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Role play, dystopian server based around the navy with things such as factions and an opportunity to use your own design of ships and characters to control them; all are welcome and hope that you enjoy yourself here :)

You're own OC and multiple NPC's for you to control
Possible command of your own vessel or even your own faction/fleet
A growing community
Espionage against other factions
Battles against other factions
Become non-military personnel such as medics, agricultural scientists, weaponry scientists, arms builders, naval architect
Alliances with other factions
Game discussions
and more in the future!
Plagued by a history of war Ethos is a fantasy land less welcoming than its sister nation of Anvora. Only just managing to drag itself into peace times, Ethos still features prejudice against the non-human races in certain locations; despite the werewolf city of mournstead and the Dragonborn fort of Draythas. Magic courses through the land just as it does with most fantasy settings...but monsters also run awry - causing issues wherever they can. Will you align with one of the kingdoms of Ethos? Or will you simply add to ranks of the beasties...

Things to know:
-There are numerous, distinct locations for you to explore with your characters
-Our staff are welcoming and happy to help with whatever you need, as are other members on the server
-Events are regularly crafted to engage those on the server
-Ethos offers a selection races, player created ones are also eligible
-One liner rps and paragraph rps are both accepted
-Magic is of course something that exists in lore and can be used to base your characters abilities off
-Characters will be checked by staff to ensure they are balanced
-Finally, Ethos is the sister server of another named Anvora. Offering a shared lore between the two and cross-server opportunities

Hope to see you there!
This is a new server which is still in development and will have many mini games such as find the button, parkour, bedwars, etc. it will also have factions and skyblock. Our community is non-toxic and friendly.
RushPvP is a Java 1.8 Minecraft PvP server. We offer multiple gamemodes such as Factions, Practice, Skyblock, Anarchy, SkyWars and KitPvP.
On our discord server you can chat with over a hundred other cool people, share memes, listen to music, join events and giveaways and have a good time.
Join now! :)

Opening December 1st!
Greetings Wastlander
The Brotherhood Remnants Are Looking For More Recruits. We Are Doing An Inactive Wipe Soon So Well Need The Members. We Are A Group Of Individuals Who Strive To Create Our Own Version Of The Brohterhood. We Have A Well Experienced Chain Of Command And A Helpful Community. Come Check Us Out.
:information: Hi! Why do I get out of my way to contact you about this server? Well, this is no ordinary Factions Network. We strive to be bug-free, & perfect.

:enchantorb: | FEATURES: @everyone

:Lava: GENBUCKETS: These genbuckets are multi-directional & printable!
:tnt: CANNONING: Cannoning is very well-optimized, & efficient. No need to worry about server lag, or cannon errors, because we have that covered!
:tools: PATCHES: We strive to be the most bug-free experience, by introducing our patches! An example of one of the patches that we've fixed is enderpearl glitching!
:Sword: COMBAT: Combat has been enhanced, and perfected, so all of your hits register, and potions are smooth & easy to use.

(( We don't want to spoil your experience, so join the server to check out more awesome features! ))

& More.

(( If you wish to be added to this list, please directly PM me, and make a #faction-claim! ))


$175 PayPal + $500 Buycraft
$100 PayPal + $300 Buycraft
:three: THIRD PLACE:
$50 PayPal + $200 Buycraft

(( Disclaimer: Next Season/Map F-Top will be much larger, but currently this is what we'll guarantee for our first map! ))

:earth_americas: WWW.LABMC.US (
:mc_discord: DISCORD.LABMC.US (
This is the official discord of the minecraft server Lodge Craft.

About the gamemode:
Kingdoms is a gamemode where you have to build up an own kingdom. After the kingdom is created, you will be able to place a nexus. The nexus is the heart of the kingdom if it gets destroyed, your land will be claimed by the enemy. You can protect your nexus with turrents, traps, structures and a champion to defend it. Beside that there are allot of other base upgrades that will improve your strength against the enemy!

Interested in this gamemode? Join our discord server!

