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Radiation, FEV, and near constant strife have already changed the world into an unrecognizable wasteland, and somewhere along the way, humanity forgot about the things that go bump in the night.

But they didn’t forget about us.

From urban legends to ancient terrors, the things mankind once relegated to the realms of myth and legend have begun to take back the land that was always theirs. The rad-baked earth is soaked in blood and fear, the perfect hunting ground for the dark things still stalking at the edges of our collective memory.

For the most part, this RP server will function like a regular Fallout server, with plenty of emphasis on faction dynamics and the Fallout worldbuilding we know and love. Lurking in the shadows, however, just out of sight, are monsters and nightmares you'd rather not imagine.

Godspeed, wastelander, and good luck. You'll need it.

We’re a new server, fresh out of the oven, and we want you to come and be a part of our burgeoning server culture. We’re currently looking for the following:

★Literate to advanced literate RPers who focus on quality rather than quantity.★
★Friendly, creative members who are as interested in OOC interactions as IC ones.★
★New and exciting lore that melds the horrific and preternatural with the harsh world of the irradiated North American wasteland.★

We offer an environment that’s
★ LGBTQ+ Friendly
★ Brand new! Come create the community you want to be a part of.
★ Low-maintenance — come as you are!
★ Low pressure! Our fluid timeline means no getting stuck in threads.
★ Mature in demeanor, not subject matter. We’re a 17+ server with sensible guidelines about the kind of content that is and is not allowed.

We’re still hiring staff! Let us know if you’d be interested in the following positions:

★Lorekeeper - Help us meld canon and user-created lore to create a wasteland that is uniquely our server’s. Lore contributions, character approvals, and timeline management will all fall into your realm of expertise.★
★GMs - Create and run quests and bounties from the mundane to the monumental and help to influence server-wide plots that will keep members guessing.★

Come try us on for size! Stick around and talk to the fam or jump straight into the RP, whatever you’re comfy with. We’re here to have fun and we want you to come have fun too.
This is a rp based of the anime series Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin though this is an alternate universe where none of the canon based characters ever existed in this roleplay, your oc’s shall replace the roles of those characters. The story begins during the aftermath of the destructive impact of the Colossal Titan on Wall Maria, new cadets have entered the frame, who will become the furious hero, to try to save humanity against the terror of the titans and truth of what’s beyond the walls? Explore your own path and have fun!
In this server it involves an AU of steven universe, you can be creative with your ocs as well!

Looking for diamonds

Rules are pretty simple, just follow them in the rule channel!

No posting other artist’s ocs, remember, be creative! Even if your art isn’t that good.

Commissions for ocs are opened! Ask in the help channel for any further questions (:

Join & experience the Nightmare AU!
Atlas. One of the four major kingdoms of Remnant has become more powerful then ever. They are preparing to show off their strength off against the other three major kingdoms of Remnant and to become the only kingdom. However, they are still building their forces and are trying to stay under the radar, but everyone can tell Atlas is preparing for war. Because of the high amount of fear of war, Grimm have become ever increasing in numbers and city's have required more huntsmen then ever to make sure that Grimm don't destroy them. You, are one of these Huntsmen or Huntress that are defending the city of Vale from destruction or are in the process of becoming one of these Huntsmen or Huntresses. May you find bonds and courage to be able to fight back against the Grimm. This has been Professor Ozpin. I wish you the best of luck in your trials. Please work together, and find the ability to see past what someone looks like. These are pressing times ahead of us. I wish everyone the best of luck in their efforts to being a Huntsmen or Huntress.
The wizarding world was rocked after the deaths of Lilly and James Potter at the hands of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Only in this universe, he stayed dead. With the Deatheaters disbanded and Voldemort destroyed, the path has been paved for new criminal elements to rise.

Go to Hogwarts, learn the spells, graduate top of your class.

Will you be the one to stand up against the new threats, or will you fill the void left by the Dark Lord?
The age for the new Avatar has come! The Fire Nation has been brutally taking over inch by inch the other nations of the world. All that remains of a strong central power is the Earth Kingdom which will inevitably clash with the Fire Nation in a fight for freedom or total domination. Will you join along with the dysfunctional Fire Family and fight for the glory of the Fire Nation without question? Or will you join Team Avatar and strive for peace and camaraderie in the world? Perhaps you’ll simply just do nothing and watch the world burn before you! The choice is yours in Avatar: The Untold Tale!

We are a friendly Avatar roleplay group that is looking for anyone to join and continue our story that actually began on a humble roleplay group 2 years ago on the app Geeking. We are always looking for new people to join despite some positional roles like the Fire Lord and Avatar already being taken. This is a semi-literate texting roleplay group so be warned of some literate requirements we have.

