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this is a dungeons and dragons community roleplay server, we strive to bring dnd to discord and have sessions here, we welcome both veterans and newbies who are interested in beginning, we'd love to welcome anyone who is interested in dnd, so be welcomed and dont be shy, anyone interested is welcome
Welcome to Mystic Café!
A server full of entertaining retards and what not. If you like cancer then this is a place for you. Don't worry though, we don't let things get out of hand.

🍩 ➳ We hold or at least try to events.
🍦 ➳ We are a fun community with lots of bots.
🍰 ➳ Staff is pretty friendly and lenient.
🍿 ➳ There are level roles for fun.

We shall await your arrival join our community!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
We also have amazing singers and ear rapers to entertain in the voice chat.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
。.:°ʜᴇʏ ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴇʀᴀᴄʜᴠɪʟʟᴇ°:.。
☆ This is a brand new server that's perfect for some chill chatting and wholesome banter!
☆ We have roles to customise your profile with as well as a job system! Watch as you promote the more you chat! They say something good happens if you get to CEO...
☆ Our server is town themed, so the channel names and jobs makes it feel like a cute little community!
.。*♡ Check us out! ♡*。.
**Join Hypernova for these points:**
🌑Loose regulations
🌑Staff that is unbiased and reasonable
🌑Small community that will cap at 300 members
🌑Little to no pings
🌑Friendly community
🌑Space themed
🌑Xp system
🌑Fun bots
🌑Variety of text channels
🌑Frequent events
🌑Advertising is allowed
🌙Looking for partnerships
🌙Partnership requirements are at least 35 human members and decently active server
🌙DM Space Trades Officer AKA Partnership Manager for partner
📡Custom space emotes
🛰Space themed every Saturday
**Join now and invite others to this server as well!**
🦋 ';·͙*̩̩͙✧*-.= js1on is a community-based server with service that will blow you away.・‥…━━━☆ We will annihilate the feeling of boredom that's inside of you.・‥…━━━☆ ✨ Not a lack, or a flood of channels, a cool non-toxic community, an active owner! 🌟 .。*.★.*。・💌 You can find out more amazing qualities of ours if you join! So, what are you waiting for? 🍦 Join now!

Welcome to the Realm of Midgard! A sister server to set of WIP roleplay servers, each of which is themed. Midgard itself is the hub for these, being a chill community server for any and all. Hope to see you in there!
HEY YOU!! Instead of boring you with a long list of what we have to offer why don’t u just join and find out for yourself 🤠
Why hello there!
PastelHearts is a calm, pastel themed server dedicated to providing you with a lovely place to make friends and hang out. We provide a nice selection of bots, and a fairly active staff team. (Nobody else is here yet...but I hope that you will come join us! I would love to be your friend <3)
A Steven Universe themed server. We have roleplay, episode discussion, S.U. themed roles, and much much more. Our roleplay section is huge, we talk about episodes when they come out, or old ones, we do giveaways and the likes of that. Come on down to the universe of Steven Universe.
Welcome to PussyFin an ocean themed discord server with a porn twist. In this server you can find yourself casually hanging with friends in the ocean voice channels with either yourselves only or with a spice of music drowning out the empty void of not knowing what will come to you in the future good or bad. THE SERVER also serves a some bots to mess around with especially the KinkBot. The server is still in its baby stages to be warned but with your contribution of joining the server we hope to grow it to a large social platform where you can converse with fellow gamers of different games like: Rainbow Six Seige, Minecraft, PUBG, and etc. And if conversing with gamers is not your cup of tea you can just chat with each other and show each other memes in our screensharing channel named Sun Screen.

**-make new friends you loner
-talk to e girls you lonely horny twatt [no white knights or incels tho pls]
-discover and post some of the juiciest dummy thicc memes imaginable 😫👌
-take part in random meme competitions that reward you with absolutely nothing
-tell offensive jokes and make fun of others for shits and giggles
-different levels give you different roles
-self assignable roles
-self promotion channel [if you are here to advertise only (lmao loser lol am i right guys?) and leave straight after, ur link will be deleted]
-do you wanna partner up with us? My DMs are open if you wanna make a deal
-NO ANIME OR FURRY SHIT (except for jojo’s bizarre adventure)**


[ ]
A themed community and social server. A server for all users looking to find friends and make a new start. Our managers and admin are always active to help with any situations or problems you or anyone may have. If there is anything that may be affecting your stay, please let an admin know and we'll do your best to make your stay better! We hope you enjoy your galactic stay!
It is just a server for people to conglomerate and share games c:
Please by all means join, setup games and have fun.
Welcome to the Universe! Relax and have fun in space! We offer many commodities such as owo bot and pokecord. You can also apply for staff. So come on and join! We now offer custom roles and the ability to partner with us!
♡ - ♡ Hey Babes ♡ - ♡
Welcome to the Constellation Cafe
💕 We welcome you to a fun, free judgemental place with self-assignable roles to choose from! 💕
☾ Here we have: ☽
♡ A Small Growing Community
☾ Kind Hearted Staff
♡ 13+ And SFW Server
☾ Self Assignable Roles
♡ A Support and Helper Section
☾ A Suggestion Place!
☾ - ♡ - ☽
💕 We're also a cgl server for little cuties and loving caregivers to join 💕
Hi! We're a new and small community trying to build and know more users!
If you're looking for a new and chill server, this is the right place <3

We hope to see you soon~
this is a roman themed server! we are a community looking to grow, and we would love to have you join us! we focus on socialization and just genuinely being a place thats like a family for all.
🌴 Welcome to The Beach House! 🌴

Want a place to hangout, make friends, or even find love?

Well then I have the perfect place for you...

We have..
🍍 Personalized Bot
🍍 Great Community
🍍 Memes
🍍 VC's

And much more!

🌴 So step through the door and join the party! See you there! 🌴

We are an Oblivion themed server with roles depicting where your are within the Imperial City!