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Welcome, to Pokémon Dusk! A whole new Original Idea, based off on Pokémon! Our main bot is Pokecord, but we Use many others as well. Come join for Gyms, Daycare Services, Tournaments, Elite Four, And If your strong enough, Championship league! Once you join, You will be given a Choice out of 3 Starters. Rockruff, Gible, Or even Charmander! Although this may Vary, Your starter might even be a Legendary o.O. Hopefully, you don't join for a Chance at a Legendary. If your already a Good Trainer, You most likely won't be selected for the Starter program. Please join this New server, and Good luck on your Journey! Legendaries are quite Uncommon, but easy to find here, what legendary will you catch..?
Welcome to Primal Groudon's Dungeon!!
- Team Events going strong. (50k and redeems on the line!)
- Gyms are open!

- Tons of spamming rooms (No sniping Daily Legendary Catches)
- Helpful and Friendly Staff and Members
- Active Community
- Gyms :first_place:
- Elite 4
- Team Battles (50k to the winning team)
- Team Giveaways
- Team Events (Redeems/Credits)
- Server Wide Events
- Self add Emoji Roles
- Day Care Center
- Polls (So the community decides what they want)
- Great Pokemon Information Area
- And of course Giveaways - Credits, Pokemon, Bundles!

Coming Soon:
Tower region event
Pokémon Palace is the #1 Server to be in! We are a Pokémon based server that has almost everything. We have active members, great staff, amazing spawn rates, constant giveaways, active gyms, etc!
What are you waiting for? Come and join!!
🌌 Zorua's Void 🌸 Many categories and channels 🎀 Pokecord-based server 💖 Friendly community (& staff!) 🤝 Fun events and giveaways for everyone 👾 Active Gyms (WIP)


You want a server where you can find friends, catch pokemon and play exciting pokemon fights?
Our features:

👑 18 Gyms 👑
👑 E4 👑
👑 Champion 👑
👑 tournaments with great prizes 👑
👑 the best community 👑
👑 battle tower 👑
👑 frequent giveaways 👑
👑 helpfull staff 👑
👑 daycare 👑
👑 pokemoin, varubot, ... 👑


Our invite link:
Our banner:
This is a nice Pokemon server with gyms, giveaways,gym clear rewards and daycares. Join if you love Pokemon and have lots of fun!
Servidor brasileiro para pokecord. Temos ginásios, elite, daycare, eventos e diversos cargos. Em breve mais novidades!
Come join us at Pokemans! We are looking to create a large, friendly community! Currently looking for people who love Pokecord and Pokeverse as much as we do!
What we have to offer:
🌟MEE6 Ranking system!
🌟Weekly fun interactive giveaways!
🌟Daily Giveaways! Legendaries, Credits, and more!
🌟Gyms for all Types! Come apply to be a leader!
🌟Auctions, Raffles, Lotteries, and Events!
🌟A friendly community with a Daycare service!
🌟Team Event active now!
🌟Elite Four starting soon!
🌟Active members willing to help out new players!

🌟Now we have a verification process for new members! Ping a member of staff once you join and we will help you~
🌟We have a NSFW channel! Ping staff for more details!
🌟Just opened a server shop to use to make your stay here more enjoyable!
🌟Come join us at Pokemans!
- 🔥 Huge giveaways 🎊
- 🔥 Specific sections and channels for all your needs
- 🔥 Tournaments (October Tournament RIGHT NOW!)
- 🔥 Friendly Owner 😃
- 🔥 Friendly community 👋
- 🔥 Anime themed but Pokécord and many other bots are present
- 🔥 Invite Giveaways 📧
- 🔥 NSFW channel (must have verified age) 🚧
- 🔥 Daycare service 🍼
- 🔥 Gyms that need filling🤞🏼

Active Admins, Owner and other members

- 🎆 Head Staff @Radiant#0494 @Litty#3476
✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
🌟 Pokéball Z** 🌟
Enjoy Pokémon?
Have a crippling addiction to Discord?
This server combos both! Talk to fellow nerds, duel pokémon, and trade!
This server is still growing, so any suggestions are gladly taken!
Are you looking for a pokecord server, which has many giveaways and tournaments. Or are you looking for a server where you can laugh at
memes and funny things? Or are you looking for a server that has gaming and art? Well its time to stop looking because now you've heard of Onion Land!

We got:
Fun Bots

And much much more...

So what are you waiting for, Come on and join us!
Sedai Trails


Partnered Servers - We have partnered servers in this server also you need the requirements so just stay aware of that

Daycare - Daycare is when a group of people or one person will take your request and they will take your pokemon and level them up to any level you want it to be and this helps you in competitive battle so you have the buff level 100 pokemon we have about 4+ daycare staff!

Gyms - Our gyms are not the kanto or any of the regions gyms we have all 19 types with extra gyms like mega and legendary gym we added types because it has more gyms and you can have fun battling so many trainers!