This roleplay takes place during the same time period of Avatar: The Last Airbender but in an alternate dimension. That means that everything that happened in the first Avatar story line including characters, events, and bending restrictions will not apply here. To put it simply, Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Azula, Katara, etc. do not exist (except the cabbage man, of course).

We hope you join us and most importantly have fun! 🤗
In a land where things are a bit strange we come upon a land of myth and Magic. Set in an alternate version of 17th century Europe,we have the Kingdoms of Aenglia,Estemere,Harad,Phrānsa,Rosko,And even an unclaimed territory. We are a growing server so we are still building things,the only thing we ask is that you have fun!
Consefution is a solar system in deep space, so deep, in fact, it’s a parallel to our universe. Earth is parallel with Alkedeus, one of the two main focused planets, it’s sister planet, alike to mars, is Aloucous, a very advanced, futuristic planet. Humans, fuelled by greed and the desire to grow invade the home of the Gods in desperation to succeed and flourish, but the Gods and other mystical inhabitants aren’t going down without a fight. Join the government or military in their mission to eradicate those deemed magic or become a rebel fighter or mystical being and defend the land that is rightfully theirs.
The year is 225 After The Dark Portal('s opening).

The lands of Azeroth are reigned over by the tyrannical, authoritarian regime of the New Alliance, and the Empire of Stormwind, ruled by its holy god-like lineage of Wrynn Kings. While races other than humans enjoy some form of freedom, the races of the long since destroyed Horde are used as slaves- gladiators, laborers or saters of lusts and greeds.

Join various stories all around Azeroth, as you choose sides with your character. In this DnD-esque Alt-Universe RPG, we strive to build an immersive experience with narration, music, maps, and deep characters and quests, as well as true 'choices matter' gameplay.

Join the Syndicate, and free Azeroth- TODAY!
Post Fallout 4 Roleplay. Technically Minutemen ending, however with the logic that the Prydwen doesn't get killed off and the Brotherhood drive off the Minutemen to Toronto.

Fallout New Vegas never happens allowing more factions to prosper, except for the fact that House has his platinum chip now. Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel is canon.

[Combat included]:
- Naval Combat
- Some form of Mechanised Combat
- Aerial Combat for some factions

Mainly a faction roleplay, however there is a character roleplay and rules to prevent factions from killing your character immediately unless you do something stupid.
The war on Cybertron is finally over. After four million years of constant fighting and questioning who is friend or foe. Soldiers and survivors return to their homes. Decepticons and Autobots can now shake hands and get on with the rest of their lives. There is peace and quiet. Everyone can finally rest. Or so it seems.

This so called “Peace and quiet” is only a facade. Everyone is actually waiting. Waiting for one thing to go wrong so that they have an excuse to finish off nemesis and imprison those that were their enemies. Cybertron is now more corrupted than ever.

New leaders have been elected to lead what remains of the cities in Cybertron. Optimus has exiled himself from everyone and is currently off planet. Megatron has mysteriously disappeared and has not been found. These sudden disappearances have destroyed the Decepticon and Autobot factions. Even though the insignias still remain, everyone is lost and nobody knows what to do now.

Perhaps peace and quiet isn’t always a good sign.
Do you like Marvel? Do you like superheroes/supervillains? Do you like sandbox RPs? Do you like all of the above?

If yes, this roleplay is for you. This kind of Marvel RP is a sandbox RP, set in a universe where the all OG characters (Spider-Man, Dr Doom, Avengers etc.) have passed away, but a new generation has taken their place. It has just been recently established and we are currently looking for more players. If you are interested, join in!
The Multiverse is huge. Bigger than you and I. Bigger than most beings who threaten the Multiverse itself. This one contains many universes, dimensions, even timelines, like many others. In these places are the inhabitants, whether cosmic, medieval, supernatural, genetic, or futuristic, all live in various places in the Multiverse, some a similar copy, others... completely different.

Welcome to Earth-657, a universe where all heroes and villains, everyone you know, is legend. In their places, however, a new generation of heroes and villains have risen, keeping the peace or terrorising the streets, and all those in between. Parallel to Earth-616, but in this universe, many differences lie. In this universe, all the events you know, happened much, much earlier. All new events, all new generations, appear in a period similar to our own; the 21st Century.

You are one of the many souls living in this universe. Do you pick up where a former hero or villain left off? Are you a descendant of a hero or villain? Or are you out to create a legacy for yourself?


