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Big Stinky Gaming 💨🎮

Welcome to BSG, we have opened up a community server for PvP, 1PP,  factions + lone wolves. All are welcome, be it a lone wolf, group of 3 or a full faction ready to go 💙

⭐ We have a live and working killfeed 💀
⭐ Adjusted the loot economy so it is consistent for anyone who joins weeks after it started. Hoarding does not affect obtaining high tier weapons. 🔎
⭐We have added extra items such as the sword and cannabis seeds as well as different colour varients of items and weapons  ⚫
⭐Rules are designed to protect bases from offline raiding and promote fair game PvP, creating a welcoming, friendly and thriving discord community. 🗣️📚
⭐ Zero tolerance for rule breakers. Please make sure you are happy with the guidelines and rules before you get settled.✔️
⭐ Weekly events will be organised by one of the admin team ⚔️
⭐ Base raiding is allowed following the base raiding rules and guidelines 🏰

KOS everywhere except for the safe zone. 💀
We are a new upcoming Minecraft network server with the most popular gamemodes such as factions UHC Kitpvp skyblock Skywars and many more
The MOST active Star Wars Discord Community.
A server based on Star Wars, we invite you to join our friendly, fun server.
With many high profile u/PrequelMemer's here like Thibson34 and KifoPL.

We have a dedicated Minecraft server, frequent events and active battalions, and some of the friendliest/fair staff you will ever meet.
On top of this we frequently have active voice chats, and stream games, and Star Wars Shows/Movies
Pigraid Network, a minecraft bedrock server with KitPvP, Factions, SkyBlock and Creative! We're currently in beta and we are open to any new members.
Bonjour à tous ,
Le server Java 1.15.2 ZoomMC vous ouvre les portes de son Discord, afin d'être au courant des nouveautés et de nous aider jusqu'à l'achèvement de son développement

Il s'agit d'un serveur Factions ayant deux factions rivales:

Alpha A et Omega Ω

Ces dernières s’affrontent dans des évents toutes les semaines afin de devenir la meilleure Faction à la fin de la saison (une saison dure 3 mois).

Tout les membres de la faction gagnante remportent des ranks et de la loot exclusive

« Mais qu’est-ce qui vous rend différents des autres servers factions? »

ah mais c'est très simple,
dans le monde faction il y a :
des unclaim finders,des objets custom (comme un hammer ou des enchantements custom ), des mobs exclusifs et des bosses!

Il y a aussi du Parkour permettant de remporter des prix et de s'améliorer dans le monde Faction ; avec différents niveaux de difficulté, des parcours éphémères, et des parcours d'event. Il y a également une arène PvP .

Il y a également des grades qui apportent un grand nombre de possibilités en plus !
Nous avons divers salons sur le Discord pour rester à l'écoute de nos joueurs ainsi que leurs suggestions
Hey!!! Brand new (Factions Server on Minecraft!) Join the discord to get the server info! Pick your team so we know what side you're on! But please put your (Minecraft) Username in the requested slot! Hope to see you in battle soon!

🔹Welcome to Carpour🔹

🌀Carpour is a Minecraft Multiplayer Server that brings fun and excitement all away from Morocco to your homes.
⭐Our server has some famous or in other words well known gamemodes, which are 'Factions' and 'Survival'.
More will come for sure!
⭐We offer the best gaming experience for all players, no matter where you are!
⭐Also as any other server we offer a cheap paid rank to keep the server up and running and encouraging us to make more fun stuff for you!
⭐This server is not "Pay to Win". If you feel like that, please feel free to contact us about it!
⭐Our staff are always Online 24/7 to assist you in any issue that your in!
⭐If you're wondering why we choose the name "Carpour" as our Server name. Simply it camed out from the mob 'Creeper'.
⭐We hope that you have a great experience with us and be sure to Have Fun :D
Fallout: A New Life is a recently finished Fallout RP server meant to showcase and offer a world where all the series' factions are at the peak of their power. It falls to the members to help craft this world, shaping it's events and political landscape. The server offers a wide variety of areas to roleplay, from the toxic hellhole called the Pitt, to the City of the Dead, the Sierra Madre, even to Western Canada and all of the Lonestar Wasteland.
Welcome to my Minecraft Server, GalaxyPvP, a server with a wide variety of customs such as..
* Custom Enchantments
* Custom Bosses
* Custom PvP
* Custom Gear
* Lootboxes
* Envoys
* Crystals
* SlotBots
and so much more to offer! Join now and have a great time!
We've been developing the server to make sure it will be different than most Minecraft servers. We are preparing to launch soon! We could use a couple more developers and any suggestions for the server are welcome...

Embark on a difficult Minecraft journey of survival, alone or with friends.
Create a masterpiece to show the world.
Parkour your way to victory!

The choice is yours... Earn rewards the more you play, compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and invite your friends to play along with you.

Join us today for a fun, but challenging, adventure! SMP, Skygrid and Creative launching soon... Factions and Skyblock in future plan.
Welcome to Redstone Oinkcraft! Multiple worlds, from parkour and creative to factions, along with custom written minigames! Join our Discord to join our wonderfully tight-knit community :)
Je propose un serveur Minecraft prémium et cracké en 1.15.2

Dedans vous y retrouverez du PVP-Faction avec des Jobs
Ainsi que plusieurs sortes de mini-jeux du genre "tntrun" , "bedwars" , et bien d'autres

Serveur chaleureux vous y serez bien

IP du serveur minecraft : OU
Lien vers le discord :
Zenith Networks
custom-coded skyblock server, no pay-to-win, custom plugins and more! Brought to you by Zenith Networks!

• Custom Plug-ins
• Crates
• Custom Enchantments
• Rewards
• Friendly Staff

Up to $100 in PayPal or Buycraft payouts!!!!

We'll See you there!**
✦ ActivatePvP | Classic Factions ✦
Upcoming Classic Factions server in development!!

➥ Completely based on skill

➥ Bosses, envoys, masks & more!!

➥ Custom plugins (⇧) & Builds

➥ Grind 2 Win 💪

➥ No PvP ruining custom enchants

➥ Vanilla enchants

➥ Old-school trapping

Help us grow! (created 5/26/20)
Bellegrande Academy
Welcome to Bellegrande Academy, one of the world's most prestigious boarding schools. Located in upstate New York, Bellegrande seems to be just a fancy haven for upper class teenagers. However, looking deeper into the academic wonderland shows something else entirely- the school is governed by five factions, all secret and student-lead. Will you get invited into one? Or will you try to steer clear of the madness?
The factions all occupy their own niches, but compete amongst eachother to become the most powerful. Who will come out on top? Find out here.
PlatinumHCF is a brand new HCF server. Our goal is to provide a fun server for players to enjoy. We also aim to be less p2w than many other servers.
Cronus Network is a mc server network, we have skyblock releasing really soon and we would love for you to come join us! we will be having is top prizes! come join our discord today!
You have been invited to FireNation, The Official Discord for the FNN. We Currently Offer:

Economy Driven Survival/ Factions

Pits PVP (An Original Gamemode)

Creative Freebuild And Plots.

So Come On. Join already, weve got what you need!
Hello. This server is a server about Minecraft pvp and minigames.
MapleCraftMc Is a factions network that strives to keep our gameplay both casual and fresh. We have many custom features that we think you will come to love and enjoy.