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Many species around the world have recently been receiving superpowers... These species are called “Supernatural Beings”. All these supernaturals were taken from their homes and put into a laboratory. The U.S. government hired scientists to study on these supernaturals. The laboratory is as big as the city of Manhattan, with completely unbreakable walls. The laboratory has special rooms for every person, and has supplies shipped to it every month. The laboratory has classes to teach the younger subjects, which teachers are offered a high salary for. As a subject, you are tested on monthly, and as a scientist, you test on these “supernatural beings”. Overall, life is normal, besides the occasional testing.
A while ago, you found a weird item, and you decided to take it. It seems to be acting unusually, and you don't understand why...
Elo Academy is a Modern Roleplay, Elo is for the students who have that special ablity.. and are different from everyone, Its for the people who aren't normal. Elo is place where love is love.. and being able to explore that one passion you want to do.

- Chill staff
- Small server
- Anyone allowed

This rp takes place in a clean slate, a world with no current rangers. It’s here where new teams will arise but don’t worry, we know the multiverse is unstable and who knows what past Rangers will fall through a wormhole to this world to help out? Come join us in this new world, this Reforged Grid.
In a world where people with superpowers (known as "Quirks") are the norm, You are the hero of your own story! Come Join Your Hero Academia, A My Hero Academia based Roleplay server with;

Custom Characters!
Custom Quirks!
Open RP!
Competitive top 3 Hero Positions!

Come and start your journey today!
Bienvenue sur notre serveur Fire Force !

Nous parlons du manga, de l'anime et des possibles scénarios à venir !
Nous possédons un système de niveaux qui est lié à cet univers ainsi que des bots géniaux :D

Donc si tu veux discuter avec nous, n'hésite pas :D
We're a tight-knit community driven superhero roleplay server! We are open to partners and are looking to bring in new members. Our rules are non-restrictive and creativity is valued here. We have friendly staff and are always open to suggestions. Come and join in on the fun! If you've ever been to Outclass or PowerPlay then you should definitely check out this server.
🔥 Welcome to the Elemental Battlegrounds! 🔥
🌊 A world where us humans control the forces!🌊
🍃 Turn into a Ferocious Dragon, or a battle a god in your very brain!🍃
⛰️ The power of the realm is in the hands of you and yourself only..and, your clan!⛰️
⚡ A Roleplaying server with a fun community and bots! ⚡
✨ Join Today! ✨
You can do anything in this server
You have all perms (except for banning and kicking people)

I eat the meat.i beat the meat.i heat the meat.i neat the meat.the meat,oh the meat.its the meat that is neat,eat,beat,heat.yes the meat.
This is a half-real micronation, It’s in my backyard XD. I’m trying to revive it and get more keys for it so yeah.
It all started with the Big Bang, well, more like it started AGAIN. The Universe was completely reset, everything had returned to absolutely nothing. Human Civilization had started off as normal except for one thing, a group of supernatural alien superheroes called “The Power Rangers” had been Mankind’s saviors. These heroes had lasted up until the 1600s, when a new Villain emerged named Goren. Goren was an extremely power hungry human emperor who wanted the Ranger’s powers for his own, so they went to war. Mankind Vs The Power Rangers, This was the Downfall of our beloved Rangers. Civilization had turned on them. Years later, in 1950, The Ranger’s powers resurfaced as a Archeologist “Petra Suffolk” had discovered these strange rocks hidden within a mountain, she examined them for years and kept them under her care. You may be thinking this is our happy ending, but with every Action comes a consequence. A Group of Alien lifeforms called the “Krulians” had been in search of these stones, wanting to wield their powers. Petra had then gathered a team of researchers to help her hide these stones, but it was too late. The Krulians attacked earth and The explorers were defenseless, up until these stones flew over to each and every one of them. The 5 Explorers had become the Power Rangers. They fought their best against the Krulians and pushed them into hiding for years, eventually the Explorers had passed down their Morphers and abilities as they died, the Morphers returning to the mountain and command center. Confused, Humans were clueless and scared. People were harmed, and people died. Human Civilization had outlawed Rangers in 1977, But one Human had turned against his people. A Man named Dereck Starren had decided to have faith in the Rangers. He’d spent years trying to figure out how he could wield all the stones without a team, to prove those who didn’t believe in him and the Rangers wrong. Dereck spent days examining the stones in the mountain and one faithful day, they activated. The Stones began to glow as Dereck tried his best to secure them. The Stones power overwhelmed not only him, but the mountain. The Mountain Blew up with Dereck inside and nobody heard from him since. He had been inside some sort of “Cocoon”, the Stones having protected him from the explosion. In about 2000, Dereck emerged from his cocoon, confused. He was aware that he hadn’t been worthy of the Stones so he quickly made it his job to protect them from those of whom want to wield it for danger. Though he is extremely old, Dereck looks the same as he did prior to his “hibernation”, seeming to be about 30 years old. Dereck guided the chosen rangers with all of his might and continues to wait till the new ones resurface now, in 2019...It’s Morphin Time.
Welcome to The Marked, this is a role play wolf server where wolves Aline with gods and goddesses of Greece. Here you can roleplay, join packs, make friends, and create lovable characters!

