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We’re a supportive, friendly community of people who love the game War Thunder. Wether you’re new,casual or a pro we’re all welcome here. Have Fun.
Wir haben einen BMS Clan in Fortnite wenn du diesem Clan beitreten möchtest bitte @Bms Gaming Fortnite#0814, @[BMS] Somleee!#4803 oder @[BMS] Rettex#0650
Hello, Are you a player that plays any type of shooter game like Apex Legends, Fortnite or any game that involves shooting? Join here! This server is still in a work in progress, This is server is where all players talk about a topic and find strategies, This server includes bots that moderate the server to prevent any raids.
Welcome to Gamers.exe! In this server, you can hangout with the amazing gaming community, as well as interact with the various bots. Get the latest updates in #game-updates . Look to squad up with others in #gaming . And check out community streams in #self-promotion . The more you chat in the server, the more prestige and respect you can get with MEE6 roles. RISE UP GAMERS!
This is the official Discord server for Operation Lone Wolf the game.
It's an upcoming FPS game, to be released into early access October 1st on Steam.
Official Trailer:
GaMeR's LoUnGe

A friendly server that supports/discusses games. Join us! We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here.

Our server features:

:izakaya_lantern: Events
:triangular_flag_on_post:Cool roles
:video_game: Games discussions
:bulb:Place to advertise your server
:robot: Bots
:musical_note: Music
:underage: No NSFW

Games that we currently have on channels are

:gun: Call of War
:pick: Roblox

(and much more!)

Join us and have fun!
We are a growing and friendly Gaming Community that support all platforms. All kinds of players are welcome, both casual and hardcore. We have active voice-channels that you quickly can jump in to, LFG channels for all platforms. Join Us!!
Hello, Welcome to a fairly new gaming server.

New friendly gaming server, feel free to give the server a chance.

If you are looking for Fortnite then don’t join. This server is anti-Fortnite.

That is all for now, I will keep trying to improve the server as more people join (:
Looking for a place to chill? Welcome to the chill corner! Members are active and the as always, CHILL.
Just Trying To Bring Some Members In Like A Family :D
Please Don't Judge On The Lack Of Members , It Takes Weeks To Actually Have A Good 100 Members And Some Active Ones.
Please Join This Group And Have Fun :D
Also Please Read This Entire Description

Just A Server Where You Can:
Play Pokemon ,
Play Board Games Like Tic tac toe Or Hangman ,
Talk With People , Count To A Million ,
Share Your Own Games ,
Play With Each Other On Actual Games ,
Join Clans ,
Spread Your Love For Naruto ,
Choose Powers And Engage In Battles ,
Spam On Certain Channels ,
Ask Questions ,
Talk About Anime ,
Use Commands For Many Topics.
1.Nothing Inappropriate Like Images , Media Or Words. (You Can Swear In Swear Channel)
2.You Cannot Cyber-Bully People Or Offend Them In Anyway. (This Will Be Permanent Ban If Offensive)
3.You Must Be Active For At Least 5 Days To Be On Members Role. (If Any Rules Broken You Will Lose This Role)
4.You Must Be A Friend To Be Able To Earn The V.I.P Role. (This Must Be Longer Than A Year)
5.Anything Like Deleting Messages , Banning Or Kicking Players For No Reason Will Be A Temporary Mute (For Secure Reasons)
6.Muting For False Reasons Will Be Temporary Mute And Will Delete All Roles (This Is A Big Rule)
7.You Will Be Written In A Channel If You Break A Rule (This Will Be In A Leaderboard And We Will Watch You)
8.No Advertising. If You Want To Advertise DM Me Then Tell Me The Link And Some Information About It & I Will Add It To Announcements And Pin It & add @ everyone
9.In Maps , You Can Send Links To Your Favourite Games Or A Game You Have Developed!
(Sorry For Not Saying Anything About This)