This is the Roleplay version of our Community server, with bots there to ensure the RP is fair and mature. In addition, we utilise a faction system alongside individual roleplay experiences!
No one remembers the year anymore, nor where they truly are. We know it isn't Earth, that world was lost long ago by the selfishness of the ancestors. No, here it was paradise, but of course our selfish ways have struck yet again. Monos hold the true power, while Polys fight for their freedom. Beneath it all though, a growing sentience grows among the robotic servants of both.

-3 playable factions
-Playable events
-WIP (Adaptable still to newcomers)
-Unique combat system
-A world that can be altered and shaped by the RP’ers
Season 2 Lore -
Miami, Florida. 2020
It's been a year and 6 months since the nukes hit, 200,000 ghoul-ish like creatures are on their way to Miami while factions are trying to restore it but someone is in their way.
Welcome To The Ruins HCF Discord Server! You can have a lot of fun with the server economy. The server is minecraft factions based so if you are looking for someone to play with they might be here.
Hangout PE is back!! Thanks to a handful of die hard fans, a new team has taken initiative to restore it back to its glory days!
No drama and no tension, come join or rejoin us to help make it the great MCPE community it was meant to be.
Become anyone you want and find your safe haven while escaping to a place filled with unimaginable and unforgettable fun, making lasting memories along the way! ~Hangout PE
> **DripMC Season 2 | Release Soon!**
> :paper: **Custom Menus**
> :paper: **Brand New Cannoning .jar**
> :paper: **New Plugins**
> :paper: **High FTOP**
> :paper: **Faction Wars**
> :paper: **Custom Anticheat**
> :paper: **World Border**
> :paper: **Mob Coins**
> :tag: **Skyblock Realm** :tag:
> :tag: **Factions Realm** :tag:
> :paper: **New Christmas Spawn**
> :paper: **New Custom Islands**
> :paper: **AntiCheat**
> :paper: **High IsTOP
> :paper: **Mob Coins**
> :paper: **Custom Help Menus**
> :paper: **New Ranks**
Do you like casting spells as a wizard? Or perhaps want to be apart of a Knightly army? Or maybe you prefer to flip off the Knights and kick it with the Rebellion dudes? Or maybe you just want to chill at a tavern, farm and find love. Did you answer no to all of those? Well, join anyway! We are a fun, friendly community, accepting people of all walks of life and writing style! Drop on by and stay awhile, we promise you a great time*!

*There is no official guarantee that you will have a great time, but we will do our best!
Carthe, a thriving country of learning, free trade, and industrial might, was built on three tenants: equality, freedom, and safety for its many citizens. These ideas are reflected in the very streets of its Capital Herodal. But something terrible has occured. Now a ruined crater, Herodal is no more, the royal family is missing, and no one seems quite sure what happened. The remaining powers that be within Carthe now exist in a power vacuum, a veritable tinderbox ready to be set ablaze by the tiniest spark...

But perhaps the hearts of men and women are not so dark, and pure anarchy can be avoided. Perhaps more information can be gleaned concerning the tragedy of Herodal within the crater itself, and civil war can be averted.

Come join us and forge an epic story in this world of high fantasy. Become a mage and study at Rainis, or perhaps sail the high seas as a Pirate Lord. Perhaps a race more attuned to nature is what you desire, like the Elves of Thelin Edhil or the plethora of other mythical races and creatures.

Just be careful...danger lurks in the far corners of Carthe, and can anyone even be trusted to begin with? Whether it's forging your own path, or bettering relations within an existing faction, there's always room in Carthe for you.
A roleplay server which takes place before the events of Fallout Tactics, and around The Great Lakes region of the USA. You can both RP normally and faction build on this server with emphasis placed upon fairness. This is because great care was taken with laying out this servers’ rules, policies, and gm-ing structure to alleviate the worst tendencies of mod abuse and favoritism. So… Join. Make a character, and either build your kingdom, or explore and RP within the setting we have crafted.

