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This discord allows access to a Nitrado Ark server that is cross platform. This server is encouraged for community building and admin-player interactions through events and shops. No pay to win with cash, points are earned through farming and events.
Greetings everyone. We're a gaming community that aims to play with each other in tribes, guilds, Clans or solving quests together. We use self assign roles for games, so everyone can see what you game, even when you're offline. Hope too see you. Cheers.
We are a Ark related Discord Server. We have fun chats and a place for all the clusters members. There are PvE servers and PvP servers available. A few bots and some structure and you get a fun entertaining place to chat.
The server discord for the ARK Xbox server pvp kings we have maps on our cluster those being Extinction and Ragnarok come join today!
Spaß und Games (Ark, R6, GTA, RDR2, PUBG, LoL, etc.)
Lockere und entspannte Gespräche unter Gleichgesinnten
Tipps&Tricks zu Themen (Games, Adobe etc.)
E-Sports News&Events
Ark Survival Evolved server with the new DLC Extinction, Doesn't matter if you are new or currently been playing ark it doesn't matter. The server is Soft RP so much more easier for new players to Ark Survival Evolved.
Map: Extinction
PvP: Soft RP (Rules in Discord)
Max Slots: 30
- Admin Tools
- Editable Server UI
- Structure Plus
- Seven's Tranq Kit
- HG Stacking Mod
- GateMod
- Seven's Mini-Tweaks
- Burlap Sack Blindfold
- Platforms Plus
- Classic Flyers
Come and talk about Ark with us until it comes out on the switch on 11/30, we need more tribe memebers so join the tribe, experienced and inexperienced members welcome!
A small that's not really restricted to just one topic so do what you want. I want it to become a bug and happy community. Looking for admins.
Hosted servers for Space Engineers, Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, The Forest and others. Also, home of WWE 2k modder AznBlusuazn. Come join the fun here!