✡ Just A Fun Loving Server , Right?
✡ 100% Respect.
✡ Christian Server , Very Christian Server Even Though I Am A Satanist.
✡ Listen To Guidlines , Otherwise Your On Our List Of Fools.
✡ Amazing Content To Do Such As TTS speech , Roleplay , Count To A Million , +More.
✡ You Can Even Suggest Games.
✡ If You Would Like To Be A Role Like A Moderator , Then DM Me And I'll See What I Can Do ;D.
✡ 1 Last Thing , You Develop Any Relationship Over Best Friend That's Bad , Cause This Causes Depression So Don't Do That.
✡ Much More Stuff Coming Just For You , Genderful Humans.
✡ If You Have Counted All The Way To A Million You Can Have A VIP role.
✡ No NSFW , You Freaks , Go Find Some Other Server If You Like That Dirty Minded Stuff >:( .
✡ You Do Anything Harmful To Human Minds And That's A Permanent Ban.
✡ Owner? Really Nice xD.
(Just Imagine This In A Sarcastic Kids Voice)
✡ Co-Owner? Unexpectedly Really Nice.
(Just Imagine This In A Cringey Kids Voice)
✡ 3rd Owner? Well Guess What , Not Nice , Very Bad , I'm Jk , Actually The Best Human To Ever Exist.
(Just Imagine An Adult Santa Voice)
✡ Members? Very Foolish , >:(
(Imagine A Toddlers Voice)
✡ Normals? Well They , They Are Pretty Annoying.
(Imagine A Teenage Voice)
Welcome to splatoon! We have tons of things that are good for everyone! We have a meme channel, an advertising channel, and more! Enjoy your stay And have a good day! Don’t get cooked... And stay off the hook!
This server is dedicated to a FREE video game called! It’s a very fun shooter game and this server provides private games, fun game modes, and more! Events often come daily!
welkom bij eurotrans kom gezellig mee rijden

of kom gewoon gezellig praten of gamen

we zijn een leuke actieve groep met hoofd game eurotruck

maar we spelen ook andere games kom gezellig mee doen er is genoeg voor iedereen
EST. 2006 eZ Company Gaming is a multi-game PC community focused on the fun of playing FPS main stream games (mainly battle royals) with good friends. Whether you are here to blow off some steam or you are a gamer plowing hundreds of hours into your favorite games, we have a place for you! eZ Company requires no tryouts for non clan members. Rude and immature players are discouraged. eZ Company Gaming is a NA based community, but we welcome members from all regions. Remember to be nice, be fun and be eZ......!
Landshark eSports is an overwatch pro organization that plans to compete in tournaments with its two teams, 4K and Academy 2.5K-3K. The server offers places for new players to join the team. Come meet the players, and enjoy your time.
We are a gaming clan Fully dedicated toward call of duty and pubg mobile.
We want to be an esport team that will be no.1. We are very friendly and will be providing all helps to the Members.
A gaming clan, this is just the branch. This is where we risk it all to get the Chicken Dinner. We have:
-Plenty of roles
-Some guy who analyzes weapon stats to see what is best
-an active captain
-And more!

Join this small community and we can grow to fulfill our namesake as an army!
All aboard the Banter Bus. and join Dan_O-Banter as he plays through some of todays popular games.
Join the community and Meet like minded individuals, Teams and much more.

.Do you have a channel you want to promote? Why not become a Banter Bus Partner. Ding Ding next stop Friendship!
.Interested in Graphic design or content Creation. Well then you are in luck BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TOO!
.Fancy a little responsibility?? we currently are on the look out for dedicated Individuals and groups to Join our Mod team and Stream team to boost engagement on the channel. Think you have what it takes to be a TOP MOD?

So get on down and join him live!
We are a discord full of friendly, non-kink shaming, super active guardians that love and play Destiny 2! We have formed quite the tight knit community and would always love more members. Come in and say hi! We wont bite. Unless of course, you're into that :P
We are a gaming community that started building it at the launch of rainbow six siege. Wehave been a succesfull community on teamspeak and discord for a while till some members got bored of the game. We are new to disboard to try and make our community rise up again!

We still have active members from both US timezone and EU timezone playing Rainbow six Siege, and we have even more members playing other games!

We have plenty of VC channels for any game and we are happy to get input from our members on new wishes for the server.

If you are looking for a close group to game with then this is the place for you! Help us build the community big over several platforms and games to give everyone a good time gaming!
Kleine Community die Neue Spieler sucht
EIn GTA5 Talk Server der für jeden da ist und auch immer jemand erreichbar ist bei Fragen.