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Red Dead Redemption 2 Roleplay server, text and in game roleplay. In depth story telling, RP bot utilized. We aim for period realism and authenticity, strive for a friendly community feeling as well. Hope you join us!
Introducing a new RDR2 Online Discord community for all Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to join and be a part of. Feel free to chat about RDR2, other games, share memes, talk about other subjects such as food and sports, and also advertise your RDR2 or anything else. Be sure to join this community to keep in touch with others from the community, build reputation within the online community and find out new things about the game that you never knew.
To join just simply follow the link or copy the link and paste it into join server.
This server is primarily for PS4 members but everyone is welcome.
Once you get into the sever just read the rules and then verify yourself in the verification section.
Hey there, champ! Welcome to The West, a text-based cowboy roleplay server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Fearsome and troubled outlaws, courageous and corrupt lawmen, charming bartenders, heroic doctors, cunning businessmen, merciless bounty hunters, and honest to God cavalrymen, and the occasional idiot who thinks using a sword is a good idea are all different sorts of players and characters that have been seen and played excellently here!

This server is full of plenty of potential for longterm, engaging roleplay with a variety of different characters, all with different lives, goals, and journeys. If you'd like a moderately active Western-style roleplay server set in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, this is the place!

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!
This is The Cowboys server, a gang from Red Dead Redemption 2. Here you will get roles, Staff Positions (when applied), and fun events. Each day/week depending on the member count and who's online. We have good events. So what are you waiting for? Join us as we go on a adventure in the Wild West.

The Western Saviours are a gang in Rockstar™'s RedDead Online. We aim to help each other out, including non-gang members, but if it comes to it, we're not afraid to fight alongside our brothers. No specific clothes, no ranks, no private army, just a group of gunslingers looking to have the best online experience.
Welcome to Tahiti, The Blackwater Heist went good and now we are living in luxury....join the wacky adventures of Dutch's gang.
With Red Dead Redemption picking up in activity, posse's, gangs and crews are on the rise! The Misfits, while not a large group, definitely has a “small community" feel. Our crew offers something more human and personal. The laid back environment does not demand activity and will never hold events that are required, however, we do have a few fun events. We have held movie nights, mad lib Mondays and the group favourite: fight night! Consider this your invitation to shoot me a message! Come visit us or hop on over to join -- we always welcome friendly new faces.

Notable Requirements: 18+, no griefing other players, No Harassment (this is not a dating service)
**Note: We are strictly an Xbox gaming community, and not a text-based roleplay**
The Setting Sons are a Red Dead Redemption II roleplaying community founded on the 9th of May, 2018. We are a roleplay community that plays the game with a number of scenarios each building off one another. If you're an individual who lives to roleplay on the dangerous side of the old west, or someone who yearns for the thrill of violence and guns in the dust and blood of a western setting, we can help start your journey or rekindle it amongst The Setting Sons. We are a strictly 17+ community, and an application must be filled out in order to join so we can get a brief idea of who you are, and what you can bring to the community, the application will be provided upon joining our Discord server.

Who we are & what we do:

• We are a group of outlaws, looking to have fun in this western setting.
• We aid beginners in both the in-game and roleplaying aspects of our community.
• We help to train future outlaws for a life of chaos and adventure
• We reward loyalty, respect and hard work
• We leave a trail of bodies wherever we roam

We hope to see you soon, if you are interested in joining, please join our Discord server to get started on your journey!
“Red Dead Roleplay” is a community dedicated to roleplaying on PS4’s Red Dead Redemption 2: Online. We are the only RDR2:RP Server that offers both in game roleplaying, and text based roleplay through discord!

We host sessions daily, and allow text-based roleplay through discord to add depth to storylines and ongoing roleplay.

Red Dead Roleplay strives to be a “Heavy-Rp” community, though we are willing to help inexperienced players better their understanding of roleplaying.

You must own a PS4/RDR2 to take part in this roleplay. After joining our server you have 48 hours to post a biography, otherwise you will be removed.
The year is 1899. The Van der Linde gang has disbanded Arthur Morgan is dead,John is trying to find a place to settle down,Dutch is nowhere to be seen,Micah well he’s a rat and still missing

Create your unique character to roleplay with would you be an Ex bounty hunter or will you be an Ex confederate soilder? The possibilities are endless as long as they stay friendly to RDR Lore

You choose how your life starts are you out hunting and attacked by wolves? Or are you living your life as a farmer doing meaningless tasks for your whole life? The possibilities are endless again!

