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Hello and welcome to the Enterprise Academy, an academy that takes place years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. With Virtual Reality Dueling and the new types of summoning techniques, which has many academies to life, but this Academy is one of the best out there
We need help with the server to make new channels,get more bots,and have more admin. I didnt see any yugioh erp servers so i decided to make one so please help this server grow and get nore people to join
This server is for fans of the Dark Signers from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds we duel on Dueling Book and Nexus as well as talk strategize and just overall have fun with the game.
Hello students welcome to Yami Academy
The best Yu-Gi-Oh server on discord, not even joking hahahah , anywho we offer:
-dueling people
-advancing dorms
-meeting new people
-and having fun in general
We offer more but we arent gonna spoil the fun for ya!
we are a duel school witch is ready to teach you we are a growing community needing more members any plot or arc ideas you have feel free to mention your idea and we do hope you join ad with that i bid you adew
--- Duel Academy ---
Join now, bc we don't wanna give you any spoilers hahahahaha you wont regret it!
Hello everyone welcome to the Shadow Warriors Yu-Gi-Oh clan, we look for the best of the best to throw down and become the best clan there is, so what are you waiting for we are expecting you!!!
This is Nanibaka Acadamy, the school of the best yugioh duelist known to man kind. In this academy you will be sorted into one of the 5 houses, once a week one person from each house will face off. Welcome students to your own story intertwined with others fate.It is never a dull moment here.
```***Toon Kingdom***
**A Yugioh server open to Duel Links and Dueling Nexus and YgoPercy**
**Here you can duel and make friends! With some competitive Ladders to rule and take over!**
***┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉***
**What we offer:**
:star2: Competitve ladders for DuelingNexus Duel Links and Ygopercy
:star2: 2 Music Rooms!
:star2: Create Your Own Card Section!
:star2: Weekly Tournaments!
:star2: Partnerships!
:star2: Yugioh Bots!
:star2: Mee6 Level Roles With Perks!
***┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉ ┉***
**Join Today to make friends learn yugioh or do your best to rek the comepetitive Ladder!
I made this server because of how influenced I am with all the "Academy" Yu-Gi-Oh RP servers. I hope you enjoy it and have fun here! :)
this is a new server for Yu-Gi-Oh
here there will be tournaments
and lots more
become the new king of games