The story-

Long ago, a goddesses soul feel to earth after she was killed for a crime she did not commit. On Earth her body lay where Artemis found her. Feeling bad for the now dead goddess, she aligned the goddesses with an animal. Wolves. That species of animal would then go on to worship that goddess. Because the goddess was being worshiped, she gained power and returned to the living, granting some wolves the powers of other gods. However, there was a side effect to this, as all wolves who held the power of a god would have a marking. A marking that made them different.

Because they looked, and were different, other wolves began to fear the wolves with the gods powers, or *The Marked* as they are more commonly known.

Packs were formed, and The Marked became hated in most packs, oppressed, and distant...

After the marked had been forced to stay silent for so many years, they are now ready to fight back. Ready to die. Ready to *rebel.*
Finally after years and years of bloodshed and horror, the Great War has ended. With the LustBeasts winning, the humans stood no chance until some select humans whom’s DNA altered to give them powers of all kind. Now humans live in fear of another war, they know that the LustBeasts will win so they live in tremendous fear, the kids that have heard stories about these monsters know never to go to Lust forest or near it.

The LustBeasts live off of lust and sex, they need it to live so they will Not look for consent. People know not to anger a beast as great as them.

The humans are careful around people, due to some humans becoming pregnant from the LustBeasts, this caused a different kind of human. A human that has sexual powers and normal powers, They do not have to have sex or lust but their powers are unstable and uncontrollable.
its 2050 its been 5 years since the complete annihilation of the world. its was the new world war as every country fight each other sending missile after missile until the world was covered in radiation, it only took a couple months for it to be absorbed into the world causing people to turn for the good or worse .A year passes and nature takes over, many domestic animals are dead or have gone wild, zoo animals are unleashed and buildings are crumbling. any survivors are struggling to live. Those unfortunate enough were turned to the worst thing imaginable, their bones breaking and tissue expanding and forming to hideous and dangerous beings that kill anything in sight. those who were lucky survived from being turned and even were gifted if you want to think of it that way. they were mutated within their genes as they are able to do many things to help them survive. but for now they must head across the world to get to a so called safe haven, a place away from all this death
This is a brand new sever,so this my take a while to set it up,before roleplaying

Welcome to Tradgy Academy!

This a new Sever so things may not be set straight right away!

This sever is about roleplaying.It a well morning at Tragic Acamdey,until we have receive news about a dead student..How could this be?Teachers has been keeping good close.One by one,a student dies...Of what?Seems to be of something.Find out more by joining!It is a power rp after all!

Im welcoming anyone and Everyone who would love to roleplay as a power ranger of our world. Rangers work together to protect the world and theres multiple groups of rangers and all are custom rangers. If your interested then come on down and lets have fun together. LGBT friendly. When i get enough people events will be held and people may gain new special things. Also this is an anime style power rangers like sailor moon and power rangers had a beautiful baby.
Your goal is to take over this server exploiting the anarcheic-like structure. Manipulate mods and admins into giving you power, or create factions with large followings. Choose your enemies carefully, as they could possibly ruin your discord life on this server. Obtain slaves or partners for your groups and push them to their farthest. This is the Anarchy Notepad, scribble in your own stories and fight for power!
In Silverwind high or well...the country, not alot of people are fond of those with special abilities. Some years ago, people with special abilities/powers were kicked out of their homes, now stated "illegal", and forced to move. But, some "specials" hid out, and are hiding their powers till this day. Anyone that is "special" is considered an outlaw. After generations, people with special abilities are uncommon, "extinct" you could say... or that's what people think. A ambitious group of kids (the roleplayers hahaha) decided to form a group to make those with powers legal again.
Join one of the many houses or create your own. Fight in wars and negotiate dangerous decisions. The Current King is Tywin Lannister and there are many spaces open for grabs! Join today!
Hei! BearPower is a community server, with giveaways weekly.
Please Join. Thank You!
Hello and welcome to Red Wood High! A high school RPG where you are let free and get to create your own character yourself! This is a place where you can meet friends or even possibly a love interest! So come on down, it will be fun!!