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Thanks for checking out Fluff Hub on Discord!
Fluff Hub is a fun and open community for people and furries alike, featuring these things at your availability such as
-A fun community and an amazing place to hangout
-Roleplay availability
-NSFW access (If you meet legal requirements)
-Amazing & Nice Staff
-Fun Server-wide activities
-Movie Nights
-Gaming events
And much more!
We hope you join in on the fun with us!

A Server with over 100+ members and still growing, it's very active and it will be easy to meet new people. The main reason why I created this server is so furries can make friends and RP with each other and so on. It's intended for furries and non-furs, basically everyone, it's a safe place where People can come together and have fun with one another.
Anyways, I hope to see ya around in my server!
Just another furry hangout with some chill people. This one has a lot of hyenas! We've got-

Friendly peeps, probably looking to make friends just like you.
Assignable roles.
Art and meme channels.
Roleplaying chats.
A dedicated hyena posting channel.
A little over 400 members.

Hop on this quiet place and liven it up a bit! Even lurking helps, every bit. Thanks in advance!
A tight-knit group of furs (and non-furs) to hang out regardless of their species!

We offer:
➟ Gender and Sexuality Roles
➟ Artist Channels
➟ Music Channels
➟ Friendly Voice Chats
➟ XP Role System
➟ Giveaways
Hello there! Glad to see you. I'm Pebble and I'd love to show you this beautiful furry server. We are 'The Furry Cave' and we are a server based on the furry fandom. We offer such great things as:
- Memes😂
- Images🗂
- Fun Bots🤖
- Venting😥
- Pet Images🐶
- Friendly Staff😺
- Pokécord🔴⚫️⚪️
And much more to come...

we hope to see you there soon, thanks for reading!
FROYORT isn't just any Furry Discord Server, we Offer a variety of Loving and Caring people,
So come join us we would love to see you there!
• Custom Bot
• Nitro Level 2
• Leveling System
• Mee6 Premium
• Custom Roles
• Make new friends
• Socialize
• Relax & take a break from lifes struggles

What are you Waiting for? Come Join us!
This is a positive space for all furries, no matter who you are, where you come from, what your race is, what gender you define yourself as or why your fursona is. Because here we are all people, outside of here we are still people, and regrettably some people don’t like that we are trying to be ourselves, they don’t like how we are happy to be furriers so they discourage us, hell some of us have been assaulted because of who we are, but not here, this place is where “the beginning of the end of oppression against furries begins”. A discussion was placed on furries have been oppressed by others even though we have done nothing wrong but be ourselves. We wanted to spread our message through out the entire community so we show the world he are tired of being treated this way and we want the respect we deserve! So as long as you stay positive to us, we will accept you into our nation, our nation with one motto. “Freedom for Furries”.
In need of a server that you can just chill out in? You've come to the right place!

We have:
✨ Art channels!
✨ A supportive and friendly community!
✨ SFW channels! Minors welcomed with open arms!
✨ A safe place!

Humans and hybrids are welcome!
If you wanna learn about the furry community, you're free to ask us questions as well!

Come consider joining and hanging out!
The Furry Plaza was a server for furries before an admin griefed it. The Furry Plaza 2.0 is a reboot of it (by the same creator AKA me)

Have you ever wanted to meet other furries? Have you wanted to make more friends? Have you wanted to learn about the furry fandom? Well welcome to the Furry Plaza!

The Furry Plaza is a place for everyone to visit! We are mostly furries but everyone is welcome! We offer such great things as:
- Pokecord🐱
- Gambling🎰
- Self Assigning Roles✍
- Art Channels🖌
- Writing Channels🖊
- Suggestion Channels🤔
And more!

So if you are interested in joining, please click the button down below. We are a very new server so there will be more added in the future!
Hi, and welcome to Furry United Nation!

We are a loving community who welcomes new furries from anywhere in the world! We would like to help new furries feel the most welcome in this loving fandom, and find some new friends that they never knew they needed! OwO
Jsme právě se rozrůstající server pro české ( ne jen ) furries. Snažíme se, aby byl tento server bezpečné místo pro všechny, co k nám zavítají. Rádi tě tu uvidíme! ^w^
Welcome to Wholesome Beans!
We’re all about:
🍎Sharing your furry art
🍊Making friends who are also furries
🍋Having fun with others
🍏Promoting your art
🍭Sharing your favorite music
We hope you decide to join this amazing server! ❤️🥰
Welcome to a city where anything is possible~ Where you can own houses without any form of hierarchy watching over you, where you can find new friends, partners, or even soulmates, and overall, a place where you can have fun! ERP is especially allowed.

Just a step verification, and you will easily unlock these features!

- Your own, RP room!
- The whole city! There are over 20 landscapes and we are always willing to add more!
- access to everything in the server, pretty much :P

Come join!!!

A nice and friendly discord for all types of people to meet and Rp to their heart's content or simply converse with about a multitude of subjects! The world to Rp in may be small now, but the more who show up and decided to be apart of the community the bigger and better the place will get with the efforts of those who come!
Are you looking for a smaller server where you don't have to struggle to get a word in? If you are then The Furry City is the right place for you. Come on and join our friendly community today!
A calm server for Furries of all walks of life! LGBT+ friendly
We have:
RP channels
Friendly staff and members
Music bot and channels
Reaction roles
Gambling bot (blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.)
Ahoy there, and welcome to the Tavern! This is a recently founded server with a great collection of amazing people! The Tavern has everything you need to have a great time in a wonderful server!
- Gaming Communities
- Content Creator Furs
- NSFW Access
- Roleplay
- Artists, Fursuit Makers, and more!
Come grab a drink at the tavern and find your new place!
Are you looking for a smaller furry community with fewer members? Would you like to try something new out? Well then, you are on the right post! I am posting this to advertise a furry community that is small and well centralized. What this furry community has to offer is the following:

-Great and reasonable staff

-A self role system where people can react to a message and get the role they desire.

-A level up system that provides new perks as you level up.

-A currency system which provides “CordCash” with permits you to buy server items, such as a custom color or a private VC/Text Channel.

-A fun and loving community which welcomes all and tries it’s best to be a family!

So why not join us? You will enjoy this server greatly! Give it a try!
A server for all furries! Come and hangout and make new friends! we have a wonderful staff team who will help you with whatever you need! We hope to see you soon! WARNING: We do have anti-raid so do not spam or you will be banned automatically!
Hello! Welcome to a boat full of furries, come in a hop on, we have all sorts of stuff! Join to find 'em all!
Hi welcome furries! Lets take over.
In this server you can just talk to people.
Im in the process of making this a good server. Everyone is welcome here unless your bully. I no accept bully. Ok boom boom babys.
Welcome to Fluffy Hugs!

Fluffy Hugs is a tight knit furry discord server that is open to both memebers of the fandom and normal people. We aim to provide a space to make new friends, share art and music and anything else!