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A Roleplaying server set in a universe based off the hit anime My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero). We're a fairly small and tightly knit community with active members looking to grow. Laughs and memes galore included. Come check us out!
Yakuza , also known as gokudō, are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan! The equivalent for gangster! Mafia-like criminal organizations! They have taken Morioh on their palm. Beware of them, traveller!

Will you save the town or drown it in despair ?! Fight for it in this JoJo Alternate Universe Roleplay! The Full Moon Fever!

-Joestar/Kujo/Higashikata are part of this universe, but we like to give protagonism to everyone. Being one won't give you plot armor!
-Pillarmen, Arrows, everything from the jojoverse is here!
-Little to no limitations in character creation
Have you ever thought to yourself; what would happen if I mixed the lore from a game about machines fighting each other, with classic dark-ages and renaissance Mythos, and fantasy? Well, now you’ll never have to think again, with this server!

We’re seeking new, active members, and almost every canon character is available right now, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up, or attempt to outdo them with your own Original Characters in this hectic world.

We eagerly await your arrival!
This is a tokyo ghoul themed roleplay server for those who want to Roleplay I guess? I don't know how to write these. Oh and it's also an alternate universe so none of the shows characters exist, but it has the same systems and concepts.
Hello, Hello! It’s Alya the server owner! I see you’ve decided to look at my server, so I’ll tell you a bit about it. We are a very new server, looking for staff/admins. It’s a Voltron AU, and yes, we ship Klance! We have roleplay, channels dedicated to characters, music, team points, and so much more! I hope you like this server and consider joining C: <3
Welcome to the Multi-Universe! Please respect each an another and read the rules. You can:

-Share art
-Top score board
-Oc's are mostly welcome
-Hangout spots
This roleplay server is an original take on the events and lore of Attack on Titan. The story and characters are developed with manga spoilers in mind, yet allow for an exciting take on the events and universe we know. Sound like something that might float your fancy? Check out our server for more information.
this is an alternate universe based on the Rwby franchise. Beacon is looking for all sorts of students reining from humans to faunas. or be a hunter and or mercenary. explore the world of renmnant.
DB Roleplaying Server (Pre-Super. Age: 776) The World has separated into many parts with the King and his entire lineage killed. Fingers are pointed at all sides, but the truth still needs to be dug up. The Time Patrol is also recruiting! Enlist!
Welcome to Of Monsters and Marvel!

Set in an alternate universe where the people living in the universe of Marvel can, at random, inexplicably turn into creatures of mythology, we are a canon only RP server which aims to have fun for everyone involved. It's not strictly MCU compliant, nor comic compliant. Each interpretation of the character is up to the writer as a whole, and inspiration can be taken from anywhere.

The controversy around the topic of 'non-humans' are to be another ripple of conflict in the world of superheroes, villains, aliens, and more...

We have:
- Up to 3 canon characters per user!
- Literate writing
- Creative freedom to tweak the plot and lore of your character to your will
I’m currently looking for members to recruit to get this started. This rp takes place in an alternate universe of the My Hero Academia universe. The general concept of 80% of the population having quirks are the same, but the main cast doesn’t exist. Their replacements? You guys. Make your very own OC and either fight on the side of good and become a pro hero, join the dark side and become a villain or follow a different path and go Neutral. The choice is yours.
Invited to a chat room by a mysterious troll named Esinax Coreal, a group a trolls, humans, and other races gather to play a game and change the fate of the universe...

Welcome to Let's Try This Again an Alternate universe of Alternia where your ancestors have an impact on it's lore. This server is ran by three admins who want to work with you to develop a character you'll have fun playing! Anything goes here - we will help you make it work!
This is a Soul Eater AU! Come and join us!

We have friendly staff
Many roleplay channels
And a simple character creation process!

All of the important information about the server is found on it.
In the year 2000 in a universe parallel to ours were angels and demons and half ones walk the earth. Europe is on the brink of one last holy war.... one that would surely decide the fate of the human race.... will you join the rebellious sect of Satan looking to free themselves of there own set chains. Or join the brotherhood and wipe out this scourge that threatens and entire way life
Terminator Roleplay Server, if you ever want to fight against or as one of the machines from Terminator than this server is for you.
A chill and cozy place to roleplay your favorite Fire Emblem characters at a modern university. Chill staff.
This discord will be MAINLY for a alternate universe project I'm doing. But It also features Roblox, Osu!, Pokemon, Anime, Politics, history, science, etc.

We also have a NSFW channel for the perverted ones. You can post anything NSFW on those channels, porn is it's own channel (nsfw-porn) normal gore or body horror, etc, goes to the normal nsfw channels.
Welcome to Harry Potter: An Alternate Universe! As the name suggests, this is merely another alternate universe in which the laws and principals from Harry Potter the series are the same. There is no Harry Potter, no Weasley and no Dumbledore despite having a Ministry of Magic and the same magical spells. This is a world where YOU will be the one to carve out history, Hogwarts still exist and so did the ghosts and founders, etc!
Come join our new RWBY AU roleplay server! With friendly staff, friendly members and a casual environment we hope you'll be in it for the long haul!