Auctions - Auctions is not something i normally know but someone manages it on our server but auction is when people put a pokemon up and rich people will bid on that pokemon depending on its stats or rarity and you can edit the intervals and how long the auction will take and etc

Tournaments and ELITE 4 - We just started tournaments and ELITE 4 Isn't fully made but it is under construction.

Staff - We have very friendly staff and they will help you in whatever way they can what staff do we have? well we don't have much there is only Admins Daycare Moderators and Gym Leaders and of cource Owner we do not have applications we just watch you on the server and see if you help people out with the server etc

Good? hopefully we persuaded you to join link is here -->

If you are searching for a good Pokémon server, then yes you are at right place. PokeTime is a Pokécord server that is cool & friendly to every members. We pride ourselves on building a safe and happy place to catch and enjoy dueling pokemons.
Here is what we provide -
-✎- Gyms & Badges
-✎- Areas where you can list pokemon you want to sell or pokemon you want to buy
-✎- Games
-✎- Memes
-✎- Music

Here is what we offer:
💥Best community
💥Cheap Daycare (like very cheap)
💥Dank Memer
💥Aki Bot
And other cool stuff
We are still a small comunity, so we need help building it up and getting more gym leaders

Waiting for you!!!
Join pokemon Island We have gyms, duel arenas and fun, join now we have gyms open for people to own we have all the types of gyms so join now!!!
Fresh brand new server equipper with GIVEAWAYS and beginnger GYMS. Come join us on our journey through pokecord as we all begin. Fight and trade at our pokecord server!
=============MUDKIPS ARMY=============
Mudkips Army is a Pokécord server that likes slightly revolves around Mudkips! We are a growing community of people that likes Pokemon and enjoy chatting in the community!
This is also an English speaking server with a little bit of known French.
We have lots of fun activities on our server
Theres fun games like trivia and gambling
A friendly growing staff!
An NSFW chat because we can!
Special Pokécord chats!
Fun bots to play around with
We also have fun gyms to battle people with!
We do Pokécord Giveaways!
And we have a fully functioning daycare!
New and upcoming server! Friendly members and staff, looking for new members and people to just talk and mess around with.
Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot and more.
-Music Bot
-Elite Four
Family friendly? Absolutely not! satirical, rude, offensive, and of course, LGBT friendly!

We're a semi-serious Pokemon server mainly focused on the Pokecord bot and we feature many things, including but not limited to Gyms, Badges, Porn, and Pokemon Daycare. I urge you to check us out if you're not an easily-upset pansy. You will likely be offended in some way by us, because that's how we roll. User discretion advised! Come check us out, we're sure you'll just love it.

Due to the addition of pornographic material and of course the satirical nature of the server, we are marked as NSFW. Keep in mind that you cannot access the porn channel without the NSFW role, which can be found in self roles. Enjoy!
Pokecord! Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot. (Pokecord prefix is . ) Shadow Lugia PREMIUM Server!!!
-Daily RARE spawns check #pokelog
-Elite Four
-Music Bot

Also we have pokeverse too if you're into that sorta thing
◈───◈The Lost Wood◈───◈
Welcome to our server The Lost Woods. We are a small growing community that opens our arms to anyone. No cliques, just fun and being weird. We have Pokecord, discord most popular bot and a ton of text chats. Music, trivia, and other fun bots. We also have an invite competition with the prize of 50k pokecredits for the winner going on. So what are you waiting for? Join The Lost Woods and be a part of our family! <3
>~Welcome To Kanto!~<
We are a pokemon roleplay server! The roleplay is based in Kanto so only places in Kanto will be used.

This server is a work in progress and changes will be made frequently

-We offer bots such as pokecord, tatsumaki, and rythm!
-We have self assigned trainer roles
-Custom Emojis
-We have channels for bot commands, chatting, etc.
-We are open to partnerships
-We have gym leaders you can battle to earn badges and enter the Pokemon league we are working on!

We hope you join us!
We are a community for all things relating to Pokemon! We discuss the games, show, trading card game, fanmade games, etc.

~•This server is a work in progress and changes will be made frequently•~

•We offer bots such as Pokecord pokeverse, Toasty, and more!
•We have self assigned trainer roles
•Custom Emojis
•We have channels for all sorts of things like off topic chats and pokemon related conversations
•We are open to partnerships
•We have gym leaders you can battle to earn badges and enter the Pokemon league we are working on!

We are a small community at the moment but we hope to grow and become a big and welcoming community for all pokemon fans!!!
✨Welcome to Team Mystic✨

This Server is all about the Pokécord-bot! You can Train, Battle and Trade your Mons in our server. We are a growing community and are always looking for people to join our family!

What we can offer you?

⭐️ Gyms (Open Leading Spots)
⭐️ Pokémon Pension (Daycare, Open Spots)
⭐️ Giveaways
⭐️ Friendly Staff (Open Spots)
⭐️ Special Event Givaways
⭐️ Spam-Channels
⭐️ Market Place

✨We hope to see you on the other side! ✨
✨sharp as ice✨