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Void Ark

Void Ark is a Xbox/Win10 Unofficial PC Ark server that has 4 man tribes and 15x harvesting and balanced PvP!
Server Info:
Tribe Limit ‣ 4
Harvest ‣ 15
Taming ‣ Instant
Max Player Level ‣ 105
Max Dino Level ‣ 300
Custom Drops
Stack Mod
Cross Play
Auto Engram (Except Tek)
Custom Dino Spawns
We hope to see you in our server soon!
Discord ‣
Undying soft RPpvp ark server! Perfect for the PvP player! And the PvE player, who can enjoy the dangers of PvP, keeping the game realistic, while still fulfilling the fantasy part of what players enjoy! Also we host weekly events, and weekly give aways in discord! Come check us out!

We offer GFX and Video edits, if you can do GFX and Video edits and are looking for work, we have a section for it!

Max player level 150
The MisFits Cluster: PS4 Ark Survival evolved

We are a brand new PVP cluster just wiped with a 6 man tribe limit ON the PS4 system.

No Admin Abuse
No Toxic Players
No Pay To Win
Custom Drops

UPCOMING cluster.
Designed for a balanced pvp experience. Normal Dino and player levels. Our drops are loaded with weapons, saddles, bps, structures and ammo. Everything you need to jump right into the end game action. All maps. No weird rules, lots of freedom. 60x Gathering - Instant Tame - Shop - Raid Events - Season 2
Dodolife is a Friendly server where you can play on for some of the most competitive Fibercraft Gameplay but then also just sit down and relax and chill with some people in the server.
Hell yah this server is lit, BUT we do have rules and anyones allowed to join :) we host giveaways dank memer removed
[PC Server] 7 PVE Map Cluster | 5 PVE Map Primal Fear Cluster | Starter Kit | Full In-game Shop | Mature Community| Not for profit | Davidscloud

**Greetings survivors!**

DavidsCloud is community focused on PVE where anyone is welcome to jump in and experience Ark with all the taming, building, and wilderness survival it has to offer. We currently run 7 PVE maps and 5 PVP primal fear maps.

Tame rates are boosted by 10 times the rate of official servers, breeding rates are boosted by 5 times and bonus engram points at each level. We keep the mods simple with Automated Ark, CFK, as well as Eco Trees, Garden, and RP Decor. You can see the list at quick subscription.

We are a non-profit community with the goal to provide servers for every game open to the public. And we ask nothing in return but for our players to have fun. Our servers are hosted in the US and backed by experienced administrators to provide support either through our Discord or forums. We want everyone to feel welcome on our servers and have a pleasant visit. Or, better yet, a pleasant stay. We’ve been around for 5 years and plan to be here for many more.
The Raptor Pack is a community to get to know people and making friends while playing a game you love... We are welcoming everyone!
Welcome To ArkFathers!
The Number One Boosted Server Is Now Returning To Xbox Once Again.
Now Kitted Out With Fully Dedicated Admins And Amazing Giveaways The Fun Is Endless.
So If Your Looking For A Fun New Ark Server Like No Others Then Join ArkFathers Today!
24/7 Gaming is a very addicting, super active, gaming lfg community with thousands of members. Find and meet new people to game or chat with. We host ARK servers, Rust and GMOD but play anything. We have anime chats and nsfw chats memes ETC!
Brand new gaming community.

Here at Guardian Gaming (G.G.), our ultimate GOAL for the future is to be a Worldwide gaming community, connecting all gamers from all backgrounds and platforms. As of right this second we are in the development stage but you can still come reserve your place as a Guardian Gamer and watch the gamer world unfold before your eyes.......PLEASE TYPE ;VERIFY IN THE #GG-VERIFY CHANNEL TO REMAIN IN THE SERVER
Ok Boomer is a growing *Xbox/Win10 cluster. ⇩⇩Read below⇩⇩

50 Slot Rag
50 Slot Rag
50 Slot Extinction
50 Slot Center
50 Slot Center
50 Slot Center
32 Slot Abb
50 Slot Valguero
50 Slot Island
32 Slot Scorched Earth
50 Slot Genesis

Servername: OK Boomer
~ 10x harvesting
~ 11 map cluster (adding genesis on release)
~ Xbox/Win10 crossplay
~ Balanced player stats
~ Infinite player weight
~ Very close official dino stats (boosted stam/weight)
~ Wild 150s (tek 180s)
~ Player 105 (before ascension)
~ Custom drops
~ Boosted beaver dams (For more paste)
~ Infinite structure pickup
~ Half food/water drain
~ Gas lasts 20x longer
~ 6 man (No allies)
~ Full PvP server
~ In-game shop (Uses berrybush seeds)
~ 1000x stacking
~ White drops starters

And much much more listed in the discord ⇩⇩
Decently boosted server, land buying system, physical currency and bartering. Strong lore, experienced role players. Focused on a different experience than your typical pve or pvp servers
A chill server for ARK and Call Of Duty Mobile. Many features like levelled roles are available. Server owner also owns a cool unofficial ARK Mobile server.
RP Realms 18+ Fantasy Server PC

Friendly Community
Weekly Market
Bi-Weekly Events
Experience 5X
Breeding 4X
Mode: PvPvE
Fliers - Yes
Harvest: x6
Taming: x5
Tek - No
Map: Ragnarok

Open date Friday, May 8th,2020 Mod Menu

More information on the discord!
This server is for an Ark Survival Evolved PC dedicated boosted cluster it is 25x and has custom crafting, drops and a stack mod!
Welcome to my ark server! this a friendly role play server were you get to rp with friends, work together to defeat an enemy, tame beasts and creatures alike, along with surviveing.
hey! come along and explore the big place of BASECRAFT! You get alot of things by breaking 1 thing! like a tree, break it with a pick you get 200+ thatch and up to 30 wood, axe switches them, hunger water and weight is thru the roof! we hope you like the server!
Dark Star Imperium is a multinational gaming community created and ran by prior and active military veterans. A hangout to chill, game and have a good time. We are big on PvP and encouraging members to get involved with our many creative projects and events. If you're looking for a good time and something to do please stop on by!
This server is for people that play official pvp on ark on xbox so if you play official join and invite anyone you know that plays official pvp