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Здесь можно поиграть в pubg и пообщаться
Welcome To Server Of Splatoon!!!

This is a Splatoon Server where you can talk about almost anything to do with gaming and Splatoon!!

All people welcome!!

Ban system is in place if rules are broken (Sorry but it has to be done)
We are a Rainbow Six Siege community discord server. We have active members, good staff and a fun roleplay and general fun discord! You can ask for help, and find people to play with! Not many rules and a fun open discord.
A server for fans and players of Warframe, looter shooter by digital extremes!

Enjoy company of friendly (dissatisfied) people and helpful mods! find help and assistance here along with friends to play with! take on Eidolon with or farm with!
We’re a supportive, friendly community of people who love the game War Thunder. Wether you’re new,casual or a pro we’re all welcome here. Have Fun.
The official discord for the anky1906 warframe clan. Feel free to join if you're a warframe player looking for a clan or maybe if you're just looking into playing warframe and need some help understanding what clans are and their importance.
This is a group where you can meet new people and play games together.
Its main focus is on any Call Of Duty games it is also well moderated to keep the server safe.
Hello there! I am currently working with a team on a game called Eradication. Its the first game from a 45 degree angle perspective, which is a cross between a 2D sidescroller and a 2D topdown game. This angle creates a three-dimentional view perfect for ground and vertical movement as you can see your surroundings and can do just as much as an average first or third person 3D game, making difficult challenges easy and impossible challanges difficult. In other words, you can do cooler stuff in a 45 degree game than any other kind of game!

Eradication is also a fast-pased platforming arena-shooter with a focus on killing the most other players before time runs out and customizability. There will be online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and an expansive story mode! We are currently in need of more Godot coders and can always use more 3D modelers, 2D designers and sound editors. The game will be free with no ads or microtransactions since we don't want to interfere with the player's experience, hence no one will be getting paid.

If you are interested in helping out or just playing, join us at:
We are a gaming community that started building it at the launch of rainbow six siege. Wehave been a succesfull community on teamspeak and discord for a while till some members got bored of the game. We are new to disboard to try and make our community rise up again!

We still have active members from both US timezone and EU timezone playing Rainbow six Siege, and we have even more members playing other games!

We have plenty of VC channels for any game and we are happy to get input from our members on new wishes for the server.

If you are looking for a close group to game with then this is the place for you! Help us build the community big over several platforms and games to give everyone a good time gaming!
We are a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and 4 clan. We accept anyone at the age 15 and over.
This is a casual gaming community that is supposed to bring like minded people together. It doesn't matter what games you play. Join the server, and hangout. Meet new people and make new friends. Games should not be played alone. Common games right now are fortnite, battalion 1944, rainbow six siege, escape from tarkov, pubg, and dayz. All are welcome
Upcoming Halo server with close friends always looking for more chill skilled people to game with. Come hang and get to know one another in a comfortable environment where we put winning over everything. As long as you try your best you will have a great time.
¿Eres un amante de la revolucionaría saga "DooM" pero no puedes integrarte profundamente con los fans? Pues éste es tu server. :)

La finalidad de éste server es integrar a usuarios apasionados a la saga "DooM" a integrarse, divertirse, interactuar con otros usuarios igual de apasionados. Somos un server cuya principal razón de existencia son los miembros, es por eso que centramos estricta atención a nuestros usuarios para que tengan la mejor experiencia posible y que se sientan aceptados.

Somos un server nuevo, intentamos crecer poco a poco, pero con tu apoyo y colaboración podríamos llegar MUY LEJOS. Únete, y forma parte de una nueva comunidad de fans.


1. Prohibida la pornografía de todo tipo
2. No sé aceptan promociones sin aviso, se debe consultar con un moderador o el creador.
3. Se acepta que los miembros reclamen rango por su actividad, comportamiento y presencia en el servidor.
4. No se aceptan promociones de ningún tipo. En cualquier caso consultar con el CREADOR DEL SERVIDOR
5. Prohibido el contenido ofensivo, político, y menciones de países cuya finalidad sea la de ofender.
6. Prohibido el contenido sobre los siguientes videojuegos: Fortnite, APEX Legend, Overwatch, Free Fire, FIFA. Somos una comunidad de cultos, no de tontos.
7. Prohibido los insultos y ofensas racistas, homofóbicas, políticas, etc.
8. Por favor, si presentas una duda contacte con un moderador o el creador.
9. Estrictamente prohibido fomentar una ideología.
Der neue und auch ein unterhaltsamer Server den es gibt jetzt beitreten!
Netter Discord mann findet Leute zum zocken einfach Super
Hello, I am the leader GamingPug and I am the person who runs MSC. We are an elite Bf4 sniper community who participate in milsims across the US. If you feel like joining please contact @GamingPug#2048 for more information.
¡ Servidor creado especial mente para los jugadores Latino Americanos de Warface !
Hey we're a group of HARDCORE gamerz into playing COD:Zombies!
If you think you can handle the challenge join our server and test your might!
A fun community with:
- self assignable roles
- skill based ranks
- open staff positions
- easter egg and tie round strategy
Welcome to the official Discord server of the DOOM Subreddit!
Wir haben einen BMS Clan in Fortnite wenn du diesem Clan beitreten möchtest bitte @Bms Gaming Fortnite#0814, @[BMS] Somleee!#4803 oder @[BMS] Rettex#0650
Hello and here is the description of The R6 Squad, This is a server that I had just started to get people on so they can play Rainbow Six when they would like with other like minded people that would love to play with them if they are open.
Welcome to Gamers.exe! In this server, you can hangout with the amazing gaming community, as well as interact with the various bots. Get the latest updates in #game-updates . Look to squad up with others in #gaming . And check out community streams in #self-promotion . The more you chat in the server, the more prestige and respect you can get with MEE6 roles. RISE UP GAMERS!
Hello, Are you a player that plays any type of shooter game like Apex Legends, Fortnite or any game that involves shooting? Join here! This server is still in a work in progress, This is server is where all players talk about a topic and find strategies, This server includes bots that moderate the server to prevent any raids.