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Welcome to La'More Crew ! A RDR2 inspired server where you can live out your wildest dreams: be whatever you want This is a tight knit community with simple rules we are constantly recruiting We do all story and stranger missions,Our only requirements are that you are 18+ active, we also hunt and fish. Hope to see you there! So come on in, get comfy and let's make ideas! If you would like to become a posse member join our discord server
Be apart of a new active community and be some of the followers for the new bo4 myth busting discord group
Home of the Provim Crew, We are Gamers who post news, develop games, host servers, own websites, and stream ... So yeah, a lot! Join in to find new friends and meet people to play games with! We aim to make gaming a more fun experience in any way we can.
A server for my twitch channel! We come here to chat, meet new people, have fun and to get updates where us streamers go live on twitch!
New online version of Google's offline T-Rex. Play against your friends and share your high scores in our dedicated channel.
GTA Online PS4 role play community that is looking for active members to join to have patrols every evening GMT have to be 15+

This is a dating server for everyone and anyone looking for a partner. We are open to everyone. Join to start dating!
Ihr sucht eine aktive deutsche Gilde um zusammen Albion zu spielen?
Dann seid ihr bei uns den Drachenrittern richtig.

Wir sind eine Community bestehend aus 80 Spielern und sind stätig am wachsen. Außerdem sind wir in einer deutschen Allianz bestehend aus 6 großen Gilden die 280 Spieler ergeben.

Wir suchen jederzeit weitere Kompanen ob neu oder erfahren und bieten begeisternde Gildenevents sowie regelmäßiges PvP als auch PvE.

Wenn ihr mal reinschnuppern wollt könnt ihr unseren Server jederzeit besuchen und unsere offiziellen Channels benutzen.

Mit besten Grüßen

Die Drachenritter
Welcome to the Appalachia Empire! We are a small faction looking to spread Peace throughout all of Appalachia! With our handpicked leadership and loving family, you’ll fit right in here! Ad Imperii Gloria!
Willkommen auf den Ofizielen Discord Server - vorteile .-Tunire ,-Musik Bots und viel mehr ..
Server for fans of either Splatoon or Pokemon. It's a friendly community with voice chats, resources to help you get started playing either franchise and a place to talk to like minded people!
Wir sind ein gaming und yt Server und würden uns freuen wenn du hier auf unseren Server joinen würdest PS: Raimbo
This server is used for Minecraft gameplay of No Sleep Official MC Factions server, (Minecraft server not yet released!)

If you want to join NoSleep Official
here is the link:
The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
Server con lo scopo di far divertire chi entra.
Numerose stanze dove potersi connettere e giocare in compagnia.
>gaming ( brawlstars,overwatch,paladina,Minecraft,CS:GO e molto altro )
>carriera all'interno del server con diversi ruoli

Vi aspettiamo
This is a fun NEW server with really cool people who are looking to make friends, or maybe more. We have good laughs and just enjoy being ourselves. Join us! 😊
Welcome to the Asuna Alliance! This is a relaxing place to hang out and worship Asuna in every way possible! Discussion of the anime is welcome as well! Enjoy your time here!
Hello there! Are you looking for an active (most of the time) and interactive Bomberman Server? Well, look no further, because Bomberman Netplay is here! We hold monthly contests, and use 'Parsec', a free application that lets you connect to other people's computers and play as if you are sitting right next to them! Like what you're reading? Come and join now!
Ditto's Voicechat Tournament is a server built around playing Super Smash Brothers, we have plenty of amazing players, cool and helpful mods, and just like to have fun playing Smash Bros!
Due to the official "A Hat in Time" discord being rather bad with the mods being too quick on the draw with the ban hammer, I've made myself an unofficial discord for the game!
Welcome to The FirePlace! this is my discord server where we will host events for games and just have a good time! increase your roles using the mee6 leveling system and earn a reputation!
Sakurai Saturdays is a smash ultimate based server that hosts an online tournament every Saturday. It is also a place to connect with p beeople who like gaming and smash and to just screw around in.