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Feeling lonely? Need someone to talk to? Want a nice and manageable community? Well then, feel free to join us and have a great time. Just about anyone is welcome, whether you're introvert or extrovert, socially awkward or normal, we'll be more than happy to meet you.
Welcome to Supreme Gaming Nation, here everyone is welcomed and we are a fun and safe place where we chat with each other, and have fun with the emotes and bots. We always listen to suggestions and we will try to make this server as best as possible! We will do Giveaways and Events so stay tuned! We are also looking out for new members to become STAFF. You can also talk about games and play with other members on any console. We aim to build higher and have more Servers in the future.
eii Is a community that’s base on all people are important
We offer self role options
A support room with staff that are helpful
A gaming room
Great voice channels
Also a music and art channel
The staff are friendly and courteous are goal is to build a server that helps all
A Vanilla community, with a lean towards Littles, TBDL/ABDL, community. Very active and we welcome everyone. Stricly SFW, and Discord TOS Compliant. Also have the newest, most advanced Discord bots and even a Bedrock Minecraft Realm! Why go anywhere else, when everything you need is in one place? Come check it out, and welcome home! Vanillas welcome too.
WinterRun is a server based on magic and shit, made to make relationships. It was made recently, and I've worked on it for so long. Please join and take some time to actually get to know it, before leaving. All are welcome and we try to avoid discrimination. Dont be intimidated and when you join pop in and say hello!
Hey idiots,
i made a server for sick cunts like YOU!
You probably have benn born with heavily psychological Problems in your Head!
And if this is the Case feel free to join our retarted discord server!
We all have mental problems! We have only one Rule! NO CP!
If you are a pedophile go find your place somewhere else ( you sick bastard)!
Hello we are a fun little clan who like to game. And just chat. You can find many people here that you will want to play with also just join to see if you like it. I'm sure you will!
It's a beginning server I've worked hard it's just a place for every one to relax
And chill with fun bots and funny emojis just be happy and join
Just a small clan looking to grow. We have 4 separate teams in the clan. Skill Team, A team, B team, and C team. C being the worst, and skill being the best.
Welcome! This is the anniversary of despair Akikikiki!!! Don’t mind the mess,

Here, we have rules set in place to allow you to have the best time. I hope you enjoy your stay~
We are a server just trying to find fun members will that will stay even know it may be hard to build influence and players
・゚✧ A server where we accept all sorts, LGBTQ+, races and believes.
・゚✧ (Please do not get offended if you are muted.)
・゚✧ Customized Roles.
・゚✧ Partnerships open.
・゚✧ Entertaining games, Fun chats, BOTS, Singing channels, Talking channels,
・゚✧ Game nights, Pictures, ・゚✧ Singing channels, Talking channels, Game nights, Pictures, Fan art
・゚✧ & more.
This is a small growing community! This server is for people looking for a place to belong. We have chill members and they are friendly! We try to avoid toxic-ness. The owner is kind and sweet! Come join and be a lovely today ♡!
A new meme server just looking for members to talk and chill with :)
This server is a fun way to connect to other players of Terraria.
In this server you can search for other players, trade, show your skills, and promote your other servers.
We have friendly staff that can help you with questions about the server and players to help with questions about the game.
Come and join our server.
The Gamers of Today (TGOT) is a friendly, small community where you can join, and talk about any game, listen to music, have fun with bots, talk about general topics, or even political topics. Everyone is welcome here.
We just like to chill and talk to other teens and adults alike. Loli's and voice actors are welcome even if your a trainee or are looking to become one. The server might be a slow start but everyone's welcome to come here and relax. Everyone has the right to chill. So let's party.
💙The Lounge💙
💙Teen dating server 13-18💙
💙No nsfw allowed!💙
💙No nonces allowed! 💙😂
💙 Just have fun!💙
This is a Mafia Rp server where our goal is to simply do as is stated, Rp in a mafia style. The Rp itself takes place in the early 20's on the bustling streets of Chicago.
SCP Roleplay is all about having fun making friends and... ROLEPLAYING! To do any you will create your SCP or Custom GOI/Staff member and START! We SCP Roleplays are willing to see you all join!
Hello, my name is Noir.
I am a Fanfiction Author who writes stories based on video games and other things that I care about.

One of the things I write about most is the SCP foundation. I have decided to make a server for people to write short stories, or long stories, about the SCP foundation. This only includes the SCP foundation and not the Chaos Insurgency, although I am willing to create a Chaos Insurgency based server.

This server is made for the community, so all is welcome and there is no discrimination. Please feel welcome to join to either read or write stories of your own, and remember,

Secure. Contain. Protect.
Tired of constantly being dragged into the action? This server is just the place for you! It was originally made so the owner had a place to relax and express her creativity without the constant stress of being in a battle of some sort. Everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter if you're gay, against a certain president or political party, transgender, etc. NO NSFW.
Hello Everyone, My name is Kodiaks. I am into the Furry Fandom and Pup Play. My server, however, Is open to anyone. We offer NSFW and SFW, Community, and roleplay. Actively looking for staff.