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Hello we are looking to grow our fan base and our discord server we are friendly bunch of people who play ark on Xbox and we are looking for new players we are looking to those who are active and respectful and mature if your any of these come n join us we will welcome you with open arms and we also have friendly staff :)

We also do pvp weekends for 48hrs of Goofing around having fun and chilling with friends so come on over and see what we have to offer in our cluster we have all the maps including the new map val
A PC server for ARK: Survival Evolved for the Land of The Lost server! Friendly community, cool admins and casual PVP server as a whole with a PVE rules map for builders and PVE players. Reasonable rates, quality of life mods and always working to expand!
This server is for people that play official pvp on ark on xbox so if you play official join and invite anyone you know that plays official pvp
Discord server to Ark Survival Evolved server
[Indigo Universe][X10][Struc HP+Turret DMGX5]
----------Server Settings----------
#Map:The Ragnarok&Valguero
#Stats x10, some stats balanced[Fair play][Solo easy]
#Max player level 199 (Custom level system)
#Max wild dino's level 200
#Fast tame&hatch times
#Quick forge
#Gamma setting open[Type "GAMMA 3.5" in console for better view in dark areas]
#Trees and plants regrow next to structures
#Rock Elemental is untamable
#All Tek items open
----------Server Mods----------
#Custom Level System
#Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
#TCs Auto Rewards
#Better Reusables
#And much more..
----Ragnarok Connect----
#IP Address =
----Valguero Connect----
#IP Address =
:link:Server mod pack here:
:link:WEBSITE[You can download mods manual from here right side of website]
:link:Indigo Universe on BATTLEMETRICS
:link:Ragnarok - Ark Expansion Map
:link:Valguero - Ark Expansion Map
Discord Server for New World RP - RP For You
PS4 | Primitive+ | Valguero Map | PVP with ORP | 64 Slots
Medieval Fantasy Theme | Low Boosted Stats | No Drops

Stats Preview:
> 3.5x Harvest
> 5x Experience
> 5x Taming
> 15x Hatching
> 15x Mature

Offers Include: Currency System, Mystic Shop, Official Towns & Kingdoms, Admin & Player Hosted Events, PVE Starter Town, Quest Tames, and More!

The New World is a place you can make your story.
Who will you become? A Ruler of the Realm, or a resident within the world?
You are the master of your journey. Choose wisely.
Be mindful, the Gods are ever watchful....
▬▬▬๑The Puddle Pirates๑▬▬▬▬
Ahoy there matey! Join an awesome pirate themed community, play awesome games, Listen to music, interact with bots, take part in monthly challenges with prizes, and chat with friends. come join the crew!
▅ ▄ ▂ ▁⚓Advertise⚓▁ ▂ ▄ ▅
⚓Role Play
▅ ▄ ▂ ▁~🐙Games🐙~▁ ▂ ▄ ▅
🐙Ark (Host: RoxyTiger)
🐙League of legends
🐙Left 4 Dead
🐙Maple Story 2
🐙No Mans Sky
🐙Stick Fight
🐙Dota 2
▅ ▄ ▂ ▁🦀Role Play🦀▁ ▂ ▄ ▅
🦀101 Enterprise
🦀Gravity falls
🦀Pokemon Rp
🦀Quiet Little Maid Café
🦀The Paladins
🦀The Outo Kingdom
🦀The Warriors of Nox
🦀The Wondering island
▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁🐠Bots🐠▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆
🐠Discord RPG
🐠Rift Herald
█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █
This discord server is for buying and advertising boss fights on Ark Survival Evolved! We support the all Ark gamemodes and the following gaming platforms:

