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[+] Overworld: 10000 x 10000.
[+] Nether: 5000 x 5000
[+] End: Flat 5000 x 5000.
[+] 1 week grace period upon opening.
[+] Insiding is bannable.

[+] Monthly crates have been added.
[+] Shockwave (5x5 / 3x3) pickaxes will be purchasable.
[+] Enchantment Shards can be achieved with /shards.
[+] GenBuckets are purchasable with /genbucket
[+] Schematica and printer will be allowed and will work well.
[+] Mcmmo will be available except for Swords and Unarmed.
[+] exp can be turned into money with /xptransfer
[+] Tokens will be gained by mining and grinding and use then upon grant with /tokenshop.
11 hours ago
We are a Zombie PVE/PVP Rp server.
We offer Class/Loadouts, And Factions,
Also an Economy system, Trading and Item System. And!, An Auto Zombie Spawn for Endless Fighting. Come Pick your class and Fight Zombies!
17 hours ago
Sandbox Games
Hello! Are you looking for an amazing factions server? Well, TwistedMC is the server for you!
Unique Features:
- Great Staff
- Weekly Updates/Changelogs
- Custom Plugins
- Good Support
- Hacker Catchers
- Even More!
8 days ago
Strategy Games 3
There are going to be meme wars and you will be given a choice to pick a faction.
10 days ago
In 2032, the war between the Asian Continental Military Force (ACMF) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ended with a nuclear exchange. The nuclear fallout and smoke drove the planet into nuclear winter for the first decade.

The decades following 2032 were catastrophic. Most crops couldn't grow under the cloud cover. Families and friends were forced to fight each other just to have a few less mouths to feed. Structures built before 2032 decayed and rotted. It became an everyday occurrence to see skeletons lined up along the roads. The world governments were powerless in the wake of total and utter economic and agricultural collapse.

As soon as the late 2030s and early 2040s, organizations began popping up that sought to revive the world and build a new utopia on top of the ashes of the old one. Over the following decades, the frigid landscape slowly warmed and the radioactive clouds dissipated. This was it. This was the chance America had long been awaiting.

Around the 2070s, international trade was reintroduced. Although many nations and regions are still focused on rebuilding their infrastructure and staying out of a civil or conquest war, some corporations have gathered the resources needed to start shipping goods across the seas again. Trade with regions like Great Britain and Brazil have reemerged as an economic gain for North America.
In 2096, the Atlanta Crisis occurred. Nobody has an accurate record of the events that went down, but the result was a distinct split between the Northern and Southern United States. The peace-keeping organizations formed after 2032 were dissolved or reorganized to make way for organizations more well-equipped for waging war.

The United States of America controls the North and the People's Republic of Tidewater controls the South. After a series of raids and battles over the next 6 years, a distinct border between the two countries formed along the Halfmoon Creek in Georgia. Although the war has simmered down in the intervening years, there is a growing unrest in the country. Political leaders are being assassinated, trade organizations are having their merchandise sacked and destroyed, and people are going missing. Somewhere between 50% and 70% of the population in this area before the war has moved either further North or further South, depending on where they lived at the time of the Atlanta Crisis. Most homes and buildings are abandoned.

Not only is this area on the brink of conflict, it's also the home for countless bandits, mercenaries, and black market dealers. Only the most hardy of men and women still thrive along this river. The biggest city in North America at the moment, New Atlanta, lies just a few miles South of the Halfmoon Creek. A few rather large US cities, like Hanover and Wilmington, lie a few miles North from the river. Many black market deals and shady organizations reside in Hanover and New Atlanta.

The story begins here. June 21st, the Summer Solstice, 2115.
10 days ago
Fascinating features, breathtaking builds and powerful plugins. Does this sound like a server for you? Then look no further than DedicatedMC...

Our server brings Minecraft to life, giving you the greatest experience imaginable. Every day we work incredibly hard on listening to community suggestions and regularly improving our servers. This is our ethos... We want you to have fun. We want you to have a great time, but most of all...

We want you to enjoy yourself on DedicatedMC, a server that is revolutionising Minecraft gaming.
10 days ago
Community 3
Probably the only discord server that is feudal. A friendly place and a way to escape troubles of real life.
11 days ago
CriticalPvP Factions Minecraft Server. Join now for a good time and to have fun with a great community! We have custom enchants, king of the hill, custom factions, and much more! Server IP:
25 days ago
Sandbox Games 14
Tired of paying just to win in a server?
Look no further! We are 100% Non-P2W server with
top-notch features and unique gameplay from the
rest! We feature a customized Factions and Skyblock server at the moment! We do not have a buycraft! We rely on ads to keep us afloat, which means no one can BUY an ADVANTAGE! Sweet right? An even playing field for everyone! Join today, you won't regret it! We are also hiring staff, More info in our discord.
29 days ago
โ– โ–ก- - - - - - - - - - - - -โ–กโ– 
A casual RP server/community that has lit combat/melee.(We even have a tier list for your characters.) It takes place in a modern fantasy city, home to all sorts of variety of characters(Normal or Fantasy). A city similar to that of Seoul, Tokyo or San Francisco. Come join and have fun. Or be AFK, that's fine too I guess. But we prefer active members. Don't be shy. We are all good in the hood. ๐Ÿ‘

- Not a ERP. No NSFW.
- A small but friendly server.

โ– โ–ก- - - - - - - - - - - - -โ–กโ– 
52 days ago
All Games 6
After the horsemen of the apocalypse had roamed the Earth, about a couple hundred years ago, they decided enough was enough and left after causing so much destruction and death to the human race, punishing all in their own way. These monstrous beings had given birth to a new type of pathogen. It is not identified yet but has the ability to instantly kill a human, and use that body to feed themselves and function as a normal human, but with their own personalities,magic, motives and intentions. The remnants of humanity had split up into two factions over greed and prejudice between the morals of the people, but later united so they could adapt and evolve to fight the undead. This caused humanity to also learn magic and at least help rebuild cities and towns. The intentions of all the factions are to destroy the other and survive, but will the undead win? Will humans win? Will the humans backstab each other before or after the undead supposedly get re-killed?
69 days ago
Community 9
A chat made to show your darkest sides to the world,
Join various people from 4chan, 9gag or wherever and enjoy a chat that will definetly end you with some kind of sickness.
90 days ago
Listen up, ladies and gents for a tale of betrayal and woe. Now this world began a long time ago...
Once upon a time two young inventive twins, Kai and Zahn came across a mysterious land covered in an array of precious metals. Their minds fluttered at the thought of all the creations they could make. On one end, Kai, the intelligent and calm twin believed he could use these to build machines that would fit the needs of the people. Keeping them orderly and in place. While Zahn, the tempered and creative twin, believed he could make machines that would allow people to get creative, use their imagination with no limits or rules. The brothers fought over the land until one day, they drew a line. One, Kai, would go off to found Koru-Mai. The other, Zahn, would get Makai.
Years would pass with the twins bloodlines continuing this feud until the present day, where the wonders of modern steam-punk technology define the two cultures. And boy have things changed since.

Now it is up to you to decide the fate of this world, will you live a calm, collected Koru_Maian? A passionate, imaginative Makain? Or will you be a lone outsider of "No Man's Land" with your own story to bring.
94 days ago
Sandbox Games 5
Come Join Cryptic Factions for a small community and play with players and build your way to f top 1!!
124 days ago
All Games 9
Talk N' Shit is a social and soon to be faction / roleplay server. With a wide variety of things to do, we recommend you stop by and stay for awhile.
218 days ago