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Hey there random person on the Internet.

You should check out Kabir’s discord server!

We are a 13+ community and we welcome everyone of every race, sexuality, and religion.

We also have roles that our members will be rewarded just for being active (ikr that’s epic.)

Please stop by and checkout our server if you can. You can leave if you don’t enjoy it.
Hello fellow breads, if you are looking for something to relax and chat with, then this server is for you, there is multiple channels that you can choose from, if you are the kind of person that loves meeting new people well this is also the server for you

Hope to see you there, have a nice day 🙂👍
❤🌟We are a new server, hoping to create a community. We aim to create a community where people can relax, feel safe and can ask for advice from others. We also aim for this community to be judge-free. We're open for suggestions!🌟❤
Cum club is a group for me and my friends to meet new friends to post memes and play games. We also have a NSFW bot if you want idc...
We're just here trying to have a good time in quarantine and make new buddies along the way! :)
Hello, everyone! This Server was made for anyone and everyone to join and have fun! You can make new friends here and have an amazing time. We hope you have fun and enjoy your time in this Server.
About us:
Chill Server, with a few rules to follow check Growing Server
Active chats
Variety of Roles
Variety of different Channels/Categories
Many Staff members to help keep the Server good
Fun Bots
Open partnerships Cheers
Open to suggestions/feedback to improve the Server
Staff applications 3_Roo
EVERYONE is welcome!!!

Owner: @Rᴏᴄᴋᴇᴛ
Hey guys, do you like GTA V/ Forza Horizon 4? Do you guys like car meets?

Well then guys, join us!

About us:

Really nice community

We also host:

Car Meets
Drag Races
Drift Races
Car Cruises

Guys please consider joining us!
╭────────꒰ ☕ ꒱
╰➢❝ 𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 ♡⸝⸝ Cuties ! ꒱꒱
✦┊✧꒰ Cuties offers you: ꒱✧┊✦
・◦ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˚₊๑
╭・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─╮ ˎˊ˗
₊꒰🍰꒱ a fully sfw community
₊꒰🍡꒱ a LGBTQ+ safe & non-toxic place
₊꒰🍥꒱ cute emotes
₊꒰🧁꒱ aesthetic layouts
₊꒰🍪꒱ friendly staff
₊꒰🍩꒱ 70+ self-roles
╰・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─・─╯ ˎˊ˗
A small but slowly growing server where everyone is welcome. We are a main role play server but you also could just come and chill with us as long as you don’t start up drama. I hope you join us so we can all have fun💜
New server old one was hacked

Come and join me in the matrix Community Hangout, this is a server to chill out and make friends and meet people to play with, we welcome everyone the sever. it has loads of stuff like:

We offer A unique gaming experience.

Different events and giveaways

We have a easy to use website

You can partner with my discord server

We have different youtuber's and streamers creating and sharing new content.

Fun Bot with fun channels and command's

We have the most respectful staff that any company can ask for! They are very reasonable and actually use their brains in situation.

Our Support Team is very knowledgeable and helpful with any situation!

We are constantly looking for new staff all the time! Join our server and go to the designated chat for a form and a scheduled interview!

And much more!

Become a V.I.P Member and get great things such as:
Priority Support
Early Testing
Priority queuing
Exclusive Giveaways
Cool Roles
Hey Hey Hey! Welcome To The Troll Mafia Paradise! Hang Out With New People Or Your Freinds! We Do Daily Giveaways! Daily Game Drops! And Weekly Discord Gift Drops To! Enjoy The Stay! We currently Have 100+ members our goal is 300!
Hey there! Thinking about joining this server? (Please do, we're lonely haha). Here you can make new friends, roleplay (any kind), look at NSFW, voice chat, share cursed images and memes and overall have fun! :3

Ps: this is not a dating server.
🔸Alibaz Gaming™ Is a community Discord Server based around gaming and memes,

🔸Everyone is welcome to join!!!

