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I've created a Discord server called "Speaking Artificial Tongues" dedicated to speaking practice for conlangs. It's meant to be no drama and focused on speaking rather than creating conlangs. There is something of a "no natural languages outside of pedagogical purposes" rule, or at least intention. We often try to speak Esperanto even in the natural language channel and greet newcomers in Esperanto, Lojban, and toki pona. The r/conlangs Discord server already covers a lot of the text chatting in natural languages there is to be done. It's probably also meaningful to engage in in-conscript and in-conlang text chat as practice and possibly tests for conscript development, but mostly I'm trying to get fluent in Esperanto and toki pona and hopefully eventually others like Lojban where the servers dedicated to particular conlangs mostly do voice in English and the servers devoted to conlangs in general mostly deal with construction of artlangs for fiction with little or no voice activity. A relatively frequent activity is also to read texts in conlangs together.
☆ zeldomzilence is looking for new members and ☆ YOU ☆ fit that criteria! ☆ Join us in discussion across many topics and make friends!

- Art, photography, and writing channels for you creative folks!

- Music discussion from pop to metal, find new artists today! Includes free downloads!

- External socio-political discussions on world events, religion/spirituality and true crime!

- Multi-lingual community and duolingo learners can support each other and motivate — French, German, Spanish, Norwegian and Esperanto!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!
Saluton! Ĉu vi volas legi bone tradukitajn artikolojn pri rakontoj timigaj? Ĉu vi volas traduki lingvon al Esperanto? Vi tiam aliĝu al nia servilo kaj amuziĝos!

Hello there! Would you like to read well translated articles about scary stories? Would you like to translate from one of the many languages that the SCP-wiki writes in into Esperanto? Then come one and join join our server, and have some fun!
Laboristoj de la mondo kunigu! Ni estas babilretĉambro por homoj ke pensas ke la laboristoj devas kontroli la iloj de produktado sed ni permasas ĉiu ke estas liva.