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Este es un servidor para jugadores casual o competitivos de Valorant.
Te puedes unir para pasar un buen rato y para encontrar a gente Hispana con la que jugar y disfrutar jugando, tambien puedes encontrar jugados mas competitivos para que te ayuden a mejorar en el juego y poder subir de rango!
Fight with your friends using 9 different weapons in Gun Turmoil! Each weapon is different with different stats. Gun Turmoil is a class based third person shooter scripted by 672we and built by DumpsterMann. This game is still in the Pre-Alpha stage so expect bugs and scripting errors. There is one working gamemode right now, Classic Mode, it's a normal 6 vs 6. And even better! Vip Server owners get free admin commands!
Discord Invite:
Roblox Link:
Hi, here we talk about fortnite and have fun! Join for fortnite news and more!!
This is Hazardous Clan!
We are both, Casual and Competitive clan.
We are recruiting players, graphics designers and content creators.
We try to do at least 1 clan war weekly.
If you are already in a clan then feel free to challenge us for a war.
Welcome to The Valorant Community server We are a small server that wishes to grow bigger and better each day!

Here's a few things you can do in the server:

- Come chat with fellow friends!

- Have many friends to game with!

- Have a fun non-toxic environment to chill in!

- Get all the latest Valorant news as soon as its posted!

- Oh yeah self promote anything you'd like!

Come join today to explore further and maybe, just maybe, you'll stick around!
This is a clan we have chats one for staff only
Work is progress if you have any questions feel free to join and ask me the owner anything and I’ll get back to you ASAP
We have tutors staff and much much more
So this is a little gaming server I just made, ummmmm join if u are a gamer and looking for some chill people to play with.
The Official Discord Server for Rogue Company on Nintendo Switch. Rogue Company is a new Hi-Rez competitive shooter that is free and supports crossplay for all platforms!
We're the Ghosts we're operating in Aurora and in Bolivia looking to eliminate threats that have had power too long. Aurora a Pacific Island with multiple PMC operators threaten the safety of humanity, and Bolivia a country governed by the Santa Blanca Cartel has multiple cartel members exporting drugs to countries everywhere. Both of these places need assistance in the clearing of all possible threats and corruption and we were called in. Will you join us in our fight to eliminate these threats? PlayStation Only!!!
The SMC is a Discord sever for the game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine!
Come join our Chapters and Warbands in battle and show off your armor and artworks! Memes too~
We have Tournaments, Custom Games and even some tabletop talk and models! In the grim darkness of the future, there is only WARHAMMER!
hi wir sind ein kleiner discord server die beiden owner haben einen youtube und twitch kanal sie spielen sehr viele verschiedene spiele wie:Rainbow Six Siege,Minecraft,Borderlands,usw....

wir würden uns freuen wenn du drauf kommst

MFG:Die Owner Tim und Jan
Hi We are a new Strucid clan with really cracked players come join us but help make it active pls =D
Herzlich Willkommen in der Offiziellen Discord Gruppe von
[EU] German Hunt: Showdown

Wir laden dich ein damit du Leute finden kannst, mit den du Spielen kannst und dabei Quatschen kannst, trete einfach unseren Discord bei und finde ein paar Leute mit den du zusammen Spielen kannst.
das liest eh niemand ;-;

also wir sind ein neuer aktiver server.
wir suchen offensichtlich leute mitglieder. :)
wwas wir bieten:
- ein paar tolle bots
- Aktive leute
- ein fähiges server team
und viel spaß ;)
wahrscheinlich noch mehr aber ich bin faul xdd
Team Digit was started on April 16th, 2020 and hopes on growing to be one of the next best competitive eSports Teams.
This is a server where there is everything! Taxis,carrys,etc. Anything you need, we probably have!
We are Pro3 Gaming. We are a up and coming clan focusing on FPS Titles such as Valorant, Call of Duty, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege.

We strive to be a friendly community that plays to relax and spend time with others.
We play both ranked and casual and we also do custom games. We started this clan as a way to get to know the FPS Community better.

Here are our specialties:
Valorant, R6S, CS:GO, COD,

We are all about guns and games, feel free to reach out any time and be a part of our community!
This server is mostly about a game on roblox called BlackLands


Hope you enjoy this sever, have a great day!
Wir sind ein deutscher Valorant Discordserver, welcher sich bis zum offiziellen Release des Spiels eine riesige Community aufbaut. Werde nun selbst ein Teil von dieser ^^

Discord-Server nur für VALORANT ✔️
selbst Verifizierung + Rollenvergabe ! ✔️
Hilfsbereite Community ✔️
Anfängerfreundlich ✔️
Spieler für jeden Spielmodus ✔️
Aktiv ✔️
Moderner Discord ✔️
Valorant [Ger] ist ein neuer Discord Server-der sich hauptsächlich um das Spiel Valorant dreht. Es gibt kein Mindestbeitrittsalter, alle Altersgruppen sind erwünscht! Bitte leaved nicht direkt, wenn ihr einer der ersten auf dem Server seid, bald kommen hoffentlich neue Leute!