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This place is for all kinds of small YouTubers.
Here you can do collabs, share your channel, share your videos and ask for video ideas from others if you are out of them.
There are also several YouTube tips present.
So what are you waiting for?
Hop on into the server!
Weather your into the clean beats of house, the rugged synths of dubstep, or the reverberated vocals of pop, there’s always something for you at #Gastank!

note from the creator:

"hello, I'm #Gasmask! (yes, thats why the server is called #Gastank!) and i'm just here to talk to you about my server and about myself. first off, yes, i'm an amateure DJ and music producer generally dabbling in the genres of trap and dubstep. but there is people here of all musical capabilities and preferences. the server is just a place to have fun when you get down to it. and we're looking forward to seeing you there." - #Gasmask!

•fun bots
•self promo channels
•collab channels
• and LGBTQ+ friendly

Whatever your musical capabilities, there’s always something for you at #Gastank!

#Gastank!, you are no longer alone
We Are The Development Group
(The Dev Group)

About Us
We are A group of that likes to create anything Big, small, mostly online, but occasionally offline, Ect... And we want you to join are server and help create amazing things even if you don't have any skills or talents you must have some sort of talent, skill, resource , ect... That we whant to see it put into action. Even if you don't think you have or can do anything we can teach you how by professionals or professionals in the making.

What type of people are we looking for?
Any one does not mader we love to meet new members but we like to focus and have people who are

We can't wait to see you if you have any questions pop in and DM EbonGamer42 or a Admin
A server for amateur musicians to meet new people, talk about musical interests and possibly collaborate on musical projects.
Wellcome to the music room! This server is all about music. You can talk to others in this server to create bonds and potentially start to collaborate others!
Welcome to our chill corner! This is a place where creators of all kinds can chill and find each other or get advice to grow. To friends and new possibilities.

Any questions or any of the sort can and will be taken care of by the moderation team or owner. The server is still under work so please be patient, but anyone is welcome.
The Celestial Movement is a Music Promotion Movement that aims to fulfil your music taste in all variety.
We aren't just 'some' movement: we exist to create & share quality music in a way no one else has ever done before. Besides, we don't focus on success: we focus on our community and try to find a way for them to enjoy music in a way they haven't experienced yet.
We mainly focus on underrated artists that deserve to be in the spotlights!

If you are an artist & you're looking for a spot to promote your music, then this might be the right place for you!
Feel free to join our wonderful Discord server & submit your songs. You share your music & we do the hard work!

Besides, this server is also meant for entertaining purposes. This means that we will be hosting several events every week in order to bring everyone together & form 1 big family!
What is up to people, I just got finished making a discord server to help small channels grow, I plan on expanding it. I feel like it is a good idea to have a tiny community of people there to help each other out by simply viewing each others twitch streams as well as youtube videos, we are here to be a friendly community to help each other grow because it is not easy growing on your own on either twitch or youtube, so if you have been stuck trying to grow your Twitch or YouTube channel, you have come to the right place.
this server is for anything basically, except NSFW, i dont have that yet, but just meme or whatever, dont be to cancer when you join.
Bro Fist