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In the world of Krytaloc, 300 years after the War of Chaos, there is now two schools. Darkwater, lead by Violetta. A school of tactical darkness and cleverness. And there's Nidavellir, lead by Scarlett. A school of strength and justice. These two have managed a shaky truce, bound further by the fact both owners are sisters. There are peacekeepers, creatures and people sworn to protect and guard the balance. The path you take is what decides your fate in these dark days, what will you do?

This is a revamp/recreation of the power of lust, this is a more ser verson focused on plot and story
3 hours ago
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Its year XXVXII, imperial era. The late emperor has fallen in battle. It's been five years since that event. Now Mors vita the newly crowned emperor. He has been deemed has a corrupt monster, as such there is now an rebel army knocking at his door. Along with that there are two kingdoms forming an alliance to wipe him out.

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We are a Roleplay Server!!!
We have:

::joystick:Gaming! :joystick:

:thumbsup: SFW :thumbsup:

:busts_in_silhouette:EVENTS! :busts_in_silhouette:

:european_castle: : Midevil! :european_castle: :

:crossed_swords: Magic Weapons! :sparkles: :

:dollar: : Money! :dollar: :

:heavy_dollar_sign: Quests! :heavy_dollar_sign:

:crossed_swords: : Battles! :crossed_swords: :

:vs: Cool Factions! :vs:

:robot: Fun Bots! :robot:

And so much more, join today!!!
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17 hours ago
BlazeCraft is a minecraft faction server that isn't yet released, we are trying to up our community and see if any people can become staff members, we are friendly, have many rules, swearing is allowed, no chat filters, and insiding isn't allowed!!!!
2 days ago
The war between humanity and the covenant is still going on, however a new player has entered the fray, a collection of trators, banished, and rebels of both the UNSC and the Covenant all banded together under the bame of the Rouges, a faction thay fights against bith the UNSC and the Covenant, now that a new challenger has enterd the fray, how will this game end?
4 days ago
The year is 2019 ,2 years ago the apocalypse started. The whole US was sent into a widespread panic. After this virus or later labeled Zed’s disease spread across the world like wildfire. It has been rumored to have started in a newly opened tomb in Egypt. But one thing is for certain there is no telling what you will find in this devastated corner of the world...
day 67 after Zed’s disease spread - there has been reports of people getting bitten and surviving...but with some weird side effects...some die and turn. but the ones that don't seam to control specific elements.... strange... i must find out more...
-doc. hays
day 77 after Zed’s disease spread - i have seen the results and have been bitten my was a accident the zed surprised me when i was hunting for a new tire for my car... hope i'm one of the lucky ones and don't...turn...
-doc. hays
day 80 after Zed’s disease spread - seems i am not as lucky as i have hoped... i am turning.... but i have found a way to 'cure' Zed’s disease... well it will prevent any living from turning if infected. but once turned it will not help... lets hope i can make it again before i turn...
- doc. hays
day 82 after Zed’s disease spread - well i am done for... i have put the 'cure' in the back of this book... please if you find this do some good.... i have run out of time to make the cure. i should have just used it on my self. best not to regret my mistake... do note it takes five days to turn once bitten and two days to make the 'cure' not counting finding the ingredients... good luck to you...
- doc. hays
5 days ago
CipherRaids is a Semi-OP Factions server for everyone to enjoy. We mix all the best features from over 50+ servers out there that all members enjoy. We've included similar features to Strive, Cosmic, District and more.. so come visit us and enjoy our unique game-play, of course we've added our own unique, fun and custom development for members to explore thanks to our developer
6 days ago
Welcome to Imperium! We are a Political Factions server on an Earth World Map on Minecraft 1.10.2. We have a growing community, and we want more people to join! Come and make your nation today on Imperium! The Server IP is
10 days ago

Over 450+ TOTAL Members!

Minecraft Factions, Minecraft HCF, Minecraft KitPvP
This is where the best Minecraft PvPers come to hang out! Come join some of our factions and participate in some parties and events!

Network Discord -
Forums -
Factions Discord -
Logo -
12 days ago
Welcome to the Town of the Supernatural!

A beacon draws all manner of life into the town, both human and inhuman.
You all came to make a new life, perhaps find asylum? But what you didn’t know expect was that in this cozy little coastal town, everything beautiful on the surface is corrupted by the violent Purge that takes place each night. The town is split into two, and you must pick a side, or gamble with your life and try to play with neither.
Just make sure you make the right decisions because when the Bell tolls at Midnight all who find themselves alone, are fair game…

In this Town, there are two Factions.

