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The year is .... The world's leaders succesfuly screwed over the planets resources, plunging alot of the world into chaos. luckily 7 people had ideas on how to deal with the resources. and so the world was split into 7 factions. Each ruling There own faction... This is a fun roleplay server and i encourage you to join...
AlchemyMC est un serveur minecraft PvP/Factions ouvrant ses portes courant août. Rejoignez-nous, et tenez-vous informés des avancées du projet, et soutenez-nous, éventuellement!
This is the Roleplay version of our Community server, with bots there to ensure the RP is fair and mature. In addition, we utilise a faction system alongside individual roleplay experiences!
|| Factions || Post Apocalyptic || ERPs || Modern || Apartment System ||

2025: || Opening Dialogue ||
I’ll make this short and sweet. The good news? The world is in great fucking tip top shape. We’ve got Russia taking over Europe, and reforming the Soviet Union. The United States has been split into two, making the unholy CSA [Confederates Of America], and the DSA [Democratic States Of america]. It’s still unclear who made the Afflicted virus that completely divided the United States. One thing’s for sure though. Our world is completely fucked. Now then. Dismissed.

The ℙ𝕠𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕠𝕗 ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕔𝕥™ universe is an alternative history plot that shows the United States fallen under an unknown “afflicted” virus, also called syphon filter.
From just being a peaceful civilian that’s taking advantage of the CSA sex slave trade, to being a dedicated soldier and terrorist in the Syrian National Party, or even a scientist running experiments in the Shadow Company Corporation. . .there’s a plethora of activities to do. There are cities to explore, all with dedicated descriptions and channels. What will you do?

|| We offer the following, and so much more ||

✓ IRL gender is IRRELEVANT. Be whatever gender you want. When you want.
✓ Dedicated anti-raiding systems.
✓ Any type of RP lengths are fine!
✓ Leveling system to unlock new roles, ranks, classes.
✓ Apartment and Housing
✓ Classes, Vehicles, Weapons, to explore and use! [air, and land vehicles]
✓ Optional ERPs. Choose the role if you want it or not.
✓ An overall playful active community. Banter encouraged.
✓ Dedicated college student, fight club, and even professor roles
✓ Bounty system, slave system, and even a mission creating system!
✓ A huge range of both human, and non-human (afflicted) enemies to fight.
✓ Coming soon (Stealth scenarios and missions)

So interested? Come in and have a look around.

New Civilizations is a brand new geopolitical Minecraft server that is still in development but will include an interactive economy with people needing to trade with one another instead of buying from an admin shop. NeoCiv also will include some fun plugins like Slimefun, Quality Armory, and more. The founders of New Civs/high ranking staff are determined to get this server up and running. NewCivs is set in WW1 with some plugins fitted towards that time
We are a 24/7 Network Server and strive to be a community that is friendly, competitive, and helpful!
OPFactions, Factions, Kingdoms, Skyblock, Prison, Kitpvp, Creative

With a lot of in-game features Like Crates, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, Quests, Custom Enchants and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun today! IP: PLAY.PRIMECRAFT.ORG
2154. A post-apocalyptic roleplay server.

OC-Friendly | Factions | Rewards | Missions | Mutants

"By the time you are reading this, it will be too late.

The date is January, 2100. What was meant to be a new year of peace and prosperity has been overshadowed by the events of today: the government has decided to cut all funding towards improving the environment.

The damage dealt to our planet is now irreversible. We have done all that we could to try and put measures into place and prevent these horrors from occurring, but destruction is imminent.

All that we can do now is survive.

We, as a human race, cannot go extinct. We were meant to make it far, far past the year 2100. For the sake of our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and many more to come, we must strive to create a future where they can find the technology to make our wrongdoings right.

I will be long dead when the worst of what is to come finally hits. Tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes bigger than we’ve ever recorded will consume at least half of our planet. We’re also expecting bouts of acid rain and a severe drop in air quality - to the point where it will be difficult to venture outside without aid.

I’ve attached blueprints for hazmat suits, a dome, and other various inventions that will aid you through these tough times. Take priority on building the dome - it will house at least 200,000 people, providing you can gather sustainable food and water sources. Make use of the underground, too. You will be able to house more people there.

Work together. This is humanity’s darkest hour now. The Doomsday Clock has closed upon midnight; the hour of destruction is upon us.

From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I never expected to fail you like this.


Prof. Alphonse Cronus
Argonne National Laboratory"
~This is a Divergent themed server~
{We are a friendly server open to both old and new roleplayers}

✿Are you Dauntless, the Brave and Confident? Maybe you are Abnegation, the Selfless and Caring. Or perhaps you are Amity, the Peaceful. You might be Erudite, the Intelligent. Then again, you could be Candor, the Honest and the Open. What if you are the feared Divergent? Only you know the answer to this question. Come and join our server to find out!✿

{You get to create your own character and choose your faction. We hope that this server will grow and we will get to meet more people, after all, everyone in this server is family. Explore Chicago! Discover how each faction works! You can create up to 3 OC's.}

This is what our server has for you!-
♦Friendly Staff and Admins
★No Bullying, Homophobia, Racism, etc.
♦Multiple Roles, including the option to be a rebel!
★Roleplay of course!
♦Channels where you can talk about memes, use bots, and just vent/rant.
-And more!
Welcome to Catalyst - Tales of New Earth

