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Wir wollen uns einen gemütlichen Furry Server aufbauen wo jeder Willkommen ist der mit diesen Thema etwas zu tuhn haben will
Reinschauen kostet Nix (Bleiben Auch nicht) also wenn ihr lust habt kommt
Welcome to the Nivulous Cafe! We are a tropical themed maid RP cafe with an ever growing list of features and channels. We are quite friendly and welcoming to all who join! We have our own economy and use it to give access to new features and jobs. Come join us and be our guests today!
A muti purpose furry server intended to be free of drama and server rivalry.
Hello and welcome to the Furry Bastion. This is a brand new furry server meant for those in the fandom and those who are new to it. We got plenty to offer you all, so here we have:

-Self-Assignable Roles plus Category Assigned Roles

-A Level Role System for chatting

-Channels meant for art, photography, memes, gaming, etc.

-Roleplay channels in which you can partake in.

We got plenty more in which you can discover. So please come and join!!!!
Welcome to Foofle Den, a nice hangout place for furries to chill, chat and have fun! Our aim is to keep the server small, so it's easier to communicate and get to know each other better! Please enjoy the stay and have fun ^^
!!The server is mainly SFW.
-You must be 13+
-The server is brand new, so we are still looking for a few more staff members. DM Owner to apply for the moderator role.
Currently the BEST and MOST voted Furry Server on Disboard!
Don't mind a lower member count, we purge inactive Members.

Furry Servers start to get monotonous to you? Or get indulged in bad moderation or drama? Have nothing unique to show?
Well look no further! Check out Finn's Pub!

Finn's Pub is first and foremost a Furry server with a special care on quality, community engagement and activity.
But even then, Finn's Pub aims to be more than that. We're an accepting community. Not just within the Fandom, we mean for everyone! In general everyone is welcome, you just gotta be a cool chap! :)

Our main focus is on professional appearance and handling, while still staying true to our silly nature. Not just recieving, but also giving back to the community. Having unique things to show and offer. Creating a safe space to be in. And genuinely care for the server and its people.
Finn's Pub can be anything you want. A brand, a community, a family or just yet another furry server. But in the end it's only gonna be one thing: Us.


-:-- FEATURES -:--

-> Fully Transparent overview of Information, Changes and additions via a news channel.
-> Neatly packed and worded Information via informational channels and news.
-> Easy to set up optional roles via Reactions.
-> Verified and Controlled NSFW channels to comply to Discord TOS and Moral Code.

-> Specific Channels for Furry Art.
-> Roleplay Dedicated Channels.
-> A sweet and caring great share of fellow furs from around the world.

-> Various channels be it SFW or NSFW, and from various topics. All kinds of Media and Music.
-> Multiple channels for talking, should it get crowded.
-> Various Bots for the best possible experience.

-> A great region-based moderation team, usually there 24/7 and ready to help.
-> On the moderational side a thorough setup via logging to check on people.
-> Classic Rules while being very professional with its enforcement. We're all chill lads mate. ;D


A bot-driven welcoming system there to set you up with the basic roles in a personal and sympathetic manner. There to make people understand our basics, read the rules, and have their channels as they want them to be. Also a very good deterrent for quick raids and trolls!

Yeah we know, leveled roles may not be the most unique thing, but hey, fitting to our Pub theme we have multiple leveled roles based on drinks and beverage there to show your activity and reputation on our server! Also makes for a good competition kinda thing for those that enjoy it!

Yep, you heard that right. We've got a shop with it own activity-based currency over here. You gain Guild Points just by being active on the server, or participating in events or making us various favors like suggestions, reviews or similar.
This currency is linked to actual real world currency, and thus makes you able to buy real games, server goodies or even digital gift cards for Amazon, Steam and alike in our server shop. We reward you for your loyalty!
Check out what we offer! ->

Now, why don't ya just peek in yourself and see for yourself? The drinks are cooled and the Pub is waiting just for you! See you around! :)

NOTE: We're also more than cool with non-furry friends and happily welcome people of all kinds!

Our Patreon:

(Bases on Data of 68 Members)
Furry Art Community is dedicated to the Artists of the furry fandom! you don't need to be an Artist in order to have fun here though. We hope to meet a lot of new furries here at the F.A.C server!
Welcome to my server! Here you can just chill out and talk to people, post memes, or be a f u r f a g like me. UwU
Are you looking for a smaller furry community with fewer members? Would you like to try something new out? Well then, you are on the right post! I am posting this to advertise a furry community that is small and well centralized. What this furry community has to offer is the following:

-Great and reasonable staff

-A self role system where people can react to a message and get the role they desire.

-A level up system that provides new perks as you level up.

