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A roleplaying community on Discord!

- Friendly Staff
- Bots
- OC and Canon characters allowed!
- Events!
Hey, welcome! We're a new and (hopefully) growing roleplaying server that lets you RP your way. It would be appreciated if you participate in the plots we already have, but you are encouraged to make your own thread or request a plot to be made into a category.

Right now we offer:

☆Mushroom Kingdom☆
☆Legend of Zelda☆
☆Houseki no Kuni☆
☆The Fate Series☆
☆Megami Tensei☆

Soon, we hope to bring you:

Toaru no Majutsu no Index (Raildex)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Sonic the Hedgehog

But that's really just the beginning! We have a few bots, like Pokecord, to keep things lively, a twitch streaming channel, all to bring you a nice OOC experience as well.
So... Wanna RP?
Well Hello, I'm Geno, This is my Universe, all AUs are welcome, even OCs! This place is a roleplay server so yeah. I am really proud of it and would love to have you, can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to My Hero Academia RP: Afterstroy or Boku No Hero Academia RP: Afterstory. This is an anime based Roleplay with canon characters available. In this server you can create your own adventure with different kinds of people and quirks.
Welcome, welcome! We are a drama-free, user-friendly Danganronpa Roleplay server! We are currently a non-despair AU, though in the future, we may host killing games! Be on the lookout for those!

Please read the rules upon entry, assign yourself roles, and do an ooc-introduction so we can get to know you! We're excited to have you join our community! <3

{ We offer the following features: }
🌈Custom self-roles brought to you by Carl-bot!
✨Tupperbox supported, semi-lit roleplay channels
💖Fun events like drawing sessions, Cards Against Humanity, bi-weekly art prompts, and question-of-the-day!
🎵 Rythm supported music channels
🌴Positivity chats! Motivational, kin-chat, and resources! (Note: We do not have a vent channel.)
😂 30+ Custom Emojis
Hello there! I made this server in order to meet people with the same interests that I could hangout with. If you love anime, art, literature, webtoon and roleplay then this is for you. Well if you also wanna meet some fantastic people then you are also welcome.

This is called Kingdom Zero because a Kingdom is not without its people. Once you join, call this place home.

•We are a 100% SFW Server!
•We have awesome bots like Cleverbots, Mudamaid 20, Marriage bot, Color-chan bot, and GamesRob!
•We have various emotes.
•Friendly and awesome people!
•Monarchy Themed Levelling System~
What makes Zanforia special? Well Pokemon populate the planet and humans are pretty much extinct There are plenty of places to roleplay and the mod team is nice and willing to help you if you need. If you get confused about anything whether it be something about signing up or just what do to about something going on in the rp we will be willing to help!
**Hmm,so you never heard of Dragonball Dreamworld.Aren't you?**
**Not only a Roleplay server but also a multi-functional server.there you can discuss about your personality.These server also know about DBZ games!Also there are Dragonball Bots for fun tag.About Roleplay,these server can not be described in words.**
`🔸️Dragonball related server`
`🔸️Different kinds of bots.`
`🔸️Cathy the Chat bot`

-Owner: `⁶₮₱⁹๖ζ͜͡ζ͜͡๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Son DokHan》🐉#4962`
Welcome to just madness, as the name implies this server is filled with madness. From giant op monsters crushing worlds at the hands of your hero’s to Living a normal life as a student the role-play possibilities are endless here! Feel free to join cause we are open to all.

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
Come join a server full of fun roleplay events and friendly people! Opheryon is a crossover roleplay server that offers canon character slots and OC slots! Judging is not allowed here, so any fandom or OC is welcome. We're a bit strange, but we don't bite. Sometimes we're a bit offensive, so be warned! We love to welcome people into our server and are looking to grow some more. Don't be afraid to give us a shot! We have tons of things to offer;

