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GOT Spuds?
WE DO!!!

Rabid Potato Studios is a newly formed entertainment company and community geared around and in support of the creative arts, gaming, collaborations, and having fun. We know how dark reality can be. We offer an escape from the grind of life... with french fries. What else do we have to offer, you ask? Glad you asked:

#Minecraft Server

#GMOD Server

#Meet gamers to play, record/stream, or collab with.

#Be a part of a great community where you can hangout, chat, bust each others chops (with a side of mashed taters).

#Be the first to know when RPS staff content has been released. We do everything from game videos, music, and we're working towards releasing an animated series.

#A variety of staff positions (if that suits your fancy) are available. Interested, let us know and apply. Don't see something you want? Ask us, we'll accommodate.

This Discord server is where creative minds and gamers can chat, share their projects or ideas, and have fun. If anyone has a suggestion on how we can do better: Please bring it to our attention. We want to make this a fun, respectable experience for all members. We believe that every creator, every gamer, every person is entitled to sweat of their brow. Within the realm of the rules we have set, we want to make this a reality. If you are looking for good people and good atmosphere, look no further. We got you. Thank you, kindly.
Welcome to our chill corner! This is a place where creators of all kinds can chill and find each other or get advice to grow. To friends and new possibilities.

Any questions or any of the sort can and will be taken care of by the moderation team or owner. The server is still under work so please be patient, but anyone is welcome.
At first, this server was made as a way to help with creating content & films for my channel and get in the spirit of team productions.

But I figured, it should also be a place where creators come can come together to promote themselves and collaborate. We are a small, yet growing community for YouTuber, streamers, and creators. So join us and be part of the family.
"Feras" is Latin and translates to "game" in English, which is what this server revolves around. I made this so that members can network with each other and find like-minded individuals to befriend. The server is quite new, made August 7th, 2019. The server still requires some work with some of the game channels. If you stop by I hope you enjoy, you are welcome to invite your friends. ~ @Rebellow#9388 ~
The Celestial Movement is a Music Promotion Movement that aims to fulfil your music taste in all variety.
We aren't just 'some' movement: we exist to create & share quality music in a way no one else has ever done before. Besides, we don't focus on success: we focus on our community and try to find a way for them to enjoy music in a way they haven't experienced yet.
We mainly focus on underrated artists that deserve to be in the spotlights!

If you are an artist & you're looking for a spot to promote your music, then this might be the right place for you!
Feel free to join our wonderful Discord server & submit your songs. You share your music & we do the hard work!

Besides, this server is also meant for entertaining purposes. This means that we will be hosting several events every week in order to bring everyone together & form 1 big family!
What is up to people, I just got finished making a discord server to help small channels grow, I plan on expanding it. I feel like it is a good idea to have a tiny community of people there to help each other out by simply viewing each others twitch streams as well as youtube videos, we are here to be a friendly community to help each other grow because it is not easy growing on your own on either twitch or youtube, so if you have been stuck trying to grow your Twitch or YouTube channel, you have come to the right place.
this server is for anything basically, except NSFW, i dont have that yet, but just meme or whatever, dont be to cancer when you join.
Bro Fist