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Welcome to CHPRP!
We are a small and growing Fivem community, we offer a non ESX, semi-realistic friendly roleplay community!

Our Staff Team:
Owner - James
Staff Manager - ToxicMines
Staff Manager - Bosco C.
Head Admin - T. Marsh
Head Admin - Em, D
Head Admin - Crazzy
Head Admin - AstroLiam
What we have to offer:
Here at CHPRP we offer a great place to role play and so many endless opportunities.
We offer 1 Big department and you are able to choose between many sub-divisions.

Currently, we only have Motor division but we also have many sub-divisions to come.
We would love for you to join our amazing community and we are hoping to grow as much as we possibly can!
If you are interested in joining our community you sure can!
Just click on the link below to join
hello i am one of the directors of a new server in development called Apprentice roleplay we are based around xbox and like i said above we are still in development stages we need 4 dept heads for lspd sasp and safr as well as dispatch that are above to age of 13 our discord link is
Welcome to the US Navy.

We have:
- Music
- Tactical military experiences
- SEAL Teams
- Rank system
- Free range of weapons
- Developing community
- Popular media
- Memes and much more!
**DFE2003 gangYT**
Humble & chill gaming community with a well developed discord server , hosted by the one and only DFE2003 who currently sits on 1.2k subs!

🔰 Features:

👮🏼 Friendly Staff Team
🤖 Bot Channel
🎵 Music Bot
✍ Feedback Channel
🎮 Gaming Category
📝 Staff Applications
🎨 Art Gallery
🎉 Self Assign Roles
🔢 Many roles
😂 Gifs, Memes and Pics

Currently featuring daily music vc parties!

**Looking for Staff! Especially PMS PLS DM FOR MORE INFO**


What are you waiting for, come join the fun today!
Jzdoo's official discord server.

Welcome to the doods! Jzdoo's official discord server.

Stay for permanent luck boost.

Horizon Network | Whitelisted FiveM Roleplay Community

So who are we and why should you join us?
We are the Horizon Network, established back in March of this Year. Our community has been based upon the principles of professionalism and realism since our launch. Horizon Network has been whitelisted since March on FiveM, and is based on the State of New York. Our community relies heavily upon community interaction, but our strong community has never failed us. From custom made vehicles, to custom scripts and buildings, our community has it all. We never fall short of our expectations and remain consistent in our goal of providing entertainment to our members.

►Custom Features
►Realistic Roleplay
►Controller support
►Superb Non-ELS & ELS emergency fleets
►Custom MLO Interiors
►Exclusive EUP featuring custom emergency clothing, civilian clothing and accessories.
►Multiple law enforcement and miscellaneous departments
Are you looking for a well put together server? Are you wanting a place to rank up based on performance? I am excited to bring everyone a new and simple to use FiveM server! We are looking for members to join all departments. San Andreas State Troopers, Blaine County Sheriff Department, San Andreas Fire Department, San Andreas Communications Department, and of course Civilian Department. JOIN TODAY!!!

We have:

- Whitelisted Departments
- Random Giveaways
- Custom LEO Liveries
- Friendly and helpful staff
- Police ranks
- Custom cars
- and much more


- Working Microphone
- PC
- No age limit but must be mature
- Respect the rules
- Follow Chain of Command

San Andreas State Troopers and BCSO NEEDED

What are you waiting for? Join our ever expanding community TODAY!!!!
bonjour et bienvenue dans notre communauté vous êtes tous les bienvenue et je vous demande d'êtres très respecteux envers d'autres personnes et respecter les règles et tout se passera dans la joie et la bonne humeur, merci et bienvenue amusez vous bien les ami(e)s
----- To Satisfy Your FiveM Needs! ----
---------- Cheap Patreon Keys! ----------
----------- Looking for partners! ----------
---------------- 100% Free! -----------------
Juegas GTA online pero no tienes con quien?
Este servidor de GTA es para ti, acá encontraras gente para poder jugar contigo y poder hacer las misiones que necesites
GTA Grinders is a discord server for people who like to legitimately grind Grand Theft Auto Online.

