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The Saurian Hangout is one of the branch server from The Main Hangout, which specializes in dinosaur themed video games such as Ark, PCE, JWE, and the Isle. As we grow we plan to launch our own ark server along with other game servers as time goes along. We also do giveaway for PCE skins quite regularly! If you want to join then open the door, get on the floor, and join the server like a dinosaur (yes I’m aware that joke was horrible lol).
We're a friendly server of people who just want to have fun while playing ARK: Survival Evolved. We're a new server, so we're obviously gonna have some problems along the way, but we'll work through them!
Iron Point
A place to call home, a place to live, explore, and grow
Looking for somewhere to build and expand?
To make new friends?
To learn new content?

Where does everyone meet?-
Here is the official Iron Point server-

What maps do you have?-
Currently we have two servers up and running strong:
Valguero: A brand new map, with some of the best views will ever see, surrounded by mountains instead of an endless sea, wyverns, griffins, and even the new deinonychus!
Amissa: A up and coming map, with every dino you can imagine! Full of creative scenery and amazing new places to explore, amissa is a new map to all, offering almost any dino you can think of to be at your taming disposal.

What settings do you have?-
Wild dino levels=300, with tek, wyvern and rock drakes reaching 390.
Harvest amount 5x
Xp Multiplier 7x
Taming speed 10x
Wild dino consumption rate 2x
Mating interval 0.01 (about every 18-20 mins)
Baby Mature speed 50x (about an hour and a half)
Hatching 50x

What are the server ip addresses?-
Valguero map-
Amissa Map-

What Mods do you use?-
Currently, here our mod collections through steam
Valguero map mod list:
Amissa map mod list:

How Do I join?-
1)Go to steam
2)In the top left, click “view”
3)In the dropdown from “view”, click “servers”
4)In the servers menu, click onto the “favorites” tab
5)In the bottom right, click “add server”
6)Enter the ip address of the server
7)Add this address to fav, and you will have the server on your fav server list in ark!
Welcome to ARK Trades! We are a trading server that does PvP, PvE, and SmallTribes! We have all platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. We do Dino giveaways.
This discord server is for buying and advertising boss fights on Ark Survival Evolved! We support the all Ark gamemodes and the following gaming platforms:

Xbox One

== Come take a look! Find great people with great deals! ==
A friendly ark server that supports different platforms.
Friendly Community
NSFW (No Nudes)
Custom Roles upon Request from Owner
We'll play games with you
Not many Rules
Hot Girls (A few)
Mist is a newly started server (April 23rd 2019) We currently don't have a cluster due to the server being new, when the server grows we will look into adding it, look on the bright side, everyone will be on the same map which means a lot more pvp! we are hoping to bring to you what you are looking for as we try to make the best experience for every player!

➤ Location: London, UK

➤ x10 T x10 H x10 XP

➤ Baby Related x15

➤ Map: Ragnarok

Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5x exp. A fun mix of pve and pvp with admin hosted events every Friday. Weekend color events as well. Join our discord for more information.
Hello and welcome! We are an ARK sever supporting ARK and all the DLC's and other parts that come with it! We are a work in progress but we will be a full fledged ARK sever! If you like ARK then this is the right place for you!

From the creator of TerraWorld
Welcome to Dragonia's Forbidden Beast Server. This is a discord server for an Xbox Ark Survival Evolved Server! Join one of the five kingdoms and build, tame, and fight for your place in the kingdoms!
(PS4) We're building up our Discord to around 20-40 players before we launch our servers. We are rebuilding the server of Aurora with new owners. The server is almost the same as it once was. Come tag along on our adventure, We hope to see you there.
Salut à tous les Arkeur !

Je me permet de venir vous présenter notre serveur PVE x3 sur ragnarok

En résumé, Eagle Fort c'est quoi ?
Un serveur ARK PVE x3 sur ragnarok avec :
• Taming dinos x3
• Récolte ressources x3
• XP x1.5

Plateforme : PC
Type de serveur : PVE
Date de Création : 1/1/2019
Lien du discord :
Mods installés :

Description du serveur :
• Une communauté (+ou-25ans) active sur discord qui aime l'entraide et s'amuser
• Un staff présent et à l'écoute, ouvert afin de pouvoir améliorer le serveur ensemble

Si vous n'êtes toujours pas convaincus, venez nous dire "bonjour" sur discord,
partager notre bonne humeur et vous serez conquis!