The Hunters, led by Eli, who believe in respecting the law of the Bell and wish to become a small government of sorts to protect the people of the town.

The Monsters, led by Max, who respect the Bell but would rather be rid of it altogether and allow chaos to take over the little port town.

You don’t have to join right away, but for your safety... Join before the Bell Tolls, or else you’re on your own.
18 days ago
We live in times with divine bionics, technology, whatever. So get used to some playing God, others grinding for profits while some steal from others to advance their own cause, some just destroy what others have worked so hard to build. Anything can happen at any second and there’s nothing some can do to prepare. Everything went off with the explosive end to the original capital building. Glados started everything and will makes sure that everything ends because she doesnt care who lives or dies. Us down here in the dirt, hah, no one cares about us; but dont you see that’s why we steal, grind, and do whatever it takes to get out of the dirt and fight back. This is the beginning of our rise back to the top, but the question is this: “Will you make it back to the top? Or will you die along with the ashes and bodies of those forgotten?”
21 days ago
This is a server specifically for futuristic role play! In this server you can role play as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!
29 days ago
Fascinating features, breathtaking builds and powerful plugins. Does this sound like a server for you? Then look no further than DedicatedMC...

Our server brings Minecraft to life, giving you the greatest experience imaginable. Every day we work incredibly hard on listening to community suggestions and regularly improving our servers. This is our ethos... We want you to have fun. We want you to have a great time, but most of all...

We want you to enjoy yourself on DedicatedMC, a server that is revolutionising Minecraft gaming.
30 days ago
A Galaxy Shattered: A Star Wars Roleplay Server
Set in 5 ABY, A Galaxy Shattered takes place during the near beginning of the Imperial Civil War. Powerful factions have stoked their claims in the galaxy, with notable ones being Zsinj's Empire and the Pentastar Alignment. Members of the underworld have been organizing, and crime is at a all time high due to the fracturing of the empire. It is up to you, to decide your character's fate and potentially the fate of the galaxy. Join us today!

-Easy to learn character system and rules
-Responsive staff
-Weekly updates
-Fully functioning economy
-A wide variety of shops
-An awesome and welcoming playerbase
-5 Playable Factions!
-New Republic
-Zsinj's Empire
-Pentastar Alignment
-Empire of the Hand
30 days ago
In a world covered in ocean, many islands ruled by many warring factions exist in this world of magic and adventure
30 days ago
We are a Zombie PVE/PVP Rp server.
We offer Class/Loadouts, And Factions,
Also an Economy system, Trading and Item System. And!, An Auto Zombie Spawn for Endless Fighting. Come Pick your class and Fight Zombies!
52 days ago
FalloutMC is a startup minecraft factions server. I have made sure to make everything on the server close to perfect and have put in at least 200+ doing that. All of our beta testers say that the server is really great and the plugins are really amazing! Everyone is welcome! Come Join!
60 days ago
■□- - - - - - - - - - - - -□■
A casual RP server/community that has lit combat/melee.(We even have a tier list for your characters.) It takes place in a modern fantasy city, home to all sorts of variety of characters(Normal or Fantasy). A city similar to that of Seoul, Tokyo or San Francisco. Come join and have fun. Or be AFK, that's fine too I guess. But we prefer active members. Don't be shy. We are all good in the hood. 👍

- Not a ERP. No NSFW.
- A small but friendly server.

■□- - - - - - - - - - - - -□■
72 days ago
[+] Overworld: 10000 x 10000.
[+] Nether: 5000 x 5000
[+] End: Flat 5000 x 5000.
[+] 1 week grace period upon opening.
[+] Insiding is bannable.

[+] Monthly crates have been added.
[+] Shockwave (5x5 / 3x3) pickaxes will be purchasable.
[+] Enchantment Shards can be achieved with /shards.
[+] GenBuckets are purchasable with /genbucket
[+] Schematica and printer will be allowed and will work well.
[+] Mcmmo will be available except for Swords and Unarmed.
[+] exp can be turned into money with /xptransfer
[+] Tokens will be gained by mining and grinding and use then upon grant with /tokenshop.
83 days ago
Hello! Are you looking for an amazing factions server? Well, TwistedMC is the server for you!
Unique Features:
- Great Staff
- Weekly Updates/Changelogs
- Custom Plugins
- Good Support
- Hacker Catchers
- Even More!
94 days ago
There are going to be meme wars and you will be given a choice to pick a faction.
96 days ago
Probably the only discord server that is feudal. A friendly place and a way to escape troubles of real life.
97 days ago