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[Genre: Dark Fantasy/Doomsday][Alternate Universe RP]

• A different take on the Attack on Titan lore that will serve to provide a unique roleplay experience within an alternative universe/timeline.

• A carefully picked staff team that is integrated into the community--thus there is no separation or class difference.

• People of all roleplaying styles (aside from 1st Person) are welcome, but we recommend being literate.

• You will be playing characters of your making--these characters will effect events in the storyline.
This is a brand new Undertale RolePlay Alternate Universes server where you can be your own character and roleplay in many different AUs! feel free to do alot of things in this server for you can request alot of things that i will most likely approve! please join because if you do, your helping this server grow to help it gain more people!
Do you like Marvel? Do you like superheroes/supervillains? Do you like sandbox RPs? Do you like all of the above?

If yes, this roleplay is for you. This kind of Marvel RP is a sandbox RP, set in a universe where the all OG characters (Spider-Man, Dr Doom, Avengers etc.) have passed away, but a new generation has taken their place. It has just been recently established and we are currently looking for more players. If you are interested, join in!
The Multiverse is huge. Bigger than you and I. Bigger than most beings who threaten the Multiverse itself. This one contains many universes, dimensions, even timelines, like many others. In these places are the inhabitants, whether cosmic, medieval, supernatural, genetic, or futuristic, all live in various places in the Multiverse, some a similar copy, others... completely different.

Welcome to Earth-657, a universe where all heroes and villains, everyone you know, is legend. In their places, however, a new generation of heroes and villains have risen, keeping the peace or terrorising the streets, and all those in between. Parallel to Earth-616, but in this universe, many differences lie. In this universe, all the events you know, happened much, much earlier. All new events, all new generations, appear in a period similar to our own; the 21st Century.

You are one of the many souls living in this universe. Do you pick up where a former hero or villain left off? Are you a descendant of a hero or villain? Or are you out to create a legacy for yourself?


We'll see you in Earth-657.
A Roleplaying server set in a universe based off the hit anime My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero). We're a fairly small and tightly knit community with active members looking to grow. Laughs and memes galore included. Come check us out!
Mission is a wonderful school with an intense plotline that will have you begging for more. With active members and a respectable, hardworking staff you can be sure that your stay here will be a fun one! During your time here at Mission, you may experience:
Villains that could attack from inside the school
Intense battle classes and sparring. Dangerous Grimm, much more powerful than the ones you've And worst of all, alcoholism
Alternate-Pixels Official is the official Discord server of the DeviantArt group "Alternate-Pixels", a home for people that create Alternate History pixel art of all types. We specialize in uniformology and military equipment, but varied interests are always welcome!

DeviantArt Link:
Post Fallout 4 Roleplay. Technically Minutemen ending, however with the logic that the Prydwen doesn't get killed off and the Brotherhood drive off the Minutemen to Toronto.

Fallout New Vegas never happens allowing more factions to prosper, except for the fact that House has his platinum chip now. Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel is canon.

[Combat included]:
- Naval Combat
- Some form of Mechanised Combat
- Aerial Combat for some factions

Mainly a faction roleplay, however there is a character roleplay and rules to prevent factions from killing your character immediately unless you do something stupid.
Hello! Welcome to Middle-Earth. We are a relatively new server which is looking for members to join us in Role-Playing! Maybe you can help us.

You can live and RP anywhere in Middle-Earth and if we are lacking a location you would like to see, you can always request it!

Anyone is welcome to join. From experienced RPers to new ones. From someone with a lot of Lord of the Rings knowledge to someone with little.

This Role-Play takes place in Alternate Universe in the Third Age. We will have our own custom story line and villains, and if you want you could play an important part in the story.

In addition, you can also submit custom lore for characters, weapons or anything else really. We encourage creativity, as long as it doesn't go overboard!

We hope to see you there!
Do you want to know about the Element Of Poison? well you in luck come a join us today. and you well know everything.
__World History__
A long time ago, a force known as the Anthem of Creation was discovered by a powerful warlock. Using his magic, he trapped the anthem inside of a staff to be used for his own purpose. However, he could not control it. The Force of Creation destroyed the staff, releasing the anthem into the world and possessing the Warlock. The Warlock became the host of the Anthem force and became immortal. Once the forces of Creation had been freed, it went wild, creating new creatures. Monsters, humans, plants and trees. The earth and the sun and the moon. The planets and the stars were created by the Anthem. The humans lived wild until they discovered a way to use the Anthem in a magical state, allowing them to bend a small percentage of its power to their will. Using this power, they launched an assault on the ancient Warlock and sealed him away in a parallel universe they created using the Anthem. Once the Warlock was defeated, the humans thrived on the earth. They created cities of wonder and power above ground, below ground, in sky, and in the water. They had tamed the monsters and reached a golden age. Or, so they thought. They believed it was over, they believed they had conquered the world. Little did they know, Creation had been waiting, planning. It was ready. One day, everything they had created was gone. The Anthem split the ground open, destroying entire cities, beings of unimaginable power struck down buildings and vaporized cities. The world tremored in fear as Creation destroyed all of humanity. Or so it thought. One city survived. The city of Argon, the first city of humanity had been ready. They somehow, kept the monsters out. Creation could not harm them. After this event, Argon became known as the Sanctuary of Eden. A school was built. This school, a school that stood tall and looked over the city, was Anthem Academy. Here, the next generation of warriors would be trained to harness the Anthem and save humanity from the forces of Creation.
"I'm reporting this!"
What if the Diamonds had heeded her warning?
An alternate universe in which the Diamonds launch a second invasion of Earth after the events of Season 1.