It is a place to find people to help with jobs, heists, businesses, and daily challenges or to just chat about GTA.
◢ ◤ Xbox’s Finest Roleplay ◥ ◣

------------------------------------------------About Us
Xbox's Finest Roleplay Is A Brand New Grand Theft Auto Xbox Roleplay Server Which Was Founded By An Experienced Set Of Roleplayers Who Focus On Bringing You The Best Roleplay Experience You Can Get.
The Roleplays Are Set In The Fictional State Of San Andreas, Which Is Home To Such Places Like Los Santos And Blaine County
The Type Of Roleplays We Create Are Life Roleplays, Meaning Anyone Can Do Almost Anything! We Carry Some Restrictions For Certain Ranks In Order To Teach New Players The Basics Of Roleplay. For Experienced Players We Offer A Probationary Period To Ensure You Get Your Deserved Rank For Your Skill Level.
Because We Are A Life Roleplay We Need Police So You Can Apply To Help Us!


Departments Include
➥ Los Santos Police Department
➥ Blaine County Sheriffs Office
➥ San Andreas Highway Patrol
➥ Los Santos Fire Department
➥ Civilian Operations
➥ San Andreas Communications Center


Even Though We Are A Small Community Give Us A Chance To Show You What We're About
A GTAV PS4 Role-playing server. We are a new role play server that are in need for members and staff. Join today for a nice and fun Role-playing.

Must have knowledge of CAD/MDT
Welcome to the M C D O N A L D ' S D R I V E T H R U

Would you like fries with that?

What we offer:

-Active VC
-Small but friendly community
-osu!, Minecraft, GTA V, and many others
-International Community
-Nitro giveaway in the future?

𝓗𝓸𝓹𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓼𝓮𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂 𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓷
Welcome to [ARP] American Roleplay, we are a new community bringing you a lot of things. We are looking for civilians, police officers, and ems.

-----Whitelisted Jobs-----
∙ SASP (San Andreas State Police)
∙ SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department)
∙ Dea (Drug Enforcement Agency)
∙ Tow

-----What we have to offer-----
∙ 4 owners
∙ Active Staff
∙ Civilian Clothing
∙ Addon cars
∙ Very well trained officers
∙ Legit Roleplay
∙ Money washing
∙ Robberies
∙ Drugs
∙ Cad/MDT
∙ Properties

-----Basic ARP Rules-----

∙ Fear RP- Means that you are to fear your life at all times, example if there are 2 guys aiming a gun at you, you will not run from them or pull a gun out.

∙ No RDM or VDM

∙ No Meta Gaming ( using outside knowledge in your RP! This seriously degrades and can straight up destroy someone’s scene)

∙ No nude peds are allowed

∙ Racism is not tolerated, You will be banned!

Join the server today and give it a try.
We're the Unofficial LSPDFR Support Server! If you have any issues regarding LSPDFR, RagePluginHook, GTA V or need advice/help installing something, we can help!

We have:

- Memes
- Plugin update announcements
- Public support channels
- Private support tickets
- A helpful FAQ!
- Major plugin developers as partners (BejoIjo, SuperPyroManiac, Sebi etc.)
- Dedicated staff and support team
- A friendly, active and helpful community!

We hope to see you soon!
Do you love cars? Do you love GTA? Are you looking for others who do too?

Well then this server is the right for you.
We have nice staff, and we do daily meets in GTA: O or FiveM
Now you can finally show your builds off to other people that love cars too!
And best of all, you wont risk getting blown up by some guy on a flying bike.
Because we do closed session car meets!
Un serveur tout frais, tout beau tout neuf ! Sur lequel nous essayons de créer une communauté active.
N'hésitez plus ! Tous les goûts sont permis ! Nous vous attendons nombreux !
FIVEM / +18
~Rejoignez-nous !
Welcome to NightFall RP - vMenu based & Unique!
We are happy to welcome you to our community which is known for fun, professionalism & realism. Founded with the goal of providing and maintaining a friendly impressive and comfortable atmosphere for all within. We do this by developing and seeking the highest quality and most up to date resources.

This is a server where your roleplay sessions are going to an endless amount of fun with our various custom assets, addon-vehicles, outfits and the least amount of restrictions regarding Roleplay Scenarios.

However, we are more than just a gaming community. We’re a community where everyone's voice can be heard and each person can create their story. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from others.

Since the early development stages, there's been a countless amount of hours put into our server. It's all about providing our community a fun roleplaying experience, we're always open to suggestions that will make your roleplay experience incredible.

