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Introducing a new RDR2 Online Discord community for all Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to join and be a part of. Feel free to chat about RDR2, other games, share memes, talk about other subjects such as food and sports, and also advertise your RDR2 or anything else. Be sure to join this community to keep in touch with others from the community, build reputation within the online community and find out new things about the game that you never knew.
To join just simply follow the link or copy the link and paste it into join server.
This server is primarily for PS4 members but everyone is welcome.
Once you get into the sever just read the rules and then verify yourself in the verification section.
Hello there stranger, welcome to the West. In this server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!

[I'm currently looking for active users and possible admins/moderators]
want to meet new people grind missions and make money not worry about griffers an drama all the time an just layed back bunch of people then join the La'more crew we would love to have more people to grind with
Ce serveur est un serveur rp dans l'univers du far west, plus particulièrement dans celui de red dead redemption 2.

Dans ce serveur:
-RP réaliste dans l'univers Red Dead Redemption 2
-Plein de rôles précis
-joueur actifs
-salons & catégories précisent et clairs
-BOT utile

“Not What We Expected” is a Literate RDR2 Roleplay, set in 1900, and an alternate reality in which the majority of the fang survive the events of the game.

Here, you’ll find the gang have only just made it to Tahiti, and are quickly beginning to realise the plani isn’t as great as Dutch made it out to be.

With tensions high, they must find a way to survive in the Polynesian tropics, surrounded by everything unfamiliar.

>Canon Characters Only!
>An easy process to get past the newcomer role.
>A relaxed community, with no rush.
>Semi/Literate Community of roleplayers.
>Friendly & Fun!
**Note: We are strictly an Xbox gaming community, and not a text-based roleplay**
The Setting Sons are a Red Dead Redemption II roleplaying community founded on the 9th of May, 2018. We are a roleplay community that plays the game with a number of scenarios each building off one another. If you're an individual who lives to roleplay on the dangerous side of the old west, or someone who yearns for the thrill of violence and guns in the dust and blood of a western setting, we can help start your journey or rekindle it amongst The Setting Sons. We are a strictly 17+ community, and an application must be filled out in order to join so we can get a brief idea of who you are, and what you can bring to the community, the application will be provided upon joining our Discord server.

Who we are & what we do:

• We are a group of outlaws, looking to have fun in this western setting.
• We aid beginners in both the in-game and roleplaying aspects of our community.
• We help to train future outlaws for a life of chaos and adventure
• We reward loyalty, respect and hard work
• We leave a trail of bodies wherever we roam

We hope to see you soon, if you are interested in joining, please join our Discord server to get started on your journey!
We are an average gaming server and accept a wide variety of gamers. You can chill talk, make new friends, talk about gaming strats, and mainly have a positive experience. Ages 10+
Red Dead Redemption II: A Literate Roleplay is a small, new, canon-character based RDR RP. Unlike those that follow the predetermined plot, this world will be built by the players, and how they choose to play their characters, and respond to situations.

We’ll be using our creativity and writing skills to bulid an alternate reality, if you will. Anything can happen, anyone can die, it’s all up to us! The van der Linde camp will start out located in the East Grizzlies, south of the Moonstone Pond.
- X -
What We Offer...
>A small, relaxed, friendly and mature community.
>A newcomer system to keep the RP up to par.
>Literate weit
>Canon characters only.
>A open plot.

I hope to see you there!
A semi-literate RP community set in the world of RDR2! Please be able to write at least 2-3 sentences to a paragraph.
Currently only accepting canon characters, though there are plenty of spaces, and this may change in the future!
See ya there!
Looking for a Active BrotherHood on RDR 2 Clan/Posse that'll help you make money/gold and help you level up?Las Molina's are recruiting, Xbox only, Age 15+
A server where fans of the Red Dead Redemption series can congregate and talk about their love for the series and characters!
We have:
- roles for spoilers and spoiler free channels
- plenty of art and theory channels
- a section dedicated to the online version
- memes
- nsfw chats
- a whole community of positive fans !
Please join the gang in this big server of friends <3!
Las Molina's is a Serious Clan on RDR2.We have this server and another,once you have filled out all the information we will bring you in the main server (Two Servers just so Trolls wont waste our time)
We are an RDR2 Gang, and are currently looking for members! We are currently recruiting to our best extent. If you are interested come on in and join the U.S. Cavalry Today!
We are a realistic role playing community in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Create your character and take on the west as a lawmen, outlaw, business man, or anything you can dream of.
Want to learn how to earn fast cash, or tips on tricks for Red Dead Redemption 2? This is the server for you! We are a new server where players can come together to play RDR, or find help and tips for the Red Dead Redemption Story Mode, like cheats and easter eggs.
Server to just hangout and have fun. Currently have Destiny 2, Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fornite, and other miscellaneous channels.
This is a gaming server, you will find twitch streamers, viewers and friends. We mostly talk about games but also have have a passion for movies and music of all sorts.
Benvenuti nel canale dove ognuno può condividere le proprie esperienze, qua troverete le trasmissioni della comunità e tutti i trucchi sui giochi appena usciti che aspetti entra anche tu...
This server is just a friendly space where people can chat and play games without feeling pressured. This server does not allow racist comments or any verbal assault. Guaranteed to make new friends or just talk to nice people!
a new server for fans of rockstar's red dead redemption 2 to meet, posse up, discuss the story, and cry with other people who enjoy the game!!
boah, you better join this server
-rdr online players here (both Xbox and PS4)
-casual, friendly people
-trying to grow and have fun
-voice chats, an NSFW chat, music, memes
-chill and accepts new players
join or your not cool >:(