️ A whole pokémon channel/bot! Trade, catch, train, and battle pokémon!

◾️ Kind staff that are always open to suggestions!
Hey! We are a german Server for Cosplayers! You can come by, even if you´re not german! We also sometimes play Cards against Humanity.