Be a feared outlaw who is ruthless or be a soilder defending his country stationed at fort Wallace even be an oppressed wapiti Indian the choice is yours be a wealthy individual or a beggar that no one respects
We are a realistic role playing community in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Create your character and take on the west as a lawmen, outlaw, business man, or anything you can dream of.
We will do the main story of RDR2 counting all the sequences of the story and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
We do a roleplay with cannon characters from the rdr2 series...this is before the events of rdr2 right before the blackwater heist goes on, a infection rages through the heartlands and everywhere else
Howdy, partner!

Welcome to the Wild West, a server in which you can roleplay in game or in the server with character creations you come up with! Xbox and PS4 are welcome.

Here are some features for the server!
~Custom roles
~Staff membership open
~Nitro gifted to those that invite 25 members

This is a brand new server, so don’t be scared off by the lack of people. Come on and join, it’ll be fun!
Ce serveur est un serveur rp dans l'univers du far west, plus particulièrement dans celui de red dead redemption 2.

Dans ce serveur:
-RP réaliste dans l'univers Red Dead Redemption 2
-Plein de rôles précis
-joueur actifs
-salons & catégories précisent et clairs
-BOT utile
The Wild West Era is dying, and the Outlaws who cling so desperately to their life in the mud and their stolen riches with it. The Van der Linde gang is still hiding out in the Great Plains, before the Blackwater Job; before the Chaos, but that doesnt mean the other five states across the river dont have to fight against low life thieves and corrupt figures.

(Established stories, multiple characters welcome, friendly to rp newbies and lots of freedom.)
The Born Brothers are here to offer you something... Something gamers have cherished and pursued for decades. An opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a universe other than our own. An opportunity to live out your dreams and fantasies free of judgement or descent in America's Heartland. Your ability to feel immersed within the Red Dead universe will only be limited by your imagination. Whether it be for a short while or an eternity; with us, you will have a family. In order to give you this, we require maturity, discipline, and a willingness to abide by the rules. Rules known only to those involved in the organization. If you're the type of person looking for what we have to offer, then you just may have come to the right place.

Together we: Hunt, Take stranger missions, Do gang hideouts, Occasional posse wars, and many more activities which involve the whole crew. (Meetings, story missions, promotional ceremonies, fight clubs, light role playing, and much more).

We are in search of like-minded dedicated players interested in earning a place among our ranks who value Honor, Integrity, skill, and are looking to expand their experience within the Red Dead World beyond what the game has to offer.
One of the best xbox roleplay servers on xbox, Make your own character and interact with others
Hello and welcome to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2! We're a role-play sever focused on portraying both members of the Van der Linde gang and original characters who roam the wild west at the turn of the century.

We provide a variety of channels for:
-introducing your character
-posting a sample to give your audition for a member of Dutch's gang
-the regions and locations from the first and second games
-suggestions for event ideas between two users or more
-options to capture bounties or become one

So mount up and ride through the tragic Old West as beautifully recaptured by Rockstar Games! (You might even get enough muneh to go to Tahiti but avoid Guarma!)
Join The Red Dead Revolvers, we are constantly recruiting, We do all story and stranger missions, we also hunt and fish, we'll host duels and fight clubs as well. Our only requirements are that you are 18+ active, use a microphone and join our discord. If you would like to become a posse member join our discord server. Hope to see you there!
Welcome to The Wild Americas! A RDR2 inspired server where you can live out your wildest dreams: be it an outlaw, lawman, or someone just gone with the wind. This is a tight knit rp community with simple rules and writing opportunities for in depth plotting. So come on in, get comfy and let's make ideas!
Welcome to Tahiti Meme team! In my server you can:

.Post memes

.Play Blackjack against bots! (Not real gambling)

.get random Elon Musk updates!

.Talk about anything Automobile related!

. Discuss Apex Legends!

. And much more!
With the new year of 1920, the consumption of alcohol is illegal. Illicit liquor trade pays handsomely for gangsters, such as the Van der Linde gang.

Spread across New York City and Atlantic City, the gang members could be considered professional bootleggers. Having many connections with miscellaneous buyers and casino owners, they’re rising to power quickly.

Even in such a prestigious time, problems still manage to arise. Those problems include a rival gang from Chicago, a whole lot of lawmen known as the Pinkertons, and someone who’s playing both hands.