After the Fall of humanity in the late 22nd century eight hundred years later the survivors of humanity their descendants have been to crawl out of their safety underground and in space to try and repopulate the planet. Only to their surprise three hostile new species and a completely different variant of humankind had survived the destruction now in a world taken over by primitive Beast like humanoids known as the Tribes with extraordinary strengths, Plant like humanoids known as the Fauna with their extraordinary biological technology and intelligence, The Fungals the bodies of the improperly buried deceased taken over by a very much mutated strain of fungus making them wander the dark hours looking for living prey to explode their infectious spores and the Mutated humans who have been reduced to Slaves and refugees by their more powerful neighbors. What Path will you choose in this brave new world?
Welcome all to the dangerous and war torn lands of Ethos! Following the defeat from the might of Anvora, Ethos slipped into a ditch that the already hostile country has not been able to drag themselves out of. The death of the prince and queen left a gaping power vacuum within the kingdom which after many debates and scuffles, was eventually seized by house Fallenclaw. The newly crowned king wanted his kingdom to strive for greatness and follow in the footsteps of Anvora, but alas not all stood with him. Hearthorn and Moonvale, the two other powerhouses within the kingdom, forged their own alliance and now stand against the crown. Who will you side with during these dire times? Or are you simply a innocent watching the events unfold, maybe a non-human trying to get by in a land where you are shunned or maybe you’re one the many monsters that inhabit Ethos - terrorising who ever you can...
Welcome Adventurer to the World of Áedán; the world is in turmoil and the nations are rumbling with anticipation for the new war. Great evils are beginning to sprout around the world; the undead marching from the north-west. We need you to protect the people and save the world.... or doom it.

[*]Levels that go up as you roleplay and be active; giving you more freedom to roleplay.
[*]D&D Character in-discord or Roll20, with option to just be a roleplay character with no D&D stats or character sheet.
[*]Parties for those who wish to do normal D&D.
[*]Player Controlled Factions that create events and war with each other over supremacy of their land.
[*]Public Voting and Suggestions for input of the mass.
[*]Custom Lore and World to play in.

In addition the server is brand new, and waiting for those who think they can survive the deadly lands of the Danthic Jungle or the northern continent of Canar.
A really free and no limits fallout roleplay server. Many roleplay sections, many factions, and a ton of fun
What is conquestia? Conquestia is a geopolitical earth faction server, more specifically its set during the punic wars (back when the roman republic and carthage went toe to toe). Let's break it all down. We are set on a map of the IRL earth but a 1:1000 scale of it (don't worry, it's still big) and we use a faction plugin where you can create to join your very own nation! Here is where it gets special, were set during the punic wars, and with that all our nation's focus on this time period, we plan to have unique events and custom weapons. There is an element of roleplay in our server so you feel like your apart of the time!
Do you like casting spells as a wizard? Or perhaps want to be apart of a Knightly army? Or maybe you prefer to flip off the Knights and kick it with the Rebellion dudes? Or maybe you just want to chill at a tavern, farm and find love. Did you answer no to all of those? Well, join anyway! We are a new server still in the making, but love advice and HELPFUL criticism! Come hang out with us, and we'll have a blast, I know it!
[1.8-1.14] Factions Season 2 has started with faction top rewards.

A Minecraft server striving for quality and excellent gameplay. With Factions and Skyblock, you can find something to do with your friends or our small community. Dungeons, Mob Arena, Dueling, and so much more, discover something new every day on this evolving network.

The Brotherhood Has Fallen In Appalachia. Calling All Survivors and Able Recruits We Need To Rebuild. The Brotherhood Remnants Are The Survivors And Able Wastelanders That are willing to help rebuild the Brotherhood To it’s former Potential. We need New Recruits. We Have A Decent Ranking System, Side Activities, And A Good Council In Control Of The Brotherhood. Many Of Us Have Former BOS Experiences And are willing to use our experiences to build the Best Brotherhood Possible. Please Come Check Us Out.
1.14.4 java skyblock + factions minecraft server will be up as soon we get 100 members in discord <--- ITS DONE 100%
Wᴇɪᴍᴀʀ Tʀᴇᴇᴘᴜʙʟɪᴄ

This Great Forest is home to Tree Factions that are fighting for dominance of the forest! Join a faction and help your fellow trees grow their grove!

-Factions enjoy private groves with their own
vibe and can unlock exclusive perks!

-Battle it out in knife-fights, economics,
and contests against other Factions to
keep your Faction #1 in the Great Forest!

-Using a fully fledged economy system,
you can create new channels, unlock
bots, gain roles and much more!

-As you level up, you grow from a small
seedling into a massive Primordial Tree

We welcome all political ideologies!
-Whether you're a fringe Compostist or
National Soilist, a Centreest, or a modern
Tree-Limberal or Treepublican!

I ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʏᴏᴜ sᴏᴏɴ!
minecraft factions server please join i need to feed my fucking dog please join please please please pleasse pleae pls my discord got griefed yes.
We are a new minecraft server running -
Factions ~ 1.8
Survival ~ 1.14
We hope you join CarrotCraft!
Age of Guilds

In the second age of the Chaos Realm, join your choice of guild on the server and influence things in a way you never could on any other server.

The Imperial Guild:
Charged with the task of making rules and judging those who break them, the imperials inflict judgement on the server and other guilds.

The Builder Guild:
Charged with the task of creating channels and events on the server, this guild decides what is made and destroyed.

The Inquisitor Guild:
The servers external force, the inquisitors are charged with the task of spreading the word of the server, that being peacefully or with aggression.

About the server:

-This is a server meant for socializing and using bots with minimal rules
-Collect various achievements by using bots and spending time on the server
-Compete with other users to earn the title of Speaker
-Share memes and videos on our media channels
-Listen to music
-Join a call and enjoy some games on the server