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Hello! We are a brand new Ark ps4 server looking for players who don't want everything handed to them but also don't want to waist their lives with the official grinds. Our admin is active and dedicated to improving the server for the people who play it. Come join us in-game to make new friends and have a good time!

★ Hosted by Nitrado (New York, USA)
★ Server Slots: 16
★ ARK Data Downloads Allowed
★ Third Person Allowed
★ Non-Hardcore Mode
★ PVE, No Friendly Fire
★ Crosshair Enabled
★ Floating HUDs Allowed
★ Map Player Location Allowed

★ 30x TAMING
★ DIFFICULTY: 6 [Max Level Wild Dino = 180]


This discord allows access to a Nitrado Ark server that is cross platform. This server is encouraged for community building and admin-player interactions through events and shops. No pay to win with cash, points are earned through farming and events.
Ark Discord Server

🦕The ADS is a server for any type of player on any platform to come and have a reasonable conversation about ark and voice your opinion. You can trade and stuff here too. (We are not responsible for lost items or dinos in scams other then kicking/ banning the scammer!)🦖
Server for a new ARK Server, Admin shop, 35X boost, 10X tame and mature
Welcome to New Dawn ARK! This server I must say was a pain to set up lol. But now to get to the point, all of our staff team (so far) have put a lot of work into seeing this server up and running, we would love any feedback you would want to give. We prefer honesty but of course we will do our best to improve the server. To make this shorter, this server has been something we have all wanted to do and finally got our minds to it. Most of us have had worked with people and we have been staff on multiple other servers learning how to work best with people. After that boring stuff.... Now to the fun So to give this server a more MMO sorta feel. The Solari Mafia will be hosting multiple sorts of things. Such as events, boss raid bases, and a black market. (you can find more information on that in the black market tab) Besides that we would love to give you a warm welcome to this server and hope to see it grow with a good community. We sincerely hope you do enjoy your time on this server!

XP Rates: 4x
Gather Rates: 5x
Dino Taming Speed: 8x

~~ The Black Market ~~
The Black market is run by The Solari Mafia. This is a secret “event” type shop. Around the Island you will find black boxes with the Solari’s flag around them. Look inside to find a Black market pass. Once you find a black market pass please message a Head Admin and they will give you the Black Market Pass tag. Once all the passes have been found the black market will open. Once it opens you will find only the best inside. We will have a secret channel for item that will be held in the black market. If you do find something interesting, make sure to bring you’re pass and money, a Solari member will PM you cords to the secret shop. Make sure to keep them secret from outside eyes or else it won’t be as fun! This will happen 1-2 times a month. There will be no warning to when the boxes will be placed out into the world. Once you get to our shop and you have all the requirements. A Solari member will take your pass and you may enter. Inside you will find shops of all kind. Maybe even a dinosaur trader or 2. You will have 1 hour to make your way through the shop. We will post an announcement in the secret channel an hour prior. There will be 6 passes in total. 3 can be found in the wild, 2 will be rewards from events and 1 will be in a raffle. If none of the ones are found in the wild They will be thrown in the raffles.
Greetings everyone. We're a gaming community that aims to play with each other in tribes, guilds, Clans or solving quests together. We use self assign roles for games, so everyone can see what you game, even when you're offline. Hope too see you. Cheers.
Spaß und Games (Ark, R6, GTA, RDR2, PUBG, LoL, etc.)
Lockere und entspannte Gespräche unter Gleichgesinnten
Tipps&Tricks zu Themen (Games, Adobe etc.)
E-Sports News&Events
This is an Ark Survival Evolved server



-Fun community

- 10 bumps for Special rank and gifts on smalltribes
we're a small group of friends from Australia looking for people to play ark with on our own dedicated server and we do accept people for around the globe :D

--> We have Alliances to join, can form your own tribe, fight with or against us.
--> Friendly moderators
--> Single dedicated sever, will be more in future
--> Can play and listen to music

What We Have Right Now
[1 dedicated server-100 max]

This will be updated regularly :D
The server discord for the ARK Xbox server pvp kings we have maps on our cluster those being Extinction and Ragnarok come join today!
Ark Survival Evolved server with the new DLC Extinction, Doesn't matter if you are new or currently been playing ark it doesn't matter. The server is Soft RP so much more easier for new players to Ark Survival Evolved.
Map: Extinction
PvP: Soft RP (Rules in Discord)
Max Slots: 30
- Admin Tools
- Editable Server UI
- Structure Plus
- Seven's Tranq Kit
- HG Stacking Mod
- GateMod
- Seven's Mini-Tweaks
- Burlap Sack Blindfold
- Platforms Plus
- Classic Flyers
Come and talk about Ark with us until it comes out on the switch on 11/30, we need more tribe memebers so join the tribe, experienced and inexperienced members welcome!
A small that's not really restricted to just one topic so do what you want. I want it to become a bug and happy community. Looking for admins.
Hosted servers for Space Engineers, Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, The Forest and others. Also, home of WWE 2k modder AznBlusuazn. Come join the fun here!