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Smiles Solutions

Smiles Solutions is a CAD/MDT Company that started in October 2019 by Mr_SmilesMore#5714. We are a small company that has started and hopes to grow in the near future! We offer many different CAD/MDT systems that are affordable for everyone!

What Smiles Solutions Offer:

❱ CAD/MDT for sale
❱ Amazing and affordable,
❱ Free CAD
❱ Server Advertising
❱ Partnering
❱ Open Staff Positions
❱ Highly Trained / Helpful Staff
❱ Giveaways and Deal of The Days
❱ Much More!!

Please consider joining, even if you are not interested in buying a CAD.

Server link: or
✔️Extremely Cheap Recoveries and Modded Account
✔️Get RP and Online Cash
✔️Safe and Reliable
✔️Free Money Drops
✔️Frequent Giveaways
✔️Friendly staff & community
✔️Version: 1.50

Cheap recoveries For £1 you can get 250 million dollar
Free Rewards, Invite people to the server and get rewarded with in-game GTA5 money

A server that is dedicated to the GTA 5 gamer on the PS4. We take a minimalistic approach to the server so that players don't get overwhelmed by too many channels.If GTA is not on your mind, we have now expanded to include all the latest games such as RDR 2, Apex Legends, Anthem etc to mention a few.
Hello and welcome to United Roleplay we are excited to have you!!! I know you are excited to start roleplaying and we hope you choose us!!!

You may be asking what do we offer?
We offer a wide varieties of things, including the following:
Police officers with divisions (ex SAHP LSPD BCSO AIR ONE SWAT AND MORE)
Offer trainings for them, the most realistic training you will find out there
We offer civilian/criminal where you give the cops some grief!
We also offer trainings for them too, but those aren’t required!
We have multiple YouTube channels as well as a website coming very soon!
Please make our holidays and join United Roleplay!!!
Do you need Modding Services on GTA V PS3?
Well, Welcome to Virtual Modding Team [VMT] where you can purchase modding services and enjoy yourself with our members.

We also have help for modding games!

- Advertisment Channels 📜
- Modding Chats 🔓
- Mods drops 📌
- Invite Rewards 🎊
- Modded Account Giveaways! 🎉
- Gaming VCs! 🔊

We need:

Moderators 👀
And good members!
We provide many online GTA-V services such as money, levels, stats, unlocks, and accounts.
✔️Cheapest Recoveries
✔️Get RP and Online Cash
✔️Safe and Reliable Service
✔️ Money Drops
✔️Friendly staff & community
-Welcome To GTA V Recovery Services

-We Offer

✔️Cheapest Recoveries
✔️Get RP and Online Cash Fast
✔️Safe and Reliable Service
✔️Free Money Drops
✔️Friendly Staff & Community
✔️Version: 1.50

-If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns Please Join The Our Discord Server And Make A Ticket We Will Be Happy To Help You.
***Redline Racing Roleplay***



Hello, I am MrColdSticks. Today I will be showcasing my new server Redline Racing.

Redline Racing is 100% centered around the cars guys and it’s sole purpose is to live that car life, and get into the car community. We offer over 300 + cars, XP system, Careers like HotPursuit Units, Mechanics, Tuners and more.


_Police ¥ Medic_


As a officer your job will to keep the streets safe, enforce the speed limits, eliminate the drugs , and stop the criminals from tearing up the city. Each officer will be assigned a HotPursuit unit as a default car and as you rank up you will unlock faster and more powerful cars.

As a medic your job will to assist those in need, Rescue those that need saving, reassure those who are hurt that everything will be okay because you are there to help! (Same goes for fire)


Car Scene


While you are in the server there will be many things you will need to do in order to make the most of what you do starting with

Maintenance on your vehicle.

You will be required to maintain your vehicles

Oil levels

Coolant levels

Transmission levels

Brake levels

Failure to do so will slow down your vehicle and it will perform like crap. To keep vehicle uptodate you will either need to see a mechanic or tuner .

Next Vehicle Mileage System: (beta)

Your vehicle will have miles just like real life

Changing fluids won’t slow the process down but it will keep your vehicle up to speed when it starts to get older.


*There’s many more things to look out for, as illegal parts etc that you can only buy with black chips*

Join us today we are still in development and are looking for , Staff , Devs , Designers , Streamers , Officers , Medics , etc
We're the Unofficial LSPDFR Support Server! If you have any issues regarding LSPDFR, RagePluginHook, GTA V or need advice/help installing something, we can help!
Welcome to Rebel Roleplay! We're a brand new server and we're launching a new format to GTA-V Roleplay. Cops, Civs, Fire/EMS, Business owners, or pretty much anything that makes us stand out from the rest! Experience is a must, but we don't mind training new people if your serious about it. We're starting to lift off the ground and will be the biggest server in roleplay! Thank you for choosing Rebel Roleplay.
PC GTA5 Recovery Services, CHEAP Modded Outfits, FREE Money Drops

-Modded Outfits
-Modded Accounts
The one-stop-shop for anything Grand Theft Auto Online modded related.

We offer:
- cheap and fast recoveries
- frequent modded lobbies
- undetected mod menus
ArmaniaRP est un serveur RolePlay français sur le jeux GTA V. Ils utilisent FiveM. Le serveur est en développement.
What we got to offer in-game

Cad System
Custom Liveries form our Texture Devs
Easy Applications
Great Staff
24/7 Server / 24/7 Support
DOJ like Scripts
Customs Cars
Donor Perks

Hello people! Today we are bringing you a new amazing roleplay experience, within the streets of New York.

We wish to inform you that a new server is now on the list of FiveM, but this time we take the roleplay to New York City.

Here is some valuable information you may need on your journey to understand our city more.

It's two sides of the law, you pick which one you will stand in, will you become the next Kingpin or will you become the next NYPD Commander!
Or maybe you just want to hang out with your friends at our local bar up in the county? Grab some beers and have some fun!
Maybe you want to feel the adrenalin with doing drag races, drifting or maybe even street racing and much more!

Remember we also have 24/7 support team if needed, we also provide so much more
I will tell you this you can be anything you wish to be on NYDOJRP the best place to start your future.

Why don't you come join us?
Welcome to our GTAV money drop and CS:GO and other popular gaems discord server! We do free money drops and sell private money drops and rp. Join us and get rich in GTAV! We also sell CS:GO accounts and more. You can also generate accounts like Steam, Hulu, NordVPN, Spotify and much more for free!
Hello! This is a new discord gaming community. This is for PC Gamers preferably at the moment, though if you are interested in becoming or being part of an amazing gaming community. You are welcome here!
This server has a soon to come fivem server. Also soon to becoming isle server as well. We welcome anyone above 13+. But we are a little nsfw, so there is a little warning for that as well!
GTA PS4 Criminal is a server in which does heists and mc missions and casino missions too
We are an unofficial LSPDFR looking for staff. Feel free to ask questions and post some photos of your favorite Police cars!