Xbox One

== Come take a look! Find great people with great deals! ==
This server is for Ark Survival Evolved on mobile. However we also invite PC and console players to but the focus is mainly on the mobile version as not much attention is drawn to it till now. You dont need a tribe, but if you're in one custom roles are available show what tribes you're in and servers (mobile only).
Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5x exp. A fun mix of pve and pvp with admin hosted events every Friday. Weekend color events as well. Join our discord for more information.
Come Join our small growing community we have active players
looking for more active players to join us. I myself the owner has over 4k hour's on ark looking for fun people to play with because I'm very active and my small community. I hope to see you around enjoy your stay.. The Wolfpack is a group of people who play together on many different games. --- PVE for now but we go back and forth with PVP-PVE
only 10 RP Mods:
We are a discord server that takes new ark players and turns them into gods!
- Nenhum mod adicionado;
- Todos os mapas oficiais em cross PVE;
- The Island e Scorched em cross PVP small-tribes;
- 5x (xp, colheita, taming);
- 2x (peso e vida do persongem);
- Comando Gamma liberado para melhor visualização durante a noite;
- Plugin loja ativo, ganhe ambers por tempo jogado e doações para gastar ingame;
- Retirar estruturas a qualquer momento;
- Qualquer um da tribo pode dar imprint em dinos.
Welcome to Dragonia's Forbidden Beast Server. This is a discord server for an Xbox Ark Survival Evolved Server! Join one of the five kingdoms and build, tame, and fight for your place in the kingdoms!
Iron Point
A place to call home, a place to live, explore, and grow
Looking for somewhere to build and expand?
To make new friends?
To learn new content?

Where does everyone meet?-
Here is the official Iron Point server-

What maps do you have?-
Currently we have two servers up and running strong:
Valguero: A brand new map, with some of the best views will ever see, surrounded by mountains instead of an endless sea, wyverns, griffins, and even the new deinonychus!
Ragnarok: One of the most diverse maps for Ark, Ragnarok includes a huge map size, tons of perfect building spots,Wyverns, Griffins, and a stunning and varied environment!

What settings do you have?-
Wild dino levels=300, with tek, wyvern and rock drakes reaching 390.
Harvest amount 5x
Xp Multiplier 7x
Taming speed 10x
Wild dino consumption rate 2x
Mating interval 0.01 (about every 18-20 mins)
Baby Mature speed 50x (about an hour and a half)
Hatching 50x

What are the server ip addresses?-
Valguero map-
Ragnarok Map-

What Mods do you use?-
Currently, here our mod collections through steam
Valguero map mod list:
Ragnarok map mod list:

How Do I join?-
1)Go to steam
2)In the top left, click “view”
3)In the dropdown from “view”, click “servers”
4)In the servers menu, click onto the “favorites” tab
5)In the bottom right, click “add server”
6)Enter the ip address of the server
7)Add this address to fav, and you will have the server on your fav server list in ark!
Hello welcome to Atlantic’s Ocean here we are all friendly and play ark on PlayStation 4. I have a personal server specifically for this discord. The server is boosted but all over the place so that the servers boosts are balanced rather than to OverPowered. Make sure to read the rules and the admin shop!! Enjoy your stay everyone, and just make sure you swim through our ark and make a name for yourself 🦖
หาเพื่อนหาคนคุยทุกคนเข้ามาด้ายยย Thailand
Hey! Sizyxs Server is for our PVE server on the New valguero Map. Friendly admins with logging on. Clusters and events coming soon!

Harvest - 15x
Taming -20x
XP- 30x
Max wild dino is 300

Mod List:

Server ID:
This is only a server invitation to the real deal and hopefully we can start a whole discord based on advertising ARK servers!
The Hunters (Ark) is an Tribe on ark we hunt also we are ready to help new players. We are looking for new members to populate the server and out clan
The Atlantis Cluster is a PvP Ps4 Ark server with a cluster of 3! We are going to be adding Valgeuro as soon as it is released! We have plenty of spots to build and are a fresh new server. Please come down and join us!
Welcome to ARK Trades! We are a trading server that does PvP, PvE, and SmallTribes! We have all platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. We do Dino giveaways.