We'll see you in Earth-657.
The fall of Beacon struck, legends were born with the years that followed, Team RWBY along with the help of an incomplete JNPR made it to Atlas delivering the much needed warning to General Ironwood, they moved from Kingdom to Kingdom warning all of the coming change in our world. This marked the beginning of the end for man... or so that witch thought, with an immense influx of Grimm she expected our will to be broken, however, she only made us all stronger with the coming wars for each settlement each kingdom grew off the despair uniting their forces under one banner... The RAC, with the RAC's creation came the creation R-SOC, bringing in the best of the best for the most rigorous training any Huntsman would receive, becoming as what they now call The Huntsman Special Contingency and Rescue Task Force Taking the fight more than 45 miles behind enemy lines, now known as The Great Wasteland Conflict, a force of 500 pushed the Grimm back and held them back for seven long days, no food, no water, but most importantly... No fear, they fought until Atlas, Vale, and Mistral forces arrived. To this day the Vacuo, Mistral, Vale and Atlas forces still fight the Grimm back. This battle has lasted for ten long years, with that it is time for a new generation to be brought up upon the rules of the olden world one of morals, courage, bravery, and Valor... Welcome ladies and gentleman, to Shade Academy...
NL;AU is a roleplay based around Naruto. It doesn't include any of the canon clans, characters, and jutsu, but hey, that won't make it a bad experience. Give it a chance!
Have you ever thought to yourself; what would happen if I mixed the lore from a game about machines fighting each other, with classic dark-ages and renaissance Mythos, and fantasy? Well, now you’ll never have to think again, with this server!

We’re seeking new, active members, and almost every canon character is available right now, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up, or attempt to outdo them with your own Original Characters in this hectic world.

We eagerly await your arrival!
Welcome to Dogs of Moonholde!

A long time ago, there was the pack of Moonholde. It was made up of many wolves. The Alpha was dying, and all 3 of his children wanted his place. Louve, Gundulf, and Borris. They began battling for it and the other wolves of Moonholde began to choose sides and rip each other apart. As the years went on and families were torn away, Louve broke off from the fight and ran to the mountains with the wolves that joined her. She started a pack there with said wolves, calling it Breezepack. Gundulf quickly caught on and did the same, escaping into the thick of the woods. He called his pack the Stormchasers. Borris took this as a win and called his new pack the Alphapack. Since then, the packs have evolved slowly into just dogs.

Here's some things we have available!

- High ranks
- Unlimited character amount!
- Mixed breeds allowed
- Pokécord !
- Bot spam area to play around with our bots!

We are still relatively new so you have so many opportunities! Come join us now!
🔰**Welcome to Berlin Has Fallen (BHF)**🔰

Here you can RP about what would have happened if the Berlin wall never fell

The main features include:

🔘 Country Selection and a choice between military and civilian

🔘 24/7 Active RP

🔘 Mock Countries

🔘 A rich storyline and plot

🔘 A group of active players

🔘 Regular updates

🔘 And much, much more!

**We are also looking for Advertisers, Admins and Moderators to help with the server!**

dm me (@SomeCommieWithNerdyGlasses#8639) for more information!

| **Server Link:** |
Welcome to Earth: An Alternate Universe! If the server name didn't tell you enough, this roleplay is set in an alternate universe where well.. Things are very chaotic. Almost every nation is locked in a deadly tension if they are otherwise not allies and some of the world's superpowers have even gone to war, this including America, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and surprisingly even the isolated island nation Japan.

Things obviously would not have happened without a reason right? Well of course, its because of the discovery of Powers and Soul Weapons!


yes I know this server is a complete work in progress and its ridiclous launching it this early but I seriously need friends to help me on this so please join!
Come chat, hang out, and roleplay in this expanded Hetalia server! It proudly boasts several categories of roleplay, such as Nyo!Hetalia, 2P!Hetalia, Omegaverse, Cardverse, and more, each with multiple channels for different adventures!

Never worry about having your favorite character chosen by someone else - in this system, you will always have the opportunity to play as any character you want in one of our many RP channels! Original characters and modified canon characters are always welcome as well!

Admins are always taking requests for new roleplay and chat channels, so grab your favorite country, wave your flag, and get ready for a roleplay experience you'll love almost as much as Italy loves pastaaaaa~!
50 States, 50 Operatives. Highly trained warriors picked from the top of their graduation classes and shipped off to a highly secretive organization, promptly undergoing even more extreme training and conditioning, putting a high performing operative nearly on par with a spartan. The first batch have just been shipped off to the Mother of Invention.

This is an AU caused by in canon events for anyone actively following the RvB series.
In a wizarding world where anything you want could happen! From Muggles to Ministry officials, we can create a Harry Potter world we have been longing to live in. Professor Albus Dumbledore is still the Headmaster of Hogwarts, where he looks over the school. Voldemort is still a threat and god-knows-what Harry Potter is doing. It's the person's choice (who owns the character).
Ever wanted a darker RWBY story? You believe that some smaller characters should have been bigger or that some characters were wasted potential? Then come on down and join us for a great roleplay experience, where there are changes to the world of RWBY like more Grimm and bigger villains. This is a retelling of the RWBY story from the very beginning where you, yes you can play up to 4 characters Canon or OC. We can guarantee you will have fun and if not then just contact me with your opinions on the matter. I hope you guys have fun!