At present we have Three Acts planned for this server. These acts will be based around the NPC Factions which serve as quest givers and store merchants. Player Factions can adopt these NPC Factions as patrons and use them for faction gear rather than loot… say… a military base because ‘muh realism.’ Realism is a double edge sword here. Somethings need to be realistic, but if it looks like its crippling play then staff leans towards making things work before a soulless dedication to rules and protocols.

+ Server Bots including an Economy Bot
+ Information Docs to help players
+ In integrated perk and level system
+ Faction play is restrictive
+ Friendly Staff [Recruiting]
+ Takes place around The Great Lakes, Pre-Fallout Tactics
+ Many channels with lore, and more will be added as needed
+ NSFW Chat
June 28th, 2079

A long while ago, the world was at peace, it was at peace before the world broke into a war, Eight different diseases started spreading to people over the age of sixteen and this caused the world to break into eight factions, Sunris, Kattleya, Melior, Fervor, Oplimos, Ergon, Humnia, and Augury. Each faction had their ups and downs at first, but now each faction seems to be equal, and the war has seemed to calm down. Now each child once they turn sixteen finds out their power and is put in their faction. The world is starting to become better again, each faction is simply just trying to survive the best they can. What will your next steps be? Will you follow your faction, break off and run away maybe? Fall in love? Live like nothing ever happened years ago? Well, I cannot decide that for you, so its your time to now follow your own path, as I do not guide you any longer.

Good luck, and have fun out there.
-The Owner, Potat.
DayZ Community Hub is the leading unofficial community-based server on Discord and is glad to announce our decision to provide an outlet of resources and socialization for both XB1 and PS4 players alike!

Join the DayZ Community Hub!

The #1 One Stop Shop for all of your DayZ on Console needs:
》NEW! Playstation Category to Welcome the newest addition to our family of survivors!
》Original Hit Channels like: DCH Bounties, Killfeeds, Daily Journals, + more
》Territories Claimed, Bad News List, and Declarations of War for Leaders
》Two 24 Hour music dedicated voice channels with full access for members to utilize while playing or chatting
》DCH Rewards, Rankings, and booming server economy system with in-server minigames.
》Partnerships with DayZ SC, iZurvive, and The NETWORk* on Discord
》Responsive and active staff team throughout community
》Free Agent + Looking For Group sections
》Mil-Sim channel for chat and network
》Role Play channel for chat and network
》HC 1PP section for chat and network
》Outlet for content creators, streamers, gfx designers etc.
》Automatic Tweets from DayZ Twitter
》Channels for DayZ Tips, iZurvive App & Site, and DayZ of Being Dead Comics
》Ease of access link to BiStudio Feedback Tracker and DayZ Wiki
》Listings of active factions & team leaders throughout various recognized communities of Discord + FB
》 + much, much, more!
PixliesEarth is a Minecraft server that utilizes a 1:1000 replica of the earth as it's map, where you can start your own country, have wars, find allies and lead your diplomatic relations! But if you don't like politics, you can also enjoy electricity and much more with Slimefun which adds new fruits, electricity and new weapons to minecraft without mods!
An RP server about a wasteland of a planet. Five factions dominate the wasteland, The Astral Inquisitors, The Aegis Corp, The Crimson Veil, the Hallowed, and the newest faction that will pose as our main antagonistic faction, the marauders of the deep and the main antagonist, Kakatzk. Please come and hop on to our server and help it grow.
This is a community where freelancers, server owners, team leaders, and influencers can come together as one. In this community you will find freelancers looking to sell their services, server owners looking to grow their server/community, team leaders looking to grow their squad, and content creators looking to grow their stream/channel. If you have any questions feel free to contact our community staff members for further information.

- cusswords & Aziax
Renatus was an old Minecraft server now reborn into what will be something amazing! Join our Discord server and embark on a journey with us when we release in October!
While the Minecraft server is in maintenance, we have a variety of different activities for our members in the Discord including
Hosted Events (, Bullet Force, etc)
Fun Bots
A welcoming and active community!