- Custom emotes
- A close knit community
- Fun roleplay events
- Responsible mods
- A NSFW channel for all your horny needs
- Some offensive humor (if you like that)
- A tier system to level up your OCs and canon characters
- An organized looking server
- Bots for you to mess around with
- The Tupper bot if you like to roleplay that way
- Support for any roleplay style!
- Simple rules to follow
- Some funky original locations for you to have fun at
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
WARNING, WE HAVE OFFENSIVE HUMOR. Please keep that in mind when joining! Thank you (:
WARNING 2, We are a bit inactive in weekdays. We do more than roleplay.
Welcome to Super Smash Bros Xenoverse! We are a small and growing casual server, but we'll get bigger with time. Here's some things to note:
-We use Tupperbox to rp, if you couldn't tell from the tag. if you don't like tulpas, or don't wanna learn how to use them, look elsewhere.
-Please do NOT use your tulpas straight away in a RP channel. register the character the tulpa is for in the profiles channel first. this is to easily avoid confusion on taken characters, because we're lazy to update the taken characters list.
-No erps. (fetishes included. please, we dont want your feet sniffing or diaper shitting.)
-We are a casual server, so don't look down on the way some people rp.
-Anybody who has been in a video game is allowed, even if they originate from an anime, cartoon etc. So don't look down on people using those characters, which kinda goes along with the above note. (although if the owner thinks it's cool, it's allowed, like a homestuck character)

WANTED CHARACTERS BOARD: (Basically characters that at least one person wants but can't play, so it'd be cool if you came and played them)
Cream the Rabbit
Vinegar Doppio
Nepeta Leijon

Current Universes we use:
Sonic (probably the main universe)
Steven Universe
JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
Deltarune / Undertale
Jet Set Radio
Riddle School
Live a Live
Dragon Ball
Team Fortress 2
Half Life
Death Note
Kid Icarus
Any SSB-Exclusive stuff
David Bowie(???)
Ice Climber
And a few more, once again any series is acceptable if they have a Video Game or cameo in one.
Wanna make new Buizel friends? Or just a fan of Buizel and wanna hangout with a pack of cute Pokémon who love Buizel?
The come down to our Den under the lake! Where we are a happy family of Buizel looking for new Friends, share art, and have fun to chat with each other!

We also accept: Artist, Animators, and people who give critics to art are all welcome!

We also have:

And yes, we are a Pokémon server, just that we specialise in Buizel
Welcome to tupperland! It's a land of, well, tuppers! Both big and small, these people can almost be anything!
The world is almost in your palms! You can see if your ideas of a tupperbiome would work! Oh? You don't know what a tupperbiome is? It's a place, in this world! The simplest of tupperbiomes and the first one to be formed out of the glistering void is a great place to start.
There's more info there, see you later!
We build a city where villains and heroes live and fight each other. You can play Canon or OC characters, humans, aliens, you name it, as long as all is balanced out. The setting allows you to keep existing lore you have, or make up a story within the verse.
There are open settings like the streets or rooftops that are accessible to anyone, and meetup places for Hero, Villain and Alien characters. We even have a school for gifted children. The RP itself is in 3rd person in the 'classic' sense, but also use the Tupperbox Bot for seperate IC-chats and calls.
What does constant cloud cover, a missing guild master, the mafia, and an incompetent police force have in common? Why, they are all part of what make Bright Town special! But don't let that sour your impressions on the town. There are normal pokemon trying to live their lives in town, well, mostly normal anyways. And what's more, the Guild is beginning to set off on expeditions to uncover the mysteries of the world and the town itself. So come on down and visit Bright Town!

PMD: Bright Future is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP that is rather new, but already has an active community. We are all about fostering good relations and making a fun, pleasant role playing server. In it you can pretty much be whatever you wish, a bartender or a shopkeeper, guildmember or bandit, or perhaps you just want to live an ordinary life with a 9 to 5 job. Whatever it is, feel free to come and join, just be sure to read the rules!
Welcome to my chatroom! Here you can chat, post your memes and games, and roleplay! You can also see some cursed stuff if you want... You can make a tupper here so you can roleplay! I hope you have fun in this server!
A warm welcome to Tupperbox Multiworld RP! A place where you can roleplay as any character from any fandom, using the amazing Tupperbox! Original Characters, AU Variants and so on are allowed, too!

We also have regular chatting, an art channel, a media channel, a memes channel and other bots to have fun with, if you're not RPing!
This server is where you can do a undertale roleplay with oc's and canon character's.
If you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere else, or just want to do (almost) anything you want without repercussions, then this is the server for you.