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Welcome to the Only Steven Universe server (not confirmed statistic), that involves 5 Diamonds, Zodiac Signs, & Completely Unique roleplay stories and plots! We recently reopened, and we are happy to be back online! Come on down to meet brand new people, and explore an alternate universe related to the Steven Universe genre!
A Steven Universe-themed RP group based around a group of Gems trying to find a place to live outside the Diamonds' rule.
Gems have existed longer than history predates. A strict caste system with two Diamonds, and mistakes are not tolerated, no matter how big or small. Amaranth, leader of the day gems and Lavender, leader of the night gems. The gems belonging to Amaranth are used to a more fun work environment, feeding off of the playful Diamond's energy, as well as having more warm and bright colors. Contrasting this, those belonging to Lavender are used to more of an "all work and no play" environment, though they're noted to be more rational than those of the day gems and have more cool colors. The two types of gems rarely see each other except for brief moments due to their different time cycles.

The Caste System is extremely strict. Gems are created with predetermined roles and places in the social pyramid, and any Gem that deviates from their purpose — intentional or not — are considered defective. The penalties for being defective are extremely severe and most of the time lead to shattering, causing many defectives to retreat into hiding. Cross-fusing with other gems is allowed, however fusing with gems from the opposite side isn't. A night gem cannot fuse with a day gem and vice versa.

The Diamonds have conquered many planets and currently have their eyes set on Earth, which seems to be a perfect opportunity for any rebels to fight back, though it's been silent as of current. Despite many Homeworld Gems seemingly fine with their roles, there's an uprising in secret, many Gems becoming more upset in secrecy, though lacking the power to fight back directly. Whatever happens next, only time will tell...

We are currently in: ERA ONE
Hello there! Welcome to the SURP Wiki, a roleplaying server dedicated to Steven Universe! We're a friendly, welcoming community, and we're always in search of new users!
Laid-back Steven Universe server for people from all walks of life to come together and hangout / discuss the newest episodes! <3
Set in a different timeline to canon, with different diamonds and lots of unique plots! We are a friendly server, so feel free to come check it out.

Come and be a part of homeworld! Serve Lemon, Black, Ocean dream, or Champagne diamond, or join one of the multiple blooming rebellions.
A steven universe roleplay server and a community/fantasy roleplay server merged into one, super server! Choose a role when you join to choose one side. You can choose the other side if you want to be in both communities, or no side at all if you just want to be in the regular community.
Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like sex? Well this is the place for you! Join the universe of Steven Universe and fuck around as much as you want!
🌺🍊Hello and welcome to Sakura Crossing!🌺🍊
I made this server as a chill fun safespace for those who need it! everyone is super supportive and kind ^-^
l used to be the owner of the multi fandom chill zone, but the current owner stole it so I decided to make a new one! In this server we try our very best to cater to as many fandoms as we can!
🌺 Animal crossing New leaf
🍊 Splatoon
🌺 Super Mario Odyssey
🍊 Mario kart 8 deluxe
🌺 Minecraft
🍊 Osu!
🍊 Steven universe
🌺 adventure time
🍊 Panic at the disco
🌺Twenty one pilots
🍊 Homestuck
🍊Hazbin hotel
🌺Gravity falls
🍊Star Vs the forces of evil
🌺 She-Ra
🍊Yuri on ice
🌺Sword art online
🌺Danny Gonzalez
🌺Dan and Phil
🌺Self assignable roles and role colours!
🍊 Roleplay
🌺Movie and anime nights!
🍊Gaming nights!
🌺10+ bots to use!
🍊 Server partnerships welcome!
Come join and make some friends! We're all super welcoming here, we're like a lil family, so don't worry about being judged or anything!
I hope to see you there!
~Server Owner Nepeta 🌺💕
🔷💎 Welcome to the ☆ Steven Universe RP Hub ☆ ! 💎🔷

Our goal is to allow ALL roleplayers to have any kind of SU-related rp that they want, without too many strict rules or having to follow a set storyline of the server and read tons of lore. Not limited to just OCs or Canon only, no character claiming, just regular RP as whatever SU character you want, as it should be.
Not a roleplayer, new to roleplaying, or want to be a lurker? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of channels for you to talk to server members, send art, memes, talk about the show, a gaming chat, and many, many more!! We've got a whole separate category dedicated to creating OCs and getting help with OC creation, and we've got a lot of people here to help with anyone who is new to RP!
⭐ NEW, growing, highly-moderated and highly active server
⭐ Free RP with no storyline/lore to follow
⭐ No character claiming - be whoever you want, and as many characters as you want!
⭐ OCs and Canon Characters allowed
⭐ Very friendly community & No toxicity, drama free, raider/spammer safe
⭐ 50+ RP channels with all locations from Steven Universe
⭐ Find people with character roles who are interested in roleplaying with you!
Bray and the Saltgays is a community based server owned by Bray (owner of cartoon clip channel Saltgay). Featuring channels for a variety of popular fandoms (Steven Universe, OK-KO, She-ra, etc.) | strongly LGBTQ+ friendly | active nice staff | games | competitions | formerly Discord in a Bikini | New Server, old one deleted
Steven Universe Roleplay Custom AU Friendly Members, Helpful staff..
❖dιaмondѕ dιѕaѕѕocιaтə❖
Heya and welcome to Diamonds Disassociate, this is a role-play server mainly about Steven Universe, this is also an AU meaning Alternate Universe so instead of Pink turning to Rose it’s about how the diamonds argued, separated, and started a war, a war that still lasts to this day.
⟡Be apart of Sardonyx Tonight⟡
⟡Spy on other Diamonds and infiltrate their information on war tactics⟡
⟡Become a gem⟡
⟡Serve your Diamond⟡
⟡Or become one..⟡
⟡But most importantly.. have fun!⟡
Yeah... we're a kin server! Anyone from Steven Universe is welcome - gem, human, or other. We're just minding our own business though so any trolls wouldn't have a lucrative exploit :^/
We invite you to Lion's Mane, an all-ages SU-themed, LGBTQIA server! If you're looking for a chill server to share your art with, or start a gaming team with, or just people to hang out with, Lion's Mane is for you! Come for the:

⋗ Hangouts
⋗ Gaming
⋗ Art Sharing
⋗ Contests
⋗ NSFW for 18+ members

If you're interested in joining, please do!
Bismuth's Forge is a Steven Universe & LGBTQ+ server to make people happy! :gay_pride_flag: :sparkles: We offer karaoke and streaming events as well as just a chill environment to make friends!! We have nocturnal staff to take care of you whenever you might be on. We hope you enjoy our server!
This is my little roblox group! It’s a Steven Universe 3D roleplay on roblox currently in development. Our community is very tight knit and loved. Activity is often thanks to my wonderful members! I hope you can bring your wonderful ideas and personalities to our server! I’ll be seeing you there!
Gem Hub is a server for roleplaying, playing games (mainly Minecraft), chatting with friends, and learning about the world of Adaelia, which is a medieval fantasy world based off of the show Steven Universe. -We also have Phillip, but we don't talk about him.-
This is a nice server for anyone who likes Steven Universe. You can talk about episodes, share theories and fan art, and overall have fun! Come join us!
We're a rather new and lenient with our rules and we honestly only just started, after finding many groups that were dead or quite badly run and unfair we decided to create our own. Please come and join us, helping us grow and become a great community.
Welcome to Beach City! Feel free to come and hang out with some of your favorite characters, or AS your favorite character
Welcome to the pearliverse 2 Where you can join our small community after two massive raids were back