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Introducing a new RDR2 Online Discord community for all Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to join and be a part of. Feel free to chat about RDR2, other games, share memes, talk about other subjects such as food and sports, and also advertise your RDR2 or anything else. Be sure to join this community to keep in touch with others from the community, build reputation within the online community and find out new things about the game that you never knew.
To join just simply follow the link or copy the link and paste it into join server.
This server is primarily for PS4 members but everyone is welcome.
Once you get into the sever just read the rules and then verify yourself in the verification section.

Was oder wer ist The One Syndicate?

“Syndicate”(eng.) bedeutet übersetzt soviel wie Interessenverband /-Gemeinschaft.

Wir sind deutschsprachige Xbox One Spieler aller Altersgruppen und kommen aus ganz Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Wir finden über die Homepage und per Xbox Party-Chat Bekanntschaften und Freunde mit denen wir unter dem Clantag “TOS” zusammen unsere Freizeit beim spielen unserer Lieblings-Games verbringen.
Bei uns besteht nicht der zwang “gut” zu sein oder täglich online sein zu müssen. Wir wollen nur Gamer zusammenbringen und dafür sorgen, das wir in unserer Freizeit Spaß am spielen haben und das auch noch mit freundlichen Leuten.

Joint gleich heute der Platz ist begrenzt da wir es familiär halten wollen ;)


-Ein **Headset**

-Nettes Verhalten gegenüber euren Kollegen

-ein wenig Forum Aktivität wäre schön

-Sinn für Humor und Sarkasmus
Before you join we have already been asked. We are not looking to merge. Entire server voted. Thank you for thinking we are worthy though!
We are an upcoming GTA online roleplay group that is also looking for select HRs for certain teams. Currently looking for someone who is willing to take on the Fire Rescue team as well as EMS. There was already a community for playstation, but not for Xbox, so I asked some friends what they though if I started my own community with them, and they said they would help me.

WNR Security is a coordinated GTA Online RP group, that is Xbox One exclusive for now, dedicated to keeping our clients safe at all costs. Rivals to Merryweather, WNR Security is a new private militia, and we need personnel. So join today!
A professional Xbox One Roleplay group in need of members and even staff!!

This group is professionally set up and needs active members, they are looking for experienced groups to join them as well, to be able to work together and grow to be fun and constantly active.

Woodland Roleplay community has a discord server that gives many Roleplayers much to choose from as far as civilian jobs, gangs and more. There are also many different departments for law enforcement and includes a Fire department and even EMT. All they need is people to fill the spots!👍

Hello I am the founder of TGIL Rolplayers we have, a working CAD, many different departments and staff oppituinties, So come and have a look even if you just want to be Dispatch thats fine, all you need is a working mic (no xbox needed). Once youjoin if you have any qestions you can ask in the ask-staff channel. The Good In Life!


MVRP was founded in May of 2019 we have worked hard to make a server that is setup professionally.

One is able Serve within one of our many departments, or just play as a civilian. Hang out with the other members of our community, and just have fun.

There is an in-game currency set-up through our discord server that is fully utilized as a way of communication from staff to member, and for various role-play actions.

There is also have a custom CAD/MDT system that we user during role-play to keep track of records, and our police officers. Law Enforcement officers have received appropriate training on the CAD & MDT system, It is not too difficult to find your way around. Our system has record databases, officer to dispatch connections, and a civilian page where users can add civilians, vehicles, and customize many other features!

In MVRP, One is able to server in:

Los Santos Police Department
Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sherriff's Office
San Andreas Fire & Rescue Department
If your looking for a dayZ clan/battalion on Xbox join us. We are looking for friendly faces to see and we have a base set for the whole community. We need people that can work together and kill other squads and have good teammates and sportsmanship. We take anyone bandit or hero. No admission or anything just chat with me or an admin (2nd in command) and you are in. We need people who work together not split apart. After all if your gonna want to kill a squad guns isn’t the only thing it’s brains and teamwork too. It’s a team effort. That about summarizes it, I hope to see you soon solder.
Hey everyone. I would like to invite anybody who is looking for a consistent group to play multiplayer Xbox one games with. We are a helpful and patient group.
This group is also just a great social space. Most current games are supported, recommendations welcome, we plan to make this group huge.
We do not heavy any unreasonable rules. Just treat everyone like a friend.
Also disclaimer, this server is nsfw. While there will be no nudity or pornography, our humour can be a but dark sometimes, lol.
If you think you may enjoy this group, feel free to join.
Hi I am the founder of Mysticality, This server that we run is for a game called RICO on Xbox one. We run roleplays on this game. You roleplay as a cop trying to catch the drug lord. From starts to finish you will be instructed by your Sgt and Lt.

If you dont have the game already it costs £15.99 or $20.21

Please come check our server out! :smile:
Hello and Welcome to the OSRP Recruitment Server. OSRP is a community that is located on Xbox One. We want to bring great roleplaying experiences to console players, especially the players on Xbox. Join our discord for more info and to apply to one of our departments.
BRCCHQ is a British roleplaying community on Xbox One that has a civil side as well as a military side to it. You can join this server and become a member easy and simply 😊
Come to hang out or play dark souls with friends. Or if you want just look a memes.
**Please note, members of this server are on Xbox One. Also, if you can't be bothered to answer a 3 question application, don't bother joining. Thanks.**
The Guiding Gunners is a Red Dead Redemption Online Posse group (We do group for other games as well), looking to kick up some dust with new players! Play as yourself, with other people stepping into the lives of a gunslinger or an outlaw! If you're someone who loves the dangers & thrills of the old west, here is a good place to start or continue your journey.
Who we are:
• We are a group of diverse outlaws & gunslingers, looking to have fun in game or in server with others who have similar interests & Like to RP from time to time.
What we're about:
• We help players/members in game with missions, leveling, ect & in server, with possible RDR2 console & server role play.
• We reward member loyalty, respect and hard work, in game as well as in server.
We hope to see you in the server!
**Welcome all**
•Dayz Standalone Xbox One Edition
•Active staff members
•Focused on building teams
•Role Play Servers chat
•Trade, Meet and Greet, Simulation
•YouTubers and streamers welcome
•Chat, grow, build, etc...
California State Role Play is a game-mode that is structured and dedicated to fit the player's needs. Life Roleplay allows players to embark on a journey, making their character turn from a nobody into a somebody, in the San Andreas county, setting light on the city of Los Santos and the surrounding southern state. How you develop your characters is entirely up to you.

If you want all players to be treated equally this GTA 5 RP TOGETHER is the perfect place for you. We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to departments,
where inside of LEO and CIV you can choose what you're destined to be. However, as an LEO you may need to climb the ranks.
Just a short 2-minute application is all WITHOUT a follow-up interview. We value your time and want to get you to the RP as soon as possible.

The discord is filled with tons of amazing features. We even have a custom CAD or Custom information system where you can create the identity of your dreams!
This is a fun and entertaining thing to do with friends or solo!
You WILL make new friends along the way.

Current LEO Departments Include:
- Blaine County Sherrif's Office (BCSO)
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
Dispatch and Communications
Fire and EMS
Air Certified Units
Certified Ground Units
Munitions Experts

