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World of Atreshan is a unique custom world roleplay server. Events will occur to keep the player having something to do. Creating a nation is all about having fun. Come join us, create your nation, wage war, and forge alliances to last the years. Currently we’re in Chapter 1: Rise of Kronos, the main enemy being “The Blight” which is a undead horde ravaging the world.
This is a literate roleplay server, specifically for countryhumans-! You have many opportunities for you to roleplay as your favorite character within this server, we hope you have a great time getting to know everyone-!

What we offer:
>New relationships with fellow users.
>Fun and enjoyable roleplay.
>A community to share your love for countryhumans.
>And much more.
The Countries Simulation is a deep economic and political simulator. To get started, you pick a country. You get to make choices and watch your nation develop politically, culturally, economically, and militarily. If you have ever wanted economics and political simulator deeper than just Hearts of Iron or Civilization this will be up your alley. There are dozens of features that are all interlinked in many ways. All you need is a PC, mic and to be over 13. This game takes about 15-20 minutes a day. Build your Army, Navy, Air force. Be a Orwellian state with RODs in space that could kill everyone the world, or be a peace loving state that brings the world together democratically
A country roleplay server set towards WW2.
Choose the destination of your country!
Can you stop the gathering storm of the tension?
This is a server based during the American Revolution and hopefully beyond. We would love it if you joined in and played.
We are still starting out so if you would like to join and make our server better please do not hesitate do to so. We encourage new people to join us.

We have a (somewhat) wide assortment of nations (although keep in mind that some of the great powers are taken, so if you want to play as one better hurry up). We do not allow fictional places as this server is a place that only allows historically plausible places/events to happen.

Thank you for your time at Nations: 1770
The Modern World, a brand new, neat modern Geopolitical server. We are looking for more countries. Join today, and lead your country to great success. This server is all about diplomacy and war. You can also become a company, and sell advanced vehicles, weaponry, space equipement. The choice is yours!
Uhh- I'll let Meri edit this later. Because, I dunno.

welcome to the communist trash hole, ig. I think this is multi-fandom?? But as far as I know it's mainly countryhumans.
This is a server Mainly roleplaying about being a country,That's it!
Welcome to 2017 American Government!
In this server there will be:




Actual battles

And much more!
Welcome to Satosia! Satosia is a recently founded country and has yet to have a fully functioning government, leader, or any political parties, for that matter. But you can change that! First, you must register as a citizen of Satosia. Then, if you so choose, you may create your very own political party with it’s own goals, ideologies, and most importantly, members! With the help of the party’s founder, you, as a member may aid your party in creating the first bodies of government, economy, leaders and more! Rally for glory in this new nation roleplay!
We are a nation-rp server based in the 1900s, where you pick a nation and recreate history with other players, make your own empire and manage your nation now! Join Today!

Ban list:
Sami K.
In this rp every person chooses an empire from any era and controls it
The Modern World, a brand new, neat modern Geopolitical server. We are looking for more countries. Join today, and lead your country to great success. This server is all about diplomacy and war. (We also need staff, if you want to be staff pop me a DM) Join now.
The continent of Raknavia is similar to Europe in real life, it is currently set in 1239 of the world's year, and the technology is similar to middle ages europe. This server is not a real world country rp, it's a rp set in a not real continent, we might add more custom continents soon.
to the The Raging Storm, a nation roleplay set in 1936, with the dark storm approaching with the german reich preparing for war and breaking the versailles treaty...We hope you can join and roleplay in these dark times and control your boundries!
Welcome! International interplay is a server based around a fictional world filled with many different countries.
Whats happening:
You live in the nation of The Federalist Union of Southern South America (or FUSSA for short), in a world much different than ours,
What you can do:
You can be a normal citizen and go about your life. You can become a member of government and decide what the nation does. You can become a soldier in the navy or army and fight for your nation. Or you can just come and chat.

We are a new server and don't have many members, so we would love if you came and join us!
Welcome to The Discord Principality! The Nation Roleplay Server based off the old Discord Empires. We are here to create a friendly custom nation roleplay! So Please join us in our modern era and have fun!
Are you looking for a country you want? do you want to be a founding father/mother of your nation? Then come on down to "New World" you have a new world awaiting you!
The Olive Branch is a geopolitical simulator/RP game where you can play as a nation set in 450BC and fight your way to world domination!
Create an interstellar empire based on your favorite work of fiction or one of your own creation! Anything is possible in WWC EMpires? Don't feel like creating a faction, and just want to strike it out on your own as an independent person? You can do that too! Anyone is free to join the only limit is your imagination!
We are a new, small server hoping to grow. Start a country, become a warmongering superpower, or a giant dyplomatic union, the choice is yours! Form alliances, unions, become enemies, war others, live through a crisis, or just grow your economy! We offer help for any new players to this kind of gamemode. Hope to see you on the server!
~. What if Germany Won World War One? .~

The Kaisarreich timeline is an alternative universe of what if the German Empire won world war one? Well, jump in and see!
The original Country Simulator had hit it's expiration date, and had eventually been deleted. Now we're back, with better server protection and much more. (also no more harsh rules lmao)