Pour toutes informations me mp sur discord (Sharkey#7813)

On vous attend ! Bon jeu à tous et merci d'avoir lu !
A PC server for ARK: Survival Evolved for the Land of The Lost server! Friendly community, cool admins and casual PVP server as a whole with a PVE rules map for builders and PVE players. Reasonable rates, quality of life mods and always working to expand!
Spaß und Games (Ark, R6, GTA, CoD, The Division etc.)
Lockere und entspannte Gespräche unter Gleichgesinnten
E-Sports News&Events
Im starting this sever and need so help, the first few people to help will become a part of the council (The founding members) If interested join and we can talk about how we want to evolve the server. 16+ *IN NEED OF SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO MANAGE A SEVER*
Discord server to Ark Survival Evolved server
Jungle-Life [PVP]&[PVPVE][X100][Fully Modded][Steampunk]

----Server Settings----
#Map:The Volcano[PVP]&The Center[PVPVE][Cross Ark, Can travel between maps freely with all items staff and stats save]
#Stats Are Around x100, Some Stats Balanced[Fair Play][Solo Easy]
#Max Player Level 500![And More Levels To Income In The Future]
#Wild Dino's level 800+!
#Tamed Dino's level 1200+!!!
#Fast Tame&Hatch Times
#Quick Forge
#Offline Protection Only on The Center, The Volcano map is pure PVP!
#Gamma Setting Open[Type "GAMMA 3.5" in console for better view in dark areas]

----Server Mods----

#All dino's is on the map,Aberration,Extinction,Scorched Earth[Means mantis on lava coast] , Noxious Creatures, Primal Bosses and more.
#Ark Steampunk Mod!HOT🔥🔥🔥
#EcoTrees Mod[can craft&place redwood anywhere and much more decorative stuff to craft.]
#All Items Open+ More Then 1000 NEW items,Armor and Weapons!
#All Tek Items Open and More New Items!
#All Primal Fear Mods installed on server[MAY TAKE A BIT LONGER TO LOAD, MIGHT TIME OUT. if so please try a couple of times till the mods are fully downloaded.]
#Classic Flyers
#Upgrade station[can upgrade items (+1+2+3...)
#Tek Plus[No Durability tek items, means no repairs needed :)]
#Super Trank[knock out even the most powerful dino's 1-2 hits]
#Ultra Stacks
#Dino Tracker
#Tranquilizer Stuff
#DLC & TEK Engram Unlocker
#Gem and Crystal Crafting Forge.
#Improved Loot Creates
#Improved Fishing Loot
#Bitou2k's Binocular
#Bulk Crafters
#Ammo Pools
#Engram Unlocker(Eat and unlock all engrams one click)
#And Much More New Stuff To Explore!

🔗Server full mod pack here:

🎤DISCORD[contact admin here]

🔗WEBSITE[You can download mods manual from here right side of website]


Hope to see you in :)
The server discord for the ARK Xbox server pvp kings we have maps on our cluster those being Extinction and Ragnarok come join today!
Claw Overlords - Ark

As one of the daughter servers for the Claw Overlords we are just an extension of them. Although we don’t have much and have few ideas for where to go with this maybe you can join and help us out. Stop on by the main server and get a better experience with bots and soon to be giveaways hopefully. Anyway you can join us if you’d like to.
Welcome to the realm of Valdra, we are a RP server for a Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One/Windows 10 server.
Come on by we have 5 Lands with one Kingdom within it. Each land can use magic of its origins Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lightning.
We have a great community so come on by and join in on the fun.
The Nexus is a new PVP/PVE Ark Survival Evolved Server Hosted in [US].
The Server has Taming, Harvesting, and Experience Boosts as well as a Item Stacking Mod, Wild creature level cap at 400 and player level cap at 200. World boss and group Events hosted by the admins. Very active PvP Community. Always accepting and welcoming new players. Offering Starter packs to all new players in the server.