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Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary, we are a relaxed community that wants people to love everyone. We have events, question of the day, and a loving community. So come to join us
โœฆ Welcome to [LGBTQIA+] Pride โœฆ

Hello there! Welcome to [LGBTQIA+] Pride, we're a very new server that connects all people from all around the world to discuss anything (literally, everything!). We're still looking for Administrators/Head Moderators/Moderators and if you're interested in joining our staff members, you can directly message Emman#7514. Here's what we have in the server:

โœฆ Administrators/Head Moderators/Moderators application are open!
โœฆ Friendly Staff!
โœฆ Weekly/Monthly Challenges!
โœฆ Customized Role Color (Level 10+)!
โœฆ Assignable Roles (+Additional Roles)!
Pride Time is an LGBTQ+ server meant to be a safe place for everyone. We have plenty of channels for you to share your different interests, roles to assign to yourself including gender identity and expression and sexuality/romantic attraction. We host monthly events completely based around the majority of server members. PG-13 absolutely NO NSFW. For everyone ages 13-25. Due to safety for all our LGBTQ+ members, straight CIS allies will not be accepted into the server.
On this server we amuse ourselves with all things Les Misรฉrables: book, musical, movie, BBC miniseries, manga, anime, whatever! What would Les Amis be like as space pirates? What's the deal with the cheesemakers of Pontarlier? Who's in the new West End cast? And who's planning on going to tomorrow's protest? Groupwatches, fandom events, deep-dive canon discussion, and fluffy AU ideas are all up for grabs here. We're also a highly international server with a lot of foreign language channels, if you're into that kind of thing. Join the ongoing Les Mis readalong - one chapter a day from Barricade Day 2018 to Barricade Day 2019!
Rainbowland is a safe community (safezone) for the LGBTQIA+ community! And we are a SFW (Safe For Work) community. We're a nice, loving, family friendly, chill community designed for everyone to enjoy, and we are here for everyone regardless of their identity!
Place to hang out if bored, being a bigot will make you perm. Banned
We're a community of people in the LGBTQIA+ community who hold open arms to allies and other queer folks!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Central. Here everyone is welcome. Ages 13+. We have friendly staff and members.