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Kool Kidz Empire- A place for all discord peeps, plus we are pretty chill....

•Invite Rank Ups!
•Youtubers and Twitch Streamers!
•Economy System!
•Music Bots
•NSFW( For all you kinky people out there)

•Chill Members
•Active Community
•Non-abusive Staff
•Voting for Staff
•Gamers Mobile, Console, and PC Welcome!

Make Sure to Join the Kool Kidz Empire today!
Animeys ist eine Messe, Community und vieles mehr!

Verschiedenste Veranstaltungen, spannende Turniere mit grandiosen Preisen und eine großartige Community sind nur einen klick entfernt.

Mehr Infos zu uns:
Besuche uns auf:

Animeys is a convention, community, and way more!

Various events, exciting tournaments with terrific prizes and a great community are just a click away.

More infos about us:
Visit us at:
This is the official server for the upcoming manga "Unexpected Mage."

Here you can chat with the community, meet new friends, and much more!

"After unknowingly accepting a personal offer to join his kingdom’s army, Togai Yamamoto, a 17 year old student at the Watanabe Academy for Magical Studies, must try to perfect his skills as a mage in order to maintain the safety of Willencrad."
Are you looking for a server to relax, chill and meet new people. Than you have come to the right place.
I had started this server so that me and a few friends could talk while we play together. But now we are trying to make the server for a famous youtuber named memeulous.

Our server features:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Self promotion sections
:video_game: Gaming sections
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Jokes and memes
:wrench:Self roles(more will be added)
:boom: Custom emotes
:robot: Some fun bots.
:raising_hand:Awesome members
:handshake: Partnerships available

That sums it up for my server for now but more things will be added in the future so come and check it out, and have a great time here.
《 》
Strucid's Public Community Discord Server. Join in to get the updates live, chat with a community of 15,000 and growing, and even have the ability to chat with the devs and wonderful staff team.
This is the official Discord server for Operation Lone Wolf the game.
It's an upcoming FPS game, to be released into early access October 1st on Steam.
Official Trailer:
A community of awesome people that come together for a bigger cause... YouTubing.. Making things.. or even Playing games with one another :smiley: we try to support everyone who joins in a positive way. You never know who will go off and do great things after joining TheCrew
"Oh boy! I sure do wish Ten Second so- CLETUS! DON'T MAKE ME GET THE HOSE! I sure do wish Ten Second Songs had this new Discord thing my grandson told me about! Then I could talk to my faaaaaaaavourite youtuber!" You may be saying, well now you can! I got in touch with Ten Second Songs and made him a discord server!
If that link expires, here's a non-expiring link.
**:smile: Wir Suchen Aktive User (Spieler) die Lust haben auf unserer Community zu Chaten und zu Spielen! :smile: **

*Wir Besitzen:*

⮚ Einen Minecraft-Server IP: **** ⮘
⮚ Einen TeamSpeak-Server IP: **** ⮘

⮚ Wir haben freundlichen Support! ⮘

⮚ Wir haben Gilden (Ingame-Clans) welche aktiv sind z.B. auf dem Hypixel-Netzwerk! ⮘

⮚ Wir Besitzen 7 Discord-Bots zum Spaß haben! ⮘

⮚ Mit einem Level-UP (Ranking-System) ⮘

⮚ Wir machen Events mit der Chance eines Gewinnes z.B. einen Rang ⮘

⮚ Sicherheit und Regeln werden strengstens Geachtet ⮘

⮚ Log-System vorhanden ⮘

⮚ Wöchentlich 5 User (Spieler) Mehr! ⮘

⮚ Mit Bewerbung YouTuber/in werden! ⮘

⮚ Selbst Gemachte Musik vom Owner und H-Admin ⮘

⮚ Spender Rang erhältlich ab einer Summe von 5,00€. Höher = Spender+ ⮘

⮚ Keine sexuellen Inhalte nach § 180 StGB. Also werdet ihr nichts sehen was verstörend ist. Außer ihr habt NSFW! ⮘

⮚ Server-Partner RANG vorhanden! ⮘

⮚ Anime und Memez Channel vorhanden! ⮘

⮚ Halloween, Weihnachten usw. Discord-Events vorhanden! ⮘

⮚ Geburtstags Liste für Bot Infos nach Vorstellung vorhanden! ⮘

⮚ Social-Media kommt Bald ^^ ⮘

:registered:? Server Besitzt Copyright auf Namen und IP :registered:? :grin: @everyone
Welcome to the Official Crazy King discord server! We recently started and we need to grow!
Join the #1 active Twitch server, where you can promote your Twitch channels, meet famous Twitchers, fun bots, giveaways, events and more.
Welcome to the Official Discord server of Bobby Eigenfeld. Want to meet new people and have fun then this is the server for you!
Find & post lobbies for CS:GO quickly and efficiently. HVH, Legit & More! The Official Discord server for
The official server of the Quail Studio games. Chat about anything, our games, or participate in our server economy! We're a Discord Verified server. |
Join now and you will see a nice Server! We are the Game Community! WE ARE THE NEW EVOLUTION OF GAMER'S!!!!!
Welcome to ARK Official. Here you can find other players who have ARK on the same console or you can crossplay! We have a channel to advertise your own server here! We are very new and it would help if people joined. Have fun!
Advensium is the place for you to advertise your Discord server. We have categories from community, to gaming, to roleplay, to memes.
Midi Player's Discord Server!
A friendly and active community for the game ARK: Survival Evolved! Talk to other survivors or advertise your ARK Server!
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Official Discord Server

We are a Official Discord Server.

These are the perks you can get by joining Official Discord Server

1. You can use the server to find other team members for your party within your region.
2. You can get Free Skins and Diamonds by participating on Discord-exclusive events.
3. Easily find squads on your region.
4. Hangout with players and talk about heroes, current meta, builds, and more!
5. Promote your MLBB videos.
6. Sending suggestions to improve the game.
7. Ask Moderators your In-Game questions or report bugs.
wana you join me server help me saved