Civilian Services:
In our world, everybody begins as a citizen of San Andreas. Through this world you will progress and evolve as you take on the world. We strongly encourage creative, fun and unique roleplay and differ from non-criminal roleplay. This is to create a roleplaying experience in our server, which is more friendly and brings a less competitive atmosphere that frequently detours people from roleplay communities. However we do like good criminal roleplay, who doesn’t?

Law Enforcement:
You'll gain the ability to apply for and work for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services within the state after applying for and completing the necessary training. We are proud to operate a law enforcement agency with professional & dedicated officers within the community. Enforcing law & order is our daily routine which consists of chasing law breakers, assisting people, providing assistance & patrolling the neighborhood.We live to protect our community and hope you will some day too!

What are you waiting for? Join us today! :)

Join our Discord:

- NightFall RP
Come as guests, stay as family.
Siemka, chciałbym cię zaprosić na nowo powstały serwer MetropolisRP
Znajdziesz na nim:
- ❤ Miłą Administracje ❤
- 🌴 Duży Poziom RP 🌴
- 💎 Medium Ekonomię 💎
- 💸 Brak P2W 💸
- 🚗 Szeroki Wybór Importów 🚗
- 📋Otwarta Rekrutacja Na LSPD/EMS/BCSO/LSC/ORG/FIRMA 📋
- ⛔ Otwarta Rekrutacja Do Administracji ⛔
- 👔 Dużo Customowych Ciuchów 👔
- 🎓 Start 08.07 - 16:00 🎓
𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒯𝑜 𝒞𝑜𝒹𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝒹 𝒢𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑔!
We Are a FiveM VRP/Vmenu based RP server, and are looking for New Players!.
What We Offer:
★ 64 Slots
★Good RP
★Good/Active Staff
★10+Custom Jobs
★100+Addon Vehicles
★Dedicated community
★Sheriff, State Troopers, Fish & Game, Corrections Department.
★Custom Police Vehicles
★Open LEO And EMS/FIRE App’s

Basic Rules:

★No Racism
★No Disrespect Towards Anyone


We are looking for LEO’s,EMS, FIREFIGHTERS and Civilians to join our community, if you are looking to be a dedicated LEO,EMS or FIREFIGHTER, Code Red Gaming is the FiveM server for you!. We take this very serious, we work hard to provide a good and well made FiveM RP server. stay tuned for more updates on our server in the future!
The official Discord server for the beloved modder Bejoijo. He has created the "must have" mods for LSPDFR such as Stop The Ped and Ultimate Backup. Some of the main attractions of the server are:

- Dedicated team to provide support.

- An in depth FAQs.

- Make suggestions for his plugins.

- Community channels to socialize with members.

- Ability to promote your LSPDFR videos when you're using Bejoljo's mods.

- Up to date information pertaining ti Bejoljo's work.

- Friendly and active staff.

- Star Wars themed droids/bots!
We are a small community, hoping to grow. We are alpha chads of the fourth Reich.
The games we are play are:
> Rainbow Six Siege
> Csgo
> sometimes hoi4
> Coolmathsgames <- Elite game

Join us or I will take your dog hostage.
———\\**Bayle City rp**//———

**Serveur session sur invitation et les vocaux sur discord**
**Pourquoi nous rejoindre**

*-Un serveur en pleine ébullition avec un staff présent

-Des bots bien configuré et modifier pour vous accompagner dans votre expérience rp

-Une lspd rp avec des règles bien fixées

-Des convois de fond organisés une session sur deux/ convois fédéral

- Un système d’assemblée crée spécialement pour notre serveur

-Un système d’illégal mûrement réfléchi avec plusieurs type de drogue, un darknet ,un receleur, des scènes crée par les admin une à deux fois par session pour vous donner une bonne expérience rp*

-**Il nous manque plus qu’une chose vous**

**Comment devenir citoyen**

__**Comment S'inscrire ?**__

*Pour vous inscrire vous devez tout d’abord lire les salons des* **règles et apprendre les règles en appuyant sur la réaction dans règle-discord !**

*Ceci fais vous pourrez directement passez à l'examen, vous irez dans le salon éxamen, vous cliquez sur le lien est vous faite votre examen, lorsque ce sera fait prévenez les staff en les mentionnant mentionnant!*

*Une fois cela fait vous accéderai à des salons qui vous permettront de passer votre entretien oral si vous êtes accepter vous pourrez entrer dans le serveur*

Merci à vous lien du discord —> @everyone