🔸Here’s a list of things to expect,

🔷24/7 Music playing
🔷Dedicated Staff
🔷Discord Games
🔷Community Art
🔷Organised Discord
🔷Friendly Community
🔷Active Members
🔷Cross Platform Support
🔷Choose your roles
🔷NSFW channel

🔸Tons of fun to be had and loads of friends to be made in the server,

🔸Give us a chance to change your gaming experience and make some great friends.
A chill place for rockers of all kinds, talk about recent events and play with others, chill in the lounge, or compete in server tournaments, I'm excited to welcome you to my server, be sure to msg me with suggestions or msg the dedicated channel to see your favorite featured be implemented! Can't wait to see ya there!, Heres your ticket!
This is my personal discord, but i am looking to grow it out to others, i am always looking for new friends and a few people to fill my staff positions :D
Hello we are a new and upcoming server for friends who just want to enjoy each others company, we have some small bots for things to do like owo and miki and more will be added in the future, but we also mainly play town of salem, so if that is what you like then this is the server for you! Can't wait to see you inside :)
Hello! Newly started server! Everyone is welcome! The server is ”locked” until you get some roles.

Nsfw server. Nudity will most likely be present.

Join, masturbate, have fun I guess
Welcome to the LGBTQ discord were you can talk about anything you want to regarding the LGBTQ Community. we welcome all types of LGBTQ Members and are free to talk about anything you want to in the discord this includes personal life, relationships or even clothing and anything else. don't be shy we are all Members of the LGBTQ and understand some of the struggles we go through in our day to day life fitting in with society.

We also accept Cis Gender people.
Friendly staff
Huge selection of RP channels
Interesting lore
LGBT+ friendly
The land of Leodal is a huge mass of land surrounded by stormy and unstable seas. The land was once home to the Hazcul Giants, that stood as tall as houses. This would lead one to think they wouldn't be taken down so easily, wrong. These Giants were actually a kind and generous people who were taken advantage of. A mighty earthquake caused the lands of the Elves, Humans, Merpeople and many other creatures to sink, the land dwellers being forced to ship off in their boats and ships and find Leodal. The Giants were open to having new people on their land, they had so much to spare, but Elves and Humans thought otherwise. They wanted the land to themselves and so betrayed the Giants. The Giants at first wanted peace, but the other species would not listen, instead they constructed mighty ballistae with spears constructed of Valinheim steel. Valinheim steel could cut through the toughest of hides, some say Dragon hide but that is yet to be tested. The spears constructed tore through Giants like a hot knife through butter. The war lasted for 20 years, the Dwarves, Giants and Mountain Elves on one side and the Humans, Elves and the Volcanis people on the other. Each people had their own reasons for fighting, Humans and Elves, they wanted land. The Volcanis people wanted new land, to transform another section of Leodal into a volcanic wasteland, only this did not happen because once again, the Elves and Humans wanted more, more, more.
After the war, the Mountain Elves and Dwarves submitted to the Humans and Forest Elves. The Giants were left homeless and few in numbers, only 40 said left to remain of the Hundreds of thousands that once roamed. In the end, the land became peaceful, no matter who would've won, and now the Humans and Elves rule, the Volcanis people in seclusion in fear of their Human and Elvish overlords.
Leodal now is a land of wide stretches of grass, far as the eye can see, sparkling, golden beeches that bring peace to whoever visit. Many people nowadays do not know of the story of how the Humans and Elves came to rule Leodal in harmony, and they like it this way, though some know of the truth, they hide in the shadows, waiting to strike and tell the truth for the Giants.
Some say that the Giants fled to the sky islands, that float high above the clouds. The legends say that the Giants used their ancient magic to rip land from the ground and ascend to the sky, where they live in peace and attempt to repopulate their mythical race.
Many cities dot the Land of Leodal. The Human city known as Siteton is lead by King Vivid of Leodal. His title is misleading, as he does not rule all of Leodal, but the Humans always liked to imagine that they owned it all. To the deep North lies the city of Makalo. It is ruled by the fair Elves, whom rule the deep North with an iron fist, being racist and bigoted at every turn. After the Great "Founding" of Leodal, the Elves built this city to seclude themselves from the other races, yet they still rely on their Human partnership to provide food such as fish, bread, grain and many other agricultural good that the Elves enjoy so much.