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【Welcome to Nerdy Unity】

Nerdy Unity isn't like other community servers out there. Tbh we just goof off a lot, some of us decide to drink off our problems, we have tons of Stoners, LGBT+ members, Furries, and so many more surprises in the form of humans. Here are some of our other perks:

♡~ Vaporwave/Retrowave aesthetic

♡~ Well-developed leveling system

♡~ Super sweet and helpful staff

♡~ Constant support from other members

♡~ Self assigning roles to build a server YOU want to see.

♡~ Constant events, random giveaways and there is almost always a VC to join.

We may be small, but we have a lot to offer. Come give us a chance. I promise it will be worth your time.
Welcome to Wendycord, a SFW server. We are nice, kind, against hate, hate-speech, bullying, trolling and discrimination. NSFW content isn't allowed. Our community is caring, and accepting of any people, plural or singlet, regardless of race, gender, sex, ethnicty, ability, and religion. We prohibit apologia of bad things such as cannibalism, incest, pedophilia, and animal cruelty/abuse, and anything else along those lines. We are an anti capitalism and anti facism server. You can talk in the provided channels about the goth aesthetic, Spider-Man, TTYD, Tabletop/fantasy, and Pokémon! Discuss broader topics in our cafe channel! Enjoy coffee, or tea. (metaphorically or not) If you stop by, enjoy yourself! Wahoo!
We are a community who understand people have differing ideas and opinions and encourages mature discourse. We like making connections, talking about nerdy things including Tolkien and Psychology, and otherwise goofing off. If this sounds like you, bring your ass.
Just a chill server for friendly nerdy christians = )

*Smash Ultimate
*Animal Crossing

*movie nights
*faith discussions
*open to all denominations and those seeking
안녕, 你好, こんにちは! Join the Drama-Llamas server to experience a new world of nerdy, quirky, conversations about your favorite topics!

What We Offer:

🦙 Fun Bots
🦙 Great Drama/Show/Movie Recs!
🦙 Entertaining Chats
🦙 Drama updates!
🦙 Dj Sessions(?)
🦙 Memes
🦙 Music Recs
🦙 Occasional Art Sessions(?)
🦙 Food Pics & Recs
🦙 And more!
Just an advertising server. Want premium advertising? Easy! Just boost our mother server, no money paid to the owner involved. Come on in and enjoy your time!
A fun server with over 60 different channels, learn different languages or talk about games with the other Members!
Hi. This is probably always going to be a small server feel. It's a community made for introverts and working adults who just need to chill and relax without a lot of stimulus, like a coffee house. We have lots of different flavors to choose from :)

-We're gonna do movie nights in the future
-we have pokemon bots
-music bot! \o/
•Here is a community of people coming together by there common interests in food, music, movies, anime, and all Things nerdy!
•we don’t discriminate
•all are welcome
•we have events, clubs, giveaways, movie nights and card nights!
•guaranteed to have a good time with good people!
•we are a new server but we hope to grow into a larger community of people coming together in a world that is so separated
Welcome to Nintendo League! A chill fun laid back little server that's mainly Nintendo focused, but also involves other interesting topics. Since we know us Nintendo nerds can be fans of more than one thing just like any person. We have channels for Movie and tv show discussion, channels for music and art, fun stuff like Infinite Counting, even a pet sharing channel (SEND US CUTE PET PHOTOS!). Don't you worry though we have plenty of fun channels that focus on just Nintendo gaming if that's all your here for! Plus we have gaming general for all the other big players! Such as Sony, Microsoft and Sega! We hope you enjoy your time in our crazy town of a server!
Hey there! Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Then this server is for you! Welcome to MKwitch's Online Quarantine Camp! It's just like summer camp, but online! Join one of four cabins for some fun and mischief, chat with other people in the same situation, participate in the daily camp activity, and much more! The more, the merrier!
Le Luna is a new and growing server that strives to be nice and drama free. A nice place to join if you want to relax and meet new friends. This server is slightly on the gothic side but we will welcome all kinds of members, apart from toxic ones. I hope you enjoy this server if you join!
We're a nerdy semi-private hangout server with a focus on some marginalized communities. We're allied with and cater to those with mental health struggles, plurals, LGBTQIA+ people, and to some extent left-leaning people. We're also just a general place for people to hangout if you don't fit into one of the above.
Just a friendly, general server. Come in and say hi! Help to build a community and share your experiences, especially if it is new and exciting!(We're mondo into warhammer 40k, justsayin)
Want a cool server with nerdy stuff? well trash life is the server for you! we have memes, cursed images, gaming chats, and cringy chats head on over to Trash life today because we are all a bunch of meme loving nerds we love D&D, and more come join us!
Welcome to NDC!! Here are our rules!

1. You must be 18 years or older!
3. Dont be a Douchebag. We are all adults. Let's act it.
4. No drama! Again. We are all adults let's act it.
5. Zero tolerance of body or kink shame will be allowed. Any kind of shaming will result in immediate removal and ban.
6. We like to get steamy. But keep it controlled. Dont get overly thirsty.
7. Admins have the right to remove anyone at any time. They do not need to explain their decisions to any of you.

NOTE: Any issues please come to any admin and let us know! Provide screenshots if needed!

Welcome to the Madhouse! This is a group for 18+!! We like to have fun and show some skin! Great place for flirty fun! Enjoy!
hey hey, Nerdtropolis is a place where you can unwind and have fun with your fellow nerds! we have friendly staff who is always there to help out and is always open for new ideas. we are a small community where you can unwind, talk about movies, tv shows, games you name it. we also have quite a few roleplay channels that you are welcome to dabble in. most important of course is that you're having fun in the community and make some great new friends, we hope to see you pop by soon!
This is the Liberecostani Republic's not. His name is "Disboard". He helps people find our country from looking it up!
A server on which you can chat with others about nerdy sci-fi things, games, memes, and other random things. (Do note, we are very new and I am still figuring this out, we have no members yet so please be nice). :)