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Search someone for play or just talk? Join in the community and meet new people!
We are open for everyone who wanna have fun!
[PL] Szukasz serwera na którym będziesz się dobrze bawił i czuł w towarzystwie innych ludzi?
Dołącz do naszej społeczności!
-Miłą pomocną i czuwającą Administracje oraz Moderacje
-Wiele kanałów o różnej tematyce
-Codziennie kilka osób online do luźnego pogadania
-Levelowanie oraz rangi dzięki którym można się wyróżnić
-Dużo Quality Memów
-Demokracje Serwerową
-Miłe fajne aktywne społeczeństwo
-Ogólnie świetną zabawę!!
-Join in my Discord
-Check my stream and follow me and we play together
~🌟💔 *This is a WIP aka Work in Progress server!* 💔🌟~
The server contains socializing, non-bulling, and mostly fun! We have everything to make it like a server is, the owner is a small ROBLOX developer also is a youtuber so please support him and seeing him grow! When you join this maleficent server, must read the rules until you chat in our #main-chat and so much more!
We are a community that holds players for the game called Ironsight. We are looking to grow and grow huge! invite friends make it big, play with players
Have you been Looking for a Kingdom New Lands server? well this is it, this server is were you can make friends and share your accomplishments in this game with your friends! we are trying to make a community and we need your support so do not forget to join are server!!!
This is a user interactive roleplay that also functions similar to gameplay. It has stats, abilities, lands, items. It is very complicated and you will have to keep up with everything yourself. We are not run by bots things will take some time, so do not fret. This is a wolf style roleplay, but you don’t have to be in a wolf pack. However you have to be active. There is no wolf sex here, it’s just cussing.
Bonne ambiance , le gaming avant tout , musiques ,artistes , et rencontres dans se serveur il y a des salons pour communiquer et pour le Game Play, des candidatures pour devenir staff,animateur,chef staff sont disponible et seront évaluer en fonction du critère souhaiter
This server is a fun enjoyable server, with screenshare enabled! That's right, you can share your screen with your friends or just everyone! However, please be mature with your screensharing, it will be heavily monitored by administration. Anyways thanks for checking us out and stop by if your looking for a chill fun server
We are a group of Gamers, that love to chat! we like Nintendo things especially!
Post your memes, videos, and such in this server! :D
Hello, This server is for war thunder players. Make friends. Join squads. have fun. with music to keep the moment blasting. Even join our squadron
ENG: This is the right place to start meeting people and get free packs by recruiting. Also all members can get quests for gold to play with a friend.
ITA: Questo è il posto giusto per iniziare a conoscere persone e reclutarle per ricevere pack gratis. Inoltre tutti i membri possono ricevere le quest per le missioni della sfida con un amico.
Basically, this server is a community. BUT we host a game night or other stuff sometimes. We also have memes and other shiz. There's more but I can't really explain.
Здравствуйте, мы вас приглашаем на наш сервер Дискорда где есть много чего интересного:Собественная выдача роли, общение каждый день, система уровней, а главное наборы в Администрацию Сервера, не пропусти, заходи мы тебя ждем.
Ola, apenas um discord com diversos players de lol de diversos elos, entre se voce estiver afim de bater uma gameplay casual/tryhard :)