-A currency system which provides “CordCash” with permits you to buy server items, such as a custom color or a private VC/Text Channel.

-A fun and loving community which welcomes all and tries it’s best to be a family!

So why not join us? You will enjoy this server greatly! Give it a try!
Coming with a fresh modern design, friendly staff and great channels.
FW is a furry community server, making friends and being social is what we want you to do! You might even find a mate here.

-A large NSFW zone
-Music channel
-Reaction roles
-User friendly
-Modern design
-Art community
-Music community
-Reddit community
-Gaming community
-Youtube community
-Twitch community
-Youtube/Stream roles
In a land, far away, known as The Timberfurs, where birds chirp once more, trees grow proud and tall, the beautiful creature all around you. Have a mate? A close friend? You'll enjoy the fountain here, relieving not only your stress, but the stress from others around you.

Main server for the best furry bot: Aave!
Land: The Timberfurs
Representatives: Crona Senpai (Owner), Mocha, Makea
About this Land: This server is based on a wilderness theme. With a simple, yet effective layout. There is always something to do here, including custom Deer (bots), a Tribe (staff), and many fun events that are being hosted!
Welcome to Nova Paws! A Growing server that is looking for active members! We have an active owner! We have a verification system to protect our furs! We have events! We have an Economy system! There are so much more!! Join us Today!
Furry Pals is a safe place for furries to meet other furries and chat and make friends. We have nsfw channels and roleplay channels. This is a brand new server and we need staff so please DM 𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕪 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕖𝕚𝕣𝕕𝕠#3061 if you are interested in becoming staff. We hope you join and enjoy your stay!! OwO
This is a new server for the furry fandom and anime fandom, founded by mxgan. We have memes, nsfw, qotd, fun bots and more! Looking for partnerships and staff members :)
PERM Invite : rwmKtnd
Like Furries? Like Roleplay? Man, have we got it for you!

Introducing, the 'Furry Roleplay Palace'!
In this place, we got everything you want! Get into a RP as soon as you want!
Have RP you want to put into action? Request it and get it approved so you can live it out!
We don't just offer RP's, but also love to offer NSFW, Artworks and a growing community.
So come along and have some fun!
We are a loving community full of great people! We are 180+ furs strong and are still growing! Join today!
Hi! And welcome to my server The Furry Void! This is a brand new furry server meant for all those in the fandom and those new to the fandom. Here we have: 100+ members
🔱Self-Assignable Roles🔱

❗️A leveled role system❗️

🚫18+ channels meant for those of age only🚫

🕹We also got channels for gaming, artists, and for those who enjoy music📝

🐺Roleplay channels that you can RP in with friends or someone you never met.🐺

📚A channel meant for memes, media📚

And we got plenty more! So please come and join!
Just a server where furries (or nonfurries that support furries or like being around furries) can talk about random stuff
welcome to the cuddle club! (there is more than two members, I don't know why it does that) this server is just new but I plan to add so much more!
Furry Central is a fun Discord server where furs can gather to hang out, chat and have a good time.

From the general chatter to the avid roleplayer, there's something for every fur.

We even have cookies!

Join today for a taste of what's in store!
Wolfy’s world is a somewhat small discord server currently looking to grow that hopes to be a fun and active social hub for many, including YOU!

We are a discord server that is (mostly) for furries. However, we welcome anyone who’s looking for a good time and way to chat! We have a moderation team focused on happiness and assuring that everyone feels safe, so everyone’s bound to have a good time!

Wolfy’s World includes the following:

☆ Rooms for;

•Sfw and Nsfw Art Sharing. :art:

•Requests for critique, redlines, and reference. :question:

•Gaming text channels for several gaming platforms and multiple voice lobbies for gaming with friends! :video_game:

•memes, sillies, and sh*tposting. :joy:

•Film talk and Movie spoilers. :clapper:

•roleplay planning, character info, and outright sfw and nsfw roleplay for rpers of all types. :closed_lock_with_key:

•and much more! :wink:

☆ A friendly moderation staff (currently accepting moderator applications!) ready to help you with whatever you need!

☆ Fun bots dedicated for moderation, levels, games, giveaways, and more!

☆ A family-esque community that has a support system and vents text and voice channel
We are a small developing Furry server featuring bot arcade games and more! Come chill with us!

✔ Memes
✔ Roleplay
✔ Movie Nights
✔ Games
✔ Color Roles
A furfag server where degeneracy is pretty much the norm and we don't know how to actually function in society.
Furry Fusion is a server where Furry's and regular people who aren't furry's to come together and socialize. The idea of Furry Fusion was came up in just a small mind when the founder was wanting to create a good successful server for everyone.