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Welcome to The Marked, this is a role play wolf server where wolves Aline with gods and goddesses of Greece. Here you can roleplay, join packs, make friends, and create lovable characters!

The story-

Long ago, a goddesses soul feel to earth after she was killed for a crime she did not commit. On Earth her body lay where Artemis found her. Feeling bad for the now dead goddess, she aligned the goddesses with an animal. Wolves. That species of animal would then go on to worship that goddess. Because the goddess was being worshiped, she gained power and returned to the living, granting some wolves the powers of other gods. However, there was a side effect to this, as all wolves who held the power of a god would have a marking. A marking that made them different.

Because they looked, and were different, other wolves began to fear the wolves with the gods powers, or *The Marked* as they are more commonly known.

Packs were formed, and The Marked became hated in most packs, oppressed, and distant...

After the marked had been forced to stay silent for so many years, they are now ready to fight back. Ready to die. Ready to *rebel.*
This is Rangers Forever, a newly made power rangers roleplay. Based off of the franchise plenty of people loved in the 90s.

We offer:
A fun, rotating cast of original characters
A storyline inspired just from the well-loved boom comics
Semi-literate RP style
Im welcoming anyone and Everyone who would love to roleplay as a power ranger of our world. Rangers work together to protect the world and theres multiple groups of rangers and all are custom rangers. If your interested then come on down and lets have fun together. LGBT friendly. When i get enough people events will be held and people may gain new special things. Also this is an anime style power rangers like sailor moon and power rangers had a beautiful baby.
🔥 Welcome to the Elemental Battlegrounds! 🔥
🌊 A world where us humans control the forces!🌊
🍃 Turn into a Ferocious Dragon, or a battle a god in your very brain!🍃
⛰️ The power of the realm is in the hands of you and yourself only..and, your clan!⛰️
⚡ A Roleplaying server with a fun community and bots! ⚡
✨ Join Today! ✨
---------+•𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝘼𝙗𝙮𝙨𝙨+•----------

Abyss is a world, plagued by a 𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚔 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚙𝚊𝚒𝚗𝚏𝚞𝚕 past, formed by a few profit-seeking gods,
ruined by corrupt governance and constantly being plagued by a poisonous mist.
Citizens of the New Abyss have been blessed with super powers, that can be used for good,
or evil.
This eery world is full of mystery, freedom, opportunity and more!

=Decent, Comprehensive and Interesting lore, with immense potential to expand.

=Liberal Character customization and creation

=Supportive and respectful admins and mods

=Currency System (with shop)

=Jobs and occupations that pay in-game currency such as
•Chef And several more!
with unique salaries and earning capacity!

=Well-designed city plan, with a plethora of different locations such as:-

💠 Wastelands
💠 Major city's locations ( Jails, hospitals, clothing shops)
💠And many many many more!

=Interactive server events and activities!

=Various fun server channels like:
💠The gallery
💠Currency-earning areas
💠General chat and fun! (pssst. memes)

=Extremely inclusive and supportive community!

=Story Progression and other good stuff thumbsup

We strive to make this a fun environment for everyone, so please come join Abyss!

Please note that we are a Up and coming server! relatively new to the scene and require YOUR
support to provide the best possible experience for everyone!
Your goal is to take over this server exploiting the anarcheic-like structure. Manipulate mods and admins into giving you power, or create factions with large followings. Choose your enemies carefully, as they could possibly ruin your discord life on this server. Obtain slaves or partners for your groups and push them to their farthest. This is the Anarchy Notepad, scribble in your own stories and fight for power!
Camp is more than just some summer camp where people send their teens to get rid of them. This is a place were they collect those anomalous, under the disguise of a camp. They control them here because of the way they are anomalous usually has something to do with *coughs* sexual affairs.
| Welcome to Camp 79! |

Camp 79 is an attempted remake of both Camp 7 & Camp 9, Camp 79 takes place after the war of the previous camps.

Camp 79 offers lots of new things

【✔】Better Organized Roles

【✔】New Lore

【✔】Story development overtime

【✔】New Gods

【✔】Better experienced Staff

【✔】Active Owner, Clean Moderation
And more!

+So please come join Camp 79+
⚫Welcome To Eternal⚫

This server is based around the samurai era.

≽Currency System (Coming Soon..)
≽Unique Cities
≽Sword Fighting
≽Powers & more!

Eternal is a place for freedom but also opportunity, become the greatest swordsmen, become a theif, explore the lands and maybe find treasure, the world is yours! Come join Eternal today 😁

[Small server that could use your help]
Experience true power as you control an entire server. Take control and liberate yourself from the shackles of mediocrity. The power is in your hands. You are the Admin.
In Silverwind high or well...the country, not alot of people are fond of those with special abilities. Some years ago, people with special abilities/powers were kicked out of their homes, now stated "illegal", and forced to move. But, some "specials" hid out, and are hiding their powers till this day. Anyone that is "special" is considered an outlaw. After generations, people with special abilities are uncommon, "extinct" you could say... or that's what people think. A ambitious group of kids (the roleplayers hahaha) decided to form a group to make those with powers legal again.
Join one of the many houses or create your own. Fight in wars and negotiate dangerous decisions. The Current King is Tywin Lannister and there are many spaces open for grabs! Join today!
look you get administrator permissions the moment you join. do whatever you want, nobody is stopping you.
Join to express you're inner white power, and some good pictures ;)