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This is Rangers Forever, a newly made power rangers roleplay. Based off of the franchise plenty of people loved in the 90s.

We offer:
A fun, rotating cast of original characters
A storyline inspired just from the well-loved boom comics
Semi-literate RP style
Im welcoming anyone and Everyone who would love to roleplay as a power ranger of our world. Rangers work together to protect the world and theres multiple groups of rangers and all are custom rangers. If your interested then come on down and lets have fun together. LGBT friendly. When i get enough people events will be held and people may gain new special things. Also this is an anime style power rangers like sailor moon and power rangers had a beautiful baby.
Welcome to the New York Rangers Discord server! Here, we'll discuss anything & everything about our favorite hockey team so feel free to post in the corresponding channels! We follow the same rules as the subreddit so just don't be dicks to each other (unless you're a Devils, Islanders, or Flyers fan). Also, try to post things in their respected channel and don't spam. Other than that, have fun & LGR!!!