When the Diamonds receive a report from Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG confirming the survival of a faction of Crystal Gems, Homeworld is suspicious. When the same Peridot as well as her ship and Jasper escort disappear shortly after reaching Earth, Homeworld is in uproar. The Diamonds immediately launch a force to re-conquer Earth and wipe out the remaining resistance, avenging Pink Diamond once and for all. The planet becomes a battlefield once again as the Crystal Gems work together with the quickly-assembled Earth Defense Force to fight off the invaders.

~Play as original and/or canon characters!
~Revisit familiar locations like Beach City, Mask Island, and more
~Determine the fate of Earth and the entire Diamond Authority as your choices go above and beyond the established canon
~Room for partnerships, art, or just to chat
~Friendly and active moderators if you need any help
Welcome to MHA-AU Roleplay!
In this server we deviated totally from the ongoing, dynamic, cannon that MHA has in order to have our own maleable adventure!
Although, not everything is off the table... you will be surprised!
Are you ready to give it a try?
Welcome to the World of Light!
A roleplaying AU server where you can have fun roleplaying as your favourite Smash Bros character!

During Galeem's bright attack, the entire Smash Community was forced into possession, hostility, and despair, doomed to forever be trapped in the void and have in control over their body.

But the adventure has just begun, a young pink puffball, named Kirby, was the lone/sole survivor of the take-over of despair.

While it still rests on Kirby, it doesn't stop there...

Such as Master Hand's rebellion mind against Galeem saved, the main Semi-Echos (Lucas, Falco, and Luigi), were saved during Galeem's attack.

Meanwhile while the take over was happening, another lord, Dharkon, manage to take hold of most of the newcomers and manipulated them into doing his bidding.

Now the rest of the story is up to you, and everyone else who enters the battle against Galeem and the fighters of despair.

This is also based on an alternate-universe for World of Light coming from an anonymous friend of mine on Deviantart.

If you want to find out more about this AU, please check out these links on Deviantart:

This is Lucas, signing out!
Not too long ago, the founders of Camp Fable, Caius Yamigetsu and Cecilia Zaveri came to Quebec Canada to found their own camp for demigods, it took months, almost years but they managed to make a safe camp surrounded by a mystical barrier that kept monsters and mortals out, and Demi-gods that lived there safe, now they wait for demigods to show up, adding cabins as needed for any Demi-God that wishes to call this place home. Many pantheons, Many demigods needing a place to be safe from monsters, one and all may gather here.

Demigod OC Camp Half Blood Percy Jackson AU RP Server.

Rules within.
DB Roleplaying Server (Pre-Super. Age: 776) The World has separated into many parts with the King and his entire lineage killed. Fingers are pointed at all sides, but the truth still needs to be dug up. The Time Patrol is also recruiting! Enlist!
Have you ever thought to yourself; what would happen if I mixed the lore from a game about machines fighting each other, with classic dark-ages and renaissance Mythos, and fantasy? Well, now you’ll never have to think again, with this server!

We’re seeking new, active members, and almost every canon character is available right now, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up, or attempt to outdo them with your own Original Characters in this hectic world.

We eagerly await your arrival!
Come one come all! Experience the high action journey of a Naruto Rp, however with much more refined detail, as you journey through a diverse version of the Shippuden Saga of this tale.

This roleplay server is an original take on the events and lore of Attack on Titan. The story and characters are developed with manga spoilers in mind, yet allow for an exciting take on the events and universe we know. Sound like something that might float your fancy? Check out our server for more information.
The year is 2026, a new school for witchcraft, wizardry, demons, angels, and species of all kind that have magical talent are allowed to come if they're accepted in. The school was built after the old one was torn down years ago by a Villainous group called 'Breathing In'. The former students and their parents were devastated it was torn down from them and decided to start a war against them in 2017. The war finally ended 2 years ago giving the professors and the Principals time to relocate and build a new School for the new generations.

The following houses

The Ulloo's or Owls are wise but anxious about rules and following them by any means. They usually read and practice their wizardry in their spare times and want to prove themselves to someone they love normally to show they are worthy.

The Lights are very compassion driven to reach their goals and expectations of others. They usually spend their time hanging around others but get sad when they are lonely.

This house is easily angered and usually, end up breaking rules. They like being alone and causing mischief around the school. They have been known to be over the top sadists and are flirty at times.

These sets of people are usually known to be sneaky but have good strategies when they play at games. Their emotions range from days to days making others not know how they're gonna act the next day. They usually think outside the box in the rules and brag about it.
Yakuza , also known as gokudō, are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan! The equivalent for gangster! Mafia-like criminal organizations! They have taken Morioh on their palm. Beware of them, traveller!

Will you save the town or drown it in despair ?! Fight for it in this JoJo Alternate Universe Roleplay! The Full Moon Fever!

-Joestar/Kujo/Higashikata are part of this universe, but we like to give protagonism to everyone. Being one won't give you plot armor!
-Pillarmen, Arrows, everything from the jojoverse is here!
-Little to no limitations in character creation
Hello, Hello! It’s Alya the server owner! I see you’ve decided to look at my server, so I’ll tell you a bit about it. We are a very new server, looking for staff/admins. It’s a Voltron AU, and yes, we ship Klance! We have roleplay, channels dedicated to characters, music, team points, and so much more! I hope you like this server and consider joining C: <3
This is a tokyo ghoul themed roleplay server for those who want to Roleplay I guess? I don't know how to write these. Oh and it's also an alternate universe so none of the shows characters exist, but it has the same systems and concepts.
Welcome to the Multi-Universe! Please respect each an another and read the rules. You can:

-Share art
-Top score board
-Oc's are mostly welcome
-Hangout spots