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We are a nation-rp server based in the 1900s, where you pick a nation and recreate history with other players, make your own empire and manage your nation now! Join Today!
Welcome to the Federation! A democracy where you compete for dominance over the Federate citizen's attempt coups and become the supreme leader or fight for what's right!, with other nations. If you have any suggestions at all please don't hesitate to do so this is a server of freedom in speech
P.S Work in Progress Looking for Moderators
We are a simple server with an in-depth roleplay plan, and all of your actions affect it! So come on in fast or you might miss out on a whole bunch of fun!
-No stats
-no serious rp
We are a server hoping to get more people.
We provide many things over the course of 4 categories
Good rules and information
A plot line
A rp channel for every hour of every day
A much more in-depth items
We are a server about war, economy, and politics.
Our server starts in 2000 and is meant to be a Sci-Fi server. Also for our lore, all your actions will affect it.
In the end there will be 10 different solar systems so you better hurry
You want temples? We got em!
Oh you're into conquering? We got you covered baby!
You want some puppets? EASY!
The original Country Simulator had hit it's expiration date, and had eventually been deleted. Now we're back, with better server protection and much more. (also no more harsh rules lmao)
We are a growing Geopolitics server focused on DETAILED RP!
Some things we offer are:
- Detailed Wars!

-Detailed Production and Researching!

-We go from 1900s to the 2000s and BEYOND!

We are starting out so you would be a MASSIVE help to us! I like forward to having you on our Server!
-Anchovy and Gradius
We are a new, small server hoping to grow. Start a country, become a warmongering superpower, or a giant dyplomatic union, the choice is yours! Form alliances, unions, become enemies, war others, live through a crisis, or just grow your economy! We offer help for any new players to this kind of gamemode. Hope to see you on the server!
The Countries Simulator is a deep economic and political simulator. To get started, you pick a country. You get to make choices and watch your nation develop politically, culturally, economically, and militarily. If you have ever wanted economics and political simulator deeper than just Hearts of Iron or Civilization you will love this. There are dozens of features that are all interlinked in many ways. All you need is an account on discord and google sheets. This game takes about 15-20 minutes a day. Build your Army, Navy, Air force. Be the first on Mars or the moons of Jupiter. Either become the global hedgemon or become a failed rump state through Spreadsheet.
Imagine A nation roleplay where the rp starts on the year one and goes to modern day, this roleplay will consist of you creating your OWN nation, creating your own culture,weapons,empires and more!
~.Welcome to Kalrania Omega!.~

Kalrania Omega is a nation roleplay Server based on the 2050's create your own custom nation or use already existing nations! Conquer,colonize and ally with your friends on this server! Battle foes on the land,sea or air! Create your trading/imperial empire today!
(We are accepting discord embassies aka advertising your server onto ours with staff permission!)
Lead your country to victory or be globally superior in economics! Choose your nation to play and build up your strength or your economics.
This is a fun and interactive server. We play as countries and role play. We use the United Nations to further improve diplomacy. Enjoy!
Welcome to New Imperialism! New Imperialism starts at 1836! This nation rp offers a unique era and some fun gameplay!
The Modern World, a brand new, neat modern Geopolitical server. We are looking for more countries. Join today, and lead your country to great success. This server is all about diplomacy and war. (We also need staff, if you want to be staff pop me a DM) Join now.
We are a new Irish roleplay server join and become a successful businessman or a poor begger the options are limitless.
Create an interstellar empire based on your favorite work of fiction or one of your own creation! Anything is possible in WWC EMpires? Don't feel like creating a faction, and just want to strike it out on your own as an independent person? You can do that too! Anyone is free to join the only limit is your imagination!
The European Powderkeg is an RP server taking place in the 1900s. Choose a nation and lead it to greatness. Create alliances, declare war, improve your nation, and much more. Come join us!
World of Empires is a nation roleplay server which switches time periods every 2 months. Each real world day = 1 year.
Kalrania OMEGA

Heya there! Welcome to Kalrania OMEGA!
Kalrania Omega is a split off region from The hole to hide in. You may be asking what our purpose and why would we choose to split off from another region?
Well, our purpose is to create a safe environment for Nations who seek to roleplay and have fun and have enjoyable chats! And why did we choose to split off? That Reason is confidential sadly :(. But do not fret! There are many more exciting things to do here! Come join the fun as we are looking for more people to take the map spot!
In the year 2070 the world has flooded only Europe remains. Join and lead your chosen country to victory. Will you be diplomatic or will you CONQUER Europe?

P.S. Despite what the icon is this is a server run in the UK
This server is a server where you can choose your own country and play as that country. You can take over the world and buy weapons.