Current Civilian Jobs Include:
1. Fast Food Employee - $200/day 2. 24/7 Employee - $200/day 3. Taxi Driver - $250/day 4. Uber Driver - $300/day 5. Bartender - $300/day 6. Fire Fighter - $500/day 7. Paramedic - $500/day 8. Bus Driver - $300/day 9. I.A.A operator - $700/day 10. Lawyer - $800/Case 11. Construction Worker - $300/day 12. Trucker - $300/day 13. Car Mechanic - $400/day 14. Private Security - Differs from clients 15. Parking Inspector - $150/day 16. Pilot - $800/day 17. Drug Dealer - Depends on the sale 18. Street Vendor - $100/day 19. Trades Merchant - Depends on the seller 20. Motel / Hotel Owner - Depends on Their pricing 21. Unemployed - $50/day
Hey Thare, SASRP Is A Professional Xbox one Roleplay Community, We Are A Doj Style Roleplay, But Otherwise Join To Find Out More!!!
This is a server for the youtuber Nos_o made by Nos_o, Discord name is õ]V;hس` óë^ä¢åH–X¹ gʺ +LXÔ|µ“¥#8966 please do not post NSFW or curse/cuss (people say it different) do not ask for ==CO-HEAD== or ==HEAD==
if you play roblox ask for ==ROBLOXIAN== role if you play animal jam ask for ==ANIMAL JAMMER== role.
Best gaming server out there, get to know people, play with them and make new friends!!
Los Santos Life RolePlay is a free to play, friendly and unique Grand Theft Auto 5 Server currently based on the Xbox One and have been open to the public since July of 2017. We pride ourselves on the hard work, time, effort and love that has build the very foundations of such a long lasting and successful community that will stay in the hearts of many for years to come.

We are based out of the United Kingdom but have a player-base ranging all over the world. No Nationality, Race or Ethnic background is discriminated against by any member or administrator within our community to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable time in our community for all our members. Every Second, Minute and Hour that has been put into this community was done for one single reason, to build not just a group of friends, but a family that will welcome, congratulate and help you through your experience in one of Xbox's most dedicated severs.

If that is not enough for you, there are so many more reasons why you should join us. Our CAD/MDT, Media Accounts, Justice System and Progressive Rank System have all been carefully chosen or made in order to produce the very best Scenes and scenarios you could get on a console based server. There is also one major difference between us and other Servers, we offer more than just the basic cop vs civilian "traffic stop, pursuit and repeat" scenarios. We offer you the chance to be whoever you wish to be for as long as you wish with our progressive story lines and banking system. really immerse yourself in what it feel like to go from broke to Billionaire in whatever way you wish; grind you own job, open your own business, or even take the contract and earn easy cash through the dark side of San Andreas, there are absolutely no limitations!

Our Departments
• Los Santos Police Department
• Blaine County Sheriffs Office
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• San Andreas Fire Department
• San Andreas Communications Dept.
• Civilian Operations

What to expect
• Friendly, Dedicated Staff
• A active and regularly updated community
• An In Depth and professional Law Enforcement Academy
• A Top of the range CAD/MDT
• Frequent, Professional and realistic Role-plays
• A Fun, Interactive Community
• Professional Website
• Social Media
• Regular events and mini-games
• Original, custom content (Civilian Rank system, seasons, Justice system, progressive storys, backgrounds and fun events)
• Create and run your own businesses
• Buy almost any building in GTA (COMING SOON)
• DOJRP members and admin within the community
• Friday night Pub-Quiz and stand up comedy/karaoke nights

Economy System
• Buy or sell hundreds of cars and other vehicles we have to offer
• Buy Weapons and Equiptment to assist you in day to day life
• Plan and execute Hiests or robberies with other civilians
• Start up and run your own custom businesses and employ other civilian
• Buy almost any building imgenable to work or live in
• Choose from one of many unique and fun jobs
• Regular events and mini-games to earn money in
• Casino (Sundays only)
• Pub quiz and comedy nights (Fridays only)
• Black Market
• Own CCWs and licenses
• Absolutely no “Pay To Win”
• Fun and unique GTA or Discord based events and mini-games to earn money
• Custom Civilian ranks and descriptions

Thankyou for your time and i hope to hear from you soon,

- Jack C.
A place for Xbox players to look for fellow Xbox players to gameshare with
Hi there we are TNFRP a community based around flying planes on gta v rp we all in the server love planes and that’s why it was made so that people who love planes and plane rp on gta can rp togeather doing something they love. If you yes you would like to join go ahead and join the recruitment server go to the application chat do %apply and fill out an application. Thank you for reading this and good luck.
Hello, My name is Justin. Code Zero RP is a police roleplay server. In this server we aspire to create an educational yet fun environment where people can engage in society roleplay different aspects of life and maybe learn something about different career fields such as Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Medical, etc. So what are you waiting for? Join today!