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If you like anime or hockey, this server's for you. Standard formula is:
Be an Otaku in the Summer
Watch Football, Hockey, and MLB Postseason in the Fall
Focus only on Hockey with one day for the Super Bowl in the Winter
Once Spring hits, and NHL playoffs are in full swing, put all normal life on hold until the Stanley Cup has been awarded.
What's most important? Throughout all this, you balance your love for animu and Hockey.
Just remember we hold the principle that Hockey fans are superior to nonfans of the sport.
Welcome to paradise!
We are a lounge formed back in late 2017, and revived in early 2019!
We have a variety of discussion, and have just started new ideas!
We'd appreciate any suggestions, so come on down and enjoy yourself in paradise!
Hey there! We're a community of field hockeyers on discord, we talk about anything field hockey related. You can ask about techniques and strategies, discuss the latest pro hockey match or just chat about your last game.
Hello and Welcome! This server is for all hockey fans. We have roles for every team. Here you will find many things to do for example talk with new people. Talk about hockey related stuff. This is also a non toxic server. Everyone is welcome to join. For every new person that joins us it goes towards the community your contribution to the community means everything to this server. So what are you waiting for? Come join us!!!
Discord's Sports Authority
Live news feeds for all major sports leagues.
Live Streaming events.
Created Mar. 2019
Hey! This is a brand new server (less than a week old) it’s a place where I post nudes, hangout and hold contests/giveaways when we reach member milestones! We’ve reached one already and I hope to see you there to participate!
Come join this server for all fans of the NHL and Hockey!
We got roles for all teams!
Non-toxic chats, Friendly mods!
What are you waiting for come join!
A server for NHL hockey fans! All teams are discussed here from the Anaheim Ducks to the Winnipeg Jets and everything in between including defunct teams. Join today and let's talk some hockey!
-Ce serveur pour les joueurs consoles du jeu nhl 19 et futures versions.
pour rassembler les joueurs et organiser des tournois en ligne.
-This server for console players of the game nhl 19 and future versions.
to gather players and organize online tournaments.
Hockey Goalies is a server made to help goalies with everything from injury advice to equipment advice! Come join, and we'll help with what's needed!
Looking for a late night server with some cool people?
Need a new server to talk on with cool and weird emojis?

That'd be us boss.

Our server is a community-based fun server, ran by some friends from the middle of nowhere. We have weekly movies, hockey and sport discussions and occasionally game events and we also have a serious channel for when you need it, because all of us do.

We aren't anything too special but we are pretty fun, so come and join us.
Welcome to the New York Rangers Discord server! Here, we'll discuss anything & everything about our favorite hockey team so feel free to post in the corresponding channels! We follow the same rules as the subreddit so just don't be dicks to each other (unless you're a Devils, Islanders, or Flyers fan). Also, try to post things in their respected channel and don't spam. Other than that, have fun & LGR!!!
This server is for all those Easportsnhl fans who want a discord to find teams, advertise streams/videos, or just get updates on the game.
Serveur autour des sports collectifs
Evènements ; Conseils ; Rencontres
A hockey server for all of your needs. Active members, live game updates, and we are constantly improving
this is an nhl 17 sim league join and see, how good it is
Fans can join and chat with other fans about their favorite teams. Each fan is assigned a role that fits the team they support.
You become a GM of one Hockey team and you make transactions as